Chapter 138 – Pleasant Surprise!

Almighty Sword Domain

Qin Xiyue had left, and she’d left with a huge pile of treasures that belonged to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye gazed at the direction she left at for a short moment, and then he withdrew his gaze before he looked at the small command token in his hand that was inscribed with the character ‘’ that represented the ‘Yue’ in Qin Xiyue. This command token was given to him by her. He had to head to a pavilion called Immortal Indulgence Pavilion in the Imperial Capital and present this token there, and then someone from the pavilion would bring him to her.

Right at this moment, a strand of violet light flashed before the violet mink appeared in front of Yang Ye. Besides that, the Sword Chest that Yang Ye had placed within the pool of profound energy had appeared with the violet mink.

“Little Fellow, why did you bring this Sword Chest out?” asked Yang Ye.

The violet mink waved its little claw, causing a sword to fly out from within the Sword Chest. Yang Ye was first stunned by this action, and then his eyes gradually widened. “Why has it become a Profound Rank sword?”

As if he was unable to believe his eyes, He took the sword and sized it up carefully. However, no matter how he inspected it, that sword was at the low-grade of the Profound Rank….

In next to no time, Yang Ye withdrew all the swords within the Sword Chest, and then he noticed to his astonishment that 27 of the 36 Yellow Rank swords within the Sword Chest had transformed into low-grade Profound Rank swords….

Yang Ye gazed at the sword for a short while before he gulped down a mouthful of saliva, and then he looked at the violet mink and said, “Little Fellow, what exactly is going on?”

At this moment, Yang Ye was extraordinarily shocked in his heart. If he hadn’t personally tested those 36 swords, he would definitely think that 27 of them were low-grade Profound Rank swords since the beginning.

The violet mink blinked, and then it pointed its little claw at Yang Ye’s stomach.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “I know it was because of the tiny vortex. I’m asking about why the tiny vortex can make them advance in quality!”

The violet mink shook its little head to display that it didn’t know.

Right when Yang Ye was about to continue asking about it, a white light flashed, and then Yin Xuan’er appeared before Yang Ye. She glanced at Yang Ye before she said, “There’s no need to continue asking it because even I don’t know why that has happened. I only know that this vortex of yours is extremely terrifying. Not only does it have a space of its own, but it’s also capable of storing objects and even living beings. Moreover, the golden profound energy that it converts is utterly unlike the energy we usually absorb. I suspect that this tiny vortex isn’t an object of our world at all!”

“It isn’t an object of our world?” Yang Ye frowned as he asked. “What do you mean?”

“This thing is within your body. Do you really not know its origins?” Yin Xuan’er replied with a question.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I truly don’t. I only noticed its existence not too long ago. I’m merely aware that it grows in strength along with me, and I feel that it has a consciousness of its own. Because I’ve communicated with it in the past. Even though it didn’t speak, I know that it definitely has a consciousness!”

Yin Xuan’er was silent for a short moment before she said, “Miraculous objects naturally exist in the heavens and the earth, and all of these miraculous objects possess consciousnesses of their own. Since it has taken you as its master, then there’s probably something within you that has attracted it. As for its origins, there’s no need to be disturbed by it. In any case, it grows as your strength improves, so you’ll definitely be able to find out about its origins in the future!”

“I can only do that!” Yang Ye laughed bitterly.

Meanwhile, Yin Xuan’er suddenly said, “You’re awake that I brought those 12 Gold Guards of my Imperial Father’s with me!”

When she spoke up to here, she paused for a moment, and then she continued. “I want to place those 12 Gold Guards within that mysterious tiny cortex of yours. Because I noticed that your tiny vortex is extremely beneficial to the cultivation of both people and Darkbeasts!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Can I get help from them if I encounter danger?”

“It’s best that you don’t encounter danger, and even if you do, it’s best that you don’t ask me or those 12 Gold Guards to help you!” Yin Xuan’er spoke in a flat tone.

Yang Ye was puzzled. “Why?”

“You ought to be clearly aware of the powers that had annihilated my Shang Dynasty all those years ago. If they find out that those 12 Gold Guards or I have reappeared in the world, then trust me, you’ll definitely have a warrant issued against you by the Grand Qin Empire and the six great powers!” Yin Xuan’er spoke indifferently.

“Really!?” Yang Ye was slightly doubtful. “So many years have already passed. Would the six great powers really care about a tiny princess like you? They ought to not be so petty, right?”

