Chapter 166 – Fighting A King Realm Expert

Almighty Sword Domain

As he gazed at the badge in his hand, Commander Huang’s expression was extremely unsightly. At this moment, his insides were green with regret. Never had he imagined that this young man standing before him would actually be a Talisman Master, a Talisman Master!

Not to mention a tiny commander like him, even the Head of the Guard couldn’t afford to offend a Talisman Master.

Commander Huang forced a smile onto his face and passed the badge back to Yang Ye in a respectful manner, and then he said, “Young Brother, this is a misunderstanding. It truly is just a misunderstanding….”

When they saw Commander Huang act in such a humble and respectful manner, the gazes everyone in the surroundings shot at Yang Ye had changed. A person who dared to cause trouble and cripple an Imperial Guard of the Grand Qin Empire within the Imperial Capital was either powerful or an idiot. There was no doubt that Yang Ye was the former.

“A misunderstanding?” Yang Ye smiled coldly and ridiculed. “What? You intend to reason things out with me now? But I’m very sorry, I don’t want to do that now. I want to see the Head of the Guards.”

“Brother Yang….” Commander Huang smiled bitterly and said, “This matter was Xiu Yan’s idea. He has already been reduced to such a state, so how about we leave the matter as it is. Alright?”

“This state?” Yang Ye walked slowly over to Xiu Yan that was only semiconscious, and he didn’t hesitate to raise his foot and kick Xiu