Chapter 147 – Meeting Su Qingshi Again!

Almighty Sword Domain

Book 2 – Reality Is Harsh

There was only a single month left before the Ascension Rankings began. So, Yang Ye didn’t stay in the Grand Myriad Mountains. After he dealt with Feng Yi and recovered from his injuries at the bottom of Death Abyss, Yang Ye rushed back to Talisman Peak.

After he returned to Talisman Peak, Yang Ye didn’t see his master, Lin Shan, or Bao’er. Even his younger sister wasn’t here. So, he hurriedly utilized a Transmission Talisman to contact Lin Shan, and after his brief conversation with Lin Shan, he found out that all three of them weren’t at Talisman Peak. It turned out that Lin Shan had head to the Imperial Capital, and it was naturally because of the Ascension Rankings.

The members of the Talisman Master’s Association would be invited to act as judges every single time the Ascension Rankings was held. Lin Shan originally had no interest in the Ascension Rankings, but he knew that Yang Ye was going to participate in it this time. So, as Yang Ye’s master, he naturally had to go watch. So, he’d taken the initiative to request to represent the Talisman Master’s Association to participate in the Ascension Rankings.

With Lin Shan’s status in the Talisman Master’s Association, his request was naturally approved without question. As for Bao’er and Little Yao, how could Bao’er not follow Lin Shan to join such an exciting event? How could Lin Shan dare to leave her behind when Bao’er resorted to both ‘threats and bribery’? Moreover, since Yang Ye wasn’t at Talisman Peak, so Little Yao had naturally followed them as well.

Yang Ye was naturally at ease since Little Yao was with Bao’er and his master.

During these past few months with Elder Mu, Yang Ye had been constantly cultivating, so his attainments in the Dao of Talismans had naturally not improved at all. If Lin Shan found out about this, he would naturally be unable to avoid being scolded. So, Yang Ye entered into his room as soon as he returned to Talisman Peak and started to practice crafting technique talismans.

On the second day after Yang Ye returned to Talisman Peak, Su Qingshi arrived.

In his room, a trace of an unusual feeling arose in his heart as he gazed at Su Qingshi who wore a white dress. After being apart for a few months, this woman before him was still so striking as before and possessed otherworldly beautiful.

From some unknown point in time, Yang Ye couldn’t deny that he had affection for this woman that stood before him. If he liked her then he liked her, if he didn’t then he didn’t. Yang Ye refused to deceive himself. Of course, he knew that if he wanted to be together with her, then the difficulty to accomplish that wasn’t any inferior to seizing the first during the Ascension Rankings!

Not to mention her identity, whether this woman liked him or not was a huge problem by itself!

However, he didn’t have the time to think about all of that now. All he wanted to do now was seize the first position in the Ascension Rankings and obtain the Ascension Token!

“You’ve attained the First Heaven Realm?” A wisp of surprise flashed in Su Qingshi’s eyes as she gazed at Yang Ye. However, her gaze recovered to normal in next to no time. Yang Ye’s natural talent wasn’t bad, and he possessed gold element profound energy as well. So, attaining the second rank of the First Heaven Realm in a few months of time wasn’t a big deal.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “You probably came here today for something, right?”

Su Qingshi nodded lightly and said, “The Ascension Rankings is starting in a month, and I intend to bring you there to see how brutal the battles between those monstrous geniuses are. It’ll be very helpful to you when you participate in the next Ascension Rankings!”

“I’m participating in this round!” Yang Ye gazed at her while he spoke with a firm voice. How could he possibly wait for the next Ascension Rankings? His mother was suffering in the Flower Palace!

Su Qingshi frowned and said, “You have the strength to surmount your cultivation realm to do battle, but all the geniuses participating in the Ascension Rankings have the same ability. Moreover, your cultivation is too low because practically all the participating geniuses have at least attained the fifth rank of the First Heaven Realm. It’s even to the extent that some are at the peak of the First Heaven Realm. Your current strength is utterly insufficient to rival them!”

Yang Ye didn’t speak. A strand of Sword Intent enveloped down towards Su Qingshi, causing her eyes to open wide while shock appeared on her face. She cried out slightly involuntarily. “You’ve attained the 2nd level of Sword Intent?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Su Qingshi remained silent for a short moment before she suppressed the shock in her heart and said, “That’s even more reason for me to prohibit you from participating in the Ascension Rankings!”

“Why?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

“The Ascension Rankings is very brutal!” Su Qingshi said, “Every single time, numerous geniuses perish during the Ascension Rankings. The Ascension Rankings is a method utilized by the six great powers and the Grand Qin Empire to contend for geniuses, but it’s also a method to exhaust the geniuses of the other powers. If you reveal your Sword Intent during the Ascension Rankings, then the geniuses of the various powers will definitely not allow you to live. Because your current strength and cultivation makes it the best opportunity for them to annihilate you!”