“Eliminating weeds by the roots. Don’t you understand this principle?” A wisp of a cold smile suffused the corners of Yin Xuan’er’s mouth as she said, “If the Grand Preceptor hadn’t sacrificed his cultivation in order to utilize a divine technique to seal me within the tomb, I would have probably transformed into dirt by now!”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he said, “Miss Yin, your father intended for you to put down hatred in your hearts before he left, and I really agree with his intentions. After all, with your current strength, even if those 12 Gold Guards were included, you would still be unable to go against those six powers.”

Even though he didn’t like this woman, he felt that he had to advise her. After all, he’d received benefits from Emperor Zhou!

“If someone killed your entire family and made you lie underground like a corpse for a few hundreds of years, would you give up on taking revenge?” said Yin Xuan’er in a cold voice.

Fine, it’s utterly impossible to persuade her to give up on taking revenge. Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Since Miss Yin is determined to take revenge, then it wouldn’t be good for me to continue persuading you. I just want to state that you better not make a move against the members of the six great powers during this period of one year that we agreed upon. Right, truthfully speaking, I don’t want to be pursued by the six great powers to the point of being forced to run all over the world!”

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t make a move against them now even if you asked me to!” Yin Xuan’er said, “My main objective right now is to attain the Exalt Realm and increase my lifespan.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t speak further, and her figure flashed before it directly entered Yang Ye’s body.

The violet mink was about to enter Yang Ye’s body as well because it didn’t trust that woman. Right when it was about to enter the tiny vortex, Yang Ye suddenly embraced it and said, “Don’t go in there for now and accompany me to a place. I can’t get there without you!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed towards Death Abyss.

When he entered the Grand Myriad Mountains, he’d thought of heading to the Death Abyss once more to meet that mysterious old man again. As for the reason, it was naturally because he hoped that the old man would give him another Earth Rank technique that wasn’t inferior to the Sword Control Technique….


At the bottom of Death Abyss, Yang Ye rode on the grey wolf as he traveled towards the mysterious old man’s residence. All along the way, he raised his head to look at the surroundings, yet he didn’t see anything besides violet colored mist.

Yang Ye was slightly fearful when he arrived here once more. The Eighth Rank Darkbeasts, the Nightbirds, from that day had left a deep impression in him. Even though he still had the little fellow accompanying him this time, his scalp went slightly numb when he recalled the dense expanse of Nightbirds.

Fortunately, not a single Nightbird appeared throughout the way, and he arrived safely before the cottage where the mysterious old man resided.

“Senior, Junior, Yang Ye, seeks an audience!” Yang Ye bowed towards the cottage and spoke respectfully.

Less than a moment later, the door to the cottage was slowly opened, and then a hunched old man that held a walking stick in his hand gradually walked out from within.

The old man glanced at Yang Ye, and then a wisp of a strange glow suddenly flashed in his eyes. After a short while, a smile appeared on his face that was densely covered in wrinkles, and he said, “Not bad, not bad. The 2nd level of Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart. You’ve already attained such accomplishments in such a short period of time. You truly do possess extraordinary natural talent!”

“Enlightened Sword Heart?” Yang Ye was stunned. He knew that his Sword Intent had arrived at the 2nd level, but he wondered what the Enlightened Sword Heart was.

The old man was stunned as well, and then he nodded and said with a smile, “Looks like you’re still unaware. Besides Sword Intent, you’ve even comprehended and attained the Enlightened Sword Heart. Strictly speaking, the difficulty of attaining the Enlightened Sword Heart is even greater than Sword Intent. Let me put it in this way. Those that are able to attain the Enlightened Sword Heart can comprehend Sword Intent, but those that comprehend Sword Intent might not be able to attain the Enlightened Sword Heart!”

“Senior, you say that I’ve attained the Enlightened Sword Heart?” Yang Ye said in a bewildered tone, “Then may I ask Senior what the Enlightened Sword Heart is?”

The old man smiled and said, “The Enlightened Sword Heart is just like Sword Intent. It’s a realm. The Enlightened Sword Heart is capable of allowing a sword cultivator’s Sword Dao to become even purer, and that person wouldn’t be deceived by anything and would be able to see through to the essence of all things! There’s a rumor in the world where a single sword strike can destroy all techniques, but this rumor doesn’t refer to sword cultivators, and it refers to sword cultivators that have attained the Enlightened Sword Heart instead. Because those that have attained the Enlightened Sword Heart are capable of seeing through to the essence of all techniques in the world and rendering themselves invulnerable to these techniques. Simply speaking, when you fight an opponent in the future, you’ll be able to very swiftly locate that opponent’s flaws and weak points!”

Yang Ye came to a sudden understanding, and he thought in his heart. No wonder I was able to discern the illusion within the Tomb of Emperor Zhou with merely a single glance, and I was even able to discern its weak point. So, it turns out that it was because of my Enlightened Sword Heart….

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