Chapter 1148 – Blood Sentence!

Almighty Sword Domain

Besides the violet divine lightning, numerous cracks had even appeared on the Eye of the Heaven Dao. It seemed like it was on the verge of exploding apart.

The Sword Precursor could be said to be one of Yang Ye’s final trump cards. He hadn’t utilized it in the past because he was afraid of drawing the Eye of the Heaven Dao’s attention. Yet now, it was already here, so there was no need for him to even draw its attention. Under such circumstances, he naturally had no worries. Because the violet divine lightning was truly too terrifying, and he would be exhausted to death if he didn’t destroy the Eye of the Heaven Dao!

He had no choice but to draw his sword!

Right at the moment Yang Ye took hold of the Sword Precursor’s hilt, the Eye of the Heaven Dao suddenly emanated a ray of dazzling light, and then it exploded apart before everyone’s eyes. After that, a beam of red light shot down so swiftly that Yang Ye hadn’t even been able to react before it entered his body!


A pillar of blood shot up into the sky. But unlike the pillar of blood before this, it didn’t carry even a trace of baleful energy or slaughter intent. It didn’t even carry a bloody aura.

However, Yang Ye’s hair had turned blood red just like it had in the past. Moreover, there was a blood red character on his forehead, ‘’!

It was blood red!

Xiao Bieli and the others’ eyes were filled with bewilderment at the sight of it. They hadn’t expected that the Eye of the Heaven Dao would actually detonate itself and do that.

What did that represent?

Xiao Bieli and the other experts of White Deer Academy gazed at the blood red ‘’ character with bewilderment.

However, the expressions of the young women from the Nether Pavilion had changed drastically. At this moment, the shock in their eyes was greater than when Yang Ye withdrew the Sword Precursor!

“A blood sentence! How could this be possible?” The pig-riding young woman’s eyes were filled with shock and astonishment, and there was also a trace of bewilderment present in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Oblivion Maiden glanced at Yang Ye before quickly lowering her head to look at the fox in her arms. Just like the pig-riding young woman, her eyes were filled with shock and a trace of fear.

As for Nether Maiden, her face had turned pale, and disbelief filled her eyes!

Yang Ye had noticed the blood red ‘’ character above his head as well.

He frowned and issued a command in his heart. A ray of sword energy flashed out and struck the character above him.


An explosion resounded. The sword energy dispersed, but the character wasn’t harmed at all!

“That’s a blood sentence!” Meanwhile, Nether Maiden walked over to his side and said, “It’s something that’s even more terrifying than a heavenly sentence. A heavenly sentence merely brands a person as a sinner of the dimension, and the dimension will cease to tolerate that person’s existence. As for a blood sentence, it represents that the Heaven Dao in this dimension won’t rest until that person is dead! Dead!”

Until death! Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Nether Maiden added, “You should have heard that a sinner of the dimension appeared on my Nether Pavilion many years ago, right?”

Yang Ye nodded, “I have!”

She said, “Actually, she wasn’t a sinner of the dimension. If she was only branded as a sinner, then my Nether Pavilion’s strength would have been entirely sufficient to take her from this dimension and head to another dimension. The Heaven Dao here would have been helpless against her if we did that. But she wasn’t a sinner of the dimension, she’d been branded with a blood sentence. The Heaven Dao wouldn’t let her leave. The Heaven Dao would even not hesitate to destroy a dimension in order to kill such a person!”

Nether Maiden looked Yang Ye in the eyes at this point, “All those years ago, it wasn’t that my Nether Pavilion feared the guardians of this dimension. It was because we didn’t want to destroy this dimension, and we didn’t want to fight the Heaven Dao do the death as well. The Eye of the Heaven Dao is just a clone of the Heaven Dao, and the true Heaven Dao is far away outside this dimension. It controls hundreds of dimensions like the Radiant Dimension, and there are other powers standing behind the Eye of the Heaven Dao…. The water here runs very deep. Half of us hall masters of the Nether Pavilion hadn’t awakened then, so we chose to make a compromise!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Nether Maiden took a deep breath and gazed at Yang Ye, “What have you done? What exactly have you done?” Her voice was actually trembling slightly.

The pig-riding young woman and Oblivion Maiden gazed at Yang Ye as well. Because even they wanted to know what Yang Ye had done.

Yang Ye sighed lightly, “Remember Profounder Continent? Do you know how I survived?”

Nether Maiden shook her head.

Yang Ye explained, “For the sake of destroying the defiant cultivators, the Heaven Dao hadn’t hesitated to send down Divine Lightning of Obliteration. We naturally refused to stand by idly and wait for death to descend. So, we joined forces against it. Because of certain reasons, countless defiant cultivators and other cultivators attained the Saint Realm, and then they detonated themselves and were finally able to heavily injure the Eye of the Heaven Dao. At the critical moment, I destroyed the Eye of the Heaven Dao. After that… after that, it took note of me. When I advanced to the Half-Saint Realm, it came looking for me. If others advance in their cultivation and I’m in the vicinity, then it would send lightning at me once it notices my presence. In short, so long as it notices my aura, then it won’t let me go!”

Yang Ye shook his head at this point and said, “Actually, I’m the one who suffered injustice. It wanted to destroy the entire continent that day. I wanted to live, so I have no choice but to kill it. After I arrived at the Radiant Dimension, it was destroyed once more in Pine Prefecture due to certain reasons. Fine, I never expected it to just be a clone, and an extremely vengeful one at that….”

