Chapter 1068 – That’s An Insult To Me!

Almighty Sword Domain

Xuwu Shen spoke in a low voice, “It’s not very likely for it to be an Emperor!”

An Nanjing asked, “Why?”

Xuwu Shen replied, “One must leave this world upon attaining the Emperor Realm.”

Yang Ye’s group of 3 left the room and went to the deck. At this moment, the shuttle had stopped flying, and the deck was filled with people. All of them were looking towards the sky in the distance, and Yang Ye could faintly see some figures fighting intensely there.

“Miss Ye, are you alright?” They’d only just left the room when Lin Jingfeng came over to greet them, and his face was covered in concern.

An Nanjing didn’t speak. Yang Ye stood in front of her and smiled to Lin Jingfeng, “Brother Lin, you seem quite calm and composed when there are so many enemies out there!”

Lin Jingfeng grinned while extreme confidence covered his face, “The Evil God Sect is merely a Platinum Rank power. Not to mention my sect, even my clan has no need to fear him. Miss Ye, Brother Ye, don’t worry, all 3 of you will definitely be fine while I’m here!”

Yang Ye asked, “May I know which sect Brother Lin is from?”

Lin Jingfeng smiled, “A Diamond Rank power!” He naturally wouldn’t mention the Double Happiness Sect’s name because its reputation wasn’t very good.

A Diamond Rank power? Yang Ye was slightly stunned.

Lin Jingfeng’s smile grew wider when he saw that Yang Ye was stunned and remained silent. He continued, “I’m just an outer court disciple there, so I’m nothing worth mentioning. However, others would still give me some face while I travel through the Central Divine Prefecture. You can ask me if you need any help. I will definitely not refuse if it’s within my ability!”

“Really?” Yang Ye’s eyes lit up.

Meanwhile, Lin Jingfeng’s expression immediately changed slightly when he noticed Yang Ye’s reaction. However, Yang Ye had suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side, “Brother Lin, to be honest, we siblings have encountered some trouble. My younger sister is shy and refuses to say anything, so I have no choice but to do it myself.”

Lin Jingfeng’s expression eased up slightly when he heard Yang Ye mention An Nanjing, and he hesitated for a moment before he spoke, “May I know what sort of trouble both of you’ve encountered? I will absolutely not refuse if it’s within my ability!”

“It isn’t a huge problem….” Yang Ye chuckled, “I’m sure you’ve noticed that both of us are just Half-Saints. With the natural endowment we possess, we should have attained the Saint Realm a long time ago. Why haven’t we? Because we don’t have resources! You saw it for yourself. We can’t even afford to use the rooms here. We’re so poor! Alas! I’m too useless that I even caused my younger sister to be unable to attain the Saint Realm. Alas….”

The Saint Realm? Lin Jingfeng puckered his lips. It was practically only Innate Saints who could attain the Saint Realm before the age of 30, but did this fellow before him seem like an Innate Saint? In any case, he felt that Yang Ye didn’t seem like one at all!

Even though he felt a huge amount of disdain for Yang Ye, he revealed a smile instead, “So that’s what it was. Resources to cultivate, huh? How about we do this? I’ll help recommend both of you to some Platinum Rank powers once we arrive at the Central Divine Prefecture?”

Yang Ye replied, “Alas, my younger sister will definitely refuse!”

Lin Jingfeng was puzzled, “Why?”

Yang Ye sighed, “I’m sure you’ve realized. She’s proud and would absolutely not accept help for others!”

Lin Jingfeng pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Just don’t tell her that I was the one who did it?”

Yang Ye hesitated, “But….”

Lin Jingfeng said, “What? Is there a problem?”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and patted Lin Jingfeng on the shoulder, “Brother Lin, you really are a generous person, so I won’t hide it anymore. Money has been really tight for me lately, so can you… can you….”

The corners of Lin Jingfeng’s eyes twitched. A short while passed before 5 violet crystals appeared in his palm, “Just treat these as a present for getting to know Brother Ye. After all, it’s fate that brough us together.”

“Brother Lin, what sort of person do you think I am!” Yang Ye’s face suddenly became livid, “Am I a person like that? Am I such a person? Am I? Brother Lin, that’s an insult to me! An insult!”

Are you not? Lin Jingfeng’s face twitched, and a short while passed before he forced out a smile, “Brother Ye, you’ve misunderstood. I don’t have any other intentions and merely want to be friends. These 5 violet crystals are just a representation of my kind intentions. If you don’t take them, then it’s equivalent to looking down on me!”

“How could I possibly do that?” Yang Ye sighed softly and took the violet crystals, “Since it’s Brother Lin’s kind intentions, I’ll take them. Needless to say, Brother Lin, you really are a good person!”

Lin Jingfeng revealed an unnatural smile. He was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly said, “Brother Lin, I sensed a powerful aura just now. Was that an Emperor?”

An Emperor? Lin Jingfeng chuckled, “Brother Ye, you must be joking. How could there possibly be Emperors here? That was just a mid-rank Saint!”

