Chapter 164 – Taking Revenge

Almighty Sword Domain

Even though it was night, the entrance to the city was still very crowded, and there were groups of people appearing on the teleportation platform at every single moment.

“Brother Yang is probably not coming!” Man’zi looked into the city from the entrance, and he spoke when he saw that Yang Ye’s figure still hadn’t appeared.

At noon just now, Yang Ye had said that he would come to look for them once he’d dealt with the matters Sword Sect. So, the three of them hadn’t left.

“If you want to head to the Courtyard of Joy, then go ahead. No one asked you to wait!” Qing Hong glared angrily at Man’zi as she spoke.

Man’zi blushed, smiled embarrassedly, and didn’t speak further.

Right at this moment, a group of guards in silver armor had arrived at the city entrance to conduct a patrol. One of them suddenly stopped upon noticing Qing Hong’s group of three, and his brows knit together tightly. After a short while, his face suddenly turned savage as he walked over towards Qing Hong’s group.

“Xiu Yan, what are you doing!?” The middle aged man in the lead shouted in a deep voice when he saw this person suddenly leave the group.

The man called Xiu Yan stopped moving, and then he glanced resentfully at Qing Hong’s group of three before he took a deep breath and said, “Commander Huang, I saw the people that murdered my younger brother!”

“Hmm?” Commander Huang glanced at Qing Hong’s group of three before he said, “Are you sure?”

Xiu Yan shook his head and said, “When my younger brother died, I’d gone to the Grand Myriad Mountains to investigate, and I discovered that my younger brother had entered the Grand Myriad Mountain with the three of them. My younger brother had died without any apparent reason within the Grand Myriad Mountain yet these three had suddenly vanished. So, my younger brother was definitely killed by these three people. Otherwise, why would they have gone missing?”

Xiu Yan’s younger brother was Xiu Yuan that had entered the Grand Myriad Mountains with Qing Hong’s group. At that time, he’d searched all the cities around the Grand Myriad Mountains yet hadn’t found any news of Qing Hong’s group. It was like the three of them had evaporated into thin air, and this caused him to be even more certain that his younger brother had perished at their hands.

Unfortunately, he was unable to find them after spending a very long amount of time. In the end, he had no choice but to abandon his search because the Imperial Guard in the Imperial Capital was about to start its yearly recruitment.

Sure enough, Xiu Yan who’d advanced into the King Realm had passed it.

However, he’d never imagined that he would actually see these three mercenaries in the Imperial Capital!

“What do you intend to do?” asked Commander Huang.

“I want living to be worse than death for them!” Xiu Yan stared fixedly at the three of them.

Commander Huang said in a low voice. “Could it be that you intend to make a move against them on the streets? Don’t forget that this is the Imperial Capital!”

Xiu Yan took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the thoughts in his heart. Commander Huang was right, this was the Imperial Capital of Qin, and his future would definitely be over if he killed them on the streets.

Besides the group of madmen from the Talisman Master’s Association, no one dared to break the laws of the Grand Qin Empire within the Imperial Capital!

After a short while, Xiu Yan looked at Commander Huang and said, “I’ll support you during the selection for the Head of the Guard this year!”

Commander Huang smiled when he heard this, and then he gestured to one of the guards behind him and said a few words by the guard’s ear. The guard glanced at Qing Hong’s group of three before he nodded and left.

“Brother Xiu Yan, even though we can’t make a move against them arbitrarily, what if they break the laws of the Grand Qin Empire?” Commander Huang smiled spuriously.

Xiu Yan glanced at Commander Huang while a trace of vigilance arose in the depths of his eyes. The Imperial Guard consisted of numerous members, and there were naturally many commanders as well. The Head of the Guard was a position above the position of Commander. In order to become a Head of the Guard, one didn’t just need strength, one had to possess the support of these members of the Imperial Guard. He didn’t support Commander Huang before this. However, he had no choice but to change sides for the sake of taking revenge.

However, the way he does things…. I must be extremely careful in the future. Xiu Yan thought in his heart.


Qing Hong was just about to look around at the direction of the city and search for Yang Ye’s figure. Suddenly, a middle aged man arrived before her. He sized up her attractive figure and bluntly revealed lust and greedy in his eyes. After that, he cracked a smile and said, “Tsk, tsk. What a beautiful figure. This figure… this face… it’s much better than the best woman in the Courtyard of Joy! If I’m able to….”

The middle aged man hadn’t finished speaking when a curved saber whistled through the air as it slashed down at the middle aged man.

It was naturally Man’zi who launched the attack. He was instantly infuriated when he saw someone tease his younger sister, and he didn’t give it any thought before drawing his saber and attacking.

