Chapter 1191 – Almighty!

Almighty Sword Domain


Because Yang Ye was quick, too quick! If Dugu Jian was said to be running, then Yang Ye was flying. In just a few breaths of time, Yang Ye had left Dugu Jian almost 300m behind!


That was no competition! Yang Ye was simply bullying him now!

Dugu Jian had stopped, and his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief as he gazed at Yang Ye.

The others below were in a similar state.

They both possess Void Rank sword intent, so why is the gap between them so huge?

That was the question that had appeared in the minds of everyone.

Even though Yang Ye was only at the Void Rank as well, his sword intent was at the peak of the Void Rank. It could be said that his sword intent was too much stronger than Dugu Jian. Coupled with his body at the Divine Shift Realm, how could Dugu Jian compete with him? Not to mention that he still had Void Rank slaughter intent and the Sword Domain.

Without even utilizing the strength of his body, Sword Domain, and Void Rank slaughter intent, just his sword intent was sufficient to leave Dugu Jian far behind!

Dugu Jian was stunned for a long time as he gazed at Yang Ye. In the end, a wisp of resolve flashed through his eyes before he chased after Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Qin Zhuyao gazed at Yang Ye and Dugu Jian for a short while before her figure shot up the mountain, but she was slammed down repeatedly.

However, she didn’t give up!

After charging forward over and over again, a wisp of blood had started to seep out from corner of her mouth. However, she still didn’t give up. Just like that, she fell, crawled back up, and continued her charge over and over again.

Finally, after failing countless times….


A strand of terrifying sword intent suddenly exploded out from within her, and then her footing stabilized while she wasn’t pushed down again.

It was Void Rank sword intent!

Clamorous noise resounded throughout the surroundings!

Qin Zhuyao wiped off the blood on the corner of her mouth, there was a glow of excitement in her eyes. She didn’t stay a moment longer and immediately chased after Yang Ye and Dugu Jian.

Meanwhile, Huan Kong gulped and said, “Ice Face, that works?”

Lin Fan clenched his fists. He gazed at Yang Ye and the others for a short while, and then he turned to ask Huan Kong, “Why can they succeed but we can’t?”

Huan Kong puckered his lips, “Perhaps, perhaps…. Err…. Right, why can they but we can’t? I refuse to accept it!”

Lin Fan asked, “Shall we?”

Huan Kong took a deep breath, “Let’s go it!”

Lin Fan said, “The person who gives up first is the other’s grandkid!”

“You think I’m afraid of you?” As soon as Huan Kong finished speaking, he charged at Godfall Mountain. Lin Fan charged forward immediately as well.

As expected, they were instantly slammed down the mountain. However, they didn’t give up. They crawled back up and charged forward again, over and over again….

In next to no time, more and more sword cultivators had started to charge forward. While they were slammed down repeatedly, they still didn’t give up.

Sword cultivator after sword cultivator at the foot of Godfall Mountain were charging up the mountain. Such a scene was rather grand yet should be called tragic. Because some were practically covered injuries after the sword intent on Godfall Mountain slammed them off the mountain. Even then, none of them gave up, and they continued forward over and over again.

Why could others succeed but I can’t?

That was the thought that resided in every one of their hearts. How could sword cultivators who’d attained Quasi Void Rank sword intent possess inferior natural talent? Or perhaps, many of them possessed natural talent that even surpassed Yang Ye. However, they lacked the ferocity and ruthlessness that Yang Ye possessed.

If a person was ferocious and ruthless to himself, that person would definitely not be mediocre.

Yang Ye was growing faster and faster as he traveled up Godfall Mountain. In less than 15 minutes of time, Yang Ye had left Dugu Jian almost 1km behind, but his speed didn’t show any signs of slowing down. He maintained his previous speed.

Meanwhile, Dugu Jian was gradually slowing down. His gaze was fixed on Yang Ye who was going further and further away, and his eyes had no disbelief and shock in them anymore. The only emotion left in his eyes was determination.

Qin Zhuyao was growing faster and faster behind Dugu Jian, and she was about to catch up to him. She was staring at Yang Ye as well, and she similarly had determination in her eyes.

How could proud people like Dugu Jian and Qin Zhuyao admit defeat so easily?

However, they were growing slower and slower, but not only did Yang Ye show no signs of slowing down, he was showing signs of speeding up.

As for Huan Kong and the others….

After experiencing countless failures, Huan Kong, Lin Fan, and a few other sword cultivators had started to stride step by step up the mountain. However, they weren’t able to go far before they were slammed down again. Even then, their eyes burned with excitement. Because they’d never considered ascending the mountain in the past.

Because as far as they were concerned, they were too weak, so it would be impossible for them to ascend it! Yet now, not only were they able to step foot on the mountain, they could even travel a short distance!

At this moment, they finally understood a principle. It wasn’t that they couldn’t, it was because they felt that they couldn’t. Or perhaps, in their hearts, they felt that they were inferior to Jian Wuji, so they couldn’t arouse the slightest intention to challenge him.

