Chapter 1093 – Open Your Fucking Eyes And Watch!

Almighty Sword Domain

Anyone… besides Dean Xiao….

In other words, even Su Shihe could fight him!


Absolutely arrogant!

That was what both Yang Ye and Xuwu Shen thought right now.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto Feng Qingyi again. Feng Qingyi seemed to be only around the age of 20. He wore green clothes, and his hair was tied behind his head like a ponytail by a piece of green string. His left hand was kept behind his back while his right held a green jade flute, and his entire body emanated a faint scholarly aura.


Yang Ye felt that he was extraordinary. At the very least, he was much greater than Lou Qianxiao!

Meanwhile, clamorous noise had erupted amidst the Scholarly Faction’s forces.

“How could this be possible? How could Senior Brother Feng be helping the Law Faction? How could this be possible? He was definitely forced to do so by the Law Faction, that’s definitely why! Law Faction, you’re shameless!”

“It’s a trap! All of this was a trap set up by the Law Faction! Senior Brother Feng is definitely being coerced by them! Senior Brother Feng, isn’t that true? Are you being coerced by those despicable and shameless fellows from the Law Faction? Tell us!”

“Senior Brother Feng, Dean Xiao is here. No matter what difficulties you’re facing, you just have to tell Dean Xiao and he’ll definitely resolve it for you!”

“Why?” Xiao Bieli stared fixedly at Feng Qingyi and asked again, “Why?”

Feng Qingyi opened his eyes and looked Xiao Bieli in the eyes, “There’s definitely a reason why a person does things. I naturally have my own reasons. But it’s pointless to speak about it now.”

Su Shihe spoke gloomily, “Qingyi, has my Scholarly Faction ever mistreated you? Have we ever wronged you?”

Feng Qingyi shook his head slightly, “It would be impossible for me to attain my current accomplishments without the resources and fostering of the entire Scholarly Faction!”

“Then why are you doing this?” Su Shihe howled furiously, “Do you know what will happen to our Scholarly Faction once we leave White Deer Dimension? We wouldn’t even have a place to stay once we leave. From today onwards, my Scholarly Faction will be homeless. Do… do you realize that?”

Feng Qingyi nodded, “I do!”

“Then why are you doing this?” Su Shihe pointed at the students from the Scholarly Faction, and he was practically howling, “They respect you like a god, and both Dean Xiao and I have been fostering you as the next dean. So why are you treating us like this?”

“The great choose whom they shall follow!” Meanwhile, Li Laoguai suddenly chuckled, “Qingyi thinks that your Scholarly Faction has no future, so he sided with my Law Faction instead. Is that wrong? Dean Xiao, your Scholarly Faction has been irresolute and hesitant throughout these years, and we aren’t the only ones who look down on your Scholarly Faction, even the other powers of the Central Divine Prefecture look down on your Scholarly Faction. Sooner or later, White Deer Academy will be destroyed in your hands. Qingyi’s decision to join my Law Faction is a wise decision because only my Law Faction will be able to lead White Deer Academy back to its former glory!”

“What nonsense!” Su Shihe roared furiously, “Li Laoguai, Qingyi was definitely threatened by your Law Faction. Otherwise, based on his character, he would definitely not do something like betraying the academy.”

Li Laoguai laughed coldly, “You can ask him and see if my Law Faction threatened him!”

Su Shihe glanced coldly at Li Laoguai, and then he gazed at Feng Qingyi, “Qingyi, tell me. Did the Law Faction threaten you? Don’t worry, Dean Xiao and I will stand up for you. Even if Dean Xiao and I aren’t strong enough, we still have our Scholarly Faction’s ancestor. No matter what it is, we and the entire Scholarly Faction are on your side!”

Feng Qingyi remained silent for a short while, and then he shook his head slightly, “No one threatened me!”

Su Shihe was furious. He was about to speak when Xiao Bieli stopped him. Xiao Bieli gazed at Li Laoguai and said, “Needless to say, your Law Faction made the better play. Looks like your Law Faction has been planning this for a very long time. The competition with Ocean of Clouds Academy wasn’t your true intention today, your true intention was to confront my Scholarly Faction!”

“I think that there’s no need for us to continue wasting our breath.” Li Laoguai continued, “My Law Faction’s representative is here. Now, it’s your Scholarly Faction that has to choose its representative!”

Xiao Bieli slowly clenched his fists, and all the forces of the Scholarly Faction fell deathly silent.

Feng Qingyi was the stronger expert in the Scholarly Faction’s younger generation, and he was the strongest in the entire younger generation of White Deer Academy. He’d once pressed down upon the younger generation of the entire White Deer Academy to the point they were almost suffocated. At the same time, he was ranked at the 21st position on the Martial Rankings. It could be said that besides the 2 Quasi Emperors of White Deer Academy, no one else in White Deer Academy was confident in their ability to defeat him!

Even Su Shihe wasn’t confident at all!

As for the others of the younger generation, they weren’t even qualified to be his opponent!

Who would fight the battle?

The Scholarly Faction was deathly silent!

Meanwhile, Su Shihe took 2 steps forward and was about to speak. However, Li Laoguai ridiculed, “What? Su Shihe, are you going to toss your honor aside? I still remember someone saying that I was shameless just now.”

Su Shihe ignored Li Laoguai and looked straight at Feng Qingyi, “You were already capable of fighting me a year ago. At that time, I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I would be unable to defeat you. Now, I really want to see how much you’ve grown.”

