Chapter 1208 – Cousin Brother, Stop Embarrassing Yourself!

Almighty Sword Domain

Xiao Yun gazed at Yang Ye while he placed his hands behind his back, and he seemed to be telling Yang Ye to feel free to attack.

Yang Ye rubbed his nose and said, “Then I’m really going to attack?”

Xiao Yun raised 3 fingers, “3 moves! I’ll let you execute 3 moves so as to prevent others from saying that my Violet Thistle City bullied you!”

The corners of Dugu Jian’s mouth twitched, and he turned his head away because he couldn’t bear to watch.

Yang Ye shook his head and took a step forward. Even though it was just a step, the expressions of the middle aged man and the beautiful woman had changed drastically.

A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of Xiao Yun’s mouth when he saw Yang Ye step forward, and a strand of sword intent surged out from within him. However, it had only just emerged when it instantly dispersed!

Xiao Yun was stunned. Meanwhile, Yang Ye had arrived in front of Xiao Yun and slammed his fist forward.


Xiao Yun was blasted flying. Yang Ye hadn’t used much strength, so Xiao Yun’s figure stopped after moving just around 100m back.

“You….” Xiao Yun gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment, “How… how could my sword intent possibly vanish?”

Yang Ye glanced at Xiao Yun, “You’ve lost!”

“Lost?” Xiao Yun suddenly drew his sword with his right hand while stomping his right foot against the ground. His figure transformed into a ray of light that shot forward. He was extremely swift and instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye.

The middle aged man suddenly stood up while a trace of shock could be seen in his eyes. As for the beautiful woman behind him, her beautiful brows had knit slightly together.

Because Xiao Yun’s sword had been caught between Yang Ye’s index and middle finger.

Yang Ye shook his head and exerted a little force.


The sword shook violently while Xiao Yun was blasted over 300m away before finally colliding with a wall.

Xiao Yun glanced at his sword before he looked up at Yang Ye, and he muttered, “How… how could this be possible?”

He was about to attack again when Dugu Jian suddenly appeared before him, “Cousin brother, stop embarrassing yourself.”

However, Xiao Yun paid no attention to Dugu Jian. His figure transformed into an arc of light that shot towards Yang Ye. The arc of light was extremely sharp while enhanced by his Void Rank sword intent, and he was as swift as a bolt of lightning. However, the sword energy and the light it emanated actually dispersed in an instant before it even arrived before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye took a step forward and instantly arrived in front of Xiao Yun, and then he stretched out his hand and grabbed Xiao Yun by the throat.

Astonishment filled Xiao Yun’s eyes because he hadn’t expected himself to actually be unable to fight back at all!

Yang Ye gazed at Xiao Yun for a short while, and then he released his grasp and took 2 steps back, “Even though you possess Void Rank sword intent, it’s not very condensed, and your character is bad. You get a bad rating from me.”

As he spoke, Yang Ye turned to look at the middle aged man, “Has my strength obtained City Governor Dugu’s acknowledgement now?”

The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “The young truly are formidable. I, Dugu Tianwei, have had my eyes opened.”

He glanced at Dugu Jian and Xiao Yun, who was still dejected, “Both of you leave!”

Dugu Jian was slightly hesitant. Meanwhile, the beautiful woman spoke abruptly, “Jian’er, take Yun’er to rest!”

Dugu Jian didn’t dare to disobey the beautiful woman. He immediately nodded and gazed at Yang Ye, “No matter what, I’m part of the Sword Alliance!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took Xiao Yun with him as he left the hall.

Now, only 3 were left in the hall.

Dugu Tianwei said, “Jian’er is a proud person that never acknowledges anyone else as superior, but he acknowledged you as his big brother. To be honest, I’m really curious about you. I’d sent someone to investigate you before you even came, and I believe that my Violet Thistle City wasn’t the only one. All the powers throughout the continent and even the World Devastator Cult is investigating you. However, it’s like you just appeared out of nowhere, and we know nothing about your true identity and background.”

Yang Ye said, “I think all of that isn’t important. I came here to find out if City Governor Dugu wants to be my Sword Alliance’s friend or enemy. I personally hope you become my Sword Alliance’s friend!”

Dugu Tianwei replied, “I can tell you with certainty that the World Devastator Cult, Dark Sky Sect, the Darkwater Sect, and Frostwind City have joined forces. Actually, just the World Devastator Cult isn’t something that your Sword Alliance can deal with. So, if I’m to be honest, asking my Violet Thistle City to become allies with your Sword Alliance is like asking my Violet Thistle City to ask for destruction!”

Yang Ye looked Dugu Tianwei in the eyes and said, “If you join forces with the World Devastator Cult, you’ll still die, and you’ll die even sooner!”

Dugu Tianwei replied, “You’re very confident!”

