Chapter 1157 – Are You Sure That You’re Alright? InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

Book 10 — Exile

Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes after some time.

It wasn’t a blue sky and white clouds that appeared before him, and it was a grey and hazy sky instead. Lightning flashed successively from time to time within the grey and hazy clouds.

The world is slightly different. Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, and then fell into deep sleep again.

“Big Sister Canglan, there’s someone here. Unfortunately, he’s just a Half-Saint.” A voice that carried slight regret resounded.

It didn’t take long for 3 women to arrive before Yang Ye’s body which was lying on the ground. The woman who led the group was over the age of 20, wore tight fitting silver armor, and had a curvaceous figure. However, her pretty face had a scar that was a few centimeters long on her left cheek. The scar was like a hideous centipede, and it seemed very terrifying.

The scarred woman’s gaze sized up Yang Ye for a moment. Suddenly, her gaze fell on the ring on Yang Ye’s finger. She waved her right hand, and it instantly flew into her grasp.

One of the women by her side hurriedly asked, “Is it a spatial ring? Are there any energy stones in it?”

The scarred woman shook her head slightly, and then she withdrew a dagger and swung it lightly against the ring.


Sparks flew, and then her dagger instantly shattered into countless pieces.

“It’s a treasure!” The eyes of the 3rd woman who wore beast skin had instantly lit up at the sight of this. After all, that dagger was a low-grade Divine Rank treasure!

Surprise flashed through the scarred woman’s eyes. She gazed at the ring for a while before putting it away. After that, her gaze descended onto Yang Ye.

The woman in beast skin asked, “What should we do with him?”

“Kill him?” She turned around and left once she finished speaking.

A cold smile arose on the corners of the other woman’s mouth, and the dagger in her grasp shot towards Yang Ye’s throat.


Her dagger instantly broke apart while her figure was pushed a few dozen steps back.

The scarred woman stopped walking and turned around to look at Yang Ye. The other woman did the same, and there was a trace of surprise in their eyes.

“Big Sister Canglan, he seems to be a body refiner.” The woman in beast skin continued, “We can sell him off.”

The scarred woman pondered deeply for a moment, and then she nodded and vanished on the spot.

A long time later, Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly, and then he glanced at the surroundings. He was instantly stunned because he noticed that he was actually within a cage.

Yang Ye didn’t consider where he was; he hurriedly inspected his injuries instead. A short while passed before he heaved a sigh of relief and spoke softly, “Luckily, I’m just heavily injured. Everything else is normal.”

But it didn’t take long for Yang Ye to frown. Because he noticed that there wasn’t even a trace of profound energy within him. Most importantly, he noticed that there was no spirit energy in the surroundings as well. No, it wasn’t that there was no spirit energy, but it was extremely scarce to the point that it was practically nonexistent.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he quickly closed his eyes to absorb stellar energy. A short while passed before he opened his eyes again, and his face was quite unsightly.

Because stellar energy actually couldn’t descend to this place!

Since he had no profound energy or stellar energy, the tiny vortex couldn’t restore his body for him. But his body was covered in cracks right now.

Actually, the damage his body suffered while traveling through space had been much more severe, but he still had some profound energy then. So, his injuries had recovered with the help of the tiny vortex. Yet now, his profound energy was exhausted.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s expression changed again. He suddenly lowered his gaze to his hand, and the ring on his index finger was gone.

Her ring! Yang Ye’s face was gloomy. After all, Lady had given it to him. Even though he didn’t know what it represented, Fen Cangyan’s reaction was sufficient for him to realize that it was definitely very important. Most importantly, it was Lady who gave it to him!

Yang Ye tried hard to calm himself. Because the most important matter at hand was to recover.

Since there was no spirit energy in the surroundings while stellar energy couldn’t descend to this world, he only had one other way to recover, and it was energy stones! Unfortunately, his spatial ring which held his energy stones had been obliterated as he traveled through space.

Qiong Qi! Suddenly, Yang Ye thought of Qiong Qi, and he hurriedly lowered his gaze to his chest. There was a faint Qiong Qi shaped tattoo on his chest. However, he received no response no matter how he called out to Qiong Qi.

Yang Ye’s face grew even gloomier. He tried to summon the sword spirit, but he received no reply as well.

Looks like all of them are heavily injured! Yang Ye couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. This time, he really didn’t have even a shred of strength.

Suddenly, a woman in beast skin walked over. Both her upper body and lower body were wrapped by a single piece of beast skin each, and every other part of her body was exposed. She gave of a sense of wild seduction. Her appearance couldn’t be described as pretty, but it wasn’t ugly either.

A high-rank Saint! Yang Ye was quite surprised. Because she’d attained the high-rank of the Saint Realm at such a young age. How did she cultivate so quickly? This damnable place has such a pitiable amount of spirit energy!

The woman sized him up and said, “Who are you?”

“I don’t remember!” replied Yang Ye. Using a loss of memory as an excuse was definitely the most suitable and easier way to get by.

She sized him up again as if she wanted to discern if he was lying.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye spoke in a slightly timid voice, “You… you won’t kill me, right?”

A slight smile curled up on the corners of her mouth when she heard him, “I won’t. Because you can be sold for around 10,000 extreme-grade energy stones!”

Yang Ye was stunned. He blinked and said, “You’re going to sell me? For 10,000 extreme-grade energy stones?”

“Yes!” She withdrew a blue colored herb and placed it on Yang Ye’s chest, “Many powers like to take body refiners in, and then they refine them into puppets or use them for manual labor like digging out crystals. Besides that, some women like body refiners as well because they can extract the Yang energy within body refiners for their own benefit. Unfortunately, you’re too weak. Otherwise, you would definitely fetch a good price. Alright, quickly eat that herb. It should be able to heal your injuries. I’m afraid that you wouldn’t even be worth 5 extreme-grade energy stones while you’re in that injured state!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

The woman walked away as soon as she finished speaking. Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Err… can you lend me a violet crystal?”

If he had a violet crystal, then he could heal some of his injuries. At this moment, he was no different than an ordinary person.

The woman turned around to look at Yang Ye when she heard him. She just looked at him, and she just looked at him until he felt quite uncomfortable before she finally spoke, “A violet crystal? You want me to lend you a violet crystal?”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely return it to you!”

She walked over to him and squatted down in front of him, “Do you know how many extreme-grade energy stones a violet crystal is equivalent to?”

Yang Ye naturally remembered the rate of exchange, “1 million!”

“1 million?” She tapped Yang Ye’s head and said, “Are you sure that you’re alright?”

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