Chapter 1212 – The Sword God’s Seal!

Almighty Sword Domain

All 5 of them were Emperors, and they possessed Void Rank sword intent. Such experts were definitely proud. So, asking them to willingly follow Yang Ye? That wasn’t realistic at all. The only way was to use Jian Wuji’s name. Because he noticed that they were extremely respectful towards Jian Wuji, so if it was Jian Wuji’s last words, then they would definitely obey it.

Sure enough, their gazes towards Yang Ye had grown much gentler when they heard him.

As for Jian Xu, there was a trace of doubt in his eyes as he glanced at Yang Ye. He still remembered Yang Ye telling him that Jian Wuji hadn’t left a projection of his consciousness on Godfall Mountain.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly turned around and bowed slightly in the direction of Godfall Mountain, and his face was covered in a respectful expression, “Senior Jian Wuji, I, Yang Ye, will complete your dying wish even if I die trying.” When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye’s face was covered in resolve and seemed as if he was ready to die trying.

Their gazes towards Yang Ye grew even gentler when they heard this.

Yang Ye suddenly turned around to look at them, and then he bowed slightly to them, “Seniors, sword cultivation is waning in the world. My strength isn’t sufficient to turn the situation around, so I hope that you’ll be able to help me. Let’s complete Senior Jian Wuji’s last wish together, and let’s allow sword cultivation to be respected throughout the universe!”

They exchanged glances. In the end, the old man with a sword on his back nodded, “Your natural talent is extraordinary and have attained sword intent above the Void Rank at such a young age. No wonder the founding ancestor chose you as his successor. Since you’re the founding ancestor’s successor and have attained sword intent above the Void Rank that reigns supreme over the entire continent, it’s a matter of course for you to be the master of our Sword God’s Palace. From this moment onward, I, Jian Feng, pledge my life to you.” He bowed respectfully to Yang Ye while he spoke.

“I, Jian Lin, pledge my life to the Palace Master!”

“I, Jian Kai, pledge my life to the Palace Master!”

“I, Jian Men, pledge my life to the Palace Master!”

“I, Jian Ming, pledge my life to the Palace Master!”

The others bowed respectfully with Yang Ye and spoke respectfully as well.

A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. With the 5 of them on his side, the Sword Alliance’s overall strength had multiplied a few times at the very least.

Yang Ye nodded slightly and asked, “All of you have the sword as your surname?”

Meanwhile, Jian Wu said, “Of course not. The reason their surname represents the sword is because it’s a rule of the Sword God’s Palace. Anyone who attained the Emperor Realm and possessed Void Rank sword intent would be given the ‘Jian’ surname. It’s considered as a rank of seniority. Those with the surname ‘Jian’ are ranked at the 2nd position in seniority throughout the Sword God’s Palace.

Yang Ye was curious, “What about the 1st?”

Jian Xu smiled, “The 1st is the palace master, the one and only palace master, and it’s you right now.”

Yang Ye rubbed his nose and felt slightly amused. He hadn’t expected himself to become the most senior existence in the Sword God’s Palace. However, it was a good thing to him.

Jian Xu suddenly spoke, “Right, while you can be considered as the palace master of the Sword God’s Palace, you need one thing in order to truly deserve your position.”

Yang Ye asked, “What?”

“The Sword God’s Seal!” There was a trace of seriousness in Jian Xu’s eyes when he spoke up to this point, “It’s a treasure above the Emperor Rank. In other words, it’s a precious treasure at the Void Rank. Its status and strength in our Sword God’s Palace is only inferior to the Stellar Sword Diagram. The Stellar Sword Diagram is a treasure that the founding ancestor created, but the Sword God’s Seal has been the token of authority for the Sword God’s Palace’s master from long before that. So, you must obtain it!”

Yang Ye was quite puzzled, “Why must I obtain it?”

“Because only then would many acknowledge you as the palace master. Especially the old seniors of the palace!” Jian Feng spoke abruptly, “We’re naturally not the only ones from the Sword God’s Palace that survived all those years ago. However, some seniors only recognize the seal and nothing else. Because according to the ancestral teachings of the Sword God’s Palace, only one who possesses the Sword God’s Seal is the palace master!”

“Actually, that treasure will be extremely helpful to you!” Meanwhile, Jian Xu said, “It’s a precious treasure at the Void Rank. If you possess it, it’s able to improve the strength of your sword energy and sword intent by at least 3 times for a certain period of time!”

3 times! Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. What did that represent? He possessed Rebirth Realm sword intent right now. If its strength were to improve by 3 times…. If he executed the true form of Heavenrend while his sword intent’s strength was improved by 3 times…. Yang Ye didn’t dare to continue down this line of thought because it was truly too insane.

Jian Xu continued, “Besides that, if you possess it, then you can rely on it to execute the ‘Sky Eradicator Sword Formation’ that the 1st founding ancestor placed within it. Everything in an area of 50,000km will be eradicated once it’s activated! Before the Stellar Sword Diagram was created, it was the number one treasure of the entire continent!”

The Sword God’s Seal, the Stellar Sword Diagram…. They’re both mine, all mine! Yang Ye clenched his fists. Regardless of whether it was the Sword God’s Seal or the Stellar Sword Diagram, he had to work hard to obtain them. Because they were extremely useful to him! Even though he didn’t approve of relying on external sources of strength, only a fool would intentionally avoid using all treasures. Of course, he wouldn’t allow himself to rely on them.

Yang Ye gazed at Jian Xu, “Where is it?”

