Chapter 1109 – It Once Drank The Blood Of An Emperor!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as he spoke, Yang Ye’s figure shot forward, and he slammed his right fist at Qian Wenlan.

At this moment, the space before Yang Ye’s fist was instantly torn open. However, it didn’t start collapsing towards the surroundings because he’d converged all his energy on his fist without allowing anything to seep out. So, the space in the surroundings wasn’t affected at all.

However, Qian Wenlan’s pupils had constricted.

At this moment, she had an unprecedentedly solemn expression on her face!

Under normal circumstances, she should choose to dodge this punch. But she couldn’t retreat right now. Because there were numerous disciples of the Thousand Crane Sect watching from the surroundings and because she was a Quasi Emperor!

A dignified Quasi Emperor didn’t even dare to go against a Half-Saint’s punch? If news of that were to spread, then she wouldn’t be the only one to lose face, the entire Thousand Crane Sect would lose face as well. Moreover, inner demons would arise within her.

So, she had to go head-on against this punch!

A wisp of ferocity flashed through her eyes as she pressed her palms together. In an instant, a ray of blue light surged out from her palms.

“Thousand Death!” Qian Wenlan’s voice resounded, and then a spinning and huge blue palm flashed forward and smashed down towards Yang Ye.

As soon as the blue palm had appeared in the air, a monstrous wave of pressure had rained down along with it, and it caused many comparatively weaker disciples of the Thousand Crane Sect to feel suffocated!

A moment of silence ensued.


It was like a thunderclap had resounded as the entire sky instantly collapsed. However, it only took an instant for the Laws of the Heaven Dao to restore the sky. But in the next moment, the space there started to crack open again. In an instant, the sky was covered in cracks that were thick as beams.

A moment of silence ensued, and then the space in the sky exploded apart and collapsed once more!

In the blink of an eye, the Laws of the Heaven Dao repaired the space there once more. But just like before. It has only just been restored when it instantly cracked apart and collapsed once more.

Just like that, space was restored, cracked apart, and collapsed for a total of 4 cycles, and then the space there finally returned to normal.

Yang Ye and Qian Wenlan’s figures had appeared before the spectators’ fields of vision as well.

They could clearly see that Yang Ye seemed as if he was made of blood. His bare body had cracked apart completely. Especially his chest, it had cracked open to the point that his bones were visible. Besides that, his face was covered in cracks as well, and it made him see extremely terrifying. As for Yang Ye’s right arm, it was in an even worse state. Even though it was still attached to his body, it showed signs of exploding into pieces. His right arm didn’t seem like an arm any longer.

However, the disciples of the Thousand Crane Sect paid no attention to Yang Ye, and they were looking at Qian Wenlan instead.

Based on their outer appearances, Qian Wenlan was clearly in a much better state than Yang Ye. Because she looked like she was completely fine! However, the expressions of all the disciples from the Thousand Crane Sect had changed.

Because Yang Ye’s left hand was wrapped around her throat!

Qian Wenlan, a dignified Quasi Emperor, had been captured by a Half-Saint!

The minds of every single disciple from the Thousand Crane Sect had gone blank, and they stared blankly at Yang Ye and Qian Wenlan’s figures in the sky!

The dignified Vice Sect Master of the Thousand Crane Sect had been captured by a Half-Saint!

“Peak control over your energy, 2 types of Void Rank intent, a sword of slaughter at the Emperor Rank, the Laws of Speed, and the Laws of Darkness. While you’re a Half-Saint, you possess the strength of a Quasi Emperor. White Deer Academy lost Feng Qingyi, but gained you, Yang Ye. The heavens really are kind to White Deer Academy.” As soon as this voice resounded, a beautiful woman in palace clothes appeared in front of Yang Ye.

“Sect Master!” All the disciples and elders of the Thousand Crane Sect immediately bowed upon seeing her.

“The Sect Master of the Thousand Crane Sect, Feng Qingyu!” Xiao Yuxi spoke softly by Yang Ye’s side, “She remains in closed door cultivation all year long. While she’s a Quasi Emperor, she probably possesses the ability to charge into the Emperor Realm. Her strength is unfathomable, and we’re no match for her.” As she spoke, Xiao Yuxi stretched out her hand with the intention of touching Yang Ye, but her hand shrunk back when she was about to touch Yang Ye’s cracked body. After that, 2 streams of tears flowed slowly from her eyes.

“Let her go!” Feng Qingyu gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke. While her voice was calm, it carried an indisputable and dignified tone.

“Are you joking?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, “Let me and Yuxi leave, and she can live as well.”

Feng Qingyu replied, “What if I refuse?”

Yang Ye squeezed down with his left hand, and then Qian Wenlan’s eyes instantly opened wide. Yang Ye laughed ferociously, “Do you think I wouldn’t dare to kill her? Do you want to try me?”

“If you dare to kill her, then I’ll….” Feng Qingyu intended to say something but Yang Ye suddenly interrupted her, “See my sword? It’s a sword of slaughter that had once drank the blood of an Emperor. Sense my slaughter intent? It’s Void Rank slaughter intent that I comprehended from slaughtering countless people! Don’t threaten me because there’s nothing in this world that I, Yang Ye, dare not do!”

Feng Qingyu said, “I’ll immediately declare war against White Deer Academy if you kill her!”

