Chapter 133 – You’re Really Hardcore!

Almighty Sword Domain

Within a burial chamber, Dong Wushang held a sword in his hand as he gazed coldly at the four members of the Origin School and the black robed Ghostarm that stood before him. On the other hand, only Wei Ran remained behind him from amongst the four disciples of the Sword Sect.

The Flower Palace’s Zhao Hanyue was standing by Dong Wushang’s side. At this moment, the latter was gazing coldly at Ghostarm and the members of the Origin School just like Dong Wushang was, and the killing intent in her eyes wasn’t concealed at all.

“Xu Yan, I’m unable to figure out why you would assist this fellow from the Ghost Sect!” Dong Wushang gazed at Xu Yan who led the group from the Origin School and spoke in a low voice.

Just moments before this, Ghostarm had suddenly launched a surprise attack against them. If he merely had Ghostarm as an opponent, then he wouldn’t be afraid. However, he’d never imagined that these members of the Origin School would suddenly interfere, causing three of the disciples from his Sword Sect to perish on the spot. Moreover, if Zhao Hanyue hadn’t come over in pursuit of Ghostarm, even he would have probably perished by now.

The Sword Sect and Ghost Sect were bitter enemies, so he could understand why Ghostarm attacked them who were from the Sword Sect, but he couldn’t figure out why the Origin School would make a move against him as well!

“It’s none other than for the sake of benefits!” Zhao Hanyue said in a cold voice, “I presume Ghostarm has definitely given you some sort of reward, right? But I just want to ask you, aren’t you afraid of the Sword Sect and Flower Palace pursuing the matter? I presume the Origin School wouldn’t go against both the Flower Palace and Sword Sect at the same time just for you, right?”

Meanwhile, Ghostarm said in a ghastly voice, “If we completely annihilate all of you here, then who would know that it was us who did it? Oh, right, Fairy Zhao, I must admit that the disciples of your Flower Palace truly taste good. How I yearn for more!” As he spoke, he licked his lips as if he wasn’t fully satisfied.

“Ghostarm, now I understand why you dared to take a corpse of a disciple of my Flower Palace from right before my very eyes. So, it turns out that you have the Origin School’s assistance. But do you really think all of you’ll be able to kill the three of us?” Zhao Hanyue said in a low voice, “Perhaps we wouldn’t be able to defeat all of you in battle, but what if we concentrate solely on fleeing? Would all of you be able to stop us?”

“Haha….” Meanwhile, Xu Yan who’d remained silent until now chuckled before he said, “If it was moments before this, then we would indeed be unable to stop all of you. But now… you can feel free to try, Fairy Zhao. See if you’re able to break through my Origin School’s Barrier Ward!”

Both Zhao Hanyue and Dong Wushang’s expressions changed when they heard this. The former raised a finger lightly, causing a gorgeous flower to shoot out explosively from the tip of her finger. It flew over 10m into the distance before a soft ‘bang’ resounded, and the flower instantly dispersed into the air.

Zhao Hanyue’s pupils constricted when she saw this, and then she looked at Ghostarm and Xu Yan before she said in a cold voice. “So, it turns out that both of you stopped to talk with us for the sake of setting the Barrier Ward up. How scheming of you! But I’m very curious. I’m curious exactly what Ghostarm provided that actually made an inner court disciple of the Origin School like you to actually not hesitate to offend my Flower Palace and the Sword Sect for him!”

Xu Yan shook his head and said, “Fairy Zhao, I’ve actually never thought of killing you. So long as you’re willing to swear on your soul and inner demons that you wouldn’t make a move against Ghostarm and won’t expose everything that occurs here today, then I can let you go.”

Ghostarm’s eyes narrowed while displeasure flashed within them, but he didn’t speak out in objection in the end.

Dong Wushang’s expression changed. He gazed at Zhao Hanyue who was slightly moved by this offer and said, “Fairy Zhao, do you really think that he’ll let you go?” If we join forces now, then we’ll still have a trace of a chance. But if you watch coldly from the sidelines, then you’ll face the same outcome as I!”

“Fairy Zhao, there’s no enmity between my Origin School and your Flower Palace, and it can even be said that there’s a good relationship between our sects. What reason do I have to make a move against you? You’re right, I’m helping Ghostarm this time because I took a reward he provided, and I merely agreed to help him deal with the members of the Sword Sect. If you’re willing to keep it a secret, then I guarantee that I wouldn’t make a move against you!” Xu Yan spoke slowly.

Zhao Hanyue remained silent for a while before she said, “Open up the barrier and allow me to leave first!”

She wasn’t stupid. She knew that if she really stayed within the Barrier Ward and watched as they killed Dong Wushang, then it would definitely not be a good outcome that awaited her. But she was also clearly aware that even if she joined forces with Dong Wushang, they would definitely be no match for the group from the Origin School and Ghostarm. Because Xu Yan was at the sixth rank of the King Realm, and he was two ranks higher than both Dong Wushang and her!

