Chapter 1058 – Sacrifice!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Hmm?” Lou Qianyun frowned a little as his gaze descended onto the woman who was standing in front of Yang Ye. He sized her up for a moment, and then his eyes instantly narrowed, “A divine weapon at the Emperor Rank!”

The woman paid no attention to Lou Qianyun. She just turned around and tapped the center of Yang Ye’s forehead.


A sword howl resounded as a ray of light instantly enveloped Yang Ye. In next to no time, the blood red glow Yang Ye emanated vanished, and Heaven’s Gravestone was suppressed within him once more.

A short while passed before Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes again, and his gaze descended onto the woman, “You’re awake!”

She was none other than the Sword Spirit who’d been in deep sleep for years.

The Sword Spirit nodded lightly, and then she turned around to gaze at Lou Qianyun, “That fellow is extremely strong. He’s absolutely not someone you can fight right now. But based on his strength, he should have left this world right away.”

The Sword Spirit raised her head and looked up towards the sky, and quite some time passed before she continued, “I understand now. There’s a formation around this city which is isolating that powerful aura of his. That’s the reason why the Heaven Dao of this world hasn’t noticed his aura.”

Yang Ye asked, “And?”

“Break open the formation and draw down the Heaven Dao to deal with him!” The Sword Spirit had spoken all of this via voice transmission, so only Yang Ye was able to hear her.


Suddenly, an expanse of space in the sky shook violently, and then Yang Ye’s countenance turned ghastly pale. After that, 5 Saints of Sky Divine Hall appeared here.

Yang Ye took a deep breath when he saw them. Because all 10 of those shadowy figures had perished in battle! He’d thought that the 10 of them would at least be able to keep the Saints of Sky Divine Hall busy for a long time. But now it seemed like he’d utterly underestimated them!

“An Emperor Rank weapon. I never expected an Emperor Rank weapon to exist in this world. What a surprise!” Lou Qianyun’s gaze descended onto the Sword Spirit, “I just advanced into the Emperor Realm, and I just happen to lack a suitable weapon. Submit to me and I’ll spare your life!”

“I’ll keep him busy while you destroy that concealment formation in the sky. Use your Sword Domain and you’ll be able to sense it as well.” The Sword Spirit’s voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye hadn’t even recovered from his shock when a myriad of rays of sword energy surged out from within her, and they shot into the sky and instantly enveloped Lou Qianyun.

Lou Qianyun’s disdainful voice resounded from within the rays of sword energy, “Ant! Since you want to die, then I’ll fulfil your wish!”

Yang Ye didn’t waste any time and immediately activated his Sword Domain. Only 2 breaths of time passed before Yang Ye suddenly raised his head, and then he transformed into a ray of light that shot up into the air!

Another 2 breaths of time later.


The entire sky shook violently, and then it seemed like something in the sky had vanished. In the blink of an eye, countless dark clouds started gathering in the sky, and then a huge eye appeared there.

The Eye of the Heaven Dao!

The countless cultivators throughout the surroundings were horrified at the sight of it!

Meanwhile, the rays of sword energy had dispersed, and the Sword Spirit had returned to Yang Ye. However, her face was pale, and her figure was much more indistinct.

Yang Ye was shocked, “Are… are you alright?”

She turned around to glance at him, “I’m certain I must have owed you a debt in my last life!”

Yang Ye was speechless.


Countless bolts of lightning flashed in the sky while a monstrous and terrifying wave of pressure rained down from the sky.

At this moment, everyone in Sky City was shivering.

But just a moment later, a terrifying aura shot out from the city and blocked the heavenly might from above. At the same time, Lou Qianyun’s voice resounded, “The Heaven Dao? What can it do to me? Saints of my Sky Divine Hall, stop him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lou Qianyun charged up into the sky!

