Chapter 1088 – The Martial God Physique!

Almighty Sword Domain

“In the name of the Martial God, I summon the spirits of the world! Converge!” An Nanjing’s voice was still resounding when a shocking scene appeared. Countless strands of green energy suddenly appeared within the pocket of space, and they surged incessantly into An Nanjing. At the same time, An Nanjing’s body started to grow larger. In less than 2 breaths of time, she was almost 30m tall, and she seemed like a towering titan!

“The spirit of the world….” Wu Yuan suddenly stood up while his figure shook, and his voice was trembling, “She… she… she actually possesses the Martial God Physique…. She actually can use that move! She actually can use that move! How could this be possible? How could this be possible!”

Han Yu had stood up as well, and his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

Besides them, Su Shihe and Xu Fan were looking at An Nanjing with disbelief as well.

The Martial God Physique!

It was ranked at the 2nd position amongst all the unique physiques of the world!

It had only appeared once in the entire history of the Radiant Dimension, , and it belonged to the number one expert of the Radiant Dimension at that time, the Founding Ancestor of the Martial Sect!

Yang Ye and Xuwu Shen were stunned. Because they didn’t know anything about the Martial God Physique.

At this moment, An Nanjing was already almost 60m tall. She looked down at Jun Hualuo who was stunned by this scene as well, and she didn’t speak a single word before slamming her fist forward!”

“Stop!” Xu Fan’s expression changed drastically, and he waved his right hand with the intention of lending Jun Hualuo a hand. Meanwhile, Su Shihe suddenly obstructed his path, “What, you intend to be a swine?”

“Fuck off!” Xu Fan was furious, and he was about to act anyway when a rumbling explosion suddenly resounded from the arena. After that, the entire arena actually started to tremble.

Everyone in the surroundings gazed at the arena. At this moment, Jun Hualuo had been instantly obliterated by An Nanjing’s punch! At the same time, the pocket of space seemed as if it wasn’t able to endure the might of An Nanjing’s punch, and it started to shatter into pieces. In next to no time, the arena transformed into powder before their eyes, and An Nanjing had appeared within their fields of vision.

At this moment, An Nanjing was still like a titan!

“You killed Hualuo!” Xu Fan’s eyes almost split apart from rage, and he suddenly slapped his palm towards An Nanjing. A huge palm tore through space and slammed forcefully towards An Nanjing.

Su Shihe and Yang Ye’s faces fell, and they were about to act when An Nanjing suddenly said, “I’ll do it!”

As soon as she spoke, the space before her actually started to crack apart, and then she clenched her right fist and slammed it forward.


Xu Fan’s attack was instantly obliterated, and then An Nanjing’s fist arrived before Xu Fan. Xu Fan’s expression changed drastically as he overlapped his palms and slapped them forward.


A loud explosion resounded, and the spectators watched with astonishment as Xu Fan’s figure was blasted flying. In the end, he collided with the pavilion behind him, and it shook violently yet remained completely unharmed.

Not only the others, even Yang Ye was stunned by this scene. An Nanjing is actually so strong….

An Nanjing took a step forward and was about to attack again. However, she suddenly frowned, and then countless strands of green energy seeped out from within her and dispersed into the surroundings. As for An Nanjing herself, she quickly returned to normal, and she clearly seemed extremely weak. Her countenance was ghastly pale, and she couldn’t even stand properly. So, Yang Ye hurriedly went over to her and took her in his arms.

Yang Ye quickly withdrew a violet crystal and fed it to her before he spoke gently, “Are you alright?”

An Nanjing shook her head slightly, “Am I strong?”

Yang Ye grinned, “Very strong. If you transform before fighting me, then I’ll definitely be blasted flying!” He wasn’t lying because he couldn’t fight An Nanjing in that state even if he utilized the Brink Laws.

An imperceptible arc curled up on the corners of An Nanjing’s lips. Meanwhile, Yang Ye added, “That strength you possessed just now didn’t see to be physical strength, but it was even stronger than physical strength!”

“Those were the energy of the world. It’s a move that the 1st Martial God created, and it converged the energy hidden within the world for one’s own use! For example, the energy of wind, water, wood, earth…. In short, I can use any energy that exists within the world.” An Nanjing spoke softly, “In that state, it’s equivalent to using all the energy that can be used within this world.”

“So that’s what it was!” Yang Ye nodded lightly and asked, “Can I do the same?”

She shook her head, “I think only someone with my physique can accommodate all those types of energy!”

What a pity! Yang Ye thought to himself.

Yang Ye was about to speak when Xu Fan’s ferocious voice suddenly resounded from afar, “You actually killed Hualuo! Die!”

As soon as Xu Fan’s voice resounded, Yang Ye turned around and instantly saw a huge palm tear through space towards him. Su Shihe was about to act when an old man in linen robed suddenly appeared before him and An Nanjing, and then the old man slammed his fist at the huge energy palm!


The palm shook violently and dispersed in midair!

Wu Yuan? Su Shihe was slightly surprised, but it didn’t take long for him to recall something, and his expression instantly became unsightly to the extreme.

“Wu Yuan!” Xu Fan spoke with a ferocious expression on his face, “This is an internal affair of my White Deer Academy! It has nothing to do with your Martial Sect!”

“It doesn’t?” Wu Yuan laughed coldly, “That was true before this. But it’s related to my Martial Sect from now on! Xu Fan, I’ve already received an order from my Sect Master. If anyone dares to touch her from now on, then that person is an enemy of my Martial Sect!”

Wu Yuan’s tone eased up slightly at this point and said, “Xu Fan, I have no intention to go against your Law Faction. So, please give me some face and don’t make things difficult for her!”