When she spoke up to here, she paused for a moment and said, “With your natural talent, you’ll definitely be able to attain the peak of the First Heaven Realm before the next Ascension Rankings is held. At that time, with the Sword Intent you’ve comprehended and the gold element profound energy you possess, it would absolutely be easy for you to seize a position on the Ascension Rankings. It would be too risky for you to participate now! Because numerous powers are unwilling to see that our Sword Sect has a chance to rise up once more!”

“I insist on participating this year!” Yang Ye gazed at her as he spoke seriously.

“Is it because of that agreement with me?” Su Qingshi looked Yang Ye in the eye.

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he shook his head and said, “Not entirely. In short, I have to participate in the Ascension Rankings, and I’ll go look for another power if I’m unable to represent the Sword Sect. I’m very sorry but there’s a reason why I have to participate.” Even though he had an agreement with her, his mother was the most important in his heart, and if it was necessary, he could even give up on this agreement with her.

“Your life will be in danger if you participate with your current strength!” Su Qingshi spoke in an extremely serious manner.

“I’m unable to seize a position even with the 2nd level of the Sword Intent?” asked Yang Ye.

“Even though your cultivation is low, it’s still possible for you to seize a position in the Ascension Rankings with the Sword Intent you possessed!” Su Qingshi said, “However, if you utilize your Sword Intent, then you’ll definitely be targeted by the various powers. Not to mention any other power, just the members of the Ghost Sect would definitely spare no effort to kill you. Besides the Ghost Sect, the other powers that have a bad relationship with the Sword Sect would definitely do the same. Your current strength is utterly insufficient to deal with all of those monstrous geniuses, understand?”

“I know that what you said is the truth, but I still want to participate!” Yang Ye said, “Besides that, I’m not as weak as you think.”

“Let me have a look at your strength. Otherwise, I won’t allow you to participate in the Ascension Rankings. Even if you aren’t representing the Sword Sect!” said Su Qingshi.

Yang Ye’s heart felt warm. Earlier, he thought that this woman refused to allow him to participate in the Ascension Rankings because she was afraid that he would be killed and be unable to represent the Sword Sect during the next Ascension Rankings. However, when he heard what she said now, he knew that it wasn’t entirely because of that, otherwise, she wouldn’t have spoken such words.

Yang Ye stretched out his right fist, and his fist flickered with a faint golden glow. “Watch out!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s first whistled sharply through the air as it shot directly at Su Qingshi.

Su Qingshi’s palm stretched out to greet Yang Ye’s fist.


Su Qingshi took two steps back while a wisp of shock appeared on her face. She said, “What formidable strength!”

Even though she’d merely utilized less than 30% of her strength and this 30% was sufficient to easily annihilate a Profounder at the First Heaven Realm, she’d never imagined that she would actually be easily blasted back by a simple punch from Yang Ye.

“My physical strength and defense are on par with a King Rank Darkbeast!” Yang Ye said, “This is one of my trump cards as well!”

“You obtained a fortuitous encounter during these few months of time?” asked Su Qingshi. Yang Ye’s strength had undergone a tremendous change, and it was impossible for it to increase so quickly without obtaining some sort of fortuitous encounter!

Yang Ye didn’t conceal it from her and said, “You still remember that old man at the bottom of Death Abyss, right? I’ve been cultivating at his side in the last few months.”

Su Qingshi had a solemn expression. She naturally remembered that old man. That old man’s strength could be said to be terrifying to the extreme, and she felt that even her father, the Sect Master of the Sword Sect, wouldn’t be a match for that old man. Yet she’d never imagined that the old man would actually be willing to guide Yang Ye.

“He took you as his disciple?” asked Su Qingshi.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “He merely provided me with guidance. With my current strength, I’m qualified to participate in the Ascension Rankings, right?”

Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye and hesitated for a moment before she said, “I know you hold a grudge against the Sword Sect, but I still hope that you will join the Sword Sect. You’ve comprehended Sword Intent, so joining the Sword Sect is beneficial to both you and the Sword Sect!”

Yang Ye shook his head and refused. “Qingshi, I gave up on the Sword Sect when it agreed to hand my sister and me over to the Flower Palace. The reason I’m representing the Sword Sect at the Ascension Rankings is merely because of you. If you weren’t present in the Sword Sect, then truth be told, I only be too anxious for the Sword Sect to be reduced to a second-rate power!”

Su Qingshi sighed lightly, and then she avoided this topic and said, “I’ll come looking for you in half a month from now!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Su Qingshi didn’t linger here any longer and left the room.

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