Chapter 151 – Su Qingshi’s Worries!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye returned to Talisman Peak and contacted Su Qingshi with a Transmission Talisman. It wasn’t long before Su Qingshi arrived here. 

In his room, Yang Ye said in a low voice, “Qingshi, I feel that this matter is very unusual, so I had to notify you.”

“A few inner court disciples are merely going to temper themselves. Why would you say that it’s unusual?” said Su Qingshi. 

“You aren’t aware of that Earth Bear King’s identity?” said Yang Ye with surprise.

“Its identity?” Su Qingshi was puzzled.

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “That Earth Bear King isn’t a King Rank Darkbeast at all. It’s already halfway into the Spirit Rank. So, Murong Yao and the others are simply courting death by trying to temper themselves with it.”

Su Qingshi was shocked and said, “Halfway into the Spirit Rank? How do you know that? I’m not doubting what you said, and I’m just curious!”

“I’ve fought it!” Yang Ye said, “Moreover, I watched with my own two eyes as it slapped the Origin School’s Barrier Ward into pieces!”

Su Qingshi’s expression turned solemn when she heard this. She was naturally clearly aware of the Origin School’s Barrier Ward. It was something that only Spirit Rank experts could forcefully blast into pieces, yet that Earth Bear King was able to blast it into pieces. This was sufficient to prove its strength.

“Moreover, that Earth Bear King is no ordinary bear. It’s a soldier that the Darkbeast Empire sent to reside in Death Mountain Range and stop humans from entering the Grand Myriad Mountain. Even if Murong Yao and the others possess trump cards of their own, and they are able to survive and kill it instead, then Murong Yao and the others would be pursued and killed by the Darkbeast Empire. In short, so long as Murong Yao and the others headed there, then it would practically always lead to death!” Yang Ye continued.

Su Qingshi remained silent for a short while before she said, “Was it merely because of this that you said this matter is unusual?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I think that this is probably a plot against the geniuses of the Sword Sect that will be participating in the Ascension Rankings. Just think about it, what would be the outcome if Murong Yao and the others are really able to kill that Earth Bear King?” 

Before Su Qingshi could answer him, he continued. “Even if they are lucky enough to escape death, they would definitely be crippled. The Earth Bear King’s strength is extremely terrifying. With my body that was comparable to a ninth rank Darkbeast at the time, I’d completely lost my ability to do battle after receiving a single slap from it. Do you think Murong Yao and the others would be able to endure a single strike from it?” 

Su Qingshi’s face was icy cold. If it was really as Yang Ye said, then these main forces of the Sword Sect would practically be finished, and once they were finished, the Sword Sect would be finished during the Ascension Rankings as well….

After a short moment of silence, Su Qingshi said, “You think this is a plot of the Ghost Sect’s?”

“I’m not sure!” Yang Ye said, “But I feel that there’s something wrong with that Ouyang Yan. I don’t have any proof, and it’s merely a feeling. If there’s really something wrong with him, then it wouldn’t be just the Earth Bear King that’s waiting for Murong Yao and the others, and there would definitely be other experts of the Ghost Sect as well. At that time, they wouldn’t be able to return no matter what trump cards they possessed!”

“Ouyang Yan joined the Sword Sect at the age of 16 and became an inner court disciple at the age of 19. His natural talent isn’t the best in the sword sect, but he’s extremely hardworking and has very good relationships with others in the sword sect. He hasn’t committed any mistakes in the past, and the elders had a very good impression and evaluation of him. If there’s something wrong with him, then it would be the same for many people in the Sword Sect!” said Su Qingshi. 

Yang Ye suddenly smiled lightly. He knew that it was a thankless task, and the only reason he’d poked his nose into it was entirely out of consideration for the woman who stood before him. But it was very obvious that she didn’t believe his guesses. However, he didn’t mind because the deaths of the Sword Sect’s geniuses didn’t really matter to him. In any case, he’d warned her!

Su Qingshi seemed to have noticed Yang Ye’s emotions and said, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, but this matter can’t be handled hastily. After all, if a disciple is wrongly accused, then it wouldn’t just disappoint that disciple, it would disappoint the other disciples as well. However, one must always be vigilant against others. I’ll follow them from the shadows and investigate Ouyang Yan in secret.”

“I understand!” Yang Ye said, “However, I don’t approve of you going alone. If it’s really a scheme of the Ghost Sect’s, then they would have definitely sent experts to lay in ambush within the Grand Myriad Mountains. Moreover, there would definitely be more than one. If you go alone, then the slightest mistake wouldn’t just cause you to be unable to save then, you might even perish along with them!”

