Chapter 1126 – Pay With His Body!

Almighty Sword Domain

“It’s Yang Ye! Retreat!” The experts of the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect were the first to recover from their shock, and they immediately turned around and fled. The experts of the Mo Clan were in a comparatively composed state, but they still didn’t dare to stay. Because they were very well aware that Yang Ye had killed the Thousand Crane Sect’s vice sect master. No matter how confident they were, they didn’t think that they could fight someone like Yang Ye who could kill Quasi Emperors.

As for the others from the Thousand Crane Sect, they were in a comparatively worse state. After all, they’d watched as Yang Ye killed their vice sect master and slaughtered his way through their sect.

In their opinion, Yang Ye was a god of death! He was a madman! And he was someone who was impossible for them to defeat!

So many experts of the Thousand Crane Sect had besieged Yang Ye that day, yet they were completely crushed, so how could just the few of them be sufficient to fight him?

So, they practically immediately raised their speeds to its limits.

However, their speed was too slow in Yang Ye’s eyes.

A ray of blood red light flashed through the sky, and it was like a line of blood that stretched through the sky. After that, the heads of all the experts from the Thousand Crane Sect shot up into the air. Even though their heads were gone, momentum still made their bodies dash towards the distance, and their figures flew almost 1km before their headless bodies crashed to the ground.

After that, a few dozen rays of blood red light flickered incessantly through the distance sky, and the entire sky there was dyed blood red.

At the same time, numerous shrill cries were resounding in succession.

20 breaths of time later.

Yang Ye returned to where he was standing a little while ago. Meanwhile, Ge Ming and the others hadn’t fled. Flee? At the moment he saw Yang Ye attack, Ge Ming was very well aware that they wouldn’t be able to escape, and they had nowhere to run to.

If they wanted to live, then the only way was to convince Yang Ye not to kill them!

Ge Ming took a deep breath as he gazed at Yang Ye who was blood red, and then he said, “Yang Ye, there’s no benefit in killing me, and it’ll only make enemies for you. So….”

Suddenly, Yang Ye drew his sword and swung it. A ray of blood red sword energy grew larger at a rapid pace before Ge Ming’s eyes, and then it pierced through the center of his forehead. It wasn’t that he didn’t intend to dodge it, and it wasn’t because he didn’t want to fight back. It was because Yang Ye’s attack was too swift!

It was swift to the point he couldn’t dodge or resist in time.

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath at all. A few rays of blood red sword energy flashed through the area in front of him, and then the others behind Ge Ming perished.

After he dealt with them, Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and said, “I, Yang Ye, didn’t come to Sky Capital City to cause trouble, and I’m merely here to save some students. But if anyone thinks that they can bully my White Deer Academy, or they think that they can bully me, Yang Ye, then feel free to try. Or if you want to use the heads of the students from my White Deer Academy to curry favor with the Mo Clan and the Thousand Crane Sect, then you can feel free to give it a try as well.”

Yang Ye’s figure vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

A long period of silence ensued after Yang Ye left, and then a voice suddenly resounded in the sky above the city, “From this moment onward, no one from the City Governor’s Estate is allowed to interfere in the enmity between White Deer Academy and both the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect.”

Yang Ye didn’t stay in the city and left it right away.

He’d naturally not killed Ge Ming to vent. His main objective had been to deter the experts in the city. He wanted to use Ge Ming’s death to tell them that they couldn’t afford to offend White Deer Academy, and they could absolutely not afford to offend him. If they wanted to bully and offend White Deer Academy, then they had to consider if they could endure the revenge that he, Yang Ye, would dish out!

If he didn’t do that, then if students of the academy were to flee into Sky Capital City in the future, there might be no need for the Mo Clan or Thousand Crane Sect to act against them. Because many would be only too eager to kill those students and curry favor with the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect.

Yet now, after that bloody slaughter he’d carried out, he believed that those people with such thoughts and intentions would definitely consider if it was worth it before acting when an opportunity presented itself. They would think if it was worth it to offend Yang Ye and White Deer Academy for a so-called favor from the Mo Clan or Thousand Crane Sect!

Actually, reason was usually useless when trying to avoid being bullied by others. Only force works. Moreover, based on the current situation, if White Deer Academy wanted to avoid being bullied, then it had to use slaughter to stop further slaughter!

Yang Ye was telling them that White Deer Academy was already in such a state. So no matter how bad the situation gets, how bad could it be? So, they just had to dare to act against White Deer Academy, then it didn’t matter who stood behind them or who they were, he, Yang Ye, would kill them without hesitation! The weak feared the strong, the strong feared the fearless, and the fearless feared the mad. Yang Ye was telling everyone that White Deer Academy wasn’t just fearless now, it was mad!

After he left Sky Capital City, Yang Ye flew for a while before suddenly stopped.

