Chapter 1180 – Die!

Almighty Sword Domain

“You’ve heard of it?” Yang Ye gazed at her with slight surprise.

Ye Liuyun nodded, “No one on Dark Hell Continent hasn't heard of it!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why?”

She pondered deeply for a moment before she spoke, “According to legend, an old man in a Daoist’s robe intended to destroy this world all those years ago, and the countless experts throughout the continent charged off in succession to stop the old man. But all of them perished. In the end, the past number one expert of the continent, the Sword God, Jian Wuji, rushed back here from outside our region. He activated the Stellar Sword Diagram and drew upon endless energy from the stars to form sword energy…. On that day, the sky above and outside Dark Hell Continent was covered in sword energy, and that battle shook the world!”

Ye Liuyun shook her head slightly while a trace of dejection could be heard in her voice, “In the end, the old man vanished while Jian Wuji crashed down from the sky. An area of 50,000km around where he fell is covered in terrifying sword intent, and it’s called Godfall. It’s the number 1 forbidden area of Dark Hell Continent as well. Because the sword intent on Godfall Mountain is so strong that even Emperors are unable to ascend to its peak.”

Yang Ye frowned slightly because the version Ye Liuyun told him wasn’t very similar to Lady’s version. Of course, he sided with Lady’s version. After all, the old man didn’t seem like a villainous person at all. If the residents of Dark Hell Continent hadn’t done something, then the old man would have definitely not done something like that!

However, Yang Ye wasn’t interested in the past, so he immediately asked, “The Stellar Sword Diagram is at Godfall?”

“It’s only likely to be there!” She continued, “It’s the most likely place because Jian Wuji fell there all those years ago. Countless experts have headed over there in the last tens of thousands of years with the intention of obtaining the Stellar Sword Diagram. Because once one obtained that divine treasure, one would be able to break through the mysterious force that envelops Dark Hell Continent and leave the continent. However, no one has succeeded throughout the years!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “No matter what, I still have to go there!”

Ye Liuyun hesitated for a moment and asked, “Sword Master, you came to this world for the Stellar Sword Diagram?”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he shook his head slightly, “I had no choice. I would have had to come here even if the Stellar Sword Diagram wasn’t here.”

She was puzzled, “Why?”

“The Heaven Dao refuses to tolerate my existence!” Yang Ye chuckled, and then he spoke seriously, “Miss Ye, my ambition is huge, but it isn’t in this world. However, my leadership abilities aren’t sufficient, so I need your help. It wouldn’t be a problem for you to manage the Sword Alliance with the ability you possess. But it’s far from sufficient. The Sword Alliance’s current strength is too weak!”

Ye Liuyun spoke solemnly, “I’ll do my best!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he patted his chest. The small white dragon instantly emerged from there. Yang Ye passed the small white dragon to Ye Liuyun and said, “It possesses intelligence of its own, but it once lost its freedom and was restrained for tens of thousands of years. So, don’t restrict its freedom, and it’s fine so long as it’s within the city!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye walked over to the small white dragon and patted it lightly on the head, “You must stay in the city and can’t leave. Otherwise, you’ll be captured. Understand?”

The white dragon quickly nodded. Just the fact that its freedom wasn’t restricted made it extremely happy.

Ye Liuyun asked, “Will it try to escape?”

The white dragon immediately turned around and glared at Ye Liuyun when it heard her, and then it gazed at Yang Ye. It revealed an obedient expression as if it was saying that it would definitely not flee.

Yang Ye chuckled, “I’ll let her look for you if you flee. At that time, she’ll eat you!”

The white dragon clearly understood that Yang Ye was speaking about Snowy. So, it immediately revealed a terrified expression and hurriedly shook its head to display that it wouldn’t flee.

Yang Ye roared with laughter, and then he patted the white dragon on the head, “Miss Ye, you can take it now!”

Ye Liuyun bowed slightly to Yang Ye, and then she left the hall with the small white dragon in her arms.

Right after Ye Liuyun left, Mu Canglan, Nan Shuang, and Gu Lan walked in.

Yang Ye gazed at them as Mu Canglan walked over to him, and then she raised a ring in his direction. Yang Ye glanced at her but didn’t take it. Gu Lan and Nan Shuang’s expressions changed when they witnessed this scene, and Nan Shuang hurriedly said, “Don’t… don’t be angry, alright? It was wrong for Big Sister Canglan to have taken your possessions. I….”

Yang Ye chuckled, took the ring, and interrupted Nan Shuang, “Am I such a petty person?” He glanced at Mu Canglan and said, “Forget what happened in the past. We’re on the same side now, so there should be no grudges between us.”

Mu Canglan glanced at Yang Ye, nodded lightly, and moved aside.

Nan Shuang and Gu Lan instantly heaved sighs of relief when they witnessed this scene. Because they’d thought that Yang Ye would hold a grudge, and they were truly afraid that he would kill her.

Yang Ye flicked 100 violet crystals over to each of them, “All 3 of you seem like your cultivations have arrived at a bottleneck, and the only reason you haven’t advanced is your lack of violet crystals.”

He gazed at Mu Canglan at this point, “Your strength isn’t bad. Even though you’re not at the Quasi Emperor Realm, you possess the strength of a Quasi Emperor. If you can advance into the Quasi Emperor Realm, then your strength will definitely far surpass ordinary Quasi Emperors. It’s not easy for Miss Ye to manage the Sword Alliance, so I hope that you’ll assist her well!”

