Chapter 1082 – I’m Afraid That You’ll Be A Burden!

Almighty Sword Domain

Lin Yueyin’s face was absolutely unsightly right now!

Meanwhile, Xiao Yuxi who was about to leave had stopped, and she turned around to look at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye stretched out his hand to lightly slap Lin Yueyin’s left cheek which was still normal, and he smiled, “Actually, it’s very normal for you to want to take revenge on me. Even I would do the same. Hmm? Don’t act like that. People might think that I’m bullying you!”

At this moment, Lin Yueyin’s delicate figure was trembling slightly while her face was pale. Coupled with her swollen right cheek, she really seemed absolutely pitiable!

Yang Ye gazed at Lin Yueyin and shook his head, “In the past, Saints were so high and mighty to me. But once I gained sufficient strength, I noticed that they are no different from ordinary people. They have emotions and fear death.”

Yang Ye turned around to look at Xiao Yuxi at this point, “Will you be affected by her death?”

“I will!” Xiao Yuxi answered without the slightest hesitation.

“If it was in the past, you would have said no!” Yang Ye turned around and walked away once he finished speaking. But he stopped once more after just taking 2 steps forward, and then he turned around to gaze at Lin Yueyin, “If I find out that you interfered in her freedom again, then I’ll definitely strip you and hang you on the city walls. Right, you’ll be alive.” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye glanced at the sky while a slight smile arose on the corners of his mouth, and then he vanished beneath the veil of night.

“Who is he!” Lin Yueyin gazed at Xiao Yuxi once Yang Ye left. She was no fool. Someone who could render her completely helpless while only at the Half-Saint Realm was absolutely not an ordinary person.

“I don’t know him!” Xiao Yuxi glanced at Lin Yueyin and said, “It’s best if you don’t offend him. Because I think that he wasn’t joking just now!” Xiao Yuxi left once she finished speaking.

Lin Yueyin clenched her fist as she stood there, and then she closed her eyes slightly. No one knew what she was thinking!

Immortal Cloud Residence.

Actually, if it was possible, he wanted to just kill Lin Yueyin. Because he didn’t even have to think about it to know that she would definitely take revenge in the future. However, Xiao Yuxi would definitely be in trouble if he killed Lin Yueyin. After all, Lin Yueyin wasn’t the only one who’d seen him with Xiao Yuxi, and White Deer Academy wouldn’t let him kill her either!

He hadn’t concealed his aura earlier, and he’d noticed that someone was watching him. But he paid no attention to that person because that person held no ill intent towards him. However, he knew that person would have definitely interfered if he tried to kill Lin Yueyin. After all, it was White Deer Academy’s territory, so where would it put its face if a member of the Thousand Crane Sect died here?

Of course, if he really intended to kill Lin Yueyin under such circumstances, then even the experts of White Deer Academy would have definitely been unable to stop him. However, was it necessary? That expert who was hiding in the shadows held no ill intent towards him, so it was clearly a member of the Scholarly Faction. It would truly be quite foolish to get in the Scholarly Faction’s bad books for Lin Yueyin.

After all, in Yang Ye’s opinion, killing Lin Yueyin was something he could do anytime!

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on his bed, breathed in lightly, and then closed his eyes and recalled everything which had occurred today.

The outer court instructor he fought with An Nanjing today was a Saint, a high-rank Saint, and that grey robed old man from Cloud Merchant Group was a high-rank Saint as well. But the gap between their strengths was like the distance between the heavens and the earth. What did that prove? It proved that realms of cultivation weren’t the only standard to judge a person’s strength by!

The simplest example was An Nanjing and himself. They were only high rank Half-Saints, but their strengths weren’t even the slightest bit weaker to high-rank Saints. Why? There were many reasons like combat techniques, intent, combat instinct, strength of the physical body, and various other factors.

To put it in simpler terms, a person’s strength couldn’t be judged solely by the person’s cultivation, it had to be judged based on every other aspect.

This made him constantly remember to never underestimate someone at a lower realm of cultivation, just like Nether Maiden. She’d been an entire realm of cultivation lower than him at that time, yet her strength wasn’t weaker to him at all! There was absolutely no lack of such geniuses in the Central Divine Prefecture. But he’d just never encountered them yet. However, he knew that he would be encountering them soon!

Yang Ye remained silent on the bed for a long time, and then a golden fruit appeared in his grasp.

It was an Adamantium Fruit!

While he was in that world filled with savages, Yang Ye remembered how Shuai Wenyang had said that the Adamantium Fruits were extremely beneficial to demon beasts but harmful to humans. Because the physical bodies of humans couldn’t endure the energy within Adamantium Fruits. Forcefully consuming them would be equivalent to exhausting the potential of the body, and even someone who possessed the physical body of a Saint would definitely be unable to live for long after consuming it!

He hesitated for a moment before swallowing it. His body wasn’t inferior to a demon beast, so the side effects of the Adamantium Fruit probably didn’t apply to him! The reason he’d thought of the Adamantium Fruits was mainly because the backlash from absorbing stellar energy wasn’t very effective at improving his body any longer.

