Chapter 131 – Follow You!

Almighty Sword Domain

A wisp of a cold smile suffused the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth while he waved his right hand, and a strand of force shot the two scrolls towards Yin Xuan’er as he said, “Miss Yin, I, Yang Ye, don’t deserve these two techniques, so I don’t dare accept them. As for the agreement between the two of us, I’m going back on my word!”

If he was said to previously possess have a slightly favorable impression of this woman that stood before him, then this favorably impression had completely vanished when she ridiculed him.

“Petty!” Yin Xuan’er glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Fine, I apologize for what I said earlier. At the same time, I guarantee that I won’t make a move against that little lover of yours. Alright?”

“Not alright at all!” Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Young Miss Yin, I think that we’re truly not suitable to collaborate with each other. A forced collaboration will definitely cause even greater conflict to arise between us in the future.”

He truly didn’t have the slightest favorable impression of this peerless beauty that stood before him, nor did he desire to have any relationship with her.

“I’ve apologized already. What more do you want?” Yin Xuan’er spoke with slight anger. “Is it necessary for a man like you to make such a fuss about it with a woman like me?”

Yang Ye shook his head, and then he said frankly, “I don’t want anything. I just don’t want to have any relationship with you, Great Princess Yin, and it’s only that.”

Yin Xuan’er’s expression turned cold, and she said furiously, “I’ll kill you!”

Right at this moment, a fist sized blood red pearl had suddenly appeared in Yang Ye’s hand. When it appeared, a strand of the dense and pungent smell of blood suffused the air in this chamber. At the same time, the figure of Yin Xuan’er who was about to attack had stiffened while a wisp of fear flashed in her eyes.

“A Pseudo Dao Artifact!” Yin Xuan’er spoke in a low voice.

Qin Xiyue’s expression changed violently as well while fear appeared in her eyes. She too had never imagined that Yang Ye actually possessed such a terrifying dark treasure. No, it should be called a Dao Artifact!

Yang Ye’s eyes closed slightly while he revealed an expression of pain. After a short while, he slowly opened his eyes, and as he gazed at the pearl within his hand, he finally understood why Su Qingshi was so fearful of this pearl on that day. Right at the moment he withdrew it, a strand of baleful energy had surged into his brain. Fortunately, he’d hurriedly utilized his Sword Intent to resist it, otherwise, even if he survived it, the baleful energy would cause him to lose his mind.

As he tried his best to resist the baleful energy within the Pearl of Baleful Blood as he gazed at Yin Xuan’er and said in a low voice, “Miss Yin, there’s enmity between the two of us, and I’ve even rescued you earlier. There’s entirely no need for us to become enemies, and I have no ill intent towards you as well. I just don’t want to work together with Miss Yin. Now, please let us out of this place, otherwise, I can only forcefully break my way out of this illusion!”

“You promised my imperial father that you would take care of me!” Yin Xuan’er spoke in a low voice.

“Miss Yin, please stop joking!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently. “With Miss Yin’s strength, would you need anyone to take care of you? I’m afraid that it would mostly be Miss Yin that’s taking care of me. Let’s not speak about all of that. Please let us out of here now!”

Qin Xiyue glanced at Yang Ye from the side as she thought in her heart. What a proud fellow. Because of something she spoke out of anger, he’s even willing to give up two Earth Rank techniques and a bodyguard at the Spirit Realm. I really don’t know if I should say that he’s stupid or proud….

“You hate me so much just because of something I said out of anger?” Yin Xuan’er said, “As a man, you shouldn’t be so petty, right?”

Yang Ye put the Pearl of Baleful Blood away before he said, “Truthfully speaking, I truly don’t have a good impression of you, Miss Yin. However, it isn’t to the extent that I would give up two Earth Rank techniques because of something you said out of anger. The reason I don’t want to work together with Miss Yin is that I feel that Miss Yin’s intentions to work together with me aren’t sincere, and it’s mostly because Miss Yin intends to use me! Moreover, I truly dislike Miss Yin’s mentality of being superior to others!”

“You say I want to use you, but don’t you want to use me as well?” said Yin Xuan’er.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “If Miss Yin doesn’t have that mentality of being superior to others, then I wouldn’t be opposed to the two of us using each other. After all, it’ll benefit both of us. However, truthfully speaking, I don’t want to make myself suffer by forcefully working together with someone I hate. Forgive me for my frankness, but I presume that Miss Yin hates me very much as well! Since it’s like that, then why should we make ourselves suffer? It isn’t like we need each other to survive!”

After a long time, Yin Xuan’er laughed with self-ridicule and said, “I never imagined that I, Yin Xuan’er, would be detestable one day. Fine, it’s pointless to say anything now.”