“A mid rank Saint?” Yang Ye continued, “Saints are divided by ranks as well?”

“Of course!” Lin Jingfeng said, “There’s a difference in strength even between Saints. So, there naturally are ranks.”

Yang Ye nodded slightly while a trace of a solemn expression appeared in his eyes. That aura from before was very strong. His current strength was sufficient to kill Saints with ease even if he didn’t utilize the Sword Spirit and Heaven’s Gravestone. However, if he faced the owner of that aura, a mid-rank Half-Saint, then it would probably be quite strenuous for him.


Suddenly, a huge explosion resounded in the sky, and then the surroundings returned to calm while a grey robed old man appeared on the Cloud Shuttle.

At the same time, 20 corpses appeared on the deck.

It was the corpses of 20 Saints!

The expressions of everyone here changed upon witnessing this scene, and their gazes towards the old man were filled with fear.

The grey robed old man disregarded everyone and just walked over to the beautiful woman’s side, and then he stood there silently.

The beautiful woman waved her right hand, and the 20 corpses immediately flew up into the air and down the shuttle. It didn’t take long for them to see those 20 corpses transform into 20 balls of fire that shot crashed to the ground.

“Don’t worry everyone. Since my Cloud Merchant Group allowed all of you to get on this Cloud Shuttle, we naturally possess the strength to guarantee your safety. In my Cloud Merchant Group’s opinion, the customer is our top priority. However, I hope all of you act sensibly and not rashly challenge my Cloud Merchant Group.” She glanced at Yang Ye when she spoke up to this point, and then she continued, “That’s all. Please go ahead and rest everyone!”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a short while passed before Yang Ye turned around and left with An Nanjing.

Lin Jingfeng’s smile gradually vanished as he watched Yang Ye leave. Meanwhile, the old man by his side said, “Young Master, I think he’s just acting like a fool and wants to scam your violet crystals!”

“He’s just a fool!” Lin Jingfeng spoke indifferently, “He only knows how to play petty tricks. That’s all a person like him will ever amount to. As for those violet crystals…. Hahaha! I’ll make him return them tenfold.”

Elder Lin said, “That woman doesn’t seem to care about those violet crystals!”

Lin Jingfeng chuckled, “Elder Lin, so you don’t know? Women always act one way but think in another way. I dare say that she has definitely started to like me now. The reason she reveals such a cold expression is merely because she’s shy. So long as I try a little harder, she’ll definitely obediently remove that mask of hers and submit before me!”

The old man hesitated for a moment as he wanted to say something. But he immediately shut his mouth when he saw the confident Lin Jingfeng revealed.

Lin Jingfeng waved his right hand, and a palm-sized and fiery red piece of leather armor appeared in his grasp. He said, “Elder Lin, send this to room 20. Just say that’s a small gift from me. Right, if that woman doesn’t accept it, then give it to Ye Yang. So long as he isn’t as stupid as a pig, he’ll definitely understand what I mean!”

Elder Lin’s expression changed, “Young Master, this Skyfire Armor is at the high-grade of the Divine Rank, and it was forged from soft Firestones that are Divine Rank materials only found deep beneath the ground. Even the joint forces of 30 Saints wouldn’t be able to destroy it. Even though it’s only suitable for women, it would fetch at least 500 violet crystals if you sell it! How can you just give it away?”

Lin Jingfeng smiled, “Elder Lin, do you think she’ll be able to escape my grasp?”

Elder Lin was speechless.

“She can’t!” Lin Jingfeng continued, “At that time, I’ll get her and the armor back!”

Elder Lin hesitated for a while, and then he nodded. They were just Half-Saints, so he felt that it wouldn’t be a problem if they were sensible; if they were not, then he didn’t mind using force!”

Room 20.

After Elder Lin entered the room, he tried to give the armor to An Nanjing, “Young Miss Ye, this is a small gift from my Young Master. Please do accept it!”

“I don’t want it!” An Nanjing walked away and disregarded the old man.

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly while a cold glow flashed through them. He pondered deeply for a short moment before he looked at Yang Ye, “Young Master Ye, my Young Master said that you will understand his intentions.” He passed the armor to Yang Ye while he spoke.

Yang Ye asked, “He wants to be friends with me, and this is a small token of his kind intentions, right?”

Elder Lin pondered deeply for a moment before he nodded, “Indeed!”

Yang Ye took the armor and said, “Alas, Brother Lin really is generous. Please do tell Brother Lin that I’ve accepted his kind intentions.”

Elder Lin glanced at Yang Ye and An Nanjing, and then he nodded and left the room.

“What’s it like to be a fool? What’s it like to be an idiot?” Meanwhile, Xuwu Shen shook his head, “He has renewed my understanding of the words fool and idiot!”

As he spoke, he shook his head again and left the room.

“It’s actually a high-grade Divine Rank treasure!” Yang Ye sized up the Skyfire Armor and said, “That fellow really is generous!” As he spoke, he passed it to An Nanjing and said, “I’m giving it to you now!”

An Nanjing glanced at him and took it.

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