Chapter 1214 – Grand Battle!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Head Snatcher!

Ye Liuyun had just arrived atop the city walls, and her expression changed drastically upon hearing that name.

Yang Ye wasn’t the 1st Saint to kill an Emperor. There had been 2 more before him, and one of them was the Head Snatcher.

No one knew his real name, and all they did know was that he liked to take the heads of his enemies, and that was how he got his name. He was an existence that instilled extreme fear in the hearts of countless experts and powers. Because he was a freak. Not only was he a freak, his strength was absolutely abnormal!

Ye Liuyun’s face was unsightly to the extreme. She’d never expected this freak to look for trouble with the Sword Alliance. After all, there was no conflict between the Sword Alliance and him!

But it didn’t take long for Ye Liuyun to figure it out. While there was no conflict between them, there was conflict between the Sword Alliance and the World Devastator Cult’s group. In other words, it was very likely that the World Devastator Cult or the Dark Sky Sect had sent him here. This made Ye Liuyun’s face grow even more unsightly.

She was naturally confident in Yang Ye’s strength, but the Sword Alliance would be finished if the Head Snatched kept Yang Ye locked in combat. Even though the Sword Alliance’s strength had advanced by leaps and bounds, it was still too soon for the Sword Alliance to be able to go against the joint forces of those powers.

Suddenly, the Head Snatcher gazed at Ye Liuyun, causing her expression to change drastically. The Emperor Realm Sword Servant by her side instantly appeared in front of her, but just a moment passed before its head instantly vanished, and that vanished head was in the Head Snatcher’s grasp!

He’s killed that Emperor in an instant!

Everyone was astounded by this scene!

The Head Snatcher glanced at the head in his hand, cracked a smile, and said, “Not a… bad… head!” As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his head and looked at Ye Liuyun.

Ye Liuyun’s pupils constricted. Suddenly, a ray of light shot down from the sky. It was extremely swift and instantly arrived above the Head Snatcher.

A moment later, a head shot up into the air and collided with the ray of light.


The light and head exploded simultaneously, and then they were obliterated in an instant.

Meanwhile, a man in green clothes appeared outside the city.

“It’s the Sword Master!” Cheering instantly resounded from above the city walls when they saw the green clothed man. Ye Liuyun heaved a huge sigh of relief as well. Yang Ye was the Sword Alliance’s pillar of support. So long as he was here, they would feel at ease. It was naturally not because Yang Ye possessed the air of a king or something like that, it was mainly because of his strength!

After they watched Yang Ye kill 5 Emperors in succession, he was practically like a god to them!

Once she saw him arrive here, Ye Liuyun turned and looked towards the distance. Qin Zhuyao and the others were there. They had been about to attack just now, but Yang Ye had arrived, so they discarded the thought. Ye Liuyun nodded slightly to them. Qin Zhuyao understood what Ye Liuyun meant and instantly vanished along with the others.

Yang Ye gazed at the Head Snatcher as he stood outside the city. He didn’t waste his breath and instantly drew his sword. A ray of sword energy shot forward and instantly arrived before the Head Snatcher.

The Head Snatcher stretched his hand forward and clawed. Yang Ye’s sword energy instantly shattered and was obliterated.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He was about to attack when 21 terrifying auras suddenly appeared in the sky above Doomsday City. After that, 21 figures appeared there.

21 Emperors!

The expressions of everyone in Doomsday City changed drastically!

At this moment, their hearts collapsed. After all, it was 21 Emperors! Amongst all the experts of the Sword Alliance within the city, only Qin Zhuyao and those other sword cultivators had the ability to fight Emperors. Yang Ye could fight a few on his own, but Yang Ye was locked in combat with the Head Snatcher. Moreover, even if the Head Snatcher wasn’t there, it was impossible for Yang Ye to fight 21 Emperors!

What should we do?

That was the thought that had appeared within all their minds.

Ye Liuyun clenched her fists. Even though she seemed to be calm and composed on the surface, she felt lost just like everyone else. She trusted Yang Ye, truly trusted him. Yang Ye had said that she could leave it all to him. But based on the current circumstances….

“Yang Ye! Today is the day both you and the Sword Alliance are annihilated!” The Master of the Dark Sky Sect, Xiao Tian, looked down at Yang Ye and said, “Trust me, not a single person who’d related to you will survive.”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye chuckled, “Why don’t you contact your respective sects and cities?”

Xiao Tian and the others frowned. Suddenly, the space in front of them rippled, and it didn’t take long for their faces to grow extremely unsightly.

Xiao Tian clenched his fist as he gazed at Yang Ye and spoke gloomily, “You actually sent forces to launch surprise attacks against us!”

Yang Ye nodded, “That really is my doing!”

A ferocious expression flashed through Xiao Tian’s eyes, “Everyone, it’s too late to head back now. What we need to do is join forces and crush the Sword Alliance. Once we crush the Sword Alliance and Yang Ye, then victory will belong to us! Kill!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Tian and the others were about to attack. However, 2 rays of light suddenly appeared here, and it didn’t take long for Jian Xu and Jian Ji to appear before Xiao Tian’s group.

