Chapter 156 – Itchy Skin?

Almighty Sword Domain

“I agree!” Yang Ye glanced at the young man before he spoke flatly. As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and descended before the young man.

“Who do you look favorably upon?” Qin Feng who stood by Murong Yao’s side suddenly asked her this question.

A wisp of a cold smile suffused the corners of Murong Yap’s mouth as she said, “Qin Feng, I know you look down on Yang Ye a little and think that he merely possesses the strength of the second rank of the First Heaven Realm. But I want to tell you that even I am not confident in my ability to defeat him. Situ Bo is purely looking for a beating!”

“He’s really that strong?” Qin Feng frowned. He admitted that someone capable of ascending to the 22nd level of the Sword Servant Pagoda was definitely not trash, but he didn’t believe that Yang Ye’s strength wasn’t inferior to this demonic woman by his side. Because it had been too short a period of time since Yang Ye advanced into the First Heaven Realm, and Yang Ye’s cultivation was even numerous ranks below Situ Bo.

Murong Yao didn’t say anything, and she just gazed at Yang Ye who stood below the platform. The might of the sword chest Yang Ye utilized on that day was still vivid in her mind. Especially that unusual sword technique, even she had no choice but to fear it.

“Senior Brother Situ, Yang Ye has supposedly passed through the 22nd level of the Sword Servant Pagoda. Isn’t it slightly unsuitable to ask Junior Brother Situ Bo to act in this way? After all, with Yang Ye’s natural talent and potential, he would definitely become an extraordinary genius in the future.” A young man by Situ Rong’s side spoke to him.

“You’re speaking about the future!” Situ Rong glanced at Yang Ye who stood below the platform and said, “I admit that if both he and Murong Yao were given time, then their future accomplishments would definitely not be inferior to us. But so what about that? Could it be that my younger brother should just submissively give away the opportunity to participate in the Ascension Rankings? My younger brother’s strength is comparatively weaker indeed, but I refuse to believe that he would be unable to gain a spot in the rankings with my help. You ought to be very clearly aware of what ascending the rankings represents!”

The young man by Situ Rong’s side nodded lightly. He naturally understood what it meant. Right, if someone took my place, I would definitely be extremely displeased as well. Especially if it was a person whose cultivation was a few ranks lower than my own!


“Who do all of you think will win?” asked an outer court disciple standing beneath the platform.

“Situ Bo. He isn’t just a senior inner court disciple, he’s even at the seventh rank of the First Heaven Realm. On the other hand, Yang Ye seems to have just advanced into the First Heaven Realm not too long ago, right? With so many ranks of cultivation between them, how could he possibly defeat Situ Bo? Actually, I’m very curious as well. I’m curious why the Sword Sect would give Situ Bo’s position to Yang Ye!”

“Have you forgotten that Yang Ye instantly annihilated Liu Qingyu while he was at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm?”

“Exactly. Yang Ye was able to kill a First Heaven Realm Profounder while at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm. Now that he has attained the First Heaven Realm, how terrifying would his strength be? Not to mention that the elders aren’t idiots. Since they gave Situ Bo’s position to Yang Ye, then there’s definitely a reason for it.”

“Alright, alright! All of you stop arguing. Wouldn’t we know the answer once they fight?”

Beneath the platform, Situ Bo tilted his sword slightly and pointed it towards the ground, and then he gazed coldly at Yang Ye and said, “I heard you passed the 22nd level of the Sword Servant Pagoda.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he said, “Make your move!”

He understood Yu Heng’s intentions. Since Yu Heng wanted to witness his strength, then he didn’t mind showing it to Yu Heng. Moreover, he didn’t just plan to show his strength to Yu Heng, he intended to show it to the others that were participating in the Ascension Rankings as well. Because one could only obtain respect by possessing strength. He understood this principle, so he’d agreed to fight this fellow for the sake of avoiding any future trouble.

Situ Bo’s face sank. Yang Ye hadn’t even withdrawn a sword before asking him to attack. Is he trying to humiliate me?

“Take out your sword. I’ll let you launch three moves first in order to avoid bullying you with my superior cultivation!” Situ Bo spoke with a gloomy expression.

Yang Ye was stunned. He’ll let me launch three moves?

When he saw Situ Bo’s expression, Yang Ye immediately understood that Situ Bo had misunderstood his words as a form of humiliation. Yang Ye didn’t explain anything. He just suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot, causing his body to shoot forward explosively. At the same time, the ground where his foot was had collapsed, and it clearly showed the force behind this movement.

Yang Ye still hadn’t withdrawn a sword. He clenched his right hand into a fist and blasted it directly at Situ Bo. He didn’t use any flashy moves, and it was just a very simple punch like this.

Situ Bo didn’t take the initiative to attack. He’d said in public that he would let Yang Ye launch three moves first. So, how could he go back on his word?

However, when Yang Ye’s fist arrived before him, he regretted speaking those words from before.

The punch that seemed to be extremely ordinary a moment ago had suddenly become extremely fierce when it was about to arrive before Situ Bo. Moreover, the strength within the punch caused the air to be torn apart wherever it passed while the sound of air exploding resounded successively.

Situ Bo was astounded, the disciples participating in the Ascension Ranking were extremely shocked, and a wisp of surprise flashed in Yu Heng’s eyes because Yang Ye’s strength had shocked him.

