Chapter 1124 – It’s Fine! I’ve Killed A Few!

Almighty Sword Domain

The shadow was Yang Ye, of course!

After he finished refining all the Sword Servants, he’d immediately set out the save the other students. Even though no one throughout the academy blamed him for what had happened, White Deer Academy was facing such a hopeless situation and so many of its students had died. While Xiao Bieli had said that the Law Faction and Mo Clan would act against White Deer Academy even if it wasn’t for him, how could Yang Ye not feel even a shred of guilt?

He’d killed many people, and it was so numerous that even he couldn’t count the exact number. But he’d never felt any guilt. In his opinion, all of those people should be killed and deserved death. But to a certain extent, those students had died because of him.

Of course, he understood that it was just as Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling had said, it was pointless to get preoccupied by all of that. Because from the moment he came to White Deer Academy for Ocean of Clouds Academy’s sake, he’d been swept into the enmity between the Law Faction and Scholarly Faction. Now, both he and White Deer Academy were a single whole. Regardless of whether it was the academy’s problems or his own problems, they were everyone’s problems. Because they were on the same side now.

In short, staying united and facing their difficulties together was the important matter at hand!

Yang Ye raised his head and looked up at the starry sky while he left White Deer Dimension. There were at least 5 Quasi Emperors high above in the sky. Besides that, there was also Lu Yuanhao who was watching from the shadows.

White Deer Academy was in quite a bleak situation right now!

As for Yang Ye himself, it wasn’t any better for him. Lu Yuanhao would definitely not give up on obtaining the Primordial Pagoda, and Lu Yuanhao would definitely strike a lethal blow against him at the critical moment!

A short while passed before Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, and then his figure flashed out of White Deer Academy.

The news about the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect attacking White Deer Academy had spread throughout the Central Divine Prefecture. Many powers and experts throughout the prefecture were paying attention to the situation. They wanted to see what would happen to White Deer Academy that once had a dazzling history in the Central Divine Prefecture.

Of course, they understood that even if White Deer Academy could win, it would definitely be a pyrrhic victory! Moreover, White Deer Academy had practically no chance to win!

All the powers around White Deer Dimension that were once on friendly terms with White Deer Academy had announced that they were drawing boundaries between them and White Deer Academy. Because they were absolutely afraid that the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect would target them.

As for those students of White Deer Academy throughout the Radiant Dimension who were being pursued and killed by the experts of the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect, not a single person dared to lend them a hand, and no one dared to give them shelter as well. So, those students were being pursued like dogs by the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect.

At this moment, White Deer Academy was truly in a miserable state.

Sky Capital City.

In a secret chamber within a room in Sky Capital City, over 30 students of White Deer Academy were seated around a table.

All of them were looking at the violet clothes woman who was the leader of their group.

She seemed to be a little over the age of 20, and she had a beautiful appearance. Her face had a firm expression on it, and her body had quite a few bloody injuries on it as well. Even her face had a scar that was a few centimeters long.

At this moment, all of them treated her as their leader because she was the only high-rank Saint amongst them.

Suddenly, one of the young men asked, “Senior Sister Zi Nan, what did the academy say?”

Everyone’s gazes instantly locked onto the woman called Zi Nan. Presently, countless experts were hunting them, and there even were Quasi Emperors amongst them. If the academy didn’t come to save them, then their strengths would be utterly insufficient to return to the academy with their lives intact. If they couldn’t return to the academy, then only death awaited them!

Because the enemy took no prisoners! The students had tried to surrender before this, but they were still killed!

Zi Nan glanced at them and said, “The academy has sent someone to get us.”

One of them pursued an answer, “Who? When will that person be here?”

Zi Nan shook her head slightly, “They didn’t say. It should have been done so for the sake of secrecy!”

“Actually, no one is coming to save us.” Meanwhile, a one-armed man spoke abruptly, “I’m sure all of you’re aware of the situation that the academy is in. The Mo Clan, Thousand Crane Sect, and those fellows of the Law Faction are guarding the exit of our academy’s dimension. Our academy only has 2 Quasi Emperors, Dean Xiao and the new Vice Dean. They already have their hands full, so how could they possibly have the time to save us?”

Everyone here fell silent, including Zi Nan.

The one-armed man continued, “If the academy really has the ability to save us, then it would have probably done so a long time ago. However, we haven’t seen anyone until now. What does that mean? Actually, they’ve abandoned us students who aren’t in White Deer Dimension.”

Suddenly, Zi Nan appeared in front of the one-armed man, and a short saber was pressed against his throat.

The expressions of everyone here instantly changed.

Zi Nan stared at the one-armed man and said, “Qiu Yuan, are you trying to shake our morale?”

The one-armed man’s eyes were without a shred of fear, and he looked her in the eye as he said, “I’m not trying to shake our morale. There’s no need for me to do that as well. Because our morale is already shaken. Zi Nan, just ask yourself this question. Do you think the academy really still has the strength to save us? It doesn’t anymore. Perhaps they are in a worse situation than we are in!”

Zi Nan gazed at the one-armed man for a long time, and then she withdrew her saber and glanced at the surroundings, “Do all of you blame the academy?”