His body was clearly extremely important to him. Because regardless of whether it was the Brink Laws or Heavenrend, they required a strong body. If he didn’t possess his physical strength, then his overall strength would definitely drop by a few levels! So, he’d decided to try consuming the Adamantium Fruits. After all, he had over 100 of them!

As soon as he swallowed it, Yang Ye immediately felt like a ball of flames had appeared within him, and his entire body was hot. However, there wasn’t any other effect besides that.

“It doesn’t work?” Yang Ye frowned. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide because blazing flames had actually arisen from him. That wasn’t the most important thing, the most important thing was that he felt like his meridians and bones were burning. It felt exactly like how it was when he used the Nether Ghostflame to temper his body all those years ago!

The difference was that the flames were much more terrifying than the Nether Ghostflame. However, it still wasn’t as painful as the backlash from absorbing stellar energy.

Yang Ye gradually noticed that his body, meridians, and even bones seemed to be undergoing a transformation. Yang Ye was overjoyed by this discovery. Because it proved that the Adamantium Fruit worked on him. However, only around an hour had passed before the flames on him had gradually dispersed, and the feeling of undergoing a transformation gradually vanished as well!

Yang Ye frowned, and then he pondered deeply for a brief moment before swallowing another fruit.

Just like that, whenever the effects of the previous fruit vanished, Yang Ye would immediately swallow another. In the blink of an eye, dawn had arrived, but he didn’t stop there and continued his consumption of Adamantium Fruits.

Meanwhile, his clothes had vanished, and his bare skin actually seemed like it was slowly shedding!

If An Nanjing and the others were here, they would definitely be flabbergasted. Because how terrifying was Yang Ye’s physical body? After all, even a Saint with a high-grade Divine Rank blade might not be able to slice off his skin!

After around 6 hours passed, the skin on Yang Ye’s upper body had fallen off, and it was replaced by a thin layer of light yellow skin.

Time passed slowly. The skin on Yang Ye’s lower body started to fall off, and he still hadn’t stopped consuming the Adamantium Fruits.

In over a day of time, he’d consumed over 50 of them!

If anyone else were to find out that he was eating Adamantium Fruits like this, and especially if it were the demon beasts, they would definitely kill him. Because Adamantium Fruits weren’t supposed to be used like that!

In the hall. An Nanjing sat on a chair with her eyes closed. Xuwu Shen was pacing up and down incessantly before her, and his face was covered in worry and anxiety.

A short while passed before he gazed at An Nanjing and said, “It’s only an hour away from dawn. What exactly is that fellow doing? Something better not have happened to him at a time like this, otherwise we would really lose face!

An Nanjing opened her eyes and glanced at Xuwu Shen, “He’s cultivating!”

“Cultivating?” Xuwu Shen smacked himself on the forehead, “Cultivating at a time like this? At a time like this? Does he realize what we have to do today? We have to fight those fellows from the Law Faction! Lots of people are going to be watching! We aren’t just representing Ocean of Clouds Academy; we’re representing Pine Prefecture as well. If we lose face this time, then no one from Pine Prefecture will ever be able to hold their head up high in the other prefectures!”

An Nanjing said, “Aren’t you and I there to deal with it?”

“I….” The corners of Xuwu Shen’s mouth twitched, and a short while passed before he laughed bitterly, “Can you ask that fellow to stop cultivating for now?”

Meanwhile, Fang Yun walked into the hall. He glanced at An Nanjing and Xuwu Shen before he said, “Where’s Yang Ye?”

Xuwu Shen replied, “He’s cultivating!”

Fang Yun frowned, “Everyone is waiting for all of you now.”

An Nanjing pondered deeply for a moment, and then she turned around and went up the stairs. It didn’t take long for her to arrive at Yang Ye’s room. At this moment, the skin on Yang Ye’s lower body was still shedding, and only the skin on his feet hadn’t fallen off completely.

She gazed at Yang Ye for quite a while before she turned around and left. It didn’t take long for her to return to the hall.

Xuwu Shen asked, “Where’s Yang Ye?”

An Nanjing flipped her palm, and Skysplit appeared in her grasp before she started walking towards the exit.

Xuwu Shen was stunned, and then he hurriedly asked, “Where are you going?”

An Nanjing replied, “White Deer Academy!”

Xuwu Shen’s face fell, and then he obstructed An Nanjing and said, “You’re going yourself? What about Yang Ye!”

“He’ll be there soon!” As soon as she finished speaking, she walked around him and continued towards the exit.

Xuwu Shen hesitated for quite some time on the spot, and then he took a deep breath and followed An Nanjing.

Meanwhile, An Nanjing suddenly stopped and looked at him, “Don’t come with me!”

Xuwu Shen replied, “I’m not afraid of death!”

“I’m afraid that you’ll be a burden!” An Nanjing’s figure vanished on the spot once she finished speaking.

Xuwu Shen was speechless.

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