Chapter 1122 – The Ultimate Version Of Death By A Thought!

Almighty Sword Domain

High above in the sky.

Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling were in battle with 3 Quasi Emperors. Even though they were facing 3 Quasi Emperors, Xiao Bieli’s strength was formidable, and he forcefully locked 2 Quasi Emperors in battle with himself. So, they hadn’t been defeated until now. However, their hearts burned with anxiety because this was clearly a trap!

It was a trap to draw them out and keep them busy while White Deer City was crushed!

So, they had no intention to drag out the battle. However, they couldn’t help it because the 3 Quasi Emperors were forcefully locking them here in combat and gave them no chance to leave.


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded from below, and then a ray of blood red light tore through the sky and appeared within the pocket of space.

The 5 Quasi Emperors immediately stopped their battle!

The blood red light dispersed to reveal Yang Ye’s figure.

Yang Ye!

Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling were overjoyed when they saw Yang Ye. Even though Yang Ye was only a Half-Saint, he wasn’t any weaker to a Quasi Emperor when he went mad. Moreover, he could even kill Quasi Emperors. It could be said that Yang Ye’s recovery was definitely an extremely joyous piece of news for White Deer Academy, especially in its current state!

“Yang Ye!” One of the old men in the distance immediately revealed a gloomy expression. It was none other than Mo Ji.

Yang Ye paid no attention to Mo Ji. He gazed at Xiao Bieli instead and said, “The battle below is over! Shall we kill these 3 fellows?”

All the Quasi Emperors here were stunned when they heard Yang Ye, and it didn’t take long for their divine sense to sweep down to the ground below. It didn’t take long for Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling to heave sighs of relief, and they simultaneously cracked a smile. As for Mo Ji and the other 2 Quasi Emperors, their faces were extremely unsightly!

At the same time, they felt shocked. After all, there had been around 100 high-rank Saints and a Quasi Emperor there! However, all those forces had been annihilated! What did that represent? It represented that Yang Ye possessed the strength to kill Quasi Emperors!

Yang Ye has to die!

That was what Mo Ji and the others thought. Even though the Mo Clan was strong, Yang Ye would definitely be a huge problem for the Mo Clan if he was allowed to grow.

Right when they were thinking about killing Yang Ye, Yang Ye had suddenly transformed into a ray of blood red light that shot towards Mo Ji. Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling were slightly stunned when they saw Yang Ye attack so decisively, and then they attacked right away. At this point in time, they naturally weren’t foolish enough to try and negotiate with the enemy!

It was at a point where only one side would come out alive!

There was no room for negotiation!

Mo Ji and the others’ expressions changed slightly when they saw Yang Ye’s group attack, and they didn’t dare show any weakness and attacked decisively as well. Especially Mo Ji. As far as he was concerned, Yang Ye was looking down upon him by targeting him, so killing intent immediately surged in his eyes. His figure transformed into a ray of light that slammed forward in Yang Ye’s direction!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous explosions resounded throughout the pocket of space. But since they were in a pocket of space, the Radiant Dimension wasn’t affected by their battle. Otherwise, if they fought in the Radiant Dimension with the strength they possessed, then the destruction created by the battle…. Not to mention the guardians of the Radiant Dimension and the Eye of the Heaven Dao, even the experts of the other powers wouldn’t allow it.

The Radiant Dimension didn’t belong to a single person or power. It belonged to everyone. It was their home. So, if anyone dared to destroy their home, then that person would become their common enemy.

It didn’t take long for the Quasi Emperors from the Mo Clan to fall into a disadvantaged position.

Xiao Bieli’s strength was greater than any one of those 3 Quasi Emperors, and he’d already been able to fight 2 of them on his own just now. Now that Yang Ye had joined the battle, the Quasi Emperor from the Mo Clan was no match for him in a one on one battle. He’d been completely suppressed by Xiao Bieli after the battle just started, and he practically didn’t possess the ability to fight back.

As for Mo Ji who was fighting Yang Ye, he grew more and more shocked as the battle progressed. Because Yang Ye’s speed and strength were truly too terrifying. Yang Ye’s physical strength was so powerful that even he feared it; as for Yang Ye’s strength, it was horrifying to Mo ji. Besides that, Yang Ye’s attainments in the Sword Dao were beyond extraordinary. Especially when his sword was enhanced by 2 types of intents. Even Mo Ji didn’t dare underestimate the sword energy that came from Yang Ye.

Even though he couldn’t stand the sight of Yang Ye and wished for nothing more than to chop off Yang Ye’s head, he had no choice but to admit that Yang Ye was very strong and was entirely capable of posing a threat to Quasi Emperors!


The iron hammer in Mo Ji’s grasp smashed against Yang Ye’s blood red sword. A loud explosion resounded while Mo Ji was pushed over 50m back, but Yang Ye remained still on the spot. Mo Ji’s face was extremely gloomy when he sensed the numbness and aching feeling that came from his right hand. Yang Ye’s physical strength was abnormally strong, and it wasn’t something a Half-Saint should possess!

Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot, and he was above Mo Ji when he appeared once more. After that, Yang Ye took Heaven’s Gravestone with both hands and swung it down at Mo Ji.

This swing had practically torn space apart!

