Chapter 1222 – I Can Act Like An Asura As Well!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Wait!” Ye Liuyun spoke abruptly.

Everyone gazed at her.

Nan Shuang heaved a sigh of relief while a cold glow flickered in Elder Mo and the others’ eyes, and they revealed displeased expressions.

Ye Liuyun glanced at Elder Mo’s group and said, “Are all of you in that much of a rush?”

Elder Mo laughed coldly, “Merc Leader Ye, the Sword Alliance has grown to a certain extent, and coupled with the fact that it has made a name for itself, it can be said that the Sword Alliance’s future is limitless. I’m confident that many others within the Sword Alliance are prepared to take over the Sword Alliance, and that probably includes you, Merc Leader Ye. If we don’t act now, then we probably wouldn’t get anything once the others make a move!”

Yuan Feng spoke as well, “Merc Leader Ye, we aren’t betraying Yang Ye, and we’re just seeing a way out for ourselves. You were once appointed as the Counsellor of the Sword Alliance by Yang Ye, and your reputation in the city is extremely great. Your stand just below him and above everyone else. If you join forces, then the Sword Alliance will be yours!”

Ye Liuyun glanced at Yuan Feng and said, “Merc Leader Yuan, you were the 1st to join Yang Ye, so I never expected you to do this. Hasn’t Yang Ye been good to all of you? Techniques and violet crystals have always been treasures that only disciples of the Diamond Rank powers possessed, yet all of you possess it now. All of you….”

“That was like giving alms to beggars!” Elder Mo interrupted Ye Liuyun and spoke fiercely, “Merc Leader Ye, even you know that Merc Leader Yuan was the first to follow him. But just take a look, who is Merc Leader Yuan within the Sword Alliance? He’s no one! It isn’t just him! Just take a look at us, what are we within the Sword Alliance?”

He pointed at Nan Shuang at this point and said, “Our status in the Sword Alliance can’t even compare to that bitch! What has she done for the Sword Alliance? Nothing!”

Meanwhile, Yuan Feng spoke coldly, “Merc Leader Ye, your status is higher than us, and we acknowledge it because your ability is extraordinary indeed. However, why does she, Nan Shuang, possess status that surpasses us? Moreover, she always gets the most violet crystals when Yang Ye distributes them! What makes her so special!?”

Nan Shuang clenched her fists and remained silent.

“Of course!” Elder Mo continued, “That’s just one of the problems. There are many other things that Yang Ye didn’t do fairly. Fortunately, we don’t have to care about his opinion now. Now, we decide everything in the Sword Alliance! Merc Leader Ye, let me ask you one last time, are you willing to be the master of the Sword Alliance?”

Ye Liuyun shook her head lightly, “As expected, a person’s desire can never be satisfied.”

Elder Mo’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Merc Leader Ye, there’s really no need for you to persist here for that fellow, Yang Ye’s, sake. He's a dead man now. Is it even worth going against the living for the sake of the dead? Merc Leader Ye, even if you refuse to think about yourself, you should think about the members of your Souleater Mercs, right?”

Meanwhile, an old man led a few dozen others into the hall. Nan Shuang’s expression changed when she saw them, and she unconsciously took a few steps back. Because they were the members of the Souleater Mercs.

The old man led them over to Ye Liuyun, and he said, “Little girl, you’ve done so much for Yang Ye. He’s dead now, so there’s no need to continue….”

“Shut your mouth!” Suddenly, Ye Liuyun shouted. She stared fixedly at the old man while tears rolled down her face, “No wonder I didn’t receive any information when such a sudden change occurred in the city. So, all of you who were my eyes and ears have become traitors as well. Uncle Ling, why? Why have you chosen to be a traitor? Why? Why did you have to do this?” As she finished speaking, Ye Liuyun was practically howling.

The old man said, “Little girl, we’re doing this for your own good. You did all you could for the Sword Alliance, but what did you get in return? Just meaningless reputation! With the ability you possess, it’s entirely sufficient for you to be the master of the Sword Alliance. You….”

“Shut up!” Ye Liuyun suddenly walked over to the old man. Her eyes were completely red while pain covered her face. A long time passed before she suddenly knelt down slowly and said, “Sword Master, I’m willing to exchange my life for Uncle Ling and the others….”

Everyone here frowned and felt puzzled.

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “I’ll think about it!”

The bodies of everyone within the hall instantly stiffened when they heard this voice. Besides Nan Shuang, a strand of panic suffused the hearts of everyone else within the hall, and some even slumped down on the ground.

Because it was Yang Ye’s voice!

Yang Ye walked into the hall. Elder Mo, Yuan Feng, and the others’ expressions became extremely unsightly when they saw Yang Ye, and their bodies couldn’t help but shiver. They were all Quasi Emperors, so they naturally possessed extraordinary strength and mental strength. However, Yang Ye was too terrifying. He wasn’t just terrifying because of his strength; it was because of how he did things!

