Chapter 116 – A Force Of His Own

Almighty Sword Domain

Qin Xiyue took a deep breath before she looked Yang Ye directly in the eyes. “Little Brother, tell Big Sister. Besides being able to control beast kings, have you comprehended the true meaning of the Sword Dao as well?”

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. Sword Intent was one of his trump cards, and he hadn’t utilized it at all. So, how did this woman know about it?

Qin Xiyue knew the answer when she saw Yang Ye’s expression, and she couldn’t help but start laughing. After laughing for a while, she said, “So Little Brother has really comprehended the Sword Intent of legend. Haha! Little Brother, you really possess extraordinary natural talent!”

“How did you find out!?” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice.

“Because your sword techniques and sword qi are too sharp and fierce. Moreover, you seem to be unable to control it completely, causing traces of it to leak out from the sword techniques and sword qi you execute,” said Qin Xiyue.

“So, that’s the reason!” Yang Ye came to a sudden understanding. Actually, he’d noticed this problem as well, but he was utterly unable to solve it. Because even though he’d comprehended Sword Intent, he was still unable to fully control it, and it was something that gave him a terrible headache.

Yang Ye placed this problem aside and looked at Qin Xiyue as he said, “An explanation, I need an explanation. Otherwise, I’ll try my very best to kill you.”

Qin Xiyue didn’t mind the killing intent emanated from Yang Ye’s body at all. She walked over slowly to Yang Ye, and then slowly stretched out her fair hand to a spot that was just over 10cm away from Yang Ye’s chest. After that, she closed her eyes.

Yang Ye frowned. Even though this woman didn’t seem like she intended to attack, he still had no choice but to take precautions. Right when he intended to step back, Qin Xiyue suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes revealed pain as a red and black string instantly entered into Yang Ye’s body.

Yang Ye’s expression changed greatly, and he didn’t hesitate at all to draw his sword and slash it down towards Qin Xiyue. However, right when his sword was merely a few centimeters from the woman’s head, a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed from her mouth, and then her figure crashed to the ground.

Yang Ye sheathed his sword and held the woman before he closed his eyes slightly and investigated the condition within his body. The black and red strings from before were coiled around his heart, so his Profound Energy surged as he intended to destroy them. However, when his golden Profound Energy had just touched the black and red string, the woman in his arms immediately started to twitch. She seemed to be suffering extreme pain, and even her delicate face had started to warp.

Yang Ye was shocked, and he hurriedly stopped what he was doing within his body. Sure enough, as soon as he stopped, Qin Xiyue’s figure stopped twitching. After a short while, she gradually opened her eyes, and then she revealed a slightly miserable smile towards Yang Ye.

“What was that?” asked Yang Ye in a serious tone.

“Two strands of my soul.” A wisp of sadness arose on the corners of her mouth as she said, “Since I’ve handed two strands of my soul to you, then so long as I have any intent to harm you or arouse malicious intent towards you, then you can sense it through them at the first possible moment. Moreover, you can utilize those two strands of my soul to make living worse than death for me. You can trust me now, right?”

Yang Ye was moved when he heard this. This woman had actually handed two strands of her soul to him, and this was undoubtedly no different than handing her life over to him!

He immediately asked. “Why did you do this?”

He was truly unable to wrap his head around the reason behind the woman’s actions!

“Earlier, you said you refused to work together with me because you didn’t trust me. Now, even my life is in your hands, so we can work together, right?” The woman’s voice was slightly weak.

“Is this worth it?”

“Even if it wasn’t, what else could I do? If I don’t work together with you, then my mother will definitely be killed by that nephew of mine. My mother will only have a chance at survival if I work together with you.” Qin Xiyue spoke in a sorrowful tone.

“So, it turns out you’re doing all of this for your mother!” Yang Ye came to a sudden understanding. It turned out that the reason this woman was so desperate to work together with him wasn’t that she was doing it for her own safety, but for her mother’s safety instead. When he thought up to here, perhaps it was because he experienced something similar, but he suddenly felt that this woman was much more agreeable.

“Did you think that Big Sister had really taken a liking to you?” A wisp of a smile arose on the corners of Qin Xiyue’s mouth, and she said, “Little Brother, even though you’re very outstanding and quite good looking as well, you’re just a ‘Little Brother’. Big Sister likes mature man, and I’m not interested in a little boy like you that hasn’t even grown all his hair!”

Yang Ye shook his head. He didn’t engage in a verbal argument with her, and with a flick of his wrist, he’d slapped a healing Talisman on Qin Xiyue. He said, “I’ll give you a high-grade Healing Talisman for free because of your intent to rescue your mother. However, I still have to say that I won’t join the imperial academy or act according to your plans. Understand?”