“2 Emperors? How laughable? That’s your trump card?” Xiao Tian gazed at Yang Ye with ridicule.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye waved his right hand and 11 Emperor Realm Sword Servants appeared in the sky.

Xiao Tian and the others’ expressions finally changed at the sight of this.

A cold smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he said, “Kill!”

As soon as he gave the order, Jian Xu and Jian Ji transformed into 2 rays of light that shot towards Xiao Tian’s group, and the 11 Emperor Realm Sword Servants were right behind them.

“They only have 13 Emperors while we have 21. We have an absolute advantage! Attack!” Xiao Tian waved his right hand and was about to attack. However, his expression suddenly changed as a palm had suddenly appeared behind him. Xiao Tian was caught off guard and struck by it, causing him to be blasted away.

The others were dumbstruck because it was Dugu Tianwei who’d launched the attack!

Dugu Tianwei glanced at Yang Ye. Yang Ye nodded slightly in response. Violet Thistle City had actually chosen the Sword Alliance, but Dugu Tianwei and his wife had suggested that they put on such a show. Because an expert of the World Devastator Cult had been in Violet Thistle City. So, the World Devastator Cult would have definitely attacked if Violet Thistle City chose the Sword Alliance then.

In that way, the Sword Alliance wouldn’t be the only one in trouble, Violet Thistle City would be in trouble to. Moreover, they wouldn’t have been able to take all of the others by surprise as they’d done right now.

Violet Thistle City had 5 Emperors. Coupled with the Emperors of the Sword Alliance, there were 18 on their side now. If the fact that Jian Xu and Jian Ji could fight 2 Emperors on their own, was considered, then the situation had been instantly turned around!

“Dugu Tianwei, how dare you! Aren’t you afraid that….” Xiao Tian pointed his finger at Dugu Tianwei and cursed. However, he hadn’t even been able to finish speaking when a ray of light shot towards him!

Almost 3 dozen Emperors were fighting in the sky. After Violet Thistle City switched sides, the battle could truly be considered to be one-sided. It only took over a dozen breaths of time for an Emperor to fall.

Meanwhile, the Head Snatcher suddenly spoke, “Can… can… can we… start… now?”

Yang Ye gazed at the Head Snatcher and asked, “You have a stutter?”

The Head Snatcher instantly revealed a ferocious expression on his face, “I… I hate… hate that… the most….”

“Just shut up! It’s so annoying to hear you speak!” Yang Ye interrupted him, and then he transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

The ultimate version of Death by a Thought!

Even though the Head Snatcher was a Quasi Emperor, his strength was much more terrifying than an Emperor. So, Yang Ye didn’t underestimate him and immediately executed the ultimate version of Death by a Thought!

Right when Yang Ye vanished, the Head Snatcher’s pupils constricted, and then a blood red shield appeared in front of him.


The tip of a sword stabbed against the shield, and it shook violently as countless cracks covered it. As for the Head Snatcher, he was blasted backwards by a wave of powerful force, and Yang Ye’s sword remained pressed against the blood red shield.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while a trace of seriousness appeared in his eyes. He hadn’t expected that this attack which could instantly kill an Emperor had actually been stopped by the long haired man!

As for the Head Snatcher himself, there was shock in his eyes. His blood red shield was an Emperor Rank treasure, but it had almost been destroyed by a single attack from Yang Ye. He felt a wave of fear sweep through his heart as he gazed at the blood red shield which was covered in cracks now. A moment later, he stomped his right foot against the ground, and the ground shook violently before his figure stopped moving.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye stomped his foot against the ground as well, and the ground beneath him instantly collapsed! At the same time, Yang Ye relied on the counterforce to shoot forward while he grabbed his sword with both hands, and then he spun it.


The long haired man was blasted backwards again. Just as before, Yang Ye’s sword remained pressed against the blood red shield, and the cracks on it grew more and more numerous.

“Fuck off!” The Head Snatcher suddenly roared with fury while a blood red glow erupted from the shield and smashed down towards Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye didn’t show any intent to dodge it.

The blood red glow slammed against Yang Ye, but it didn’t harm Yang Ye at all. In the end, it entered Yang Ye’s body and surged into the Heart of Slaughter.

The Head Snatcher’s face was covered in astonishment, “Wh… why?”

“Go figure!” A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he spun the sword in his hands.


The Head Snatcher was blasted almost 3km away. Yang Ye was about to press forward when the Head Snatcher suddenly transformed into a blood red ray of light and vanished on the spot. He was very far away when his figure appeared once more, and then he stretched out his hand and shouted in Yang Ye’s direction, “Head Snatch!”

As soon as he spoke, Yang Ye’s expression suddenly changed drastically. A moment later, a slit suddenly split open on his throat, and a strand of blood sprayed out from there.

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