Xu Yan shook his head and said, “It can’t be opened now. If it’s opened now and if Dong Wushang solely focuses on fleeing, then I wouldn’t be confident in my ability to kill him even with Ghostarm’s assistance.”

“Then why waste your breath?” Zhao Hanyue laughed coldly and said, “We’ll simply decide it in battle. Even though Dong Wushang and my strengths are slightly inferior to the two of you, if we join forces and fight desperately, then it shouldn’t be a problem to take one of you down with us!”

A breakdown of negotiations! Dong Wushang and Wei Ran heaved sighs of relief. If Zhao Hanyue left, then they would definitely have no chance of surviving. But if they joined forces with her, then they still had a slim chance of survival!

Xu Yan didn’t waste his breath on Zhao Hanyue again, and he gazed at Ghostarm as he said, “You occupy Zhao Hanyue. I’ll deal with Dong Wushang!”

As he spoke, he flipped his wrist before a sword appeared in his hand, and he gazed at Dong Wushang as he said, “Your Sword Sect is world-renowned in the sword. Today, let me see if the sword techniques of your Sword Sect or my Origin School are more formidable!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xu Yan’s figure flashed, and his sword left a string of afterimages behind as it stabbed at Dong Wushang. On the other hand, Ghostarm’s figure flashed as well, and he caused countless claw images to envelop down towards Zhao Hanyue.

Yang Ye and Qin Xiyue were hiding at a corner beneath the violet barrier created by the violet mink. As they gazed at the battle between the two sides, Qin Xiyue said, “You don’t intend to help those two disciples of the Sword Sect?”

“I told you earlier, I’m not a disciple of the Sword Sect!” Yang Ye said indifferently, “Moreover, I’m unable to help even if I wanted to help them. Can you break through that Barrier Ward?”

He still remembered that even the Earth Bear King that was already halfway into the Spirit Realm had attacked the Barrier Ward numerous times before finally destroying it on that day. As for him, it was better to just forget it!

Qin Xiyue smiled and said, “Looks like you don’t have even the slightest favorable impression towards the Sword Sect. But this is good as well. After they fight to the point both sides are injured, we’ll go reap the rewards at the end. I presume that the wealth of four King Realm experts and a few First Heaven Realm experts ought to be very abundant!”

“Are you confident in our ability to deal with them?” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice. He naturally didn’t feel any sort of guilt from robbing and plundering these two because they weren’t good people in any case. So, he took it as eliminating evil for the world! However, both of them were King Realm experts, so he wasn’t confident in his ability to kill them. After all, if a King Realm expert concentrated solely on fleeing, then even the joint forces of five King Realm experts might be insufficient to make that person leave his life behind.

“Idiot!” Qin Xiyue rolled her eyes at Yang Ye and said, “The two of us are naturally unable to kill them. But don’t you still have that wolf? Once both sides are injured later, we’ll have an 80% chance of success if we take them by surprise. However, allow me to ask you once more, do you really not intend to rescue those two members of the Sword Sect?”

Yang Ye glanced at Dong Wushang who was fighting bitterly in the distant battlefield, and then he said, “Earlier, he intended to hand me over in order to calm the Flower Palace’s rage. Do you think I should save him? I, Yang Ye, am no noble person that repays enmity with good!”

He only cared about two people in the Sword Sect, Su Qingshi and Elder Qian. Right, Qingxue was one as well. Besides the three of them, did the fate of the others have any relation to him?

Qin Xiyue gazed at Yang Ye for a short moment before she broke into a smile and said, “Little Brother, truthfully speaking, you aren’t a person that’s bound to achieve great things. Because those who achieve great things must be broadminded and tolerant. Yet you’re a petty and vengeful young man. However, Big Sister likes this character of yours. Because even though you’re petty and vengeful towards others, you’re very loyal to those you care about!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Should I feel honored? After all, a beauty said she likes this selfish character of mine!”

“If you’re willing to pursue Big Sister, then Big Sister can give you an opportunity!” Qin Xiyue blinked as she smiled.

“I already have someone I like!” Yang Ye said, “Could it be that you are truly willing to share a husband with someone else? With your prideful character, you’re probably unwilling to do that, right!?”

“How do you know that I’m unwilling?” Qin Xiyue revealed a charming smile and said, “In this world, so long as you have the ability, then what could I do even if I’m unwilling?”

“You like being forced by others? Or perhaps being subdued by others?” Yang Ye spoke with astonishment.

“What do you think?” Qin Xiyue smiled.

“You’re really hardcore!” said Yang Ye.


Right at this moment, an enormous bang suddenly resounded from within the chamber. Yang Ye and Qin Xiyue restrained their smiles as they glanced towards the center of the chamber, and they saw Dong Wushang was holding his chest while he gazed resentfully at Xu Yan who stood before him.

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