Even though the woman’s willingness to leave her fate at Yang Ye’s mercy for the sake of her mother had moved Yang Ye, he’d merely been moved by it, and he wouldn’t really act according to the woman’s plans. After all, his mother was still suffering in the Flower Palace!

“I don’t need you to do anything, and I just need you to do me a small favor. Alright?” Qin Xiyue’s eyes carried a trace of a pleading expression.

“What favor?” Yang Ye frowned as he asked this question.

“Admit to eloping with me, or in other words, take me to be your lover. Of course, it’s only in name!” said Qin Xiyue with a smile.

Yang Ye’s frown grew even tighter as he said, “What sort of favor is that?”

“Idiot!” Qin Xiyue rolled her eyes at Yang Ye and said, “With your natural talent and strength, you’ll definitely display extraordinary talent in the southern territory in the future. Especially when the world finds out that you’ve comprehended Sword Intent. At that time, it’ll definitely shock numerous people, and coupled with the fact that you’re my lover and don’t possess the backing of a sect, the imperial household of the Grand Qin Empire will definitely ask me to spare no effort in roping you in. In this way, they’ll think highly of me, and once they think highly of me, my mother will naturally be able to rise in status because of me!”

“Everything you’ve mentioned until now are the benefits you’ll obtain, but what about mine?” asked Yang Ye. He wasn’t stupid enough to be some sort of nice person, and it was most important for there to be concrete benefits.

Qin Xiyue flipped her right hand, and a scroll and black colored command token appeared in her hand. She passed them to Yang Ye and said, “You’ll naturally obtain benefits as well. The first benefit is that I possess an intelligence organization in the Grand Qin Empire, and this is the list of members and locations of that intelligence organization. They’ll naturally listen to your orders if you go looking for them with that command token in your possession. Besides that, I possess many other businesses in the Grand Qin Empire. Even though they aren’t huge, they aren’t small either. You can use all of them as well.

“The second benefit is that we’ll be able to resolve the threat that my nephew poses. Even though my nephew is ruling the empire on behalf of his father now, he still isn’t the true Emperor of the Grand Qin Empire. So long as you admit being my lover, then the matter between you and him can be considered as an internal matter of my Grand Qin Empire. In other words, you won’t face the entire Grand Qin Empire, and you’ll merely face him alone. Moreover, the other princes will even assist us from the shadows. Of course, the precondition is you possess the required strength and potential. The third benefit is….”

When she spoke up to here, Qin Xiyue revealed a charming smile and said, “Little Brother, the third benefit is naturally having a beauty like Big Sister by your side. Even though you’re only Big Sister’s lover in name, if you pursue Big Sister, then perhaps something might really happen between us!”

Yang Ye disregarded the final benefit that Qin Xiyue spoke of, and he said, “You’re being so frank with me and even handed two strands of your soul to me because you think highly of my Sword Intent, right?”

Qin Xiyue didn’t conceal it and nodded before she said, “Indeed. If Little Brother hadn’t comprehended Sword Intent, then Big Sister wouldn’t cut off all my routes of escape like Big Sister has done right now. Because even though your strength is still extremely formidable without Sword Intent, you can’t be considered to be extraordinary, and there are many on the Imperial Rankings that possess such strength. However, it’s an entirely different story if you’ve comprehended Sword Intent. According to my knowledge, besides Daoist Zui that comprehended Sword Intent a few hundred years ago, no one in the Sword Sect has been able to comprehend it until now.”

When he heard this, Yang Ye went silent. He’d always been thinking about improving his strength and rescuing his mother. However, it was extremely difficult to accomplish in the end. Because even if he attained the Exalt Realm, he wouldn’t be able to go head-on against a colossus like the Flower Palace. Obviously, he had to establish a force of his own if he wanted to go against it.

His plans to subdue beast kings was really good, but it was far from being sufficient. Because besides their ability in battle, beast kings could be said to be completely useless.

The woman’s words had aroused his interest, especially when she mentioned that intelligence organization. Because he, Yang Ye, should establish a force in the human world as well.

Establishing a force was extremely difficult, but Yang Ye was still confident in his ability to succeed. Because he was a Talisman Master. So long as one had wealth, then the most fundamental problem of establishing an organization of his own would be a problem any longer.

All that was left was human resources. As for that, wasn’t Qin Xiyue just right for the job? She didn’t receive any favor in the imperial household, yet she was still able to establish an intelligence organization of her own and purchase some businesses. So, there was naturally no need to doubt her ability!

As for the matter of trust, two strands of her soul were in his possession, so trust wasn’t a problem anymore as well. In other words, it was possible to establish a force of his own.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye took a deep breath and decided!

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