“We must leave!” The Sword Spirit spoke solemnly, “Unless it sends down Divine Lightning of Obliteration, it’ll be absolutely unable to harm him. Conversely, once he’s done there, we’ll definitely die!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he flashed over to where Daoist Gu had fallen. Yang Ye closed his eyes with pain when he saw Daoist Gu, because while Daoist Gu was still alive, his figure was in a horrible state.

“Yang… Yang Ye… live… survive….” As soon as he finished speaking, countless strands of energy seeped out from within him, and it didn’t take long for raindrops of spirit energy to descend throughout the surroundings.

“Stop them!” A furious roar resounded abruptly, and then 5 Saints and countless other cultivators of Sky Divine Hall instantly charged towards Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit.

The Sword Spirit’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then she flicked her finger!


A wave of sword energy flashed, and then almost 1,000 high rank Half-Saints of Sky Divine Hall were instantly slashed into two.

“Let’s go!” She flew over to Yang Ye, grabbed his shoulder, and then vanished into the horizon. Right when they’d charged out of the city, a huge black colored barrier of light appeared in front of them, and then a beam of black light instantly slammed against them.


Both of them were blasted flying!

“A formation!” The Sword Spirit’s face fell. She was just about to attack when the Saints and other experts of Sky Divine Hall surrounded them.

“You keep them busy! I’ll deal with the formation!” As soon as she finished speaking, countless rays of light surged out from within her. They were extraordinarily swift, and they struck the black barrier of light in succession.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye withdrew a violet crystal and swallowed it. After that, he gazed at the experts of Sky Divine Hall before a blood red sword appeared in his grasp again.


A sword howl resounded as a ray of light flashed, and then a few thousand experts of Sky Divine Hall instantly found their heads flying off their bodies. At the same time, countless fountains of blood shot up into the air, and they converged into a pillar of blood that surged into the blood red sword in Yang Ye’s grasp. In an instant, the sword seemed even closer to taking a material form. Moreover, the cultivators throughout the city were able to clearly smell the aura of blood coming from the sword!

In a certain pocket of space in the sky.

There were 14 people here led by a red haired old man, and Xuwu Shen was standing by the old man’s side.

“Father, let’s act now?” Xuwu Shen spoke solemnly as he watched Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit get trapped in the formation.

A short while passed, and then the red haired old man shook his head slightly.

Xuwu Shen frowned, “Then when?”

“When Lou Qianyun leaves this world!” The red haired old man spoke solemnly, “If we head down there before he leaves, it’ll be no different than giving out lives away.”

Xuwu Shen asked, “He can resist the Heaven Dao?”

The red haired old man replied, “He should have left this world right away. Because going against the Heaven Dao is extremely unwise. However, Lou Qianxiao is dead. So, he’ll probably suffer from inner demons if he can’t kill Yang Ye and destroy both Ocean of Clouds Academy and the Ancient Sword School. As for the Heaven Dao, so long as he doesn’t destroy that Eye of the Heaven Dao, then the Heaven Dao won’t go all out against him. After all, he’s at the Emperor Realm. Even the Heaven Dao would give face to such an existence!”

Xuwu Shen suddenly said, “Do you think he’ll crush us as well once he’s done with them?”

The old man’s face fell.

One of the Saints behind the old man suddenly gazed in another direction, “This isn’t good! The Sky Tiger Clan and Raging Mammoth Clan’s Saints have arrived!”

The red haired old man spoke in a low voice, “Stop them!”

“Sect Master!” One of the old men behind the red haired old man said, “Yang Ye and that mysterious woman have no chance!”

The red haired old man said, “Xuwu Shen is right. Regardless of whether they have a chance, Lou Qianyun will definitely not spare us. Since it’s like that, why shouldn’t we cause some trouble for him? Xuwu Shen, you return to the sect and immediately start the rite of Ancestral Summoning. Immediately summon our founding ancestor to this world if things get out of hand!”

Xuwu Shen nodded, and then he vanished into the horizon. Meanwhile, the red haired old man and the other Saints vanished on the spot and went to stop the Saints of the Sky Tiger Clan and Raging Mammoth Clan!

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