Chapter 14 – Outer Court Exam

Almighty Sword Domain

The Outer Court Exam of the Sword Sect could be said to be a grand event in the State of Jing. There was a total of nine states in the Grand Qin Empire, and every single state had a few tens of thousands of cities within it. The Sword Sect belonged within the scope of the State of Jing. At that time, all the disciples of the clans within the nearby cities and the independent cultivators there would head over to the Outer Court Exam. There were countless geniuses amongst them, so the difficulty to obtain the top 10 positions amongst all of these people was obvious.

It was extremely difficult to obtain a position in the top 10, but there were benefits as well. Not only would one obtain rewards like medicinal pills, talismans, and treasures from the sect, the Sword Sect would even place emphasis on fostering the top 10, causing the cultivation resources they obtained to far exceed others.

Even though natural talent was important, cultivation resources were even more important. Because no matter how great of a genius one was, if one didn’t possess the fostering of a sect, then one would be reduced to a piece of trash as well!

Yang Ye’s target was to be in the top 10. Besides for the sake of vindicating himself and Elder Qian, it was also for the sake of being valued by the sect. Liu Qingyu was already an expert on the Outer Court Rankings, so he was definitely already valued by the sect. So, if Yang Ye wasn’t able to make the sect value him and surpass Liu Qingyu, then how could he take revenge on the Liu Clan?

When he thought of the Liu Clan and Liu Qingyu, a strand of cold light flashed past Yang Ye’s eyes. No matter what, he was determined to make this clan pay the price.

Yang Ye suppressed the killing intent in his heart and took a deep breath. After that, he headed to the training grounds as he intended to ask Elder Qian about the situation at his home. Presently, he was most worried about the situation of his younger sister and mother in Southpeace City!

“Trash! Stop right there!” As soon as he arrived at the training grounds, Yang Ye was stopped by someone, and he frowned when he heard this voice. When he turned around and looked at the person who spoke and saw that person’s appearance, a wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed in the depths of Yang Ye’s eyes.

The person that stopped him was a man around his age. The man had slanted brows, starry eyes, and a fluttering green robe, yet his face had a ridiculing smile. There were two green robed men standing on each side of this man as well, and they were both Outer Court Disciples!

Yang Ye hadn’t seen this man in the past, but he knew who this man was. This man before him was definitely Liu Qingyu.

There were many Outer Court Disciples training on the training grounds today. When they saw these five people obstructing Yang Ye’s path, many of them stride over and looked curiously at Yang Ye and the others.

“I’m Liu Qingyu.” As he gazed at Yang Ye’s hostile gaze, Liu Qingyu held a ridiculing smile on the corners of his mouth as he said, “Yang Ye, I truly never expected that you’d actually become a Profounder, and you even surmounted two ranks to defeat Duan Jun. What a surprise!”

When they heard Liu Qingyu, some of the nearby Outer Court Disciples exploded into an uproar, and then they looked at Liu Qingyu with gazes of slight adoration.

“It’s actually Liu Qingyu who’s ranked at the 29th position on the Outer Court Rankings. What’s he doing here instead of training on Seven Refinement Peak?”

“An expert on the Outer Court Rankings? Doesn’t that mean that he’s already an expert at the First Heaven Realm? My god! A First Heaven Realm expert! One that’s around 16 or 17 years of age! The Outer Court Rankings are really abnormal!”

“I heard that some Inner Court Elders have already started paying attention to him, so once he enters the Inner Court, his future would be boundless!”

When he saw the gazes of adoration these Outer Court Disciples shot at him, Lu Qingyu seemed to really enjoy it, and the proud expression on his face grew even deeper.

As he looked at Liu Qingyu who stood before him, Yang Ye took a deep breath and suppressed the killing intent in his heart before he said indifferently, “Are you done?”

Needless to say, Yang Ye’s indifferent expression was really detestable to his enemies, and Liu Qingyu really detested it as well. When he heard Yang Ye’s words that practically disregarded him and Yang Ye’s carefree expression, Liu Qingyu’s eyes narrowed. He seemed to have thought of something, and he smiled as he said, “Yang Ye, we could have been relatives. My father took a fancy to your mother while my brother took a fancy to your younger sister, this is a blessing for your entire family, yet all of you don’t know what’s good for you….”

Yang Ye laughed with ridicule, and he interrupted Liu Qingyu and said, “Liu Qingyu, I’ve taken a fancy to your mother, and I’ve taken a fancy to all the females in your Liu Clan. Ask your mother and all the females in your Liu Clan to marry me, then wouldn’t we still be able to become relatives?”

When they heard Yang Ye, the eyelids of all the Outer Court Disciples twitched. Because Liu Qingyu was an expert ranked at the 29th position on the Outer Court Rankings! Even though members of the sect could only attack another on the Life and Death Arena, Yang Ye seemed to be a bit too brave in their opinion.

Liu Qingyu’s face sank while a strand of imposing aura surged explosively from his body. His finger pointed at Yang Ye while a strand of fierce white colored sword qi tore through the air, and it carried a sharp whistle as it shot violently towards Yang Ye.

He was naturally clearly aware that he couldn’t attack a member of the sect at any other place besides the Life and Death Arena. However, rules were there to restrain the weak, and he believed that even if he killed Yang Ye, the sect wouldn’t do anything to him. After all, he was already a First Heaven Realm expert, and Yang Ye was still a Labor Disciple.

That strand of sword qi was extremely swift, and the nearby Outer Court Disciples were practically unable to see that strand of sword qi and could only see a white light flash in their fields of vision.

At the moment that Liu Qingyu made a move, Yang Ye felt a strand of vital energy lock onto him. At this moment, he felt that he was utterly unable to dodge, and he could only forcefully break through Liu Qingyu’s sword qi. However, that strand of sword qi was too swift, and it was utterly not something he could avoid and react to now.

