Chapter 1134 – The Mad Swordsman!

Almighty Sword Domain

The news about the attack on the Thousand Crane Sect swept through the Central Divine Prefecture like wildfire!

The entire Central Divine Prefecture was in an uproar!

Even though the Thousand Crane Sect had fallen into a decline, it was still a Diamond Rank power! It still had its resources and reserves! Most importantly, Yang Ye was just a Half-Saint, and it wasn’t exaggerated to call the students of White Deer Academy which he led into battle as a bunch of weak and injured experts. But it was exactly such a force that had attacked the Thousand Crane Sect.

Moreover, they’d killed more than 10,000 disciples of the Thousand Crane Sect! Besides that, the treasure pavilion, technique pavilion, herb pavilion, and many other valuables of the Thousand Crane Sect had been practically completely plundered!

Most importantly, they’d swaggered off in the end!

This battle made the entire Central Divine Prefecture remember a name, and it was Yang Ye!

Because Yang Ye turned blood red every time he killed, wielded a sword of slaughter, and his actions were no different than madness in the eyes of others, many busybodies in the Central Divine Prefecture had given Yang Ye a nickname — The Mad Swordsman!

No matter what, this battle forced the world to reconsider its view of White Deer Academy.

Before this, everyone felt that White Deer Academy’s fate was predetermined. After all, it was impossible for White Deer Academy to turn the situation around when facing the joint forces of the Mo Clan, Thousand Crane Sect, and the Law Faction. Yet now, they had no choice but to reconsider it for no other reason than because White Deer Academy had The Mad Swordsman, Yang Ye!

Quasi Emperors were at the apex of the Radiant Dimension.

However, they weren’t the strongest. The true strongest experts in the Radiant Dimension were those monstrous geniuses on the Martial Rankings. Perhaps some of those monstrous geniuses on the Martial Rankings were just Half-Saints like Yang Ye, but their strengths were sufficient to kill Quasi Emperors. Moreover, some like the top 10 could even kill Emperors!

In short, Yang Ye’s existence made everyone feel that White Deer Academy might still have a chance!

White Deer Dimension.

At this moment, countless were cheering and seething with excitement!

Because even the residents of White Deer Dimension had heard about Yang Ye’s surprise attack on the Thousand Crane Sect.

“Yang Ye, Zi Nan, and the others did well! Really well! This is the best I’ve felt in the last few months! Come on! Let’s go have a few drinks!”

“They killed around 10,000 experts of the Thousand Crane Sect and took countless treasures! Hahaha! Awesome! Truly awesome!”

“I really wish I could have attacked the Thousand Crane Sect with them! I truly wish I could! AHH!!”

“What’re you shouting for? You’ll have plenty of chances in the future! I believe that day will definitely arrive very soon!”

“Attacking the Thousand Crane Sect is nothing! I’m going to attack the Mo Clan and annihilate that so-called ancient clan! I’ll make them realize that while our academy has split apart, it isn’t something that just anyone can bully!”

“Attack the Thousand Crane Sect! Attack the Mo Clan!”

Hall of Nobility.

There were only 3 people within the hall. Xiao Bieli, Xiao Ling, and Su Shihe.

“That kid really is a madman!” Su Shihe denounced, “He’s acting as he pleases with the lives of our students!” Even though he was denouncing Yang Ye, there was a smile on his face, and he didn’t sound like he was angry either. Conversely, it sounded like he was praising Yang Ye.

Xiao Ling glanced at Su Shihe and smiled, “Even though it was really too crazy, I have to admit that this battle made everyone in the Central Divine Prefecture look upon our academy in a different light. Moreover, it raised our morale as well. Just listen to those little fellows in the city. Every single one of them is shouting about attacking the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect!”

Xiao Bieli glanced at Xiao Ling and Su Shihe, and then he laughed bitterly, “That kid really doesn’t know how to put anyone at ease. Forget it. Not to mention the outside world, I might not even be able to control him if he was here. He can just do as he pleases. With how ruthless and shameless that kid is, he’ll definitely not suffer any losses.”

Xiao Ling smiled, and then she spoke seriously, “We must take greater precautions because the Mo Clan, Thousand Crane Sect, and the Law Faction might just attack us right away.”

Xiao Bieli nodded, “Give the order for the entire city to continue staying on guard. Besides that, send that kid a voice transmission. Tell him and those other kids to be careful.”

Su Shihe nodded, and then he left the hall.

“The Mad Swordsman! Hahaha! That name really does suit that kid!”

On the Imperial Cloud Shuttle.

After they left the Thousand Crane Sect, Yang Ye immediately commanded the cloud shuttle to travel at full speed. Even a Quasi Emperor wouldn’t be able to catch up to them with ease right now.

