Chapter 118 – Su Xiaoxiao

Almighty Sword Domain

The Tomb of Emperor Zhou was situated at the Imperial Palace of the Shang Dynasty’s Capital, so it didn’t take too long for them to arrive here. However, the two of them were slightly surprised when they arrived at the entrance of the Imperial Palace because there were over a thousand people here at this moment.

Since the Tomb of Emperor Zhou still hadn’t been opened, the two of them could only wait here just like everyone else.

Yang Ye carefully sized up the walls and entrance of the imperial palace, and he noticed that the walls and entrance were densely inscribed with numerous talismans.

Suddenly, he noticed to his surprise that those talismans were actually flowing slowly and emanating a terrifying aura.

Now, he understood why all these people hadn’t charged in yet, and it was because of these talismans. Not to mention charging through them forcefully, Profounders below the Spirit Realm couldn’t even get close to those talismans!

“The Tomb of Emperor Zhou is within the imperial palace?” Yang Ye asked Qin Xiyue.

Qin Xiyue nodded and said, “According to rumor, Emperor Zhou and the Nine-tailed Fox Demon were buried together somewhere within the imperial palace. Now it would seem like it isn’t a rumor, and it should be true instead.”

“All those years ago when the ancestors of your Grand Qin Empire and their vassals breached the imperial palace, why did they abandon this imperial palace and leave it here in the Grand Myriad Mountains?” Yang Ye was puzzled, and he asked while looking at the imperial palace.

“Because this imperial palace was cursed by the Shang Dynasty’s Grand Preceptor!” Qin Xiyue spoke in a low voice. “The Grand Preceptor of the Shang Dynasty from all those years ago, Shengong Mao, wasn’t just a Monarch Realm expert, he was a top-rate Theurgist as well. Right, the Theurgist profession has basically been lost in the annals of time. Don’t ask me about it because I don’t know as well. In short, these Theurgists are extremely formidable, and they possess the inconceivable abilities of prediction and dispelling evil and danger. Before he vanished all those years ago, he utilized his own Blood Essence as a catalyst to curse this imperial palace, and he even destroyed the Feng Shui and spirit energy in the imperial palace. So, all the six great powers that participated in the attack and the Grand Qin Empire had abandoned this imperial palace!”

“So that’s the reason!” Yang Ye nodded, and then he asked. “Then why didn’t your Grand Qin Empire take away all the treasures within this imperial palace all those years ago? Right, I meant the treasures that were buried along with Emperor Zhou!”

Qin Xiyue rolled her eyes at Yang Ye, and then she slapped her forehead while looking at Yang Ye as if she was looking at an idiot.

“Hey, stop acting like that, alright?” Qing Xiyue caused Yang Ye to feel extremely displeased.

“Little Brother, you’re really silly!” Qin Xiyue smiled and said, “Do you really think my Grand Qin Empire and those other powers would abandon those treasures of Emperor Zhou’s?”

“Then why….”

“The treasures within the imperial palace now were intentionally left behind by those powers!” Qin Xiyue interrupted Yang Ye and said, “The reason they did this is that they want to utilize it to temper their respective disciples.”

“What you mean is this Shang Dynasty Ruins was intentionally left behind by the six great powers and your Grand Qin Empire in order to temper the disciples of the future generations?” Yang Ye was slightly astounded.

“You aren’t too stupid in the end!” Qin Xiyue said, “Otherwise, do you think those six great powers and my Grand Qin Empire could tolerate the existence of the Shang Dynasty’s capital? The reason it’s here is that it has value, otherwise, it would have been destroyed all those years ago. Just wait and see, the members of the six great powers will definitely arrive later! Don’t ask me why I know all of this because it’ll make me doubt your intelligence.”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and he was just about to say something.

However, right at this moment, someone suddenly exclaimed with surprise. “The members of the Origin School have arrived.”

Everyone else gazed over simultaneously when they heard this. They saw four young men that wore white robed walking over slowly towards the imperial palace. All of them were around 20 years of age, whereas, their clothes and the emblem on their clothes was the symbol of the Origin School.

“It’s actually Gong Yuan. I never expected that he would actually come here this time!”

“It can’t be, right? You’re talking about that Gong Yuan who’s ranked at the 36th position on the Origin School’s Outer Court Rankings?”

“Exactly. I was fortunate enough to meet him once. All those years ago, he annihilated a First Heaven Realm expert while at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm, and this matter shook the world! I never expected that he would actually be interested in the Tomb of Emperor Zhou.”

When they heard these words, all the others in the surroundings gasped. Annihilating a First Heaven Realm expert while at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm. Such strength can truly be described as terrifying!

The four members of the Origin School disregarded everyone and directly walked to the left of the imperial palace’s entrance. After that, they fell silent as if everyone in the surroundings didn’t exist.

“Little Brother, you killed First Heaven Realm experts at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm as well!” said Qin Xiyue with a smile on her face.