Feng Qingyu would have never dared to speak such words before this. Yet now, White Deer Academy had split apart, and its strength had fallen to its lowest in history. It could be said that White Deer Academy was no match for the Thousand Crane Sect right now. So, that was why she dared to threaten Yang Ye with White Deer Academy.

“War?” A fierce smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and then he issued a command in his heart. An intent sword flashed, and then Qian Wenlan’s right arm flew into the air, “If you want war, then you can have it. Even if my White Deer Academy loses, we’ll cripple your Thousand Crane Sect!”

Feng Qingyu’s face instantly turned gloomy when she witnessed this scene. She was about to attack, but Yang Ye continued, “If you dare to move, then I’ll make your Thousand Crane Sect lose a Quasi Emperor. If you dare to move, then I’ll dare to kill. The life of a Half-Saint for the life of a Quasi Emperor. I think it’s really worth it, what do you think?”

Was it worth it?”

Of course not!

Yang Ye knew that, and Feng Qingyu knew it as well. So, she still hadn’t acted against him until now. A Quasi Emperor was the apex of strength in a Diamond Rank power. If the Thousand Crane Sect lost a Quasi Emperor, then it would lose a huge amount of its status in the Central Divine Prefecture.

Feng Qingyu gazed at Yang Ye for a short while, and then she said, “Let her go and both of you can leave!”

“Do I look like a 3 year old?” Yang Ye continued, “I’ll naturally release her once we’re safe.”

“Don’t push your luck!” Feng Qingyu’s eyes narrowed slightly and flashed with killing intent, “And don’t test my patience. Otherwise, none of you will be able to leave.”

Yang Ye replied, “Don’t threaten me because it’s useless. You only have 2 choices right now. The 1st is to let me leave, and I’ll release her after that. I presume that so long as I reach White Deer Academy, then even if I wanted to kill her, White Deer Academy wouldn’t allow it. The 2nd choice is to attack me right now. I’ll kill her, and you’ll kill me.”

Feng Qingyu said, “I’ll repeat myself once last time. Let her go and leave. Don’t test my patience!”


A pillar of blood suddenly shot out from Yang Ye, and it shot into the sky. In an instant, the sky was turned blood red, and Yang Ye’s body instantly turned blood red as well. At the same time, his eyes gradually turned blood red as well.

Yang Ye gazed at Feng Qingyu with a ferocious expression on his face, “Don’t test my patience as well. Once I lose my patience, then we won’t have to discuss anything.”

As he spoke, he pressed Heaven’s Gravestone against the center of Qian Wenlan’s forehead.

Yang Ye’s ferocious voice resounded, “I’ll just ask you one question. Are you going to let us leave or not? If you refuse, then I’ll kill her right now, and then we can fight with our lives on the line!”

Feng Qingyu’s face was gloomy to the extreme. After all, it was the 1st time in her life that she’d been threatened by a Half-Saint like this.

“I’ll count to 3. I’ll kill her if you still refuse to let us go! I keep my word!” Yang Ye looked Feng Qingyu in the eyes and counted, “One!”

Feng Qingyu looked him in the eye as well, and she remained silent.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Two!”

She still didn’t speak.

“Three!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, his blood red sword instantly started to spin. Suddenly, Feng Qingyu spoke, “Both of you can leave!”

As soon as she spoke, Yang Ye’s sword stopped moving. At this moment, it had stabbed half an inch into her skull, and even an Emperor wouldn’t be able to save her if it went just a little deeper.

“Don’t try me again. Besides people on my own side, there isn’t a single person I dare not kill!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye took Qian Wenlan and Xiao Yuxi as he shot towards the distance.

“We need to use the teleportation formation in Thousand Crane City to get to Sky Capital City, but we’ll need Thousand Crane City’s permission. Every power has their own teleportation formations, but they are usually one way teleportation formations. If others want to teleport directly to Thousand Crane City from the outside world, then it requires the Thousand crane Sect’s approval. Now, we need the Thousand Crane Sect’s approval to teleport out of Thousand Crane Dimension as well!” Xiao Yuxi spoke softly.

“Would they dare to refuse?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, and he traveled to the teleportation formation under Xiao Yuxi’s guidance.

Yang Ye said, “Yuxi, you leave first!”

Xiao Yuxi replied, “We’ll go together!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “You’ll only be able to leave while I’m here. Otherwise, none of us will be able to leave.” After all, the Thousand Crane Sect was definitely able to play tricks while they used the Thousand Crane Sect’s teleportation formation in the city. Because the strength of a Quasi Emperor was unlike the strength of a Saint. Such experts could tear through space and capture others with absolute ease.

Xiao Yuxi gazed at Yang Ye for a short while, and then she said, “Don’t make me be alone again!”

Yang Ye’s heart hurt. He took a deep breath and smiled, “Don’t worry. Even such a situation on Profounder Continent couldn’t kill me, let alone a Quasi Emperor? Just go first, I’ll be right behind you!”

Xiao Yuxi nodded slightly, and then she stopped hesitating and flashed onto the teleportation formation. In next to no time, a ray of blue light enveloped her. However, the blue light suddenly vanished at this moment.

After that, a furious voice resounded, “You dare to steal a woman who belongs to me, Mo Yuntian? Who the fuck gave you the gall to do that?”

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