Qiu Yuan spoke in a low voice, “We lost 221 students at the Half-Saint Realm or above. As for students below the Half-Saint Realm, we only lost 32 because they didn’t participate in the battle.”

Silence filled the area.

Even though their losses were very small, those fallen students were their friends, and some were even their loved ones.

Meanwhile, Qiu Yuan added, “In the end, making the Thousand Crane Sect pay such a horrible price while we paid such a small price is a win for us.”

Yang Ye gazed at Qiu Yuan and said, “Note down the names of the fallen. White Deer Academy will take care of their families and clans in the future.”

Qiu Yuan nodded.

Yang Ye said, “Tell me about our gains!”

Qiu Yuan replied, “According to my initial estimations, the techniques, treasures, ores, herbs, and various other items we obtained are worth at least 50,000 violet crystals!”

50,000 violet crystals!

Everyone here instantly gasped upon hearing Qiu Yuan.

50,000 violet crystals! How much was that? It could be said that all of them couldn’t gather than many violet crystals even if they worked for their entire lifetimes!

Even White Deer Academy would find it impossible to produce 50,000 violet crystals right now. So, the blood of everyone here started to boil!

Meanwhile, Qiu Yuan laughed bitterly, “Even though that’s the lowest price for all of it, selling all of it is still a problem.”

“I’ll do that!” said Yang Ye. He knew Bai Xiangyao. Based on Cloud Merchant Group’s ability, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to buy all of it.

Qiu Yuan gazed at Yang Ye, “You possess the contacts to sell them?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Display all the treasures to everyone first. If anyone needs anything or there are treasures that suit them, then they can buy it. Remember, they have to buy it. Once everything is sold, the cost will be removed from the violet crystals that everyone should get. As for the price, you can decide that, Qiu Yuan.”

Qiu Yuan was astounded, “You’re saying that you intend to share the violet crystals with everyone?”

The others gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment as well.

Yang Ye replied with a question, “What else?”

Qiu Yuan was stunned, and then he said, “But… but all of this should actually be yours. Because we would have died if it wasn’t for you, and we wouldn’t have been able to escape with our lives without your help. We….”

Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “I understand what you’re trying to say. What I want to say is that we’re all on the same boat right now, and we’ll go through thick and thin together! Everyone here fought with their lives to obtain all of this, and it wasn’t just I, Yang Ye, who did it. It’s decided!”

The gazes all of them shot at Yang Ye now had changed slightly, and it had acceptance in them! After all, none of them would actually dare to fight back if Yang Ye intended to take everything for himself. Because they wouldn’t have even dared to attack the Thousand Crane Sect if it wasn’t for Yang Ye. But he hadn’t done that!

Even if Yang Ye was ruthless, overbearing, and domineering. Once he acknowledged someone as one of his own, then he never treated them unfairly, would never abandon that person, and would never act selfishly.

His attitude towards others was based on their attitude towards him!

Yang Ye paid no further attention to them. He just turned around, looked up at the sky, and fell into deep thought.

Meanwhile, Zi Nan suddenly walked over to Yang Ye and asked, “Why didn’t you just send out all of those puppets in the beginning?”

Qiu Yuan walked over to their side and said, “Because we might be unable to leave with our lives if we did that!”

Zi Nan was puzzled, “Why?”

Qiu Yuan explained, “If the gap between our strengths was too huge. In other words, if they felt that they had no chance to win, then what do you think they would do?”

Zi Nan thought for a moment, and then her expression changed, “They’ll summon their ancestor!”

Qiu Yuan nodded, “100 high-rank Saints and Yang Ye who’s comparable to a Quasi Emperor. They can’t resist such a force at all. Under such circumstances, they would only have a single choice, and it’s to summon their ancestor. Once we force them to do that, then not to mention killing and plundering, even escaping with our lives will be a problem for us.”

Yang Ye glanced at Qiu Yuan and nodded slightly. Actually, he could have just summoned his Sword Servant at the Quasi Emperor Realm and all the high-rank Saints. But he hadn’t done that! Why? Because he was afraid that the Thousand Crane Sect would summon its ancestor.

Once an Emperor descended here, all of them might be annihilated! But if he only revealed 50 high-rank Saints, then the Thousand Crane Sect would definitely not summon its ancestor.

Even though he didn’t know the price that had to be paid in order to summon an Emperor down to this world, he knew that it was definitely huge. Because the Thousand Crane Sect hadn’t summoned their ancestor even when he was slaughtering his way through their sect that day, and it was sufficient to prove that the price to summon their ancestor was really huge!