Nether Maiden was speechless.

Meanwhile, the pig-riding young woman suddenly said, “You’ve destroyed the Eye of the Heaven Dao in the past?”

Yang Ye glanced at her and nodded, “Do I not look the part?”

She glanced at the sword in Yang Ye’s grasp and said, “That sword of yours… is quite good. Are you selling it?”

Yang Ye was speechless.

She shrugged and continued, “In any case, you’re about to die, so why don’t you sell it to me. Perhaps I might be able to avenge you in the future. What do you think? I’ll give you 100,000 violet crystals! It’s all I have!”

Meanwhile, Oblivion Maiden suddenly said, “He has hundreds of thousands!”

The pig-riding young woman was furious, and she glared fiercely at Oblivion Maiden, “You traitor! I’ll roast your fox and eat it!”

Oblivion Maiden refused to show weakness, “Then I’ll roast your pig and eat it!”

“Stop!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye spoke angrily when he saw that the pig-riding young woman was about to say something in return, “Please… can you consider my feelings for a moment? I’m already in such a situation, yet both of you are talking about eating. Can you not do that to me?”

The pig-riding young woman gazed at Yang Ye, and it seemed like she felt he was very pitiable, “You’re about to die!”

Oblivion Maiden nodded with agreement.

“Why? I feel fine!” Yang Ye was puzzled. Even though that ‘’ character was floating above his head, his body felt completely fine.

The pig-riding young woman replied, “The guardians are coming for you!”

Yang Ye’s face froze, “Based on their strength, they would have been here already if they were coming. Since they still aren’t here, they definitely aren’t coming.”

“You must be dreaming!” She didn’t hold back at all, “The reason they aren’t here yet is because they aren’t in this dimension. If I’m not wrong, they are definitely on the way now. You’ll be finished once they get here.”

Meanwhile, Nether Maiden spoke abruptly, “Flee!”

Flee? Yang Ye was stunned.

“Where?” The pig-riding young woman said, “Unless he can escape this dimension and escape to outer space. However, based on his current strength, it’s far from sufficient to accomplish that. Moreover, even if he escapes to outer space, wouldn’t it still be absolutely ease for them to find him? Don’t forget that this entire stellar region is under their control!”

Nether Maiden fell silent.

Yang Ye fell silent as well. A short while passed before he gazed at the pig-riding young woman, and the latter hurriedly said, “Don’t even think about trying to make me help. I won’t accept this job. It doesn’t matter how many violet crystals you give me!” She gazed at Nether Maiden and continued, “As for you, don’t think about making me help as well. It will only end in loss! Moreover, I might even die in the process!”

Nether Maiden clenched her fists while a cold glow flickered in her eyes.

Meanwhile, the pig-riding young woman gazed at Nether Maiden, “10th sister, I’m not joking. If you help, then it’ll cause the entire Nether Pavilion to be dragged into it!”

Meanwhile, Oblivion Maiden spoke as well, “We can’t help him anymore!”

Regardless of whether it was Oblivion Maiden or the pig-riding young woman, both of them had solemn expressions in their eyes.

“This time, let me face it myself!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly gazed at Nether Maiden and said, “You’ve helped me enough. Moreover, you’re not alone. Every action you take will affect others.”

Nether Maiden looked him in the eyes, “You won’t be able to overcome them!”

Yang Ye gazed at the pig-riding young woman and said, “Will they still kill me if I surrender?”

She replied indifferently, “Surrendering depends on being almost equally matched. Only then would the weaker party have a chance to surrender. But you’re so weak, so do you think they would allow you to surrender?”

“Then I have no choice but to fight!” Yang Ye took a deep breath and gazed at Nether Maiden, “All of you should leave!”

Nether Maiden didn’t speak. The pig-riding young woman, on the other hand, was about to speak, but her pupils suddenly constricted as she looked up into the sky, “They’re here!”

As soon as she finished speaking, 2 specks of golden light appeared in the horizon, and it didn’t take long for 2 middle aged men in golden armor and golden spears in their hands to appear in the sky above White Deer Dimension.


2 Emperors!

The middle aged men ignored everyone else and immediately looked at Yang Ye. Killing intent instantly flashed through their eyes when they saw the blood red ‘’ character floating above Yang Ye’s head.

The golden armored man on the left was about to attack. Suddenly, a ray of light flashed through the sky, and it didn’t take long for a black robed man to arrive here.

“Ye Langxie?” Xiao Bieli and the others were slightly stunned when they saw him. Obviously, they recognized Ye Langxie or had met him in the past.

Ye Langxie’ gaze instantly descended onto Yang Ye, and his face changed slightly when he saw the blood red ‘’ character floating above Yang Ye. Obviously, he’d heard of the blood sentence. In next to no time, he looked up into the sky, and his face fell when he saw those 2 Emperors. After that, he glanced at Yang Ye again and seemed to have understood something.

Yang Ye gazed at Ye Langxie and said, “You owe me a favor, right?”

Ye Langxie didn’t deny it and nodded slightly.

Yang Ye pointed at the middle aged men and said, “I’ll kill one and you kill the other!”

Ye Langxie’s eyelids twitched. He gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “You…. Don’t throw me into a trap!”

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