Chapter 1773 – Crawl Through!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye flicked the sword, and it instantly transformed into a ray of light that shot back towards its owner.

It was swift like a bolt of lightning!

Lin Xing’s pupils constricted, and his palm was covered in a sharp glow as he slapped it at the sword.


Lin Xing stopped the sword with his palm. However, Yang Ye suddenly appeared behind the sword, and then he tapped the end of its hilt.


The sword instantly transformed into a ray of light that passed through Lin Xing’s palm, and a string of blood sprayed. At the same time, Lin Xing was even blasted almost 300m back!

Everyone here was flabbergasted!

Especially Mu Canglan and the others. They’d been with Yang Ye for some time. In their opinion, he was a weak and spineless fellow who had bad natural talent and was afraid of death…. In short, as far as they were concerned, Yang Ye was useless! Yet now, this scene before them had completely overturned their perception of Yang Ye!

Even though it had only been a single attack, he was facing a Quasi Emperor!

Yet he’d injured a Quasi Emperor with a single attack!

Moreover, Yang Ye was just a Saint, so they were an entire realm of cultivation apart!

Mu Canglan stared fixedly at Yang Ye as if she wanted to see through him again. As for Nan Shuang, her mouth was opened slightly as she gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief.

Ye Liuyun was extremely shocked as well. Even though she felt that Yang Ye wasn’t ordinary, she hadn’t expected him to be so extraordinary. While Yang Ye had only displayed a little of his ability, only an idiot wouldn’t be able to discern how very strong he was. He wasn’t weaker to a Quasi Emperor. He was comparable to a Quasi Emperor while at the Saint Realm! That was something only monstrous geniuses could accomplish!

Who is he?

Ye Liuyun and many others here had the same question in their minds.

Yuan Feng clenched his fists tightly while excitement filled his eyes. Now, he was even more certain that Yang Ye was the disciple of the World Devastator Cult’s leader.

At the moment Lin Xing’s palm was pierced by the sword, the other Quasi Emperors behind Lin Xing were about to charge forward, but they were stopped by the women in a blue dress. She glanced at Yang Ye, and then she gazed at Lin Xing, “You wouldn’t lose to an ant at the Saint Realm, right?”

Lin Xing’s face became unsightly. A person’s skill was obvious once that person took action. He knew that this fellow before him was extremely strong and not weaker to him at all. Of course, it didn’t mean anything. After all, there were countless monstrous geniuses throughout this world. He’d once been able to surmount his realm of cultivation to do battle as well! Even though he’d suffered a slight injury, he was still confident!

Lin Xing looked up towards Yang Ye. Meanwhile, Yang Ye gazed at Nan Shuang instead, “I forgot to ask you. Where do you want me to hit him?”

Nan Shuang gulped and was slightly hesitant. But she didn’t hesitate for long before Yang Ye’s encouraging smile, and it only took her a moment to speak softly, “How… how about you hit his face first! It’s his fault for being so rude!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Alright!”

“How presumptuous of you!” Meanwhile, Lin Xing roared furiously as he stomped his right foot against the ground, and his figure shot towards Yang Ye. At the same time, a sword suddenly appeared in front of him, and it emanated a ghastly and dazzling glow. Lin Xing took the sword in his right hand once he arrived before Yang Ye, and then his figure transformed into a ray of light that shot at Yang Ye.

“Watch out!” Nan Shuang hurriedly shouted out to Yang Ye when she witnessed this scene.

Yang Ye grinned to her. He turned around and gazed at the ray of light which had arrived before him, and then he slammed his fist forward!


The glow around Lin Xing was immediately dispersed when Yang Ye’s fist shot forward, and the powerful force within his fist blasted Lin Xing almost 1km back. Lin Xing was shocked by this turn of events. Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of him. Lin Xing was alarmed, and he immediately stabbed his sword at Yang Ye but Yang Ye didn’t attempt to dodge it at all.


An ear piercing sound of collision resounded, and Lin Xing’s pupils constricted. Because he felt like his sword had stabbed against iron. Not only had it been unable to break through Yang Ye’s defenses, his arm felt numb instead!


Meanwhile, a resounding slap resounded through the surroundings while the others watched with astonishment as Lin Xing’s figure was slapped away.

Everyone noticed a few teeth flying out of Lin Xing’s mouth while accompanied by strands of blood!

All the spectators had astonishment in their eyes when they witnessed this scene.

He didn’t have the ability to fight back at all!

A Quasi Emperor actually didn’t have the ability to fight back against a Saint!

All of them were beyond shocked while Yuan Feng felt even more excited. It wasn’t just Yuan Feng; all the other members of the Sword Alliance were the same. After all, they would be safe in this world if they had someone powerful to rely on!

Nan Shuang should have felt happy when she witnessed this scene, but she was exceptionally calm. Since the moment he’d cancelled their betrothal, Nan Shuang had sworn to make Lin Xing aware that she wasn’t the one who wasn’t worth of him, and it was he who was unworthy of her. However, no matter how hard she worked, she who had no resources couldn’t keep up to him at all.

But she’d never given up!

At the moment she gave her violet crystals to Yang Ye, she knew that it would be impossible for her to ever catch up to Lin Xing. At that moment, her obsession towards violet crystals had vanished, or it should be said that she’d awakened from her dream.

When she saw Lin Xing just now, she really wanted to head over, slap him flying, and tell him that she wasn’t the one who wasn’t worth of him. She wanted to tell him that he was blind and wasn’t worthy of her. However, she knew that she couldn’t do that. At that moment, she felt lost and helpless.

