Chapter 136 – Success!

Almighty Sword Domain

After she recovered from her shock, Qin Xiyue sized Yang Ye up carefully, and then she said a short while later, “I never expected that you really are a rich man. So, you’re a Talisman Master. I finally understand why you said that you’ll take care of the money needed to establish the organization.”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Let’s not talk about all of that. We have to clean up the battlefield and leave quickly!”

Qin Xiyue nodded, and then she took the spatial rings from all the corpses on the battlefield.

Right when they were about to check what they’d obtained, Yin Xuan’er’s voice suddenly resounded in Yang Ye’s head. “Leave, quickly! A Spirit Realm expert is rushing over!”

Yang Ye’s expression changed when he heard this, and then he pulled Qin Xiyue’s hand as he ran towards the exit.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Xiyue asked while she ran.

“A Spirit Realm expert is rushing over towards us!” said Yang Ye in a low voice. A Spirit Realm expert was utterly not an existence that the two of them could go against right now. No matter why the Spirit Realm expert had rushed over, Yang Ye didn’t want to encounter that person.

Qin Xiyue frowned when she heard Yang Ye, and then she fell silent.

Less than a quarter of an hour after the two of them left, a man in a luxurious robe appeared within the chamber that all of them had fought in just now.

When he saw the corpses in the surroundings, the man’s expression changed, and he swept his gaze towards the surroundings. His pupils constricted upon noticing Xu Yan’s corpse, and then his expression instantly became ferocious.

“Who exactly was it? Who killed my younger brother!!!” A roar that carried boundless resentment resounded from within the chamber.

After a short moment, the man’s figure flashed, and he vanished from the chamber.


After they left through the exit of the tomb, Yang Ye took a deep breath as he gazed at the sun that had just risen into the sky. After that, he looked at Qin Xiyue while he spoke with a solemn expression. “Did you hear that voice from before?”

Qin Xiyue nodded and said, “That fellow was probably the Spirit Realm expert that presided over the opening of the Tomb of Emperor Zhou yesterday. Let’s leave quickly, otherwise, we’ll probably be struck by trouble!”

Yang Ye nodded. The two of them didn’t stay here, and they quickly walked out of the imperial palace before walking swiftly towards the exit of the Shang Dynasty Ruins.

Not long after Yang Ye and Qin Xiyue left, the man in a luxurious robe appeared at the exit of the imperial palace. At the same time, a beautiful woman that wore the Flower Palace’s uniform appeared there as well. The beautiful woman gazed at the man and asked. “Xu Qing, the Soul Plates of two disciples from my Flower Palace have shattered. Do you know who’s the culprit?”

Xu Qing’s eyes were completely red, and he was just about to speak. However, right at this moment, a middle aged man descended on a sword and arrived above the entrance to the imperial palace. After that, he asked. “Xu Qing, the Soul Plates of all the disciples from my Sword Sect have shattered. Who exactly was the culprit!?”

The beautiful woman from the Flower Palace gazed at the middle aged man that spoke, and then she frowned.


A strand of the sound of air being torn apart suddenly resounded, and then a black robed man suddenly appeared here. The black robed man had a repulsive appearance.

Why was he said to have a repulsive appearance? Because he only had half the features an ordinary person had. Yes, he merely had a single ear, a single eye, half a nose, only his bottom lip….

The black robed man first glanced resentfully at the middle aged man who stood on the sword, and then he looked at Xu Qing and asked. “My Ghost Sect’s Ghostarm perished within as well. Xu Qing, only you have the ability to kill him, so give me an explanation!”

When they heard the black robed man, the beautiful woman from the Flower Palace and the middle aged man from the Sword Sect looked at Xu Qing as well.

“An explanation?” Xu Qing’s originally calm expression turned ferocious once more, and then he said in a fierce tone, “You want an explanation from me? Then who would I get an explanation from? My younger brother and all the disciples from my Origin School perished within as well! Who would I get an explanation from?”

The beautiful woman’s brows knit together even more tightly when she heard Xu Qing. She originally thought that it was very likely that it was Xu Qing who was the culprit, yet now it would seem like it was probably someone else that made a move against the disciples of her Flower Palace.

“So, all the participating disciples of the Ghost Sect, Origin School, Sword Sect, and Flower Palace have perished within the Tomb of Emperor Zhou?” The middle aged man from the Sword Sect spoke in a low voice.

“Yes!” Xu Qing laughed coldly and said, “The disciples of my Origin Sect, your Sword Sect, and the disciples of both the Flower Palace and Ghost Sect have all perished in there. Not only have they perished, but even their souls have also dispersed.”

