Chapter 1206 – We Don’t Attack Unless We’re Attacked!

Almighty Sword Domain

If it was before this, then refining Emperor Realm Sword Servants, and especially when it was 9 of them, it would be absolutely impossible for him to succeed. After all, he’d almost completely exhausted himself from just refining 1 that day. Moreover, while he’d succeeded in the end, he’d gained success after experiencing countless failures. Yet now, he’d attained Rebirth Realm sword intent, so refining Sword Servants at the Emperor Realm wasn’t difficult anymore.

In just less than a day, all the Emperor Realm Sword Servants had been refined successfully!

9 Emperors!

Besides the mysterious World Devastator Cult, the Sword Alliance’s strength wasn’t inferior to any other power on Dark Hell Continent!

Sword Master Hall.

Ye Liuyun had modified the City Governor’s Estate of Doomsday City and named it Sword Master Hall. It was where the Sword Alliance held meetings.

In the hall. Yang Ye sat at the seat of the host while Ye Liuyun, Dugu Jian and the others were seated on the seats below him. All of them were experts at the Quasi Emperor Realm. Ye Liuyun, the other mercenaries, and the independent cultivators stood on the left; Dugu Jian and the others stood on the right.

Yang Ye glanced at them before his gaze descended onto Ye Liuyun, “Has there been no movement from the Dark Sky Sect and the World Devastator Cult?”

Ye Liuyun stepped forward and bowed slightly to Yang Ye, “Both of them haven’t shown any signs of movement. That’s very unusual. Especially for the Dark Sky Sect. After all, we killed 6 Emperors of the World Devastator Cult during the last battle. So, logically speaking, the Dark Sky Sect should have stepped forward and said something, but it’s being unusually calm.”

Yang Ye gazed at Ye Liuyun and asked, “What do you think?”

She pondered deeply for a moment and replied, “There’s only 1 reason why the Dark Sky Sect is being so calm, they are confident. Who can give them such confidence? The World Devastator Cult, of course. Sword Master, our Sword Alliance has risen to prominence too quickly and has acted too domineeringly. It has definitely caused Violet Thistle City, Frostwind City, and the Darkwater Sect to feel fearful and uneasy. In other words, it’s very likely for them to join forces.”

They’ll join forces!

The expressions of everyone here instantly sank when they heard her.

Just the World Devastator Sect was already extremely terrifying. If the Dark Sky Sect were to join forces with the Darkwater Sect, Frostwind City, and Violet Thistle City against the Sword Alliance, then it would be equivalent to the Sword Alliance going against the strongest powers on the continent!

Yang Ye glanced at the people here and said, “Are all of you afraid?”

They remained silent.

Yang Ye stood up and took a few steps forward, “Remember this, the tenet of our Sword Alliance is ‘We don’t attack unless attacked! But if we are attacked, then we kill! As for the Dark Sky Sect, the World Devastator Cult, and the others. If they attack us, then kill them!”

“Exactly!” Huan Kong suddenly stepped forward, “The rise of our Sword Alliance makes it so that we would definitely enter into conflict with the World Devastator Cult. As for the other Diamond Rank powers, they are the subordinates of the World Devastator Cult. So, we have to get ready for our enemies and not try to be hopeful that nothing will happen!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Presently, we really have to prepare for the worst. From this moment onward, no one from the Sword Alliance is allowed to leave without permission so as to prevent them from being targeted by the Dark Sky Sect and World Devastator Cult.”

“Understood!” All of them bowed slightly to Yang Ye and spoke in unison.

“There’s one more thing!” Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun added, “The Divine Grade spirit vein that used to belong to Doomsday City is being quite rebellious. It has somehow prevented its spirit energy from seeping out, so….”

“I’ll deal with it later!” Yang Ye continued, “Everyone, a tough battle might be awaiting our Sword Alliance soon. I hope that all of you’ll stay united and work together against our enemies. I don’t like internal strife, and I hate it when anyone causes trouble for us at the critical moment. If I notice any of that, then I’m sorry but don’t blame me for showing no mercy!”

Their hearts shook when they heard Yang Ye. Even though Yang Ye seemed very amiable, they were very well aware that he wouldn’t show any mercy when it came to killing.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye added, “As far as I’m concerned, if you want to enjoy success together, we should first go through adversity together. If you just want to enjoy wealth and success, yet refuse to share in the difficulties we face, then I’m sorry. My Sword Alliance doesn’t welcome such people. Of course, I believe that all of you aren’t such people, right?” Yang Ye glanced at them while he spoke.

Even though Yang Ye didn’t release his aura or sword intent, they still felt a wave of invisible pressure sweep down towards them.

None of them hesitated to bow to Yang Ye and declare in unison, “We’re willing to share the difficulties of the Sword Alliance!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Dugu Jian and Ye Liuyun stay, the rest may leave.”

All the others turned around and left, leaving only Ye Liuyun and Dugu Jian behind.

Yang Ye gazed at Dugu Jian and said, “Liuyun said that those Diamond Rank powers might join forces. Is the possibility of that high?”

Dugu Jian nodded and said, “Very high! If the World Devastator Cult interferes, then it wouldn’t be just high, it would be certain!”

Yang Ye asked, “Is there any way to convince your father to not join forces with the World Devastator Cult?”

Dugu Jian pondered deeply for a short moment and said, “It’s difficult, very difficult. But I’ll try my best!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Once I’m done with the matters here, I’ll head to Violet Thistle City with you.”