“Su Shihe, looks like you’re really going to act shamelessly!” Li Laoguai laughed coldly, “The dignified director of the Scholarly Faction is actually going to fight a junior in single combat? Do you have no shame? Su Shihe, do you have no shame?”

Li Laoguai’s voice was filled with delight from being able to take revenge. He’d suffered a huge amount of ridicule from Su Shihe when he tried to kill Yang Ye earlier. Now, he naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity to ridicule Su Shihe.

Su Shihe clenched his fists tightly while an unsightly expression could be seen on his face.

“Director Su, I’ll do it!” Meanwhile, Fang Yun suddenly walked over to Su Shihe’s side, “Even if our Scholarly Faction loses, it should lose with dignity and pride!”

“Right, even if our Scholarly Faction loses, we should lose with dignity and pride. Director Su, how can you fight a junior in single combat? Allow me to do it instead!”

“Allow me! I dare not guarantee that I’ll win, but I guarantee that I won’t bring shame to the Scholarly Faction!”

“I’ve always wanted to seek guidance from Senior Brother Feng, so give this opportunity to me….”

Countless students of the Scholarly Faction came forward and intended to challenge Feng Qingyi.

“Shut up!” Suddenly, Su Shihe shouted with fury, “This battle isn’t just related to our Scholarly Faction’s honor, it’s even related to our future, and it’s related to the future of our academy as well. Can we afford to lose? No! We can’t lose, nor can we afford to lose.”

“So you intend to act shamelessly?” Li Laoguai laughed coldly, “Su Shihe, you have to realize that you won’t be the only one who loses face if you lose, the entire Scholarly Faction will lose face as well. At that time, all of you’ll truly be like homeless dogs, and all of you’ll be the laughingstock of the entire Central Divine Prefecture.”

Su Shihe was about to speak when Xiao Bieli suddenly shook his head, “Shihe, they’re right. Even if our Scholarly Faction loses, we should lose with dignity. You’re a senior. Regardless of how strong Feng Qingyi is, if you fight him, then it’ll still be considered as bullying the young. Moreover, we agreed on a battle between the juniors, so how can you fight it?”

“Dean Xiao is much more reasonable!” Li Laoguai smiled, “To be honest, besides you and I, there’s still one more person in White Deer Academy who can fight Qingyi.”

Xiao Bieli said, “Those words really do arouse my curiosity!”

Li Laoguai chuckled, and then he stretched out his hand and pointed at Yang Ye, “Have all of you forgotten him? He killed Xu Fan earlier! Who’s Xu Fan? He was the director of my Law Faction, and his strength isn’t inferior to Su Shihe. If you allow him to compete, then perhaps he really might be able to win!” Li Laoguai’s eyes were filled with ferocity as he finished speaking.

Everyone gazed at Yang Ye when they heard him.

Yang Ye’s face fell instead. Because Li Laoguai clearly intended to use Feng Qingyi to kill him. The competition between him and the Law Faction had come to an end, so the Law Faction had to face the Scholarly Faction if it wanted to kill him. That was definitely difficult to accomplish. But if he fought this battle, then Li Laoguai could use Feng Qingyi to kill him!

Yang Ye gazed at Li Laoguai, and the latter was looking at him as well. There was undisguised killing intent in Li Laoguai’s eyes!

That old dog refuses to give up on killing me! Yang Ye’s face became gloomy as well.

The members of the Scholarly Faction gazed at Yang Ye, and then their eyes instantly lit up. Because they still hadn’t forgotten the scene where Yang Ye killed Xu Fan just now. Xu Fan’s strength was on par with Su Shihe. In other words, Yang Ye’s strength had surpassed Su Shihe. So, they might have a chance if Yang Ye was sent to fight Feng Qingyi!

“No!” Meanwhile, Xiao Bieli suddenly spoke in a low voice, “Yang Ye won’t fight Feng Qingyi!”

The Scholarly Faction had lost Feng Qingyi, so it couldn’t lose Yang Ye as well. It could be said that Yang Ye was a future pillar of the Scholarly Faction. So, Li Laoguai didn’t just intend to kill Yang Ye and take revenge, he wanted to put an end to the Scholarly Faction’s future!

Li Laoguai laughed coldly. He paid no attention to Xiao Bieli and gazed at Yang Ye instead, “Yang Ye, the safety of your Ocean of Clouds Academy depends on the Scholarly Faction. If the Scholarly Faction loses, then it’ll be a homeless dog. At that time, it wouldn’t even be able to protect itself, so how could it possibly protect your Ocean of Clouds Academy? Think about that when you decide whether you agree to fight this battle or not!”

A threat!

He was using Ocean of Clouds Academy to threaten Yang Ye!

Xiao Bieli was just about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly stood up, “Dean Xiao, it seems like I have to participate in this battle!”

Xiao Bieli spoke solemnly, “Yang Ye, don’t worry. So long as my Scholarly Faction exists, then no one will be allowed to touch Ocean of Clouds Academy!”

Li Laoguai spoke coldly, “At that time, all of you wouldn’t even be able to keep yourselves safe!”

Yang Ye gazed at Li Laoguai and chuckled, “You said all of that for no other reason than because you hope that I would fight him, and then he would kill me in battle, right?”

Li Laoguai spoke coldly, “So what if I did?”

A wisp of ferocity suddenly surged onto Yang Ye’s face, and he pointed at Feng Qingyi as he spoke fiercely, “Open your fucking eyes and see if he can kill me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he pointed his finger at Feng Qingyi and said, “Let’s fight!”

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