“Flee!” Suddenly, one of them shouted, and then his figure shot towards the exit. However, he hadn’t even moved 1km away when his head flew up into the air.

The others who wanted to flee had instantly discarded such a thought when they witnessed this scene. After all, Yang Ye could kill Emperors in an instant, let alone them?

Yang Ye ignored everyone here, and then his gaze descended onto Nan Shuang. Nan Shuang was looking at him as well. Two streams of tears gradually seeped out from Nan Shuang’s eyes, and it didn’t take long for her to run forward and hug Yang Ye, “I… I thought you weren’t coming back!”

Yang Ye patted her back lightly and smiled, “Didn’t I tell you? I’ll definitely be back.”

Nan Shuang took a step back and looked up at Yang Ye, “Did you get back here a long time ago?”

Yang Ye rubbed her head and said, “What do you think?”

“You definitely did!” She glared at him.

Yang Ye smiled and was about to speak. Suddenly, Dugu Jian, Qin Zhuyao, and the other sword cultivators suddenly walked into the hall. They instantly heaved sighs of relief in their hearts when they saw Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was the Sword Alliance’s pillar of spiritual support. If Yang Ye was gone, the Sword Alliance would definitely collapse, and they would leave the Sword Alliance. The reason they were staying in the Sword Alliance was Yang Ye and Yang Ye alone. Only Yang Ye could make them stay willingly. Because Yang Ye was the goal that every sword cultivator pursued!

After Dugu Jian and the others arrived, Jian Xu, Jian Ji, Jian Feng, and the others arrived.

Jian Xu gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I thought you wouldn’t be coming back!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “I was almost unable to come back.”

Jian Xu glanced at Yang Ye and didn’t ask him how he managed to come back alive. He glanced at Yuan Feng and the others, and then he said, “We didn’t interfere because these are internal affairs. You said that Liuyun would manage the internal affairs. Of course, most importantly, if you didn’t return, then the matters of the Sword Alliance would have no relation to us at all. Because we would leave!”

They were just like Dugu Jian and the others, they’d joined the Sword Alliance because of Yang Ye. After all, the Sword Alliance would only have hope if it had Yang Ye. While it was still a colossus in the eyes of Yuan Feng’s group, even if Yang Ye was gone, they felt that it couldn’t even be considered a 3rd rate power if Yang Ye was gone. They were following Yang Ye because they had a common goal with Yang Ye, and they weren’t doing it for tiny benefits like Elder Mo and the others.

If Yang Ye was gone, they would naturally leave. Or to be a little straightforward, staying in the Sword Alliance that was without Yang Ye would be a complete waste of their time and effort!

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I understand!”

As he spoke, he gazed at Ye Liuyun who was kneeling at the side, “You knew I was still alive?” He hadn’t notified anyone of his return to Doomsday City, but Ye Liuyun knew that he was back.

She spoke softly, “The puppet!

Yang Ye instantly came to an understanding. He’d left the remaining Emperor Realm Sword Servants to Ye Liuyun before he left. As the actual master of those Sword Servants, they would definitely cease to work once he died. But those Sword Servants were still working until now, and it proved that Yang Ye was alive.

Yang Ye glanced at Ye Liuyun, and then he stretched out his hand to help her up, “Men should never kneel, and it’s the same for women. Don’t kneel easily, understand?”

Ye Liuyun glanced at Yang Ye, and she was about to speak yet Yang Ye spoke first, “You want me to spare the Souleater Mercs?”

She nodded in response.

Meanwhile, Elder Mo, Yuan Feng, and the others knelt down before Yang Ye and spoke in unison, “Sword Master, we realize our mistakes! Please spare us!”

Flee? How? Not to mention that Yang Ye had 7 Emperors on his side, just Yang Ye alone was sufficient to crush them. There was only one way for them to live, and it was to beg for mercy!

Yang Ye glanced at Yuan Feng and the others, “I considered all of you to be one of my own, and I thought that all of you would do the same. But I underestimated the human heart. Humans are like this, they are never satisfied.”

“Sword Master, I was mistaken, I was truly mistaken!” Meanwhile, Yuan Feng slapped himself a few times in succession and said, “Please consider our relationship in the past and spare me. Please be merciful!”

“Sword Master, please be merciful!” The others behind Yuan Feng laid flat on the ground and begged for mercy.

Jian Xu, Dugu Jian, and the others remained silent.

“Sword Master….” Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun hesitated for a moment and intended to say something. However, Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “I, Yang Ye, never betray those who don’t betray me. But if someone betrays me, I’ll definitely kill that person!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye glanced at Yuan Feng and the others, “I have a benevolent heart when managing the Sword Alliance, but I can act like an Asura as well. Kill everyone who betrayed the Sword Alliance today! Don’t leave a single one of them alive!”

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