Yang Ye wasn’t afraid of Violet Thistle City, but he didn’t want to put Dugu Jian in a difficult spot. Moreover, if he could convince Violet Thistle City to enter into alliance with the Sword Alliance, then it would definitely be good news for the Sword Alliance.

Dugu Jian glanced at Yang Ye and nodded. He didn’t want Violet Thistle City to become enemies with the Sword Alliance as well. Besides his own personal reasons, there was one other reason. He didn’t want Violet Thistle City to court death. Yang Ye was someone he still couldn’t see through even now. It wasn’t just Yang Ye’s background, it was Yang Ye’s strength as well!

Yang Ye had killed 5 Emperors on his own, and that was extremely terrifying. However, had Yang Ye really given it his all? Was that Yang Ye’s full strength?

If it wasn’t, then how terrifying was his true strength?

Based on the way Yang Ye did things, if Violet Thistle City went against the Sword Alliance, then Violet Thistle City would probably suffer a similar fate as Doomsday City.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye gazed at Ye Liuyun and said, “Let’s go take a look at that spirit vein!”

She nodded before turning around and leaving.

Yang Ye walked over to Dugu Jian and said, “Don’t worry, your father will make a wise choice.” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye walked out of the hall.

Dugu Jian slowly clenched his fists while a trace of worry appeared in his eyes.

At a spacious square, a huge white dragon was completely bound by countless black threads. Moreover, there were over 30 Quasi Emperors standing around it and ceaselessly fortifying the space around it.

Ye Liuyun spoke softly, “It’s very swift. If it wasn’t for the Emperor Realm puppet, it would have almost escaped.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he walked towards the white dragon. Ye Liuyun hurriedly followed him.

When the 2 of them arrived before the white dragon, its huge eyes suddenly opened wide, and then an invisible wave of dragon pressure slammed down towards Yang Ye and Ye Liuyun. However, it didn’t take long for it to be dispersed. After that, the white dragon’s pupils constricted while it fell flat on the ground and started shivering. Moreover, its eyes were filled with terror.

That dragon pressure was a joke before Yang Ye’s Rebirth Realm sword intent.

Yang Ye gazed at the white dragon and asked, “I heard you’ve been very rebellious?”

Ye Liuyun was speechless.

The white dragon gazed at Yang Ye while its eyes were filled with fear.

Yang Ye took 2 steps forward and gazed at it as he said, “You have 2 choices. The 1st is to do as you’ve been doing before this. Stay here obediently. So long as you don’t leave Doomsday City, I won’t restrain your freedom. The other choice is for me to kill you. Which one will you choose?”

The white dragon remained silent.

“You refuse to choose?” Yang Ye chuckled. It didn’t take long for a terrifying strand of sword intent to appear above the white dragon.


The ground beneath the white dragon cracked open while its body started to warp from the pressure of Yang Ye’s sword intent. Its body was gradually growing more and more flatter…

It didn’t take long for it to reveal a pleading expression.

Yang Ye took a step back, and then the sword intent on the white dragon instantly vanished.

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the black threads that bound the white dragon instantly vanished. It had regained its freedom, but it didn’t flee. Spirit veins at the Divine Grade possessed intelligence that weren’t inferior to humans, so it knew that running know was no different than courting death!

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Ye Liuyun, “Don’t restrict its freedom. It can move anywhere throughout the city.”

Ye Liuyun nodded.

At the same time, Yang Ye patted his chest, and it didn’t take long for another white dragon to appear in front of Yang Ye.

A Divine Grade spirit vein! Ye Liuyun’s pupils constricted. She glanced at the white dragon before looking at Yang Ye, “That Divine Grade spirit vein really was in your possession!”

Yang Ye smiled, and then he gazed at the white dragons and said, “I understand that both of you want to regain your freedom, but it’s impossible for both of you to truly be free. You should be aware that the only way to be truly free is to advance to a higher grade. Perhaps both of you will be able to advance if you stay with us!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked away.

15 minutes later, Yang Ye and Dugu Jian left Doomsday City without alerting anyone.

The other members of the Sword Alliance naturally couldn’t be allowed to be aware of his departure. Otherwise, their morale would definitely be affected. It could be said that he was the backbone of the Sword Alliance, and the Sword Alliance would only remain in a stable state while he was there.

Dugu Jian asked, “What would we do if my father refuses to listen?”

Yang Ye gazed at Dugu Jian and asked, “Can you defeat your father?”

Dugu Jian’s face twitched. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would ask such a question. He shook his head and said, “Amongst the 3 cities, my Violet Thistle City is the stronger. Similarly, my father is the strongest amongst the 3 city governors. Right, besides that, my mother is extremely strong as well. She’s even stronger than my father. She’d been able to kill not one but two Emperors while at the Quasi Emperor Realm!”

Yang Ye asked, “In other words, getting your mother on our side is equivalent to getting your father on our side?”

Dugu Jian said, “Kind of. However, my mother never interferes in the external affairs of our city. Because my mother deals with the internal affairs of our family while my father deals with the external affairs.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “I have an idea.”

Dugu Jian asked, “What?”

Yang Ye said, “Your father is the city governor and you’re the junior city governor. So, why don’t we do this. I’ll beat your father up, and then you be the city governor. In that way, wouldn’t everything be resolved perfectly?”

Dugu Jian was at a loss for words.

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