Chapter 145 – Heavily Injured!

Almighty Sword Domain

The unexpected movement of the Hidden Sword caused Feng Yi to turn pale with shock, and she didn’t have the time to think before she bent her figure backward as if it had been broken in half, allowing her to avoid the Hidden Sword’s attack. However, right at this moment, Yang Ye’s fist collided with her stomach.


Feng Yi seemed as if she’d been struck by a sledgehammer. A mouthful of blood sprayed from a mouth while her figure was blasted flying. Even though she knew that Yang Ye’s physical strength was extremely terrifying, only when she experienced it herself did she realize that she’d underestimated this physical strength of his. After all, this was purely a punch and not a technique!

Yang Ye didn’t give Feng Yi the chance to catch her breath. Right at the moment she was blasted flying, he swiftly stomped his right foot on the ground, and he relied on the counterforce from the ground to shoot explosively towards Feng Yi. At the same time, the invisible Hidden Sword shot off like a bolt of lightning towards Feng Yi who hadn’t fallen to the ground.

When he was merely 6m away from Feng Yi, Yang Ye swung his right hand and two enormous creatures appeared by her sides. These enormous creatures were naturally Silver and Grey. He hadn’t summoned these two fellows at the beginning because he didn’t want Feng YI to run from fear. After all, if a Spirit Realm expert intended to flee, then it was utterly impossible for him to stop that Spirit Realm expert, even if that person was heavily injured!

The entire ground quaked when Grey and Silver descended to the ground. Both of them raised their heads and howled furiously before they pounced simultaneously at Feng Yi.

When she saw the two Nether Wolf Kings, Feng Yi’s eyes opened wide while tempestuous waves surged in her heart. It’s actually two King Rank Darkbeasts! A young man at the First Heaven Realm hadn’t just comprehended the Sword Intent of legend, he even possesses a physical body comparable to a King Rank Darkbeast and is able to control King Rank Darkbeasts. What’s wrong with the world?

In next to no time, she didn’t have the time to think about all of this. Because the attacks of those two King Rank Darkbeasts and Yang Ye himself had arrived before her.

Dodge? She could if she was in normal condition. But now, she’d been struck by a Technique Talisman, then suffered a punch from Yang Ye. Her entire body was heavily injured both inside and out, and she was utterly unable to dodge. Moreover, if she dodged, then Yang Ye would definitely pursue her like cancer that just wouldn’t go away, and if that happened, then she would be in an even more terrible situation!

Since she couldn’t dodge, then she could only go head-on against them!

When she thought up to here, a wisp of a resolute expression flashed in Feng Yi’s eyes. She stopped hesitating, and the profound energy within her body started surging madly while she used her hands to form a strange seal before her chest. In an instant, Feng Yi’s body was like a vortex that caused all the energy in the heavens and the earth to surge madly towards Feng Yi.

Feng Yi’s right arm was covered in a layer of fiery red flower vines, and she gazed at Yang Ye with a savage expression as she said ferociously, “Little Bastard! Die!”

As soon as she finished speaking, her arm that was covered in fiery red flower vines suddenly smashed down towards the ground!


An enormous world shaking bang resounded while a terrifying wave of air erupted from where Feng Yi stood. The two Darkbeasts that were closest to Feng Yi were the first to bear the brunt of it, and they were instantly blasted flying.

This wasn’t the end of it!

At the instant the wave of air erupted out, numerous enormous fiery red flower vines grew swiftly from the ground, and then they wrapped Feng Yi up within them. Subsequently, countless enormous fiery red flowers that were formed from energy shot explosively towards Yang Ye.

These energy flowers were extremely terrifying. Everywhere they passed, it seemed as if space was crushed into pieces, and horrifying sounds of explosions resounded incessantly.

Shit! Yang Ye cried out in his heart when he saw Feng Yi execute a technique. Sure enough, if the two wolves hadn’t helped him resist that wave of air, then he would probably already be heavily injured. However, this wasn’t the end of it. After the wave of air had swept out, such a terrifying and strange flower had actually shot explosively towards him, and it caused Yang Ye to be astounded.

Even though he was astounded, he felt even more excitement and delight. Why? Because Feng Yi had disregarded the injuries she experienced and forcefully executed a technique. In other words, Feng Yi was cornered, so she’d disregarded everything with the intention of annihilating him with a single strike. Thus, if he was able to resist this attack, then he would be the final victor!

