Chapter 1090 – A Quasi Emperor Attacks!

Almighty Sword Domain


A brilliant ray of sword energy flashed out from Yang Ye’s ancient sheath while accompanied by a sword howl. Even the space in the pocket of space rippled before it, and it was shocking!

It was 90 overlapped Heavenrends!

After his body had attained the Divine Fortitude Realm, he could execute 90 overlapped Heavenrends with absolute ease!

Xu Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the contempt within his easy had lessened quite a bit. Even though he couldn’t stand the sight of Yang Ye, he didn’t dare underestimate Yang Ye. He’d witnessed Yang Ye’s strength earlier, and he knew that it was entirely capable of posing a threat to him. It would be fine if he didn’t underestimate Yang Ye, but if he did, then it was very likely for him to lose this battle that he was certain to win!

“Zero Point!” Xu Fan pointed his finger forward as soon as he finished speaking, and then a huge black finger shot forward like a bolt of lightning and collided with Yang Ye’s sword energy.


Their collision was like the collision of 2 meteors, and it instantly caused a terrifying wave of energy to erupt from the point of collision. The wave of energy swept swiftly towards the surroundings, and even the space here rippled before it.

“Slash!” Suddenly, Yang Ye’s furious howl resounded, and then he transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot. Everywhere the ray of light passed, even the wave of energy was sliced apart like a piece of paper.

Xu Fan’s eyes had a ferocious expression in them as he watched the sword energy assault him. The profound energy within him surged out madly as he swiftly swung his right palm forward, “Zero Palm!”

A huge palm flashed forward, and it was like a blade that slashed down at Yang Ye.


An explosion instantly erupted at the point of collision, and then countless waves of energy instantly enveloped both Yang Ye and Xu Fan. Moreover, rays of light flickered while palms flew about from time to time within the waves of energy!

Everyone outside the arena had solemn expressions on their faces when they witnessed this scene.

They’d thought that Yang Ye wouldn’t be able to hold on for long when facing Xu Fan, and they’d never imagined that he would actually be able to fight Xu Fan without falling into a disadvantaged state!

They knew that they’d severely underestimated Yang Ye’s strength.

Hao Tian nodded slightly, “That kid seems to be not bad….” He turned around to gaze at An Nanjing at this point, and he smiled, “But he’s far from being able to compare to you.”

An Nanjing didn’t speak. Because she knew that it wouldn’t take long for them to find out if Yang Ye was strong or not.

Hao Tian chuckled, and then he gazed at Han Yu, “Why haven’t those old fellows of your Devil Path arrived?”

Han Yu glanced at Hao Tian and said, “Since Senior Hao Tian has taken a liking to her, then the seniors of my Devil Path naturally have to give Senior Hao Tian some face.”

“What nonsense!” Hao Tian cursed, “Kid, cut the crap. It’s clearly because I was quick. Those old fellows know that it’s pointless even if they come. You’re giving me face? I won’t admit I owe your Devil Path anything!”

The corners of Han Yu’s mouth twitched, and he laughed dryly and didn’t say anything else.

“Martial Ancestral Uncle….” Meanwhile, Wu Yuan suddenly walked over to Hao Tian and said, “That fellow, Yang Ye, is really not bad. His natural talent in the Sword Dao is extraordinary, and his body has been cultivated to an extremely terrifying level. If he joins our Martial Sect, then he….”

“Such nonsense!” Hao Tian interrupted Wu Yuan and said, “His natural talent in the Sword Dao is extraordinary? Is it greater than Ye Langxie from Apex City? His cultivation of the body is terrifying? Is it more terrifying than Zhan Tianya from the Builder Sect? Not to mention them, he can’t even compare to her. I’m not a benevolent person, and I won’t just take anyone.”

Hao Tian immediately glared at Wu Yuan when he noticed that Wu Yuan intended to continue, “If you want to recruit him, then do it yourself. I don’t want my reputation to be spoiled in the future!”

Wu Yuan laughed bitterly and thought to himself, Yang Ye’s Sword Dao isn’t superior to Ye Langxie, and his body isn’t superior to Zhan Tianya. However, Ye Langxie’s body isn’t as formidable as Yang Ye’s, and Zhan Tianya’s attainments in the Sword Dao aren’t as formidable as Yang Ye as well!

But he didn’t speak these words out loud. Because Hao Tian’s mind was filled with his excitement from An Nanjing’s Martial God Physique, and he might suffer a beating if he tried to speak further.

In the battlefield. Sword energy and energy palms were flashing about, and the entire battlefield started to tremble. It was absolutely shocking.

At this moment, Xu Fan had a solemn expression on his face. He was growing more and more shocked as the battle continued. Because he noticed that while Yang Ye was a Half-Saint, regardless of whether it was combat instinct or Yang Ye’s own strength, it had far surpassed his expectations. Especially Yang Ye’s body, it was so strong that even he was fearful and annoyed by it. Because Yang Ye had completely disregarded his defenses in the battle with him, and every single move Yang Ye made was one where Yang Ye aimed to suffer a blow in order to land one as well!

Xu Fan was a high-rank Saint, so his body was naturally strong as well, but it was absolutely not as strong as Yang Ye, and it wasn’t strong enough to disregard Yang Ye’s sword energy!

So, a dignified high-rank Saint like him was actually equally matched in battle against a Half-Saint!

“Are you going to continue making a fool of yourself?” Suddenly, Li Laoguai’s voice resounded in the pocket of space. At this moment, Li Laoguai’s face was extremely gloomy. He’d made Xu Fan fight Yang Ye because he hoped that Xu Fan could deal with Yang Ye quickly. So long as Yang Ye was dealt with, then the bad influence this competition had on the Law Faction would be gone.