Zi Nan nodded slightly when she heard Qiu Yuan, “I understand!”

Meanwhile, Qiu Yuan spoke abruptly, “We’ve arrived at Sky Capital City!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he glanced at Qiu Yuan. The latter flicked 10 spatial rings to Yang Ye. The spatial rings contained everything they’d gained from the Thousand Crane Sect.

Yang Ye said, “I’ll be back in a while. Activate the concealment formation on the cloud shuttle. I’ll notify you immediately if anything goes wrong.”

The two of them nodded.

Yang Ye’s figure flashed and vanished from the cloud shuttle.

At the same time, Zi Nan spoke abruptly, “What do you think about him?”

Qiu Yuan said, “He isn’t a qualified leader!”

Zi Nan remained silent.

Meanwhile, Qiu Yuan added, “However, he’s the leader that we need the most right now. We need a leader who can hold his own and dares to fight. He’s exactly that! However, it’ll put us in danger.”

Zi Nan was at a loss for words.

Yang Ye snuck into Sky Capital City, and then he rushed straight for the Cloud Merchant Group’s branch there.

He hadn’t walked in openly, and he’d snuck into the branch as well. If he were to walk in just like that, he would cause trouble for both Bai Xiangyao and himself.

Yang Ye’s divine sense swept the surroundings, and it didn’t take long for him to notice Bai Xiangyao. But his expression changed when he arrived at her room.

Because a Quasi Emperor was actually within her room!

“Xiangyao, you… you really are absolutely audacious! You actually lent that Imperial Cloud Shuttle to someone! Moreover, it was to that madman, Yang Ye! Do you know that the Mo Clan, the Law Faction, and the Thousand Crane Sect’s experts have come to see me, your father? They asked me if our Bai Clan intends to go against them. Besides them, those bastards from the Li Clan and Fan Clan within our merchant group have come to look for trouble with me as well. They say that we’re dragging the merchant group down with us….”

A voice resounded from within the room.

Bai Xiangyao’s father? Yang Ye frowned slightly as he stood outside the room.

Bai Xiangyao spoke in a low voice, “The Imperial Cloud Shuttle belongs to our Bai Clan, so what does it have to do with their Li Clan and Fan Clan?”

“That’s what I think!” Bai Xiangyao’s father spoke angrily, “But what can we do? Because we really are dragging the merchant group down with us. The Mo Clan has already stated that if we don’t take the Imperial Cloud Shuttle back and cut ties with Yang Ye, then it’s best if our merchant group doesn’t appear within their territory. Otherwise, they’ll kill as many of our people as they see!”

“They’re going too far!” Bai Xiangyao was furious, “Could it be that our merchant group is just going to allow the Mo Clan to threaten us?”

Bai Xiangyao’s father said, “We are businesspeople, so we have to consider the value behind our every action. Tell me, what does Yang Ye have which is worthy of us offending the Mo Clan? As far as the merchant group is concerned, it isn’t worth it at all. Yang Ye’s natural talent is very good, but so what? He’s all alone in the end. As for White Deer Academy, it’s already crippled. Even if Feng Qingyi returns to the academy and works together with Yang Ye, the Mo Clan, Thousand Crane Sect, and Law Faction would still have to spare them if they are to have a chance at rising up in the world. But is that even possible?”

Bai Xiangyao asked, “What are you trying to say?”

“I know that you definitely have a way to contact that kid. Quickly tell him to come here right now!”

Bai Xiangyao replied, “You intend to capture him and give him to the Mo Clan?”

“I’m not that stupid. Even though he’s only a Half-Saint, his potential is extraordinarily huge. What if he doesn’t die? Then I would have offended an extraordinary expert for our Bai Clan. I’m only asking you to call him here so that he can return the Imperial Cloud Shuttle to us. After that, you have to proclaim that you’ve cut all ties with him. Then this problem will be resolved.”

Bai Xiangyao remained silent for a short while, and then she said, “I can’t contact him!”

Meanwhile, her father spoke abruptly, “Xiangyao, do you like that kid?”

“What nonsense are you speaking?” Bai Xiangyao’s voice carried a trace of anger.

“It’s fine so long as you don’t. That kid is a madman. Even though his arrival in our Bai Clan wouldn’t be a disgrace to our Bai Clan, our Bai Clan can’t endure the consequences of his current and future actions.”

Bai Xiangyao was at a loss for words.

“Alright. Call him here and make him return the Imperial Cloud Shuttle to us. Even if you refuse to do it for your father, do it for our Bai Clan.”

Bai Xiangyao remained silent.

“Manager Bai, I’m sorry for causing trouble for you.” Suddenly, Yang Ye’s voice resounded in the room.

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