As she spoke, she tossed the combat technique and cultivation technique to Yang Ye and said, “Don’t refuse first. Take these two techniques as the compensation for rescuing me earlier, and we don’t owe each other anything after this, alright?”

“Of course!” Yang Ye put the two scrolls away. If he felt that he didn’t deserve it earlier, then it was a matter of course now. Especially when the woman said that they didn’t owe each other anything now, it was exactly what he wanted to hear because he truly didn’t want to see this woman again.

Qin Xiyue couldn’t help but grin when she saw Yang Ye hastily putting the scrolls away. This man is truly interesting.

Yin Xuan’er grunted coldly, and then she didn’t waste her breath again. With a swing of her fair hand, the 12 Gold Guards immediately transformed into 12 golden rays of light that entered her sleeve, and at the same time, the scene here immediately changed.

After an unknown period of time, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and when he swept the surroundings with his gaze, he noticed that he’d returned to the passageway from before.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he glanced at Yin Xuan’er who stood before him and said, “Miss Yin, see you.”

As he spoke, Yang Ye’s expression suddenly changed. He swiftly turned his head to his right, and Qin Xiyue was nowhere to be found!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted, and then he turned around to look at Yin Xuan’er and said, “Miss Yin, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Does it have anything to do with you?” Yin Xuan’er glanced at Yang Ye and said, “This is between me and her. Could it be that you really intend to interfere? Don’t think that I’m really afraid of you just because you have that pearl!”

“What did you do to Xiyue!?” Yang Ye tightened his grip on the sword in his right hand, and his voice carried a trace of coldness. Qin Xiyue was someone that he’d taken to be a friend, and he truly didn’t wish for anything to happen to her here.

“What else?” A wisp of a cold smile suffused the corners of Yin Xuan’er’s mouth, and she said, “I’ve killed her of course. Her Grand Qin Empire destroyed my Shang Dynasty, so there’s enmity between us. Could it be that I shouldn’t kill her? What? You want to take revenge for her? You better think it through because if you make a move against me, then I, Yin Xuan’er, will absolutely not hold back!”

Yang Ye checked Qin Xiyue’s soul that resided in his body, and he immediately heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he noticed that her soul was completely fine. He said, “Miss Yin, I know you didn’t kill Xiyue. So, let her go. If you really want to take revenge, then you can feel free to go looking for the Grand Qin Empire. After all, it was the Grand Qin Empire and not Xiyue who destroyed your Shang Dynasty!”

“Is there any difference?” Yin Xuan’er spoke in a cold voice. “She’s a princess of the Grand Qin Empire. Even though kill her can’t be considered as having my revenge, it can be considered as taking back some interest in the end. You, on the other hand, keep addressing her intimately as Xiyue. What? You’ve taken a liking to her?”

Yang Ye frowned when he heard this. Why is this woman slightly incomprehensible? Could it be that something has gone wrong in her head after being trapped here for so long? But she was clearly fine just now.

“Miss Yin, speak. What do you want in order to let her go!?” said Yang Ye in a low voice.

Yin Xuan’er’s eyes lit up before she said, “Agree to let me go with you!”

“Go with someone that isn’t even worthy of calling your name?” Yang Ye spoke with ridicule. “Miss Yin, don’t you think you’re wronging yourself?”

“Stop speaking out of anger” Yin Xuan’er smiled and said, “I was mistaken earlier because I was in a bad mood and spoke out of anger, stop being angry about that, alright?”

“Miss Yin, truthfully speaking, is my tiny vortex so attractive to you? Because it actually made a princess of a dynasty like you to put herself to such suffering?” said Yang Ye.

Yin Xuan’er restrained the smile on her face and spoke indifferently. “You’re like a well-fed man that doesn’t know the hunger of the starving. In short, I’ve raised my request, and I’ll let Qin Xiyue go if you agree to let me go with you. Don’t think about using force. Even if you utilize that pearl, I still have ways to deal with it. You ought to be clearly aware that I’m not lying!”

Right at this moment, a strand of violet light flashed, and then the violet mink appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye pointed at the violet mink and said, “What if it’s included?”

A wisp of fear flashed in her eyes upon seeing the violet mink, and then she said in a low voice, “Do you really intend to fight to the death?”

“Fight to the death?” A wisp of a cold smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and he said, “Miss Yin, no matter what, Xiyue and I can be considered to be people that rescued your life, yet how do you treat us? Are you not embarrassed by your own actions?”

“I just want to go with you!”

“I’m not even worthy of calling your name. Am I even worthy of making you follow me?”

“In the end, it’s because what I said hurt your pride, right?”

“You’re not that important to me that you’re able to hurt my pride with a few words!”

Yin Xuan’er went silent. After a short while, she said, “In any case, even if you kill me, I still won’t let her go. Unless you agree to let me go with you.”

“Do you have no shame?”

“None at all!”

Yang Ye. “….”

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