The crowd at the entrance exclaimed when they saw Man’zi had actually attacked with his saber, and then they hurriedly created some distance between him and them. One that attacked another in the Imperial Capital was either an idiot or powerful!

A wisp of a strange smile suffused the corners of the middle aged man’s mouth when he saw Man’zi attack.

Right when Man’zi’s saber was about to descend onto the middle aged man’s head, a strand of powerful energy suddenly struck Man’zi’s saber. Man’zi was astounded in his heart while his hand felt numb, and then saber in his hand was blasted flying.

“Big Brother!” Qing Hong exclaimed. She hurriedly walked over to Man’zi’s side and said, “Are you alright?”

Man’zi shook his head, and then he looked at the guards in silver armor that were walking towards them. He said in his heart, Shit!

His mind worked swiftly. He was prepared to think of something, but they’d already arrived before him.

Commander Huang glanced at the middle aged man that teased Qing Hong earlier, and then he glanced at Man’zi before he said with an emotionless expression, “You actually dared to cause trouble in the Imperial Capital. Capture them all. Violators will be beheaded on the spot!”

“The matter….” Man’zi walked forward and was about to explain something. However, right at this moment, a figure flashed by, and then a mouthful of blood sprayed from Man’zi’s mouth while his figure was blasted flying.

“Big Brother!” Qing Hong exclaimed, and then she hurriedly ran over to Man’zi’s side and helped him up. When she saw Man’zi’s stomach that had been severely squashed, Qing Hong’s body instantly trembled because Man’zi’s Dantian had been shattered.

When Xiao Hei noticed Man’zi’s shattered Dantian, his figure flashed, and he stabbed the dagger in his hand towards Xiu Yan who’d attacked Man’zi just now!


A muffled bang resounded, and then Xiao Hei was blasted flying. Similarly, his Dantian had been shattered as well!

Xiu Yan glanced at them with disdain and said, “How weak!”

Qin Hong stood up slowly, turned around to look at Xiu Yan, and then clenched her fists tightly as she said a single word, “Why?”

She wasn’t stupid. These guards had directly launched lethal attacks against them upon arriving here. Coupled with the sudden appearance of that middle aged man from before, she knew that it was a plot that targeted the three of them. However, she was unable to figure out why these Imperial Guards would make a move against the three of them!

“Why?” Xiu Yan's eyes narrowed as he said, “I want to ask the three of you why you killed my younger brother as well. I’m Xiu Yan, and Xiu Yuan was my younger brother. You remember now, right?”

“So that’s the reason!” Qin Hong smiled miserably. Even though Xiu Yuan wasn’t killed by the three of them, was it any different? At that time, Yang Ye had killed Xiu Yuan for their sakes, and it could be said that Xiu Yuan’s death was closely related to them.

“He really was killed by the three of you!” When he saw Qing Hong’s expression, Xiu Yan’s expression became savage, and he said, “I won’t ask why you did it because it’s meaningless. Don’t worry, I won’t kill the three of you. I’ll sell the two of them to the Courtyard of Joy to serve there. As for you, I originally intended to do the same. However, I’ve gone back on my decision now. I’ve decided to play with you until I’m bored before selling you off. What do you think about that?”

“Don’t waste time!” Meanwhile, Commander Huang frowned and spoke from the side. If it was at any ordinary time, even he wouldn’t dare brazenly help Xiu Yan deal with these three mercenaries. After all, the laws of the Grand Qin Empire weren’t just there for show. If the truth was exposed, then he would be finished. However, it wasn’t a normal period of time now. The guards possessed an extra form of authority now, and it was the authority to kill first and report later!

So long as they dealt with these three mercenaries, then who would care about the lowly lives of these three mercenaries when there was no hearing anymore?

Xiu Yan revealed a savage smile before he said, “Allow me to cripple you first!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed, and his right leg shot towards Qing Hong’s stomach.

Qing Hong didn’t resist, and she was unable to resist as well. A King Realm expert wasn’t an existence that she could resist with her current cultivation. However, she was slightly unwilling in her heart. There were two things that she felt unwilling about. The first was that she was unwilling to die just like this, and the second was that she was unwilling to be unable to see Yang Ye before she died.

Man’zi had told her that time would allow her to slowly forget Yang Ye. However, during these months that they had parted from Yang Ye, not only had she not slowly forgotten Yang Ye, the feelings she had for Yang Ye had grown deeper and deeper!

There had been many occasions that she asked herself why she liked Yang Ye, but she was unable to give herself an exact answer. Sometimes, having feelings for someone required no reason, didn’t it?

However, everything was about to end because she sensed the terrifying imposing aura of a King Realm expert.

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