Is this the strength of a First Heaven Realm expert? When he noticed a strand of the aura of death envelop him, Yang Ye muttered in his heart.

Right at this moment, Elder Qian suddenly appeared by Yang Ye’s side. Elder Qian flicked his sleeve, causing a strand of strong wind to blow out, and then a bang resounded as Liu Qingyu’s strand of sword qi was instantly dispersed in midair.

“Liu Qingyu, according to the rules of the sect, besides on the Life and Death Arena, it’s prohibited to attack another member of the sect at any other place. Have you forgotten?” Elder Qian looked at Liu Qingyu while his voice carried slight rage. Yang Ye possessed Profound Energy of the five elements, and he would absolutely not allow Yang Ye to die at a place like this.

When he saw it was Elder Qian, Liu Qingyu’s gaze flickered while he suppressed the killing intent in his heart, and he cupped his hands towards Elder Qian and said, “Elder Qian, Yang Ye humiliated my family members, so I was just giving him a small lesson, and I didn’t have any other intentions!” Even though he was slightly angry towards this old man, he didn’t dare to display it. After all, he was still an Outer Court Disciple now, and he was under the jurisdiction of the Outer Court Elders.

Elder Qian grunted coldly, yet he didn’t punish Liu Qingyu. Even though Liu Qingyu was merely an Outer Court Disciple, his natural talent was at the top in the Outer Court. Moreover, some Inner Court Elders had already started paying attention to him. So, Elder Qian was unable to punish Liu Qingyu for such a trivial matter.

“Since he’s fine, then Qingyu will be bidding my farewells now!” Liu Qingyu cupped his fists to Elder Qian before he turned around with the intention of leaving.

However, Yang Ye spoke at this moment. “Wait…”

Liu Qingyu turned around to look at Yang Ye, and dense disdain filled the corners of his mouth as he said, “What?”

Elder Qian frowned and was just about to say something when he saw Yang Ye walk in front of him. Yang Ye pointed at Liu Qingyu and said, “Liu Qingyu, I know you want to kill me, and I’ll give you this chance. We’ll fight on the Life and Death Arena three months from now, do you dare?” Since he’s stepped onto the path of the Martial Dao, then he could only advance courageously, overcome all the obstacles in his path, and become stronger without end. He had no path of retreat, and Yang Ye didn’t want to give himself a path of retreat. He wanted to force himself!

When they heard Yang Ye, all the Outer Court Disciples in the vicinity gaped to the point an egg could be pushed down their throats. A Labor Disciple challenging an Outer Court Disciple had already caused the entire Outer Court to be shocked, yet now, this Labor Disciple intended to challenge Liu Qingyu who was ranked at the 29th position on the Outer Court Rankings and had attained the First Heaven Realm. Is this Labor Disciple trying to defy the heavens?

“Haha….” After he recovered from his shock, Liu Qingyu roared with laughter, and when he noticed Elder Qian intended to speak, he hurriedly said, “Alright, I agree. We’ll fight three months from now on the Life and Death Arena. I hope you don’t disappoint me when the time comes!” As soon as he finished speaking, he roared with laughter, and then he left the others to leave quickly as if he was worried that Elder Qian would stop him.

When he saw Liu Qingyu leave, Elder Qian sighed and said, “Yang Ye, you were too impulsive just now. You’re only at the sixth rank of the Mortal Realm now, and the gap between you and a First Heaven Realm expert is huge, really huge!”

Yang Ye said in a low voice, “Elder Qian, I’m aware. I’m pushing myself into a desperate situation to eventually win the battle. He intended to kill me just now. Elder Qian, you were here this time, but would you be here the next time? If Elder Qian isn’t here during the next time, and he kills me directly, would the sect punish him? No. Now that I’ve made an agreement to fight him three months from now, he’ll definitely not make a move against me in these three months of time. In this way, I still have a chance!”

Elder Qian’s lips moved, yet he didn’t say anything in the end. How could he be unaware of this? However, it was utterly impossible for one to surpass the First Heaven Realm from the sixth rank of the Mortal Realm in three months of time. Even if Yang Ye possessed five element Profound Energy, it was impossible for him to accomplish it in three months of time because it was truly little time!

After staying silent for a moment, Elder Qian patted Yang Ye on the shoulder and said, “Little Yang, I originally intended to publicly announce that you possessed five element Profound Energy. But now it would seem like I can’t. If I announce that you possess five element Profound Energy, then Liu Qingyu will absolutely not give you any chance to grow. Now, you can only work hard, work hard to allow yourself to possess the strength to go against him. Understand?”

Yang Ye nodded. Perhaps he wouldn’t have a chance in the past, but he had the tiny vortex now, and he had those Energy Stones that Bao’er gave him and the Meridian Shield Pills those Outer Court Elders gave him. He had the ability to try, and this time, it wasn’t just for the sake of his mother and younger sister, it was for his own sake as well.

If he fought for it, then he would have a chance; and if he didn’t, then he wouldn’t have a chance at all!

So, he’d taken the initiative to agree to fight on the Life and Death Arena, and he didn’t give himself a path of retreat at all!

“You go cultivate at ease. I’ve already made a trip to Southpeace City, and I’ve warned the Liu Clan. They won’t look for trouble with your family for now. Moreover, your younger sister and mother are very well, and they both miss you!” said Elder Qian.

Younger sister, mother!

When he heard these words, Yang Ye’s firm expression revealed a wisp of a gentle smile. These two people were his conviction, they were his motivation, and he could disregard any hardships and exhaustion for their sake!

After he bid his farewells to Elder Qian, Yang Ye walked quickly towards Cool Breeze Gorge.

At this moment, he urgently needed to obtain strength.

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