“Xu Qing, you’ve been standing on guard here. Could it be that you don’t know who killed them?” asked the beautiful woman from the Flower Palace.

Xu Qing took a deep breath and said, “Just a short while ago, an enormous bang suddenly resounded from below. In the beginning, I didn’t pay any attention to it. After all, it was normal for battles to occur for the sake of fighting for treasures down there. But in next to no time, another enormous bang resounded, and this time, I felt that something was slightly off. Because since it was capable of causing an enormous bang to resound from underground, then such destructive force was clearly not something that those disciples who entered the tomb were capable of. So, I decided to go have a look. When I arrived at the source of it, there were only a few icy cold corpses and piles of mush….”

“You didn’t see the culprit there?” asked the black clothed man in a low voice.

Xu Qing shook his head and said, “When I arrived there, there were only corpses and no living beings at all. It at least requires a cultivation at the Spirit Realm in order to kill four King Realm experts. I’ve inspected all the people that entered the tomb this time, and not a single one of them possessed the ability to kill them….”

After a short moment of silence, the beautiful woman asked. “Did you notice any suspicious people?”

“Suspicious people?” Xu Qing frowned. In next to no time, his eyes slowly opened wide before he said, “I remember now. A Spirit Realm expert and Spirit Rank Darkbeast came over when the tomb was about to be opened. The two of them utilized their scanned everyone here, and then they left. I didn’t pay any attention to them at that time, and I just thought that they were searching for someone. Now it would seem like it’s very likely that they were the culprits!”

“Do you know their origins?” The middle aged man from the Sword Sect spoke in a low voice.

Xu Qing shook his head and said, “I merely came into contact with them via Divine Sense, and I immediately withdrew it upon coming into contact with them. All of you are clearly aware that if I scanned them with my Divine Sense, then it’s very likely that they take it as a form of provocation. So, after I confirmed that they had no ill intent, I withdrew my senses and paid no further attention to them!”

“When we descended here, there was a group of human cavalries and Darkbeasts from the Flameroar Lion Clan. That human Spirit Realm expert might be related to that group of cavalries, whereas, that Spirit Rank Darkbeast is probably an expert of the Flameroar Lion Clan.” The beautiful woman from the Flower Palace said in a low voice, “But if it really was the two of them, then why did they kill the disciples of our sects? This doesn’t make sense at all!”

Meanwhile, the black robed man said, “Why make guesses? Wouldn’t we obtain the answer by heading over to ask them? I sense that they’re still on the surface!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure gradually faded until it vanished completely.

The others exchanged glances before they vanished on the spot as well.


With Yin Xuan’er’s help, Yang Ye and Qin Xiyue safely avoided the detection of the human cavalries and Darkbeasts from the Flameroar Lion Clan. They dashed rapidly all along the way and utilized six hours of time to finally arrive at Death Mountain Range.

On the crown of an enormous tree, Yang Ye took a very deep breath, and then he rubbed the violet mink’s little head while he said with a smile on his face, “Thank you, Little Fellow. If it wasn’t for you, then it would be utterly impossible for us to avoid those two Spirit Realm experts!”

Yes, if the little fellow hadn’t helped them conceal their auras, then even if they’d left the underground ruins, they would definitely be noticed by the Spirit Realm expert and Spirit Rank Darkbeast.

The violet mink blinked, and then it flashed over to arrive in front of Yang Ye before it rubbed its little head against Yang Ye’s forehead.

“I truly envy your relationship with it!” Meanwhile, Qin Xiyue spoke with a smile on her face.

Yang Ye smiled, and then he said, “Let’s see what we got this time. I hope those four King Realm experts and seven First Heaven Realm Profounders aren’t poor, otherwise, the trouble we went to wouldn’t have been worth it.”

Qin Xiyue nodded, and then she withdrew 11 spatial rings. She placed the spatial rings that belonged to the seven First Heaven Realm Profounders aside, and then she took one of the spatial rings that belonged to the King Realm experts. Her finger moved lightly as a strand of profound energy instantly enveloped the spatial ring, and in next to no time, both of them heard a light ring.

Qin Xiyue sent her Divine Sense into the ring and swept the treasures within it. Before long, the corners of her mouth rose slightly, and the arc on her lips gradually lengthened before a huge smile covered her entire face….

When he saw the changes in Qin Xiyue’s expression, Yang Ye knew that the treasures within this spatial ring were definitely very good!

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