Chapter 1040 – Choices!

Almighty Sword Domain

Leave no one alive?

All of them were stunned. What does he mean? He intends to kill all the students and elders of the academy?

My god! Is he joking?

Countless cultivators gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief. Obviously, they hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would arouse killing intent towards Instructor Zhuo and the others.

At this moment, even Instructor Zhuo and the others were stunned. Yang Ye wants to kill us? He actually wants to kill us?

Their hearts shook when they noticed the ghastly expression Yang Ye had on his face, and they knew that he wasn’t joking or trying to scare them!

Yang Ye really did want to kill them!

Their expressions turned unsightly to the extreme when they thought up to this point. It was comparatively better for Instructor Zhuo and the other Saints, and they were slightly more composed. However, the students behind them were in quite an embarrassing state. All of them were pale and some had even slumped down to the ground. The reason they hadn’t gone over to Yang Ye’s side was because they felt that Yang Ye had only a few experts on his side while they had 17 Saints on their side! Moreover, they dreamed of joining White Deer Academy. As for the way they joined White Deer Academy, they didn’t care about that at all. In their opinion, it was fine so long as they could!

So, they naturally refused to choose Yang Ye’s side.

But they’d never imagined that Yang Ye would have actually turned the situation around.

Would Yang Ye spare them? The answer was no. Because they knew Yang Ye’s character very well. He’d said that it was their last chance just now, so it was their last chance, and they’d discarded it.

No one begged for mercy because they knew it was pointless.

As soon as Yang Ye gave the order, the shadowy figures around him immediately floated towards Instructor Zhuo and the others.

Instructor Zhuo and the others’ expressions changed, and Instructor Zhuo shouted furiously, “Yang Ye! Are you really going to go to such extents?!”

However, Yang Ye paid no attention to him and just turned around before walking towards the copper puppets. Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang suddenly ran over to him and shook her head.

Yang Ye stopped. At the same time, the 10 shadowy figures stopped as well. However, they didn’t move aside and surrounded Instructor Zhuo’s group instead.

“If we lost earlier, then they would have shown no mercy to us!” Yang Ye gazed at Yu Wushuang. Just as he’d said, he was very well aware that all of them would die if they’d lost. That was the reason why he’d decisively ordered their annihilation. It wasn’t that he refused to spare them out of consideration for the relationship they had in the past, it was because it would be stupid to do that when they were enemies now.

After all, they’d wanted to kill him, so wasn’t it stupid to care about such things?

Yu Wushuang replied, “I know!”

Yang Ye asked, “Then why are you asking me to spare them?”

She pondered deeply for a short while and said, “I know that if I were to reason with you, like say that it’ll be extremely disadvantageous to us if they are killed, you’ll definitely refuse to listen to reason, and I don’t want to say anything like that. All I wish to say is that it’s mostly because of Instructor Zhuo and the other elders that Wan’er and I were able to stay safe.”

When she spoke up to this point, she raised her head and looked him in the eyes, “They just wanted to join White Deer Academy, and I believe they never wanted to harm us. It’s just our choices that were different. Even though we became enemies because of the different choices we made, you must remember that we once fought side by side. They played a part in allowing Ocean of Clouds Academy and City’s survival until now.”

Yang Ye remained silent.

Yu Wushuang continued, “We can’t manage the academy and city by killing those who go against us. Even though it’ll instill fear in them and deter them from doing anything, it’ll cause us to lose the support of the people here. Because they would feel that you’re cruel, and they would feel that going against your will would bring death upon them. Just think about it, would anyone be willing to stay by your side under such circumstances? If you don’t believe me, then look around you! Do they show fear or respect to you?”

Meanwhile, Shang Qingying walked over to Yang Ye and said, “Even though I’m very angry about the decision they made, it’s just as Wushuang said. It’s just our choices that were differing. Yang Ye, I know that you’re one who loves to put an end to future troubles, but I hope you can show mercy this time. Don’t do it for anything else but because Instructor Zhuo and the others protected Yu Wushuang and the others, and do it for my grandfather, alright? Trust me, if my grandfather was given this choice, then he would definitely choose to disband the academy than kill them!”

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time before he turned around to gaze at Instructor Zhuo and the others, “At the moment all of you chose to obey that fellow’s orders and attack me, all of you were dead to me. However, I won’t kill all of you this time. It isn’t that I dare not do so, nor do I care what others think. It’s only because Wushuang and Wan’er are fine, and all of you played a part in keeping them safe. That’s why I’m not killing all of you now. But I don’t want to see all of you again. If I see any one of you in Ocean of Clouds City tomorrow, then I’ll kill every single one of you who’s still here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked towards the 13 copper puppets.

Shang Qingying wanted to say something, but Yu Wushuang stopped her. Yu Wushuang glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Miss Shang, you have to realize that he doesn’t need to be the dean of the academy, and once he refuses to be the dean, then everything he has said in the past would be meaningless.”