Su Qingshi nodded lightly, and then she suddenly said, “Were you there when the Tomb of Emperor Zhou was opened a few months ago?”

Yang Ye was stunned. He didn’t know why Su Qingshi asked this question, but he still nodded.

“Three disciples of my Sword Sect and the disciples of the Origin School, Ghost Sect, and Flower Palace perished within the tomb. Do you know the cause of their deaths?” asked Su Qingshi again.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I do.” 

Su Qingshi remained silent for a short moment before she said, “I headed there to investigate at that time and asked some people about it. I found out that some conflict had arisen between you and Dong Wushang. Were you the one that killed them?”

“I’d thought of killing him, but it wasn’t me.” Yang Ye spoke calmly. After that, he told her about what happened in the chamber.

After a short while, Su Qingshi said, “How laughable! All the sects are pursuing the murderer, yet the murderers are the disciples of their own sects.” 

When she spoke up to here, she paused for a moment and said, “If you intend to kill a disciple of the Flower Palace in the future, then you must not leave any proof behind. Otherwise, it wouldn’t just harm you but your mother as well. After all, your mother is still in their hands. If they threaten you with her, would you be able to avoid heading to the Flower Palace to give your life away?”

Yang Ye’s heart shook because he truly hadn’t given this any thought. Right, my mother is still in their hands. If the Flower Palace finds out that I killed its disciples, then it would probably intensify the torture my mother is experiencing. At that time, I would really have sinned.

In the future, I absolutely can’t make a move rashly before I’m 100% certain in my ability to accomplish it without anyone knowing! Yang Ye decided in his heart.

“Besides that, the Sword Commanding Elder, Yu Lin, isn’t the Sword Commanding Elder anymore!” Su Qingshi suddenly said, “He’s very regretful for what he did to both of you on that day!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Qingshi, I know you want me to rejoin the Sword Sect. But truthfully speaking, I really don’t have a good impression of the Sword Sect. Moreover, all of you really don’t have to regard me as so important because the Sword Sect wouldn’t be destroyed if I, Yang Ye, am not a part of it.”

“You’re very important to the Sword Sect!” said Su Qingshi.

“Let’s not discuss this matter, alright?” Su Qingshi’s intentions to make him join the Sword Sect was a slight headache to Yang Ye. It was impossible for him to join the Sword Sect, even if it was Su Qingshi that asked. After all, could anyone guarantee that he wouldn’t be abandoned by this sect for the second time? Even if the Sword Sect guaranteed to not do that, he wouldn’t believe it! 

Su Qingshi sighed in her heart and said, “Do you really have no nostalgia towards the Sword Sect?”

“I do!” Yang Ye stared Su Qingshi in the eyes and said, “If you weren’t in the Sword Sect, then I wouldn’t have notified anyone in the Sword Sect about this matter. If you weren’t in the sword sect, then I wouldn’t represent it at the Ascension Rankings.” 

If it was affection, then it was. Yang Ye refused to deceive himself.

Su Qingshi’s eyelids twitched. She gazed at him for a short while before she moved her gaze away and said, “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. But I’m very sorry, I don’t want to consider any matters of the heart right now!”

Yang Ye said, “I don’t want to as well. Since both of us don’t want to, then let’s allow nature to take its course. Because the matters of life are unpredictable, and my enemies are so formidable, so I, Yang Ye, might not exist anymore in the future.” 

Yang Ye wasn’t a pessimistic person, but he was very clearly aware of the enemy he had to face. This enemy hadn’t taken the initiative to take any action against him for now, but that day would come in the end. At that time, he didn’t know whether he would be able to survive his enemy’s attacks and kill that enemy of his. After all, all of these were matters of the future.

“You really intend to go against the Flower Palace?” asked Su Qingshi.

“It isn’t I who wishes to go against them, and it’s they who wish to go against me!” Yang Ye said, “It’s impossible for me to not rescue my mother, and I have to take revenge for her. So, a conflict will definitely arise between me and the Flower Palace. Even though I’m merely an ant in the eyes of the Flower Palace now, I believe that this ant, I, will one day be able to shake this colossus!”

Su Qingshi sighed lightly. Truthfully speaking, she didn’t want Yang Ye to go against the Flower Palace because it was really no different than an ant trying to shake a tree. However, she knew that it was utterly impossible to make Yang Ye give up on his mother. 

But even if Yang Ye had comprehended Sword Intent and was able to control Darkbeasts, it was extremely unrealistic to think of going against the Flower Palace by relying solely on that! 

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