Chapter 1048 – Try Me If You Dare!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye had to deal with these 2 clans before he traveled to Sky Divine Hall. Otherwise, how could he possibly be at ease as he headed there?

He hadn’t dealt with them before this because the Ocean of Clouds Academy had just undergone a war, and it needed to recuperate. But it wasn’t the same now. Yang Ye possessed 10 Saint Realm Sword Servants, so he didn’t need to use the forces of the academy and city!

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive where the Python Clan resided, Dark Forest Mountain Range, under the guidance of Qing and Hong.

They’d only just arrived here when a middle aged man and 6 old men appeared before them.

The middle aged man who led the ground spoke gloomily, “Leng Qing, Leng Hong, both of you actually dared to come back!”

Qing said, “He’s the current patriarch of the Python Clan, Wang Mang!”

Wang Mang and the others immediately gazed at Yang Ye when they heard Qing, and Wang Mang’s expression instantly changed, “You… you’re Yang Ye from Ocean of Clouds City!”

The expressions of the other old men by Wang Mang’s side changed when they heard him, and they gazed at Yang Ye with shock.

The name, Yang Ye, could be considered to be on par with Lou Qianxiao in Pine Prefecture. He wasn’t just the youngest dean in the history of Ocean of Clouds Academy, he was the 1st Half-Saint in the history of Pine Prefecture to kill a Saint. Of course, the most important point was the way he did things. It was blood, ruthless, and merciless!

Yang Ye had another name in Pine Prefecture, he was called the God of Death!

In the opinions of those who’d investigated Yang Ye like Wang Mang, he felt that the name God of Death absolutely suited Yang Ye.

Besides killing without batting an eyelid, there was another thing about Yang Ye which Wang Mang feared, and it was how Yang Ye was a complete madman! The information he’d gathered revealed that Yang Ye was one who attacked in the face of even the slightest disagreement. Moreover, Yang Ye never thought of the consequences when he attacked. For example, the incident where Yang Ye slaughtered all the students of Ocean of Clouds Academy’s secret court.

When he acted like a madman, he even killed his own!

The most terrifying part was that the madman possessed formidable strength!

Yang Ye gazed at Wang Mang and asked, “You recognize me?”

Wang Mang spoke in a low voice, “Your reputation reverberates like thunder throughout the prefecture, so how could I not recognize you? I’m really curious about why you’ve brought 2 traitors of my Python Clan here?”

“To get even with you!” Yang Ye glanced at Wang Mang and the others, “The war between Ocean of Clouds Academy and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range was just between us, yet your Python Clan just had to interfere. I think that I should get even with your clan today!”

He’s here to get even with us! Wang Mang’s face fell, “Yang Ye, I know that you possess 10 mysterious Saint Realm puppets, but do you think that you can destroy my Python Clan and the Steel Ape Clan with just 10 Saint Realm puppets?”

Wang Mang paused for a moment when he spoke up to this point, and then he continued, “Yang Ye, regardless of whether it’s your academy or my Python Clan, we all need to recuperate. Starting another war isn’t beneficial to any one of us.”

Yang Ye replied, “I can’t rest at ease without destroying all of you!”

Wang Mang and the others’ faces fell, and Wang Mang started laughing from the extreme rage he experienced, “Is that so? Let me see how you, Yang Ye, destroy us!”

Wang Mang suddenly raised his voice at this point, “Ape King, since you’re here, then why don’t you show yourself?”

As soon as Wang Mang finished speaking, a wave of spatial fluctuation appeared not too far away, and then a robust man and 7 more old men appeared here.

14 Saints!

Qing and Hong’s faces fell. Yang Ye had 10 Saints Realm puppets, and there were only 12 Saints on their side even if they were included. But their enemy had 14 Saints!

How would they fight this battle?

“Yang Ye, we don’t want to fight Ocean of Clouds Academy to the death!” The Ape King’s gaze descended upon Yang Ye as he said, “Just as the Python King said, regardless of whether it’s your academy, the Python Clan, or my Ape Clan, all of us need to recuperate well. Starting a war isn’t beneficial to any one of us. Don’t you think so too?”

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time. In the end, he shook his head, “We seem to be at peace right now, but I firmly believe that so long as you’re given the chance, then all of you wouldn’t hesitate to attack my academy. Since we can’t avoid a battle in the future, then why shouldn’t I seize this moment to act right now?”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he drew his sword!

The intent sword shattered, and a beam of sword energy flashed.

It was 80 overlapped Heavenrends, and it was even enhanced by Void Rank sword intent!

A moment of silence ensued, and then Wang Mang’s eyes opened wide as he gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief, “You… you….”

Wang Mang hadn’t even been able to finish speaking when his body was split into 2 before the astonished gazes of everyone here, and a pillar of blood shot into the sky and rained down along with countless bits of internal organs!

After that, an endless wave of spirit energy swept towards the surroundings.

Yang Ye had killed a Saint with a single swing of his sword!

Everyone here was astounded!