They themselves had placed an insurmountable mountain before their own Sword Dao, so how could they grow when they had such an attitude towards the Sword Dao?

When the heart was clear, so were the thoughts!

Many people were truly able to accomplish that!

Huan Kong and the others charged forward over and over again. While they were still slammed off the mountain, they were able to go further and further up Godfall Mountain.

Their battle intent was blazing!

Meanwhile on Godfall Mountain, Yang Ye had left Dugu Jian around 2km behind, and he still hadn’t slowed down. As for Dugu Jian and Qin Zhuyao, they weren’t running anymore and were walking instead. Moreover, they were growing slower. As they went higher, the pressure that came from the sword intent was growing heavier and heavier. At this moment, even their Void Rank sword intent wasn’t able to resist it anymore.

It didn’t take too long for Qin Zhuyao to catch up to Dugu Jian.

Dugu Jian gazed at Yang Ye’s figure and asked, “Who… who is he?”

Qin Zhuyao gazed at Yang Ye’s figure and said, “Someone who brought honor to us, sword cultivators.” At this moment, she’d naturally discerned Yang Ye’s identity. Yang Ye was a Saint and possessed Void Rank sword intent, so could it be any other person?

Dugu Jian asked, “Yang Ye?”

Qin Zhuyao didn’t answer him. She just strode forward step by step.

Dugu Jian didn’t speak another word and just continued forward.

After around 15 minutes passed, an explosion resounded abruptly from above. Dugu Jian and Qin Zhuyao looked up, and they saw Yang Ye suddenly crash down from the halfway mark of the mountain. This crash brought him behind them.

Both of them were stunned by this. But just a moment passed before Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the ground and transformed into a ray of light that shot upwards.

When he was about to arrive at the halfway mark, a strand of terrifying sword intent smashed down from above and collided with Yang Ye.


A loud explosion resounded. It didn’t take long for the sword intent that descended towards Yang Ye to be obliterated, and then Yang Ye’s figure flashed up. However, he’d slowed down because sword intent was pressing down towards him at all times like a waterfall!

But Yang Ye resisted it by force and was going upwards against its flow!

Dugu Jian and Qin Zhuyao had arrived at the halfway mark as well, but they didn’t continue forward.

Dugu Jian said, “This is a divide.”

Qin Zhuyao nodded. Their lives would be in danger if they continued forward. That wasn’t the main point, the main point was that the sword intent above wasn’t something they could resist anymore. If they continued, they wouldn’t be acting fearlessly but courting death instead.

Dugu Jian asked, “Do you think he can ascend to the peak?”

She shook her head, “I don’t know!”

Dugu Jian nodded slightly. He stopped speaking and just stared at Yang Ye who was still continuing forward.

Qin Zhuyao did the same. She was staring fixedly at Yang Ye. She wanted to know exactly how strong this genius who’d suddenly risen to prominence was.

At this moment, Yang Ye had frowned as well. Because he noticed that the strength of the sword intent that he was enduring was much stronger than Void Rank sword intent. If he hadn’t relied on his physical strength, then just his Void Rank sword intent would be utterly incapable of resisting the sword intent here. Yet now, he was only halfway up the mountain and was at least 15km away from its peak!

Jian Wuji’s sword intent was much stronger than he’d expected!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, circulated the profound energy within him, and stomped his right foot against the ground before his figure shot forward. In the beginning, Yang Ye shot forward without encountering any resistance, but it didn’t take long for him to slow down. Moreover, he was slowing down rapidly. A few breaths of time later, Yang Ye was slow like a snail and was practically incapable of taking a step forward.

“Break!” Yang Ye roared with fury as his Void Rank slaughter intent surged out from within him. Once both his Void Rank intents had surged out, he became much faster, and it didn’t take long for him to charge almost 6 km forward. Moreover, he was still gaining speed.

Dugu Jian and Qin Zhuyao were stunned by the sight of this.

2 Void Rank intents, and they are both at the peak of the Void Rank!

Qin Zhuyao gazed at Yang Ye who’d transformed into a ray of red light and muttered softly, “No wonder he was able to kill an Emperor while at the Saint Realm.”

Dugu Jian’s eyes were filled with disbelief, and he seemed like he’d lost his soul. “2 types of intents…. That’s cheating….”

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to stop abruptly after charging around 9km up the mountain. Because a sword formed from intent was floating not too far away from him.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he strode over. However, the Void Rank sword intent outside his body immediately surged back into him when he arrived around 30m away from the intent sword. After that, his Void Rank slaughter intent surged back into him as well!

Yang Ye pupils constricted. A moment later, his Void Rank sword intent and slaughter intent surged out from him once more, but they’d only just left his body before they shrink back into him again.

They were acting like mice that had caught sight of a cat!

Suddenly, a voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, “This sword intent is something the earth cannot hold, and the heavens cannot stop. Your path has come to an end.”

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