After all, history was always written by the victor!

But he hadn’t expected that Xu Fan wouldn’t just be unable to kill Yang Ye swiftly, Xu Fan was actually equally matched in battle with Yang Ye! Yang Ye was a Half-Saint while Xu Fan was a high-rank Saint! Moreover, Xu Fan was even the strongest expert in the Law Faction besides him. If news of this were to spread, then it would just be Xu Fan who lost face, the entire Law Faction would lose face as well!

Especially at a time like this. The morale of the Law Faction’s forces was waning. If the battle were to drag on, then it would be even more disadvantageous to the Law Faction’s plans. That was why he’d sent a voice transmission into the battlefield to make Xu Fan end it quickly.

Xu Fan’s heart shook when he heard Li Laoguai, and he pondered deeply for an instant before slapping his palm forward repeatedly. At the same time that he pushed Yang Ye back, his figure flashed around 300m back as well. After that, he clenched both his fists tightly.

In an instant, a terrifying aura surged out from within it, and it was like a raging torrent that instantly enveloped the entire battlefield!

“Yang Ye, I have to admit that you really are not bad. However, you’re too young in the end. Now, let’s end this with one move?” Xu Fan’s voice resounded through the battlefield while the aura which surged out from within him was growing stronger and stronger!

“You’re finally going to go all out?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, and he placed the Herculean Sword back into his spatial ring. After that, he started walking slowly towards Xu Fan. Meanwhile, the spectators noticed that Yang Ye’s figure had actually started to turn red!


A pillar of blood shot up into the air from Yang Ye. In an instant, the entire battlefield was turned blood red while boundless slaughter intent filled it. Moreover, even the spectators outside the arena could sense the monstrous aura of blood within the pocket of space!

An Emperor Rank sword! Hao Tian frowned and said, “An Emperor Rank sword of slaughter…. He seems like he’s still able to maintain his consciousness. That fellow isn’t that bad!”

Wu Yuan was visibly delighted because if Hao Tian forcefully took Yang Ye into the Martial Sect, then it would be a great thing for the Martial Sect. He was just about to speak when Hao Tian added, “But he’s still really inferior when compared to my disciple….”

Wu Yuan was speechless.

In the battlefield. Yang Ye held the blood red sword in his hand while 2 types of intent shot out from within him, and the imposing aura Xu Fan emanated was instantly dispersed by them.

“Void Rank sword intent and Void Rank slaughter intent!” A wisp of surprise flashed through Hao Tian’s eyes, “His sword intent and slaughter intent are both tempered well, and it’s especially so for his slaughter intent…. Is that fellow from the Evil Faction?”

Li Laoguai’s face grew even gloomier when he saw those 2 intents that Yang Ye possessed. It wasn’t difficult to comprehend 2 intents, but it was rare to temper them to such a condensed state. Even if he really wanted to kill that arrogant fellow, Yang Ye, he had to admit that Yang Ye really wasn’t bad!

Unfortunately, Yang Ye was his enemy, and an enemy naturally deserved death. Especially when it was an enemy with extraordinary natural talent. If such an enemy wasn’t killed as soon as possible, that enemy might become impossible to kill in the future!

A wisp of ferocity surged into Xu Fan’s eyes when he saw Yang Ye transform into a blood red figure, and his body floated up slowly. Once he arrived in midair, he raised his right hand slowly. In an instant, the space in an area of 3km around him actually started to warp!

A moment of silence ensued before Xu Fan suddenly slapped his right palm down in Yang Ye’s direction, “Heaven Smasher!”

At the same time that his voice finished resounding, an energy palm flashed out from before him, and then the space in the entire battlefield instantly started to crack apart. Countless cracks covered the entire battlefield, and it was an absolutely shocking sight!

An Emperor Rank technique!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye sheathed the blood red sword, and then he swiftly drew it right away.


Along with a sword howl that resounded through the nine heavens, a blood red beam of sword energy that was enhanced by Void Rank sword intent and slaughter intent shot up into the air!

It was 110 overlapped Heavenrends!

Space wasn’t blasted apart by the blood red beam of sword energy, but the space before it was torn apart. The reason it had such an effect was because of Yang Ye’s control towards his intents. At this moment, regardless of whether it was his control over his strength or sword intent, they’d both far surpassed his past ability. So, the energy within his attack wouldn’t leak out at all!

That was exactly why his sword energy was even more terrifying!

The spectators watched as the blood red beam of sword energy collided against the huge palm. However, it merely stopped for an instant before it slashed the palm apart and slammed against Xu Fan who was stunned by the sight of his attack being destroyed with such ease.


Xu Fan’s figure was blasted flying. Countless strands of blood surged out from him as he flew, and they transformed into torrents of blood that surged into the blood red sword in Yang Ye’s grasp.

Xu Fan had lost!

Everyone here was stunned.

“Stop!” Li Laoguai roared furiously when he saw Xu Fan’s blood flowing out incessantly, and he was about to attack. Meanwhile, a ray of blood red sword energy tore through the air in the battlefield, and then it shot through Xu Fan.

Xu Fan’s body instantly sliced into 2, and countless strands of blood sprayed out from him and surged into the blood red sword in Yang Ye’s grasp!

As for Xu Fan, he was dead!

“You’re courting death!” A ferocious expression instantly appeared on Li Laoguai’s face when he saw Yang Ye disregard him, and then his figure flashed and instantly appeared within the battlefield before shooting towards Yang Ye.

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