Because a woman and old man had appeared not too far away from him. He just happened to recognize them. It was Bai Xiangyao from Cloud Merchant Group and that old man who played the role of bodyguard to her.

“Manager Bai?” Yang Ye walked over to them while a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes.

Bai Xiangyao nodded slightly, and then she waved her right hand. A ray of golden light flashed, and then a huge cloud shuttle appeared by her side.

After that, over 60 white robed students walked out from within it.

All of them were students of White Deer Academy!

After they walked over to Yang Ye, they bowed respectfully to Bai Xiangyao, and then gazed at Yang Ye. There was a trace of excitement and admiration in their eyes, and the white robed young man who led the group said, “Senior Brother Yang, we watched everything you did in Sky Capital City. To be honest, it was the most relieving thing we’ve witnessed since this crisis occurred.”

They’d been hiding all over lately, and they were like homeless dogs. But Yang Ye’s actions in Sky Capital City made them feel that they could still hold their heads up high. White Deer Academy still had someone who could step forward and tell the world that it wasn’t easy to bully White Deer Academy! Moreover, it allowed them to realize that the academy hadn’t abandoned them!

Yang Ye glanced at them and nodded slightly, “All that matters is all of you are fine!”

As he spoke, he turned around to gaze at Bai Xiangyao, “Thank you!” Her actions were extremely risky because it might offend the Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan. However, she’d taken such a huge risk to save the students of White Deer Academy. So, he owed her a huge favor.

Bai Xiangyao grinned, “It was nothing.”

As a merchant, he understood a principle very well, and it was that providing ordinary assistance could never compare to providing timely assistance in a crisis!

Yang Ye spoke in a serious tone, “Manager Bai, I, Yang Ye, will remember this kindness, and White Deer Academy will remember it. If you need anything, then feel free to tell me. I will definitely not refuse, and I believe that White Deer Academy won’t refuse as well.”

“Young Master Yang, you’re treating me like an outsider!” Bai Xiangyao grinned, “I treat Young Master Yang as a friend. As a friend, how can I stand by idly when you need help? Even though I can’t participate directly in the enmity between White Deer Academy and both the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect, I can still save a few people.”

Yang Ye smiled and didn’t linger on the topic. He turned to look at the golden cloud shuttle and said, “I’m puzzled about something. Manager Bai, you should have been keeping it within your spatial ring, but living things can’t be placed within spatial rings….”

“This is a special cloud shuttle of my Cloud Merchant Group, and it’s called the Imperial Cloud Shuttle.” She explained, “Actually, it wasn’t kept within a spatial ring, and it was kept within space instead. The reason you didn’t notice it is that it’s able to conceal its own aura. Besides that, even Quasi Emperors would find it almost impossible to chase. Normally, my merchant group only utilizes it when transporting special goods.”

Even Quasi Emperors can’t catch up to it! The corners of Yang Ye’s eyes twitched slightly, and he remained silent for a long time before he said, “Manager Bai, are you selling it?”

“Sell it?” Bai Xiangyao remained silent, and the old man behind her chuckled, “Young Master Yang, the cost to build that cloud shuttle is no less than 100,000 violet crystals. Moreover, the costs for the various formations throughout it aren’t even included yet. After all, all the formations on it are inscribed by the Zhuge Clan. Let me explain it like this. No more than 10 powers in the entire Central Divine Prefecture are able to possess Imperial Cloud Shuttles, and even the Martial Sect and Builder Sect don’t possess one.”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Bai Xiangyao said, “This cloud shuttle is a personal belonging of my father’s. Actually, it should be considered as one of my Bai Family’s heirlooms. So, it’s definitely not up for sale!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, “I understand.”

“But!” Meanwhile, Bai Xiangyao suddenly added, “I know the situation that Young Master Yang and the other students of White Deer Academy are facing. So, this cloud shuttle should be very helpful to you. Even though I’m not selling it, I can borrow it to you for now.”

“Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “You can?”

She nodded in response.

The old man by her side glanced at her and hesitated to speak.

Yang Ye gazed at her for a long time, and then he laughed bitterly, “White Deer Academy and I really owe you too much.”

She smiled, “I won’t delay you further. There are many more who are waiting for you to save them.”

Yang Ye cupped his fists towards her, and then he gazed at the students and said, “Get on the cloud shuttle. We’re leaving right now!”

A short while later after Yang Ye’s group left, the old man behind Bai Xiangyao couldn’t stop himself any longer, “Young Miss, that’s too risky. If anything were to happen to that Imperial Cloud Shuttle, then not to mention him, even the entire White Deer Academy wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for it!”

Bai Xiangyao gazed towards the distant sky as she sighed softly, and then said, “If he destroys it and can’t pay for it, then he can pay with his body!”

The old man was at a loss for words.

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