As for the moment Lin Xing intended to kill her, she knew that her life had come to its end. Was a Quasi Emperor formidable? Actually, in her opinion, Quasi Emperors were extremely formidable.

However, Yang Ye had suddenly appeared before her.

While she watched Yang Ye strike Lin Xing as she’d asked, she didn’t feel any happiness in her heart. There was only worry there. She was worried that Yang Ye would cause trouble for himself. Because Lin Xing was from the Dark Sky Sect!

So, Nan Shuang hurriedly ran over to Yang Ye’s side and grabbed his arm when he was about to attack again, and then she shook her head, “Forget it. Let’s… let’s go!”

Yang Ye glanced at Nan Shuang and smiled, “I’ll do as you say!”

Yang Ye turned around and gazed at Yuan Feng and the others, “Let’s go!”

Yuan Feng and the others from the Sword Alliance quickly followed behind Yang Ye. Ye Liuyun hesitated for a moment, and then she led her Souleater Mercs behind Yang Ye’s group. When Elder Mo from the Snow Lion Mercs saw what Ye Liuyun was doing, he hurriedly led his group over as well. As for the other independent cultivators and mercenaries, they hesitated for a moment before quickly following behind Yang Ye’s group as well.

No one wanted to hand over their possessions to the Dark Sky Sect. But the Dark Sky Sect was formidable, so none dared to resist them. Yet now, someone had stepped forward to fight against the Dark Sky Sect. Under the circumstances that they had someone to lead them into battle, they naturally chose to quickly seek protection from that person. After all, no one wanted to be oppressed by the Dark Sky Sect.

“Watch out!” Suddenly, Nan Shuang cried out involuntarily.

Everyone looked over and saw that Lin Xing had suddenly transformed into a ray of light that shot towards Yang Ye. Unlike before, Lin Xing’s figure carried a strand of powerful pressure.

It was Quasi Void Rank sword intent!

The others’ hearts shook when they sensed that pressure, and they looked over at Yang Ye. At this moment, they naturally didn’t wish for anything to happen to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at Lin Xing, and then he just slammed his fist forward!


A terrifying wave of energy swept out from Yang Ye’s fist. Space instantly started rippling while the sword intent and glow on Lin Xing’s figure had been dispersed in an instant. At the same time, Lin Xing was blasted flying again. This time, he’d been blasted around 3km away, and his figure was dragged back around 300m more even after he descended to the ground!

The pupils of all the other experts constricted. Because Yang Ye’s attack only carried pure physical strength!

A Saint had used pure physical strength to render a Quasi Emperor completely helpless!

It made them wonder if he was a divine dragon or a man!

All of them were extremely shocked!

Yang Ye gazed at Nan Shuang, and then he pointed a finger at Lin Xing, “You wouldn’t feel unhappy if I kill him, right?”

Nan Shuang’s heart couldn’t help but tighten when she heard him, and then she hurriedly said, “Why… why would I be unhappy?”

Yang Ye replied, “Then I’ll be killing him!”

Nan Shuang hesitated for a moment and said, “Don’t kill him, alright?”

Yang Ye shook his head inwardly when he heard her. She still has some feelings for him!

Meanwhile, Nan Shuang added, “If you kill him, the Dark Sky Sect will definitely not let you live. The Dark Sky Sect is very formidable.”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned when he heard her, and then warmth flowed through his heart. So she was considering the consequences for me.

Yang Ye rubbed Nan Shuang’s head and smiled, “I’ll do as you ask!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye’s figure flashed over to Lin Xing. Lin Xing was horrified and was just about to attack, but he felt a wave of pain come from his stomach before his figure was blasted flying again. At the moment his figure was blasted flying, the spatial ring on his finger had transformed into a ray of light that flew into Yang Ye’s grasp.

Yang Ye glanced at its contents. There were around 100 violet crystals within it. He shook his head and tossed the spatial ring to Nan Shuang, “He’s too poor! He only had 100 violet crystals.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and continued to lead everyone away.

Nan Shuang glanced at the spatial ring in her grasp, and her hand was trembling slightly. 100 violet crystals! 100!

As for Gu Lan and the others, there was slight envy in their eyes. After all, while 100 violet crystals were nothing for a disciple of a sect like Lin Xing, it was a huge figure for mercenaries like them! But Yang Ye had tossed it to Nan Shuang like he was tossing trash away!

Suddenly, the woman in a blue dress’ voice resounded, “Stop right there!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the experts of the Dark Sky Sect immediately shot over and obstructed Yang Ye and the others’ path.

Their hearts shook while quite unsightly expressions arose on their faces!

Meanwhile, the woman led the other 5 Quasi Emperors of the Dark Sky Sect over to Yang Ye, and then she looked him in the eye, “You think you’re very strong?”

Yang Ye glanced at her and the others behind her before he said, “My friends and I just want to leave, and we have no intention to go against the Dark Sky Sect. I’m serious. You just have to move aside, and we’ll immediately vanish from your sight.”

The others behind Yang Ye quickly nodded when they heard him. Because Yang Ye had spoken exactly what they were thinking!

A slight smile curled up on the corners of the woman’s mouth, and she stretched out her hand and pointed a finger at Yang Ye, “Who do you think you are? Go against my Dark Sky Sect? Are you even qualified to do that? My Dark Sky Sect refuses to move aside today!”

Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “We just want to leave. I’m serious!”

The others behind him hurriedly nodded to display their agreement.

She walked over to Yang Ye, and then she moved her right leg sideways. She pointed at the gap between her legs and looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “Don’t say that my Dark Sky Sect didn’t give you a chance. You want to leave? You can. Just go through there and I’ll let you leave!”

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