Situ Bo couldn’t care about the words he’d spoken earlier. With a flip of his wrist, his sword left a string of afterimages behind as it slashed swiftly towards Yang Ye’s fist. He didn’t utilize a sword technique, nor did he have the time to use one. Moreover, he’d been careless and allowed Yang Ye to arrive before him. So, it was utterly impossible to avoid Yang Ye’s attack, causing him to have no choice but to go head-on against it.

Yang Ye didn’t avoid this strike of the sword, and the speed of his fist increased instead!


His fist smashed onto the sword. The low-grade Profound Rank sword suddenly trembled before cracks instantly spread like spiderwebs on it. Situ Bo’s face turned pale with fright. At the instant Yang Ye’s fist came into contact with his sword, the sword in his had had actually been on the verge of flying out of his grasp. Exactly how much physical strength does he possess? How terrifying is his physical defense?

It wasn’t just Situ Bo who was shocked, everyone else in the surroundings was equally shocked. After going head on with a low-grade Profound Rank sword with his fist, not only was his fist completely unharmed, the sword had almost been blasted into pieces. Is he a Darkbeast?

Murong Yao’s expression turned solemn when she witnessed this scene because she’d underestimated Yang Ye again. She originally thought that the sword chest and that unusual sword technique were Yang Ye’s trump cards, but now it would seem like they were far from being his only trump cards.

Situ Rong’s expression was extremely solemn as well. Going head-on against a low-grade Profound Rank sword with his bare fist yet remaining completely unharmed. This is utterly equivalent to the physical body of a ninth rank Darkbeast! How could this fellow called Yang Ye possess such a terrifying physical body?

Below the platform, Situ Bo didn’t have the time to think about it or feel shocked because Yang Ye had struck another punch at him.

Situ Bo’s wrist moved as he slashed his sword at Yang Ye again.


The sword exploded into pieces while Yang Ye’s fist didn’t lose momentum at all, and it directly smashed towards Situ Bo’s chest.

Situ Bo was greatly startled, and he clenched his right palm into a fist and punched it at Yang Ye’s fist.


At the instant his fist encountered Yang Ye’s fist, Situ Bo’s expression changed rapidly. After that, a clear and resounding sound of bones cracking resounded. In the next moment, Situ Bo’s figure was blasted backward like a rocket, and he flew around 15m before he smashed heavily onto the ground.

Silence! The surroundings were extremely silent!

He lost just like that?Situ Bo who’s at the seventh rank of the First Heaven Realm was defeated just like that with two punches? Everyone in the surroundings felt dazed.

Yang Ye withdrew his fist and shook his head as he gazed at Situ Bo who lay on the ground in the distance, and then he turned around and walked towards the Teleportation Platform. Situ Bo did possess some strength, but Situ Bo shouldn’t have underestimated his opponent. If he hadn’t underestimated his opponent and directly utilized a sword technique at the beginning of the battle, then it would have been utterly impossible for Yang Ye to defeat him so easily by just relying on his fist.

Unfortunately, Situ Bo had been too careless. Not only had Situ Bo allowed Yang Ye to get close to himself, he even exchanged a punch with Yang Ye. Wasn’t that equivalent to courting death?

Situ Rong leaped off the platform and arrived by Situ Bo’s side. When he saw Situ Bo’s twisted arm, his face instantly turned savage as he suddenly turned around to look at Yang Ye. He said, “It was merely a simple spar, yet you actually landed such a heavy blow against someone from the same sect. How ruthless of you!”

“I’ve held back already!” Yang Ye stopped moving, he turned around to shoot a glance at Situ Rong, and then he turned around and continued walking up the platform.

“You held back?” Situ Rong’s face was savage as he said, “You held back, huh! Junior Brother Yang Ye possesses shocking strength, and my hands itch for battle. I want to seek guidance from Junior Brother Yang Ye. I wonder if Junior Brother Yang Ye will give me the honor?”

Yang Ye stopped once more. He turned around to look at Situ Rong and said, “Are you sure it’s your hands that itch and not your skin?”

He really had held back in the battle with Situ Bo, otherwise, if he utilized his full strength, that punch alone would have been sufficient to shatter all the bones in Situ Bo’s body. The battle with Situ Bo was a simple spar, and there was no need to decide life and death in the battle because Situ Bo had never intended to kill him.

However, if Situ Rong dared to make a move against him, then he felt he would make Situ Rong unable to participate in the Ascension Rankings because he saw killing intent in Situ Rong’s eyes.

“Hahaha!” Situ Rong started laughing from extreme rage. What high sounding sentiments. Who does he think he is?

Right when he was about to attack, Yu Heng appeared between the two of them, and he glanced at Situ Bo who was lying unconscious on the ground before he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You injured him excessively!”

“I don’t think so!” Yang Ye said indifferently, “He should feel fortunate that he encountered me. If it was a disciple of the Ghost Sect or another sect, then does Sword Commanding Elder think that he would have a chance to survive?”

Yu Heng was stunned, and then he shook his head and said, “Drop this matter now. Head to the Imperial Capital!”

Amidst Situ Rong’s resentful gaze, Yang Ye stepped foot into the teleportation formation that led to the Imperial Capital with Murong Yao and the others.

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