Yang Ye waved his right hand and 10 shadowy figures appeared by his side. Meanwhile, an intent sword appeared once more in his grasp, and he sheathed it before he gazed at the Ape King, “How about you?”

The Ape King’s eyelids twitched. Could he resist that attack? If it was in the past, he would say that even 10 wasn’t a problem. Yet now…. It wasn’t that he couldn’t resist that attack, it was that he knew he would definitely be heavily injured by it even if he succeeded. Moreover, once he was heavily injured, then the Steel Ape Clan would face annihilation!

The Ape King spoke in a low voice, “Yang Ye, do you really intend to fight us to the death?”

“It was all of you who wanted to destroy my academy, and it isn’t I who insists on fighting all of you to the death!” Yang Ye continued, “My academy will fight Sky Divine Hall no matter what, and I don’t want to worry about being stabbed in the back by your clans while we fight Sky Divine Hall. So, I can’t rest at ease without destroying both of your clans!”

Yang Ye was about to attack once he spoke up to this point, but the Ape King suddenly said, “Yang Ye, if you’re worried about that, then you can rest at ease. I guarantee that my Steel Ape Clan won’t act against your academy.”

“You guarantee it?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, “What are you willing to do to make me believe you?”

The Ape King spoke in a low voice, “The reason my Steel Ape Clan and the Python Clan attacked your academy was because that existence from the Central Divine Prefecture promised us some rewards in exchange for joining forces to destroy Ocean of Clouds Academy. But in the end, we didn’t receive a single one of those promised rewards. Not only did we lose countless members of our clans, we gained nothing from attacking Ocean of Clouds Academy!”

“I’m not interested in all of that!” Yang Ye continued, “All I want to know is how you’ll convince me!”

The Ape King gazed at Yang Ye for a long time. In the end, he said, “I swear on my soul that so long as your academy doesn’t attack my Ape Clan, then my Ape Clan will absolutely not attack Ocean of Clouds Academy. If I go against this promise, then I’ll pay with my life!”

As soon as he finished swearing, the Ape King’s face was gloomy to the extreme. After all, being forced to make such an oath by a human was definitely an absolute insult to him. However, he had to do it. The joint forces of the Steel Ape Clan and Python Clan surpassed Yang Ye’s side in terms of the number of Saints they possessed, but the Saints on his side were living beings while the Saints on Yang Ye’s side were puppets!

If they were to take each other down in battle, then even a fool would know which side would suffer worse losses!

Moreover, the most important point was that those shadowy figures on Yang Ye’s side felt extremely dangerous to him. Besides him, it could be said that all the other Saints on his side were inferior to those shadowy figures on Yang Ye’s side. So, if they were to fight, then there was a very high chance that his side lost. Based on the way Yang Ye did things, his Steel Ape Clan would definitely be slaughtered if they lost the battle!

So, he had no choice but to seek peace with Yang Ye. Was it aggrieving? Of course it was, but he had no other choice!

Yang Ye gazed at the Ape King for a long time, and then he said, “Remember what you said here today. If I find out that your Ape Clan harbors any ill intent towards my academy in the future, then your Ape Clan will vanish from the prefecture! Ape King, I want you to understand that I am threatening you, and you have to realize that even if the academy and city are destroyed, your clan can dream of living in peace while I, Yang Ye, am still alive. So, if you intend to arouse ill intent towards my academy in the future, then think a little more about me!”

If it was possible, he naturally wanted to destroy the Steel Ape Clan to put an end to all future troubles. But if he were to attack now and push them into a corner, then they would definitely ignite their souls and fight him to the death. Even if he could win then, he would definitely lose a huge amount of those Saint Realm Sword Servants. He needed them to deal with Sky Divine Hall, so it really wasn’t worth it to waste them here!

He’d slaughtered Wang Mang with a single attack to deter the Ape King and the other Saints! The facts of the situation proved that he’d succeeded!

The Ape King gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “I’ll remember what you said!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and vanished with the other experts of the Ape Clan.

The faces of the remaining Saints from the Python Clan were extremely unsightly when they saw the Ape King lead his forces away. Since the Ape Clan didn’t intend to interfere, then how could their Python Clan be a match for Yang Ye?”

However, it was impossible to make them surrender. Because they were very clearly aware that once a clan of demon beasts surrendered to humans, it represented that they would be enslaved for generations! Death was better than eternal slavery!

Once the Ape King left, Yang Ye gazed at the remaining Saints of the Python Clan and said, “I don’t want to force all of you into a corner. From today onward, Qing will be your Python Clan’s new patriarch. I presume all of you have no objections, right?”

“You intend to use her to take control of my Python Clan!” A Saint of the Python Clan spoke in a low voice, “Dream on!”


A beam of sword energy flashed, and then that Saint’s eyes suddenly opened wide before his body was split apart just like Wang Mang!

Countless strands of spirit energy started to seep out from the old man’s body, and it didn’t take long for spirit energy to form a mist around them.

Meanwhile, the remaining Saints of the Python Clan were shocked and furious, and they were about to attack.

“Try me if you dare!” Yang Ye’s ghastly voice resounded.

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