“Making Instructor Zhuo and the others leave is the best outcome we can hope for!” Meanwhile, Lu Wan’er stated, “Otherwise, the academy and city will split apart if they are allowed to stay. Besides that, even if we forgive them, what about the residents of the city? Countless residents of the city know what they’ve done, and their presence here will only cause even more trouble in the future.”

“Wan’er is absolutely right!” Yu Wushuang continued, “It really isn’t suitable for them to stay. Leaving the city isn’t a bad thing for them. Otherwise, Yang Ye’s killing intent might be aroused at any moment….”

Shang Qingying sighed softly, “But if we do that, then the academy’s strength would be greatly impaired!” After all, Instructor Zhuo and the others practically represented all the elites of the academy, and it would definitely be a huge loss to the academy if they were forced to leave.

Yu Wushuang gazed at Yang Ye and said, “So long as he’s here, then we can disregard all of that….”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yu Wushuang turned around and walked over to Instructor Zhuo’s group that was surrounded by the shadowy figures, and she glanced at them before she said, “Farewell everyone!”

“Young Miss Wushuang, is there really… no way for us to redeem ourselves?” Meanwhile, one of the students spoke in a trembling tone. The academy was where their roots were, so where else could they go if they left the academy?

Yu Wushuang gazed at Instructor Zhuo and said, “Instructor Zhuo, do you really think that all of you would be able to return to White Deer Academy with just a few words from Kaiyang Jun’s group? No, I don’t think so. If White Deer Academy wanted to let all of you return, then it wouldn’t have just sent 3 weaklings like them. It isn’t a matter of whether they think highly about our academy, it’s just the way that extraordinarily powerful sects and powers do things.”

Meanwhile, Lu Wan’er added, “Instructor Zhuo, why don’t you calm down and think about it. Did they have any intention to test the natural talent and potential of our academy’s students after they arrived here? No! The only thing they did was plunder everything valuable within the academy and city. The experts of White Deer Academy would naturally not covet what we have, and they would disdain to do something like that. So, there’s only a single explanation, and it was that they weren’t here to help our academy at all.”

“Elder Zhuo, just think about it. What happened to our city after they arrived?” Shang Qingying sighed softly, “I know that all of you want to return to White Deer Academy, and you want to bring many students there as well. But even if they were telling the truth and we had the chance to join White Deer Academy, is it really right to accept such a path where we have to discard our dignity? In any case, my grandfather would have absolutely not agreed if he was still here!”

Instructor Zhuo fell silent for a long time, and then he shook his head in the end, “It doesn’t make a difference now!”

“How could it not?” Yu Wushuang continued, “If you’ve truly realized your mistakes, then you still have a chance!”

Instructor Zhuo gazed at her and asked, “What do you mean?”

Yu Wushuang pondered deeply for a moment and said, “If you still want to return to Ocean of Clouds Academy, then all of you can head to the Ancient Sword School once you leave the city. I think that they’ll definitely be happy to accept all of you. If you don’t want to return to the academy, or perhaps you want to take back your authority and control over the academy, then you can head to Sky Divine Hall or somewhere else. That’s all I will say. It all depends on your own choice!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yu Wushuang turned around and left with Lu Wan’er and Shang Qingying.

Instructor Zhuo remained silent on the spot, and he was visibly hesitating and struggling.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye was ceaselessly scanning those copper puppets. The copper puppets were covered in scars that seemed like they were left behind by blades. However, Yang Ye was astounded to notice that they were actually repairing themselves, and some comparatively lighter damages had already healed.

They can restore themselves? Yang Ye was delighted. Even though these copper puppets weren’t as strong as those 10 shadowy figures, they couldn’t be underestimated. If he could subdue them, then he would have over 20 Saint Realm puppets!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but feel excited when he thought of such a possibility. But it didn’t take long for him to encounter a problem, and it was the method to control these puppets!

Even though they weren’t being controlled right now and were standing still on the spot without any intent to resist him. Yang Ye didn’t know what to do. Because they weren’t living beings, so he couldn’t refine them like how he’d been refining Sword Servants.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a while, and then he decided to cut one of them open and see what they were like on the inside.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” Suddenly, a voice resounded, “These puppets were forged using special methods belonging to my White Deer Academy. For the sake of preventing our enemies from obtaining them, every single one of these puppets are fitted with a self-destruct mechanism. They’ll immediately destroy themselves if you cut them open. This entire city would probably be destroyed by the explosion of a Saint Realm puppet!”

Yang Ye stopped what he was doing and turned around. He saw a young man in a white robe who held a scroll was standing not too far away from him.

Yang Ye gazed at the young man and asked, “White Deer Academy?”

The young man nodded slightly, “The Scholarly Faction, Fang Yun!”

Yang Ye said, “And?”

Fang Yun glanced at Kaiyang Jun and the others’ corpses before he spoke, “I’d intended to have a chat with you, but it isn’t necessary now. You’ve killed them, so the Law Faction won’t let the matter rest. No one can save Ocean of Clouds Academy and City now!”

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