Yang Ye said, “I’m only here because of Dugu Jian. Because he’s a member of my Sword Alliance, and he would be put in a difficult position if we become enemies. Of course, I hope Violet Thistle City will stand on my Sword Alliance’s side. However, if you insist on choosing the World Devastator Cult, that’s fine as well. After all, I have numerous enemies already, so it doesn’t matter even if I have one more.”

“You truly are very confident!” Dugu Tianwei looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “You’re very strong indeed, and you possess the strength to kill Emperors. However, there aren’t just Emperors in this world. Besides that, not every single Emperor is as weak as those Emperors whom you’ve killed. Just like how not every single Saint is as strong as you. Understand?”

Yang Ye nodded, “There are many experts, and I’ve always understood that. Now, I just want to know what City Governor Dugu thinks. If you choose the Sword Alliance, then we’re allies from this moment onward; if you choose the World Devastator Cult, then we’re enemies from now.”

“I don’t really like you!” Dugu Tianwei looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “You’re too domineering!”

Yang Ye replied, “I’m just comparatively straightforward and dislike wasting my breath!”

Dugu Tianwei said, “I see no hope on the Sword Alliance’s side!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “I understand. Farewell!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked away.

“Wait!” Meanwhile, Dugu Jian spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye stopped and turned around to look at Dugu Tianwei, “What?”

Dugu Tianwei replied, “Based on my investigations, you’re the strongest in the Sword Alliance, and it can be said that you’re the reason that the Sword Alliance is strong. If you die, the Sword Alliance would collapse in an instant. Right?”

Yang Ye chuckled, “City Governor Dugu, you intend to kill me?”

Dugu Tianwei replied, “The thought did cross my mind!”

Yang Ye looked Dugu Tianwei in the eyes and said, “Allow me to be honest. Your strength is probably insufficient. Not to mention you, even all the experts throughout Violet Thistle City wouldn’t be able to stop me from leaving!”


Dugu Tianwei was about to speak when the beautiful woman behind him shot forward at Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he slammed his right fist forward!


An explosion resounded. Yang Ye moved around 30m back while blood red claw marks appeared on his fist.

Yang Ye looked up. Meanwhile, the beautiful woman had suddenly appeared in front of him, and then sharp whistling resounded by his ears.

It was swift!

Her attack was too swift! It was so swift that even Yang Ye couldn’t see it clearly!

A palm slammed against Yang Ye’s chest.


Yang Ye frowned as he moved around 30m back again. Meanwhile, the beautiful woman had returned to where she stood just now, and she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “The facts prove that we’re not as weak as you imagined!”

Yang Ye glanced at his chest. There was a blood red palm print there.

After that, he raised his head to gaze at her. A moment later, his figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot. The ray of light was fine, extremely fine to the point it was even finer than a thread.

It was a sign of absolute speed.

At the moment Yang Ye’s figure vanished, both Dugu Tianwei and the beautiful woman’s pupils had constricted. It was especially so for the woman. She’d practically instantly spread her palms open when Yang Ye’s figure vanished, and then she twisted them slightly as she slammed them forward.


A deafening explosion resounded through the hall.

A short while later, only absolute silence remained here.

At this moment, Yang Ye was in front of the beautiful woman in palace clothes. As for his sword, it was pressed against the center of her forehead.

Dugu Tianwei was horrified, but he didn’t dare to move a muscle.

The beautiful woman was looking at Yang Ye, but her gaze wasn’t calm as it was before. There was only shock in her eyes!

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while, and then he withdrew his sword and said, “To be honest, while both of you are much stronger than ordinary Emperors, but if I wanted to kill you, then it would actually just make me waste a little more profound energy than normal. Out of consideration for Dugu Jian, I’ve held back this time. However, I won’t do it again. Farewell!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and started walking towards the exit.

Suddenly, Dugu Tianwei spoke, “Our Violet Thistle City won’t interfere in the enmity between the Sword Alliance and World Devastator Cult!”

Yang Ye stopped and turned around to gaze at Dugu Tianwei, “That’s for the best. But City Governor Dugu, would the World Devastator Cult spare you if you refuse to side with them? Even if they don’t act against you now, what about after they’ve crushed our Sword Alliance?”

Dugu Tianwei’s expression grew slightly unsightly. Meanwhile, the beautiful woman spoke, “If you want our Violet Thistle City to become allies with your Sword Alliance, then show us your Sword Alliance’s strength. If it only has you, then I’m sorry but we’ll take the World Devastator Cult’s side.”

When she spoke up to this point, she walked over to Yang Ye and said, “You’re very strong indeed. But no matter how strong you are, can you defeat 10 Emperors on your own? Even if you can, but can you fight 20? Not to mention the World Devastator Cult, just the 2 cities and 2 sects can bring together a force of over 20 Emperors. So, what about when the World Devastator Cult is included as well?”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes for a short while before he said, “What if I crush the World Devastator Cult first?”

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