Mu Canglan glanced at Yang Ye, took the violet crystals, and then bowed slightly.

“Then I’ll be taking them as well!” Gu Lan chuckled. She took the violet crystals, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Err… err… you won’t be angry at me, right? After all, I wanted to kill you in the past, and I frequently badmouthed you to Nan Shuang.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Do you want me to be angry at you?”

Gu Lan hurriedly said, “I don’t!”

Everyone chuckled when they heard her. It didn’t take long for Gu Lan and Mu Canglan to leave the hall, and only Yang Ye and Nan Shuang remained.

Nan Shuang spoke softly, “So… so you really were so strong!”

Yang Ye smiled, “You even said that I was bragging!”

Nan Shuang’s face turned red, and she spoke softly, “It’s your fault for being in such a terrible state at that time. Moreover, you frequently acted like you were weak!”

“I wasn’t putting on an act, I was really weak at that time!” Yang Ye gazed at her while a trace of gentleness could be seen in his eyes, “If it wasn’t for you, I might have been killed by your Big Sister Canglan. If you hadn’t given me your violet crystals to repair my body later on, then I would probably still be looking all over the world for violet crystals to restore my body. To be honest, I’m really thankful!”

Nan Shuang glanced at Yang Ye and said softly, “Why have you become so courteous? Even I feel that it’s quite weird.”

Yang Ye chuckled, “Alright, I won’t do that again. If you need help or something else, go look for Miss Ye or come straight to me.”

Nan Shuang glanced at him and nodded.

Nan Shuang left after they chatted for a while, and then Yang Ye turned around and entered into the inner chamber of the hall. He sat cross-legged on the ground, and then he placed 100 violet crystals before him and started to absorb the energy within them like a madman. The violet crystals transformed into spirit energy that entered his body and were completely absorbed by the tiny vortex. After that, threads of violet energy were sent back into Yang Ye’s body.

Yang Ye didn’t use the energy to charge into the mid-rank of the Saint Realm, and he used it to temper his body instead. If he were to try and charge into the mid-rank of the Saint Realm right now, it would actually be very easy for him to succeed. After all, since the Heaven Dao wasn’t here to restrict his progress, even charging into the Quasi Emperor Realm wouldn’t be a problem if he had sufficient violet crystals. However, he didn’t do that.

He hadn’t forgotten what Lady had told him!

His cultivation had risen too quickly, so there were latent problems within him. While his unexpected advancement into the Saint Realm didn’t affect his foundation much, it was still affected a little. So, if he were to charge forward into higher realms of cultivation, then while it would improve his strength, the long term consequences made his losses outweigh his gains. So, he’d decided to consolidate his cultivation for now!

he’d decided to charge into the Quasi Emperor Realm once he’d completely consolidated his foundation!

The tiny vortex was revolving slowly within him while Primordial Violet Energy seeped out bit by bit from within it, and then the violet energy flowed throughout his body.

Primordial Violet Energy could be used to repair the body, and it could be used to temper the body as well. However, once his body attained the Divine Shift Realm, its effects had weakened greatly. So, he rarely utilized Primordial Violet Energy to temper his body before this. But while its effects were much weaker, it still was effective. Moreover, Primordial Violet Energy wasn’t just capable of tempering his body, it could change his body as well.

The main reason his meridians and bones were so strong was because they’d been modified by Primordial Violet Energy.

It could be said that his meridians and bones were unlike those possessed by ordinary people!

In the end, the instability of his foundation created by the rapid increase in his cultivation was caused by the fact that his meridians and bones couldn’t keep up with the advancement of his cultivation. It was like building a house. The foundation of it wasn’t even solid but the lower floor was already being built. It wouldn’t make a difference in the beginning, but it would give rise to endless problems as the house was being completed!

So, he had to strengthen his meridians and bones!

Time passed by slowly, and a few days passed in the blink of an eye.

Besides consolidating his foundation, Yang Ye had practiced his own sword techniques and utilization of the Brink Laws during the last few days. Especially the Brink Laws, because it could be considered as his strongest trump card besides the ultimate version of Death by a Thought. After all, the ultimate version of Death by a Thought, his strength at its brink, and his sword intent at its brink could pose a threat to Emperors!

Especially his sword intent at its brink. He’d never utilized it since he’d comprehended it! Just pure sword intent at the brink was on par with his strength at the brink, so if he merged both his intents and brought them to the brink, then their might would be….

Of course, he hadn’t tried it yet because bringing 2 forms of intent to the brink was still quite dangerous for him! But it wasn’t that bad because he could bring the danger he faced down to its minimum if he practiced while enveloped by the Sword Domain!

Yang Ye really felt that this specific ability of the Sword Domain was extremely terrifying!

If he had to make a choice between the Sword Domain and his 2 intents, he would definitely choose the Sword Domain!

5 days later.

A strand of terrifying pressure appeared in the sky above Cloudfall City.

An Emperor had arrived!

“Those who offend my Doomsday City shall die!” A voice resounded through the sky above the city.

Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes as he sat cross-legged in the inner chamber within the hall, and he said, “You’re finally here! Since you’ve come, then leave your life behind!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye stood up slowly and started walking towards the exit.

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