Jian Xu pondered deeply for a moment and said, “The ruins of the Sword God’s Palace!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why haven’t all of you gone to get it?”

Jian Xu replied, “We can’t, nor do we dare to!”

Yang Ye grew even more puzzled, “Why?”

The 6 of them exchanged glances and saw a trace of fear and seriousness in each other’s eyes. A moment of silence ensued before Jian Xu spoke, “That existence said that all sword cultivators are prohibited from stepping foot into the sea around the Sword God’s Palace. That’s exactly why sword cultivation has gradually waned on the continent. Because the best inheritances and techniques in sword cultivation are in the ruins of the Sword God’s Palace.”

Yang Ye spoke seriously, “Who’s that person?”

“I don’t know!” Jian Xu shook his head, “But that person is definitely still on the continent. Because sword cultivators headed to the ruins in the past, but they never came back.”

Yang Ye’s brows knit slightly together. How strong is the enmity that person feels towards the Sword God’s Palace? Not only has the entire Sword God’s Palace been destroyed, nor sword cultivators are allowed to go close!

“We were useless!” Meanwhile, Jian Xu shook his head, “If the Founding Ancestor was still here, then would anyone dare to bully our Sword God’s Palace?”

The others remained silent. That person who destroyed the Sword God’s Palace was extremely strong indeed, but if Jian Wuji was still alive, then could that person still destroy the Sword God’s Palace?

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Accepting these experts from the Sword God’s Palace was equivalent to accepting the enmity between the Sword God’s Palace and that mysterious expert. It could be said that he might be in great trouble in the future. However, he wasn’t afraid. While he didn’t want to get himself into trouble, if that person was still incapable of letting go of the enmity from all those years ago, then it would be just as he’d said before. It was just a person like him, and he wasn’t afraid!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a few moments before he asked, “Sword cultivators can’t head there, but others are probably able to go there, right?”

Jian Xu nodded, “Many people on the continent who aren’t sword cultivators head there frequently. However, the Sword God’s Palace has countless defensive sword formations, so even Emperors can dream of going far. It can be said that the ruins are still intact.”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “You spoke of the seal because you want me to make a trip to the ruins, right? Of course, I know that all of you have no intention to harm me. But I just want to know the true reason for this!”

Jian Xu and the others exchanged glances before they bowed slightly to Yang Ye, and then Jian Xu spoke, “When the Sword God’s Palace was destroyed, that expert once said that no sword cultivators are allowed to step foot onto the ruins of the Sword God’s Palace. That isn’t just an eternal humiliation to us from the Sword God’s Palace, it’s a humiliation to all the sword cultivators of the continent. We old fellows know that we don’t have the strength to resist that person, but you do. You’re still young, yet you already possess sword intent above the Void Rank. I believe that the day will come when you become a peerless expert just like the founding ancestor! If that day comes, we hope that you’ll be able to lead us to rebuild the Sword God’s Palace.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jian Xu and the others bowed once more to Yang Ye.

There was a trace of complicated emotions in Yang Ye’s eyes as he gazed at Jian Xu and the others. All of them are still carry strong attachment to the Sword God’s Palace even until now!

But it made sense because a sect was actually like home to some. Even if home was gone, one’s feelings towards it would still persist.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and grinned, “Seniors, I’ve obtained Senior Jian Wuji’s inheritance, and I’ve even asked all of you to help me. So, I’ve naturally accepted the enmity of the Sword God’s Palace from all those years ago. Don’t worry, I’ll go to the ruins. Trust me, it won’t be too long from now, or I should say that it’ll be very soon!”

Not only did they reveal no happiness from hearing what Yang Ye had said, their expressions had changed. Jian Xu hurriedly said, “Don’t be rash! We don’t want you to go there right now. We just hope that you’ll go there once you’ve become stronger. We know that you’re extremely strong right now, and even we are no match for you. However, that expert isn’t someone you can rival right now. Understand?”

Jian Feng and the others hurriedly nodded and displayed their agreement.

Yang Ye smiled, “Don’t worry, I won’t do something that’s beyond my ability!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around to look at the direction of the Dark Sky Sect, “However, the important matter at hand is to deal with the World Devastator Cult and those other powers.”

“The World Devastator Cult can’t be underestimated!” Jian Feng spoke solemnly, “It was just a small power all those years ago, but it has grown now. Their true strength has always been a mystery!”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, “It won’t be a mystery once I’m done with them.”

Meanwhile, Jian Xu said, “Right, I hope that you’ll personally make a trip to meet someone!”

Yang Ye asked, “Who?”

“The number one sword formation master on the continent and the number one sword cultivator on the continent before you appeared.” Jian Xu continued, “If we gain her help, then our chances of winning the battle will definitely be much greater. However, that person is quite stubborn and only acknowledged the Sword God’s Seal. So, I hope you’ll make the trip yourself.”

Yang Ye fell silent for a short while before he gazed at Jian Feng, “Senior Jian Feng, I need your help to do something. This is what I need….”

A short while later, Jian Feng said, “You’re going to abandon Doomsday City?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “The best defense is offense. I can’t allow them to take control of the entire situation. I have to take control of the battle.”

Jian Feng and the others exchanged glances, and then they nodded before Jian Feng spoke, “Don’t worry. We’ll get it done!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the 5 of them vanished on the spot.

Once they left, Yang Ye gazed at Jian Xu and said, “Let’s go and see that number one sword formation master on the continent and the number one sword cultivator on the continent before me!”

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