However, how could a technique executed by a Spirit Realm expert be easy to resist? Even with the physical defense of the two Nether Wolf Kings, they were still instantaneously blasted away, so it was obvious how terrifying this attack was!

However, Yang Ye had no choice but to resist it even if he didn’t want to. These energy flowers formed a dense mass and were extremely swift as well, so he was utterly unable to dodge. Just like Feng Yi, he could only resist them directly!

Yang Ye took a deep breath. Right when he was about to utilize his physical body to resist these terrifying flowers, the violet mink suddenly appeared before Yang Ye. It blinked before waving its little claw, and a violet light barrier enveloped Yang Ye. As if it knew that this wasn’t enough, it waved its little claw again, and then another light barrier enveloped the previous barrier….


A fiery red flower was the first to arrive, and it blasted onto the violet barrier of light that the violet mink had created. An explosion resounded before the flower and the violet light barrier instantly dispersed into the air. However, there were countless flowers behind this one….

The little fellow blinked, and then swiftly waves its little claw about. In a short period of a few breaths of time, at least 20 plus violet light barriers had appeared around Yang Ye, and these light barriers were ceaselessly increasing in number….

Every single flower would blast a light barrier into nothingness. Fortunately, the little fellow was extremely swift, so layer upon layer of violet light ceaselessly appeared around Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was delighted by this scene. He’d never imagined that the violet mink’s violet light would actually be so formidable, and it was even able to resist a technique executed by a Spirit Realm expert. But in next to no time, Yang Ye’s smile vanished while his brows knit together. It was none other than because he noticed that the violet mink was in very bad shape.

Perhaps it was because of the violet light it was creating, but the violet mink’s eyes were filled with strings of blood. That wasn’t all, its little violet face revealed an extremely obvious pale white color.

Yang Ye was alarmed by this scene, and then he hurriedly embraced the little fellow that was ceaselessly waving its little claw. He said, “That’s enough, quickly get inside!” His tone was indisputable.

The violet mink glanced at Yang Ye, and then it glanced at the violet light that was swiftly being blasted into pieces before it revealed an expression of worry.

“Don’t be worried. Have you forgotten that my physical body is even stronger than Silver and Grey? These flowers are unable to injure me! Quickly head inside! Otherwise, I’ll get angry!” Yang Ye spoke in a gentle tone.

The violet mink blinked before it nodded, and then it rubbed its little head against Yang Ye’s face before transforming into a strand of violet light that entered into Yang Ye’s body.


Right after the violet mink entered the space within the tiny vortex, the last violet light barrier around Yang Ye was blasted apart by a flower. After that, a flower that was the size of a human head arrived before Yang Ye. He was unable to dodge it, so this flower struck directly onto Yang Ye’s chest.


Yang Ye’s figure was blasted flying. In the air, his pale face had become extremely solemn. Merely the impact of this flower alone allowed him to realize that he couldn’t suffer the impact of too many of these flowers with his current physical body, otherwise, he would definitely die. Because merely this flower alone caused him to sense that his chest was covered in countless cracks, and if he suffered a few more strikes, then his chest would probably be blasted open.

Yang Ye didn’t dare go head-on against these terrifying fiery red flowers. With a flick of his wrist, the Sword Chest that Bao’er gave him appeared in his hand. His profound energy surged into it, and then 36 swords instantly shot out explosively from it.

The 36 swords didn’t move to attack Feng Yi, and they forced a completely round circle the revolved at high speeds under Yang Ye’s control.


Countless terrifying flowers blasted onto the 36 swords and caused terrifying explosions to resound. Innumerable flowers dispersed without end while Yang Ye’s swords gradually shattered into pieces!

At this moment, Feng Yi who was wrapped by the flower vines had an extremely pale countenance while a wisp of scarlet red blood was especially conspicuous on the corner of her mouth. If she utilized this high-grade Profound Rank at any ordinary time, then she would absolutely not be in such a state. However, she’d executed it while in a heavily injured state. So, without any doubt, it was like adding injury to injury. However, it was fine in her opinion because she was able to deal with that little bastard!

Now, she understood a principle — never underestimate her opponents, even if her opponent was really only an ant.

If she’d attacked at the very beginning without wasting her breath at all, then Yang Ye wouldn’t have even the slightest chance, and this was a fact even if Yang Ye possessed those terrifying technique talismans. However, the current situation she was in had been caused entirely by her carelessness.

Feng Yi thought in her heart. But it’s fine because everything has come to an end now. That little bastard out there has probably been blasted into pieces!

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