Mo Ji’s pupils constricted slightly. He knew how strong Yang Ye’s physical strength was, so he didn’t dare act carelessly at all. He immediately pushed his right leg backward. In an instant, the space beneath his feet suddenly condensed and became countless times stronger than before. After that, he took his hammer in both hands and practically used all his strength to swing it upwards against Yang Ye’s blood red sword.


The sword and hammer collided, and then the space around them seemed like it had been struck by a sledgehammer. It shook violently while cracks appeared all around them. Because he was supported by the fortified expanse of space beneath his feet, Mo Ji hadn’t been pushed back by the force from Yang Ye’s attack. However, countless cracks started to spread like spiderwebs throughout his arms!

Just like that, they maintained a state where their weapons were pressed against each other, and it seemed like they’d frozen on the spot!

The space around the point of intersection was trembling, and the space around them had started to tremble slightly as well. As for Mo Ji’s countenance, it was growing more and more unsightly. Because Yang Ye’s blood red sword was actually slowly cutting its way through his hammer. Once Yang Ye’s sword sliced his hammer into 2, it would be the moment Yang Ye’s sword sliced through his head as well!

He could imagine the scene which was about to occur! However, he couldn’t do anything about it right now. Retreat at a time like this? It was impossible! If he did, then it would be no different than courting death. Because he wasn’t faster than Yang Ye. Moreover, their strength had gathered at the point their weapons intersected, so the one who retreated would definitely suffer backlash!

So, Mo Ji had no way out of the predicament. If he retreated, he would either die or be crippled; if he advanced, his strength wasn’t comparable to Yang Ye while his weapon wasn’t as strong as Yang Ye’s weapon. If his weapon could resist Yang Ye’s sword and avoid being sliced into 2, then perhaps he could hold on for a long time. Yet now, based on the current speed that his hammer was being cut through, it would only take over a dozen breaths of time before Yang Ye’s sword would collide with his head!

Mo Ji didn’t dare hesitate and swiftly shouted, “Help me!”

The other Quasi Emperors of the Mo Clan were shocked when they heard Mo Ji, and their divine senses swept out from them. Both of them revealed solemn expressions when they saw the situation Mo Ji was in, and they were astounded in their hearts. They’d never imagined that Mo Ji would actually be forced to such a state by a Half-Saint!

The Quasi Emperor in battle with Xiao Bieli had a wisp of bitterness on the corners of his mouth. He couldn’t even keep himself save right now, so how could he help Mo Ji? The other Quasi Emperor in battle with Xiao Ling seemed to understand that, so he stopped fighting Xiao Ling and shot towards Yang Ye.

He hadn’t even arrived near Yang Ye when a huge energy fist appeared behind Yang Ye, and it was about to blast Yang Ye into pieces!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. While his body was strong, it didn’t represent that he could disregard the attacks of Quasi Emperors. Even though he wouldn’t die or be heavily injured if he allowed it to strike him, he would still lose the initiative in the battle. Because Mo Ji would definitely not let go of such an opportunity.

Yang Ye immediately twisted his figure slightly, and he pulled Heaven’s Gravestone away and executed a sideways slash. At the same time, his right foot stomped against Mo Ji’s hammer which had almost been sliced into 2.

Bang! Bang!

The energy fist was instantly slashed into 2. At the same time, Mo Ji’s figure crashed down to the ground from the impact of Yang Ye’s kick.

After he slashed the energy fist into pieces, Yang Ye immediately turned around, and he took Heaven’s Gravestone in both hands as he slashed it down in Mo Ji’s direction. However, Mo Ji made an extremely wise reaction. He didn’t go head-on against Yang Ye, nor did he dare to do so. He immediately stomped his foot against the space beneath him and vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he turned around and swung his sword.


An iron hammer was blasted away!


Meanwhile, the Quasi Emperor who was locked in battle with Xiao Bieli had been blasted away. Xiao Bieli was about to follow up with another attack when his expression suddenly changed drastically, and then he shouted at Yang Ye, “Leave right now!”

Yang Ye frowned. But he didn’t hesitate to turn around and leave. Even though he didn’t know why Xiao Bieli had reacted like that, he knew that Xiao Bieli wouldn’t do anything that would harm him.

Moreover, Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling had immediately turned around and left.

The 3 of them had just started retreating when a white haired old man and Feng Qingyu appeared in the pocket of space. They didn’t pursue Xiao Bieli’s group because if a Quasi Emperor intended to flee, then they couldn’t do anything about it. Or it should be said that they’d lost the opportunity. Otherwise, they could stop Xiao Bieli’s group from leaving.

Mo Ji and the others immediately heaved sighs of relief when they saw Feng Qingyu and the white haired old man, and their tense nerves had relaxed as well. Because one or more of them would definitely die here if the battle were to continue.

However, a ray of blood red light suddenly flashed through the sky.

The white haired old man and Feng Qingyu’s expressions instantly changed drastically.

“How dare you!” The white haired old man’s face instantly turned ferocious, and he slapped his palm forward.

“Yang Ye! You’ve gone mad!” Xiao Bieli’s horrified voice resounded abruptly.

Mo Ji was slightly stunned, and then his eyes opened wide.

Yang Ye whom Mo Ji thought had fled had appeared behind him, and a wisp of scarlet red suddenly seeped out from his throat….

“It… it was faster than before… much faster….” As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Ji’s head tilted to the side and fell down from midair while a pillar of blood shot into the air.

It was the ultimate version of Death by a Thought!

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