All of them remained silent.

Zi Nan continued, “I know that all of you definitely felt resentment in your hearts, and so have I. I blamed the academy for not saving us and allowing us to be pursued. However, just think about it. If the academy had the ability, then would it leave us here? Would the academy abandon us?”

Zi Nan’s voice became heavier at this point, “Just as Qiu Yuan said, since the academy still hasn’t sent someone, it represents that they are in a worse situation than we are. Our jobs right now aren’t to put blame on others or grumble about the academy’s lack of action; our job is to think about how to survive. Now, we can only rely on ourselves, and if we still continue trying to blame others, we wouldn’t be too far away from death!”

All of them remained silent.

A short while passed before Qiu Yuan spoke again, “Zi Nan, I never intended to shake our morale. But I have to say that the strength we possess is utterly insufficient to return to the academy with our lives intact. Besides the high-rank Saints of the Law Faction, Thousand Crane Sect, and Mo Clan, there might even be Quasi Emperors outside there. The gap between our strengths is too huge. All of us must realize that!”

Meanwhile, a student with a large mole on the corner of his mouth spoke abruptly, “Actually… why do we have to return to the academy?”

All of them immediately gazed at him, and that student with a mole glanced at all of them before he continued, “Both Senior Brother Qiu Yuan and Senior Sister Zi Nan have said that the academy might be in a worse situation than we are. Under such circumstances, what can we do even if we’re able to get back there? We would just be waiting for death to arrive!”

Zi Nan spoke indifferently, “What are you trying to say?”

The student with a mole glanced at all of them, and then he hesitated for a moment before he said, “Now, we’re in a hopeless situation. Even if we’re able to escape and survive, the Law Faction knows everything about us, including our roots. So, it’s extremely easy for them to find us.”

Zi Nan asked, “So?”

He took a deep breath and said, “If we want to survive, then we only have a single choice, and it’s to surrender to the Law Faction. We are actually from the same sect as the Law Faction, so if we surrender, then they’ll definitely….”


Suddenly, Zi Nan appeared behind him, and then his eyes opened wide. An instant passed before a strand of scarlet red sprayed out from his throat.

The expressions of everyone here changed violently!

Zi Nan glanced at them and said, “Surrender? Does anyone else want to surrender?”

Qiu Yuan said, “He just wanted to live!”

“Live?” Zi Nan glanced coldly at him, “He might bring disaster to all of us. The Law Faction was from the same sect as us in the past. Yet now, they aren’t related to us at all. They’ve colluded with the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect to act against our academy. That isn’t internal strife anymore! Their intention is to destroy the academy! If we surrender now, we’ll become traitors! Traitors of the academy!”

“But are you saying that we deserve death?” Meanwhile, another student stepped forward, “In the end, it was that fellow, Yang Ye, who caused all of this. He caused it, yet all of us have to endure the consequences. Is that fair?”

“Indeed. Yang Ye offended the Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan for his wife, yet he wants our entire academy to endure the consequences with him. I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I believe that all of you definitely aren’t happy about that.”

“If he hadn’t been rash and killed a disciple of the Mo Clan, then how could our White Deer Academy have fallen to such a state? How could we have been forced to hide here and wait for death to arrive?”

“Even if I have to die for the academy, I will feel no resentment or regret; but I’m unwilling to die for Yang Ye!”

Zi Nan glanced at them and said, “But have all of you thought about how he was the reason that the Law Faction and not our Scholarly Faction left White Deer Dimension? What sort of situation is the Law Faction in right now? They are working together with the Mo Clan! Do you think they would be considered as equals with the Mo Clan? No! As far as the Mo Clan and everyone else is concerned, the Law Faction is a bunch of homeless dogs. If it wasn’t for Yang Ye, our Scholarly Faction would have become the homeless dogs instead!”

Zi Nan paused for a moment at this point, and then she continued, “I resent him as well. Because if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have fallen into such a hopeless situation, and we wouldn’t have lost so many companions. However, I’m very well aware that he’s the one who prevented our Scholarly Faction from losing its home. It was he who made everyone dare not underestimate our White Deer Academy, and only he can lead our academy’s younger generation to rise up in the world! How can all of you be fixated on the bad things about him and ignore the good things about him?”

“Thank you!” Suddenly, a voice resounded here.

The expressions of everyone here changed violently, and it was the same even for Zi Nan. All of them acted like they were facing a formidable enemy.

A green clothes man appeared before them.

Yang Ye!

All of them were stunned when they saw him.

Zi Nan was astounded, “What… what are you doing here?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’m here to get all of you!”

She was still shocked, “Just you?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Come with me!”

Zi Nan’s face was covered in shock, “We’re leaving just like that?”

Yang Ye replied with a question, “Then how do you intend to leave?”

The corners of Zi Nan’s mouth twitched slightly, and then she said, “So long as we go outside, numerous high-rank Saints will rush over immediately, and there might even be Quasi Emperors.”

“Quasi Emperors? It’s fine! I’ve killed a few!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked towards the door.

All of them were at a loss for words.

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