“Then are you telling me that Hualuo died for nothing?” Xu Fan spoke ferociously, “Wu Yuan, this is White Deer Academy nor your Martial Sect!”

Wu Yuan spoke indifferently, “Since it’s like that, then make your move!”

Xu Fan clenched his fists tightly and was about to attack. Suddenly, Su Shihe said, “Wu Yuan, this really is my White Deer Academy’s business, and my Scholarly Faction will be responsible for her safety until the end. You don’t have to get concerned for nothing.”

Yang Ye’s group of 3 were stunned when they witnessed this scene. What exactly is going on?

Meanwhile, Han Yu suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye and An Nanjing. Han Yu’s gaze descended onto An Nanjing who was resting in Yang Ye’s arms and said, “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Han Yu, an outer court elder of the Devil Path. Right, that isn’t the main point. The main point is that I just received a message from my Sect Master. So long as you agree, he’ll take you as his disciple right now. You just have to agree, and no one will dare to touch you from now on. Besides that….”

“Shut up!” Meanwhile, Su Shihe and Wu Yuan shouted furiously at the same time.

Su Shihe glanced at Wu Yuan and Han Yu, “She’s from my White Deer Academy!”

“Su Shihe, even you are acting shamelessly now?” Wu Yuan laughed coldly, “She’s clearly from Ocean of Clouds Academy. When did she become a member of White Deer Academy?”

“Ocean of Cloud Academy belongs to my White Deer Academy’s Scholarly Faction!” Su Shihe spoke solemnly, “She’s naturally a student of my White Deer Academy!”

“What nonsense!” Wu Yuan suddenly shouted, “Based on what you said, doesn’t that mean everyone who practices in the Martial Dao is a disciple of my Martial Sect? I’m not going to waste my breath on you. The experts of my Martial Sect are on the way, and it’ll take 30 breaths of time at most for them to get here. At that time, we’ll use strength to decide this!”

“Alright! I agree!” Han Yu spoke coldly, “In any case, the members of my Devil Path are on the way as well!”

“All of you seem to have forgotten that this is White Deer Academy!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from afar, and then an old man who held a cane in his hand arrived here.

Han Yu, Wu Yuan, and Su Shihe’s expressions changed drastically when they saw him!

Yang Ye’s expression had become extremely serious as well!

The old man gave him the same feeling that Lou Qianyun had given him that day!

Su Shihe was about to speak when the old man glanced at him, “Little Su, there’s no need to say anything. If you want to stop me, then it’s best if you immediately awaken Fang Zhou’zi! But I think that it’s too late to awaken him now.”

Su Shihe’s expression was extremely unsightly!

The old man disregarded Han Yu and Wu Yuan, and his gaze descended onto An Nanjing, “If you’re willing to join my Law Faction, then I’m prepared to let bygones be bygones.

An Nanjing replied, “I would rather die standing than kneel to live!”

The old man gazed at her for a short while, and then he nodded, “As expected of the possessor of the Martial God Physique. Your strength isn’t bad, and your mentality is even better. Since that’s the case, then die!”

The old man was about to attack when roaring laughter resounded abruptly in the air, “Good! As expected of I, Hao Tian’s, disciple. Dying on your feet is better than lying on your knees! Hahaha!”

A green robed old man appeared here at the same time that voice finished resounding.

The face of the old man with the cane turned gloomy when he saw the green robed old man. Actually, it should be described as becoming unsightly.

Wu Yuan hurriedly went over to greet the old man and spoke respectfully, “Martial Ancestral Uncle!”

Hao Tian suddenly shouted with fury, “Tell me why you didn’t notify me upon discovering the Martial God Physique! Moreover, you notified that kid, Ming Yuan, instead? Why?”

Wu Yuan was at a loss for words.

“Just you wait! Just you wait and see what I do to you!” Hao Tian glared fiercely at Wu Yuan, and a bitter expression instantly crept up on the latter’s face.

Hao Tian paid no further attention to Wu Yuan, and he turned around to gaze at the old man with the cane instead. He sized up the old man and smiled, “Oh my, Li Laoguai, long time no see. You’ve become a Quasi Emperor now! All those years ago, you were just a Saint when I attained the Quasi Emperor Realm. Such natural talent really isn’t bad! So, want to have a spar? But let me tell you in advance that once I get into battle, I wouldn’t be able to fully control the chaotic energy within me. It would be bad if I kill you by accident!”

The old man with a cane called Li Laoguai had an extremely gloomy expression on his face, and a short while passed before he spoke, “Since it’s someone Senior Hao Tian has taken a liking to, then how could I possibly not give you some face? Go ahead and take her!”

“You know how to yield when you need to! Not bad! No wonder those old fellows from the Law Factions let you be their representative!” Hao Tian roared with laughter, and then he turned around to gaze at An Nanjing, “Disciple, let’s go.”

Meanwhile, Wu Yuan walked over to Hao Tian’s side, and then he pointed at Yang Ye, “Martial Ancestral Uncle, this kid isn’t bad as well.” The meaning behind his words was that he wanted Hao Tian to take Yang Ye as well.

Su Shihe’s expression changed drastically when he heard Wu Yuan, and he was about to speak. But Hao Tian suddenly waved his hand, “He’s trash before her!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

An Nanjing suddenly gazed at Yang Ye, “I go where he goes!”

Hao Tian was stunned, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and spoke seriously, “Kid, your bone structure is amazing, so you’re definitely an outstanding genius to train in martial arts. How about you go with me to the Martial Sect as well? I’ll even find you a master who isn’t weaker to me!”

Yang Ye felt speechless again.

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