Yang Ye paid no attention to Qin Xiyue, and his gaze paused on the man in the lead, Gong Yuan, for a moment. Amongst these four people, only Gong Yuan made him sense an aura of danger. Yes, it was the aura of danger. According to his estimations, this person’s strength was definitely not weaker to the First Heaven Realm Sword Servants within the Sword Servant Pagoda!

Yet this person was merely ranked at the 36th position on the Origin School’s Outer Court Rankings. The Origin School’s Outer Court Rankings isn’t just a little bit stronger than the Sword Sect!

“Little Brother, are you itching to fight him?” Qin Xiyue just wanted to watch the world burn, and she grinned as she said, “Do you want Big Sister to go create an opportunity for you?”

Yang Ye glared fiercely at Qin Xiyue, and then he said, “Don’t forget the reason we came here!”

“Alas, what a pity! Big Sister was thinking of witnessing Little Brother’s true strength, but I won’t have a chance now!” Qin Xiyue put on a regretful expression.

“The members of the Sword Sect have arrived!” Right at this moment, someone exclaimed from the surroundings.

Yang Ye glanced over when he heard this. Sure enough, three disciples of the Sword Sect were walking over slowly with swords in hand. These three disciples of the Sword Sect glanced at the crowd in the surroundings before looking over towards where the four disciples of the Origin School stood. In the end, their gazes descended onto Gong Yuan. The latter seemed to have noticed their gazes, and he opened his eyes to glance at the three of them before a wisp of disdain flashed in his eyes. After that, he closed his eyes once more.

This was utter disregard!

The expressions of those three disciples of the Sword Sect turned slightly unsightly. The young man in the lead grunted coldly, and then they walked towards the right of the imperial palace’s entrance.

Yang Ye glanced at the three of them before he withdrew his gaze. He didn’t know the three of them. However, the three of them ought to be disciples that were ranked on the Outer Court Rankings, and he just didn’t know what their exact rankings were.

“Little Brother, are you really not a disciple of the Sword Sect?” Qin Xiyue asked abruptly. In her opinion, Yang Ye who’d comprehended Sword Intent was definitely a disciple of the Sword Sect. However, Yang Ye’s attitude and expression towards the three of them was entirely like how one would treat complete strangers, and this caused her to be slightly puzzled.

“I told you that I’m not one. It’s up to you whether you believe it or not!” Yang Ye spoke angrily, and he felt slightly helpless. Because not to mention Qin Xiyue, probably anyone would think that he who’d comprehended Sword Intent and cultivated the sword techniques of the Sword Sect was a disciple of the Sword Sect.

“Then why do you know the sword techniques of the Sword Sect?” Qin Xiyue seemed to be very interested in this question.

“Aren’t you very smart? Make a guess….”


“The members of the Flower Palace have arrived!” Right at this moment, an exclaim of surprise sounded out once more. The voice this time was unlike the voices that resounded from the Origin School and the Sword Sect because this voice carried a trace of excitement.

The surroundings become clamorous when they heard this. Even the three disciples of the Sword Sect and the four disciples of the Origin School had looked over.

At this moment, a woman that wore a blue dress with a flower print was walking over slowly. She was around 20 years old, had an extremely beautiful appearance, and a slender and graceful figure. She was like a willow branch that swayed in the wind, and she moved in an extremely graceful manner, causing the sight of her to be capable of seizing the soul.

“It’s Su Xiaoxiao from the Flower Palace. I never expected that one of the Four Little Flowers of the Flower Palace’s Outer Court, Su Xiaoxiao, has come here as well!”

“According to rumor, this woman has fought a King Rank expert in the past. I wonder if it’s true.”

“It’s probably true. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to be reputed as one of the Four Little Flowers of the Flower Palace’s Outer Court. After all, one doesn’t only have to possess beauty in order to become one of the Four Little Flowers, formidable strength is required as well!”

“The Origin School, the Flower Palace, and the Sword Sect have arrived. It probably won’t be so peaceful this time!”

“Who cares? Their objective is probably the main chamber of Emperor Zhou’s tomb, so there’s no conflict with us!”

At the side, a wisp of ghastly killing intent and a cold glow flashed past Yang Ye’s eyes as he gazed at Su Xiaoxiao who walked over slowly. Moreover, his hands that held his sword couldn’t help but tighten.

Suddenly, Su Xiaoxiao looked over to where Yang Ye stood.

Yang Ye’s heart shook. What a strong sense of danger. Fortunately, I calmed my emotions in time, otherwise, it would definitely be troublesome.

Even though he really wanted to kill this person, it wasn’t the right time now!

Su Xiaoxiao gazed at Yang Ye while her jet black brows knit together slightly. Suddenly, her gaze descended onto the violet mink that lay on Yang Ye’s shoulder.

When she saw the violet mink, Su Xiaoxiao’s brows instantly eased up, and a wisp of fondness flashed in her eyes. She didn’t hesitate to walk over slowly to Yang Ye.

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