Chapter 1066 – We’re Good Friends Now!

Almighty Sword Domain

The man in embroidered robes had quite an uncomfortable expression on his face, but it didn’t take long for it to return to normal. He smiled to Yang Ye and An Nanjing, and then he gazed at the old man. The old man nodded lightly before turning around and leaving. It didn’t take long for the old man to return with 2 golden cards this time.

The man passed those cards to Yang Ye and said, “Brother Ye, your younger sister is an outstanding genius. I, Lin Jingfeng, hope to become friends with both of you today. I wonder what you think about that?”

Yang Ye quickly took the golden cards from him and said, “Brother Lin, I really rarely meet such a kindhearted person like you. Don’t worry. We’re friends from now on.”

An Nanjing glanced at Yang Ye while the corners of her mouth curled up slightly to form an extremely faint smile.

Xuwu Shen’s mouth was opened wide as he gazed at Yang Ye, and he seemed like he was meeting Yang Ye for the 1st time.

The man in embroidered clothes smiled and said, “Brother Ye, are you heading to the Central Divine Prefecture?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Why? Are you heading there too, Brother Lin?”

“Of course!” Lin Jingfeng smiled, “It’ll take almost 5 days to get there. We can look after each other during that period.”

“That’s great!” Yang Ye smiled, “I hope we’ll get along well. Right, my younger sister is quite tired, so we’ll be bidding our farewells for now.”

As he spoke, Yang Ye, An Nanjing, and Xuwu Shen started walking towards the rooms.

Lin Jingfeng’s smile gradually vanished as he watched them leave. Meanwhile, the old man by his side spoke in a low voice, “Young Master, they are only mere Half-Saints. Why pay such a huge price to get close to them?”

Lin Jingfeng shook his head slightly and smiled, “Elder Lin, you should be aware that the Double Happiness Sect has a type of cultivation technique which can sense women who possess special physiques. Even though I don’t know what special physique she possesses, I have no doubt that she definitely possesses a rare physique. Hehehe. I’ll definitely gain an explosive rise in strength if I’m able to use her as my cultivation furnace!”

“A special physique!” Elder Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Since it’s like that, then why don’t you let me just capture her?”

Lin Jingfeng sighed softly, “Elder Lin, you have to realize that this isn’t the Darkness Prefecture. It isn’t our territory. We have to keep a low profile here or we’ll die before we even realize it. Just like this very moment. If we are to act against them on this Cloud Shuttle, then we’ll probably be tossed off a moment later!”

Elder Lin was puzzled, “Why?”

Lin Jingfeng pointed at the cloud emblem in the distance, “See that? That’s the emblem of the Central Divine Prefectures Cloud Merchant Group. The forces of Cloud Merchant Group are spread throughout the Radiant Dimension, and it doesn’t just end there. Supposedly, they have branches in many other worlds outside our Radiant Dimension. If we cause trouble on this Cloud Shuttle, then it’s equivalent to not giving them face. There are many powers in the Central Divine Prefecture that don’t have to give them any face, but that absolutely doesn’t include us, and it doesn’t include the Double Happiness Sect as well!”

A short while passed before Elder Lin laughed bitterly, “Our Lin Clan is the number one clan in the Darkness Prefecture, and everyone has to give us face. I never expected that once we left Darkness Prefecture…. Alas!”

Lin Jingfeng chuckled, “When I left Darkness Prefecture for the Central Divine Prefecture on my own all those years ago, I almost lost my life on countless occasions because of my arrogance. My greatest accomplishment in the Central Divine Prefecture is joining the Double Happiness Sect and becoming an outer court disciple there. Moreover, I understood a principle, and it’s that one should always keep a low profile. Besides that, I understood who I can afford to offend and who I can’t!”

Elder Lin asked, “We can afford to offend those 3 fellows?”

Lin Jingfeng chuckled, “Their auras are heavy and solid, so their strengths are naturally not bad. However, they are still merely Half-Saints right now. That clearly displays the level of their natural talent. Moreover, they are from Pine Prefecture. Even though Pine Prefecture isn’t the worst amongst the various prefectures, it isn’t really great either. I think the only prominent figure from there in recent times was Lou Qianxiao. Lou Qianxiao does possess quite a bit of ability. Supposedly, he obtained some sort of inheritance and the outer court elders think highly of him. Obviously, they aren’t Lou Qianxiao.”

Elder Lin said, “Then why don’t you wait until we arrive at the Central Divine Prefecture to take that woman?”

“That would be boring!” Lin Jingfeng chuckled, “I’m a person who doesn’t like to use force. I like them to lie down obediently in front of me. Especially proud and cold women like her. Only subduing such women gives me a sense of accomplishment!”

Elder Lin asked, “Young Master, are you confident in your success?”

Lin Jingfeng flipped his palm, and a violet crystal appeared there, “Actually, there’s almost nothing that money can’t resolve!”

Room No.20.

As soon as they entered the room, Xuwu Shen walked over to Yang Ye and started sizing him up carefully, “Tsk, tsk. Yang Ye, needless to say, I misjudged you in the past. Let’s get to know each other again, I’m Xuwu Shen!”

Yang Ye flicked a golden card to Xuwu Shen, “Just fuck off!”

Xuwu Shen chuckled, and he took the golden card and left.

An Nanjing said, “You’ve become bad!”

Yang Ye grinned, “While we’re at an unfamiliar place, it’s best to not fight if we can avoid it. Besides that, we’re getting free violet crystals, so why should we refuse them?”

An Nanjing said, “Actually, it’s quite good!”

Yang Ye was slightly puzzled, “What?”

She glanced at him and spoke softly, “You’re much more mature than before, and you’re much more rational as well. If it were in the past, you would have immediately sliced him into two.”

Yang Ye chuckled, “Let’s put that aside. Right, how’s your current strength?”

“I can kill Saints!” An Nanjing continued, “I’ve merged the intents I possess, and I’ve even merged with the will of the Martial God that I obtained in Profounder Continent. Even though that fellow, Lou Qianxiao, possessed the Laws of Instinct, it would be completely useless against me in a one on one battle. Now, so long as my opponent attacks, all of the possible moves he might make next would instantly appear within my mind.”

Yang Ye said, “I really want to have a fight with you!”

“We’ll have the chance!” An Nanjing nodded lightly, and then she glanced at the surroundings, “The spirit energy in here is so dense! It’s an extremely suitable place to cultivate in!”

“I noticed!” Yang Ye nodded, and then he sized up the surroundings. Needless to say, those 10 violet crystals were quite worth it. Even though the room wasn’t huge, it had everything one would need. Even the fruits on the table were Saint Rank fruits, but there weren’t many of them. Besides that, the spirit energy in the room was extremely dense to the point one it was practically visible.

Suddenly, something wriggled beneath the clothes on Yang Ye’s chest, and then a white head stuck out from his chest. That white head naturally belonged to Snowy.

Snowy glanced at the surroundings, and then she inhaled lightly. In an instant, countless strands of spirit energy entered her nose.

An Nanjing was stunned.

Meanwhile, the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and he pulled her out and said, “Where’s the violet mink?”

Snowy did as Zi’er did, and she wrapped her arms around Yang Ye’s face before ceaselessly rubbing her forehead against Yang Ye’s forehead. After doing that for quite some time, she finally started waving her little claws.

A long time passed before Yang Ye finally understood what she meant. The violet mink was cultivating again, or to be precise, she might be charging into the Saint Realm. Yang Ye felt quite embarrassed when he heard this because she was already charging into the Saint Realm while he was only a high rank Half-Saint. Moreover, based on the current state he was in, charging into the Saint Realm was absolutely impossible.

Even if it was possible, he would absolutely not do so. Because Lady had once told him that his foundation wasn’t sturdy at all, and it might cause irreparable harm to him if he were to charge into the Saint Realm within 5 years of time. Of course, he could absolutely not wait for that long. So, he intended to look for a way to fortify his foundation, and then charge into the Saint Realm.

Suddenly, Snowy opened her mouth, and then countless strands of spirit energy within the room surged into her mouth.

Yang Ye and An Nanjing were stunned on the spot. Yang Ye was just about to stop Snowy when she suddenly spat out a brilliant rock. Yang Ye stretched out his hand to catch it, and he was stunned again. Because it was a violet crystal.

As for An Nanjing, she was staring fixedly at Snowy, and her eyes were filled with shock.

Yang Ye gulped and was about to speak, but Snowy suddenly opened her mouth again, and then she spat out a second violet crystal.

Yang Ye hurriedly caught it, put it away, and then quickly placed both his hands below Snowy’s mouth.

Just like that, Snowy spat out another violet crystal after around 15 minutes passed.

Yang Ye was excited to the point he almost jumped for joy. At the same time, he felt regretful. He regretted forgetting about the little fellow. Because if he’d taken the little fellow out of that pocket of space a little sooner, then he would be extraordinarily wealthy by now!

Suddenly, An Nanjing cried out involuntarily, “Quickly! Quickly make it stop!”

Yang Ye gazed at her with a puzzled expression. An Nanjing explained, “Haven’t you noticed? It has absorbed all the spirit energy in this room.”

Yang Ye spoke without a care in the world, “That’s not a problem. If it’s gone, then it’s gone. In any case, we wouldn’t even be able to exhaust all that spirit energy in a year!”

An Nanjing spoke solemnly, “It has started to absorb the spirit energy in other rooms!”

Yang Ye was stunned and hurriedly glanced around him. Sure enough, the spirit energy in the room had been exhausted. However, countless strands of spirit energy were surging in madly from outside the room and into Snowy’s mouth.

This is bad! Yang Ye was just about to stop Snowy when a furious howl suddenly resounded through the Cloud Shuttle, “Who dares to cause trouble in my Cloud Merchant Group’s Cloud Shuttle!”

As soon as that voice resounded, Yang Ye sensed over a dozen auras charging in their direction.

All of those auras were at the Saint Realm at least!

But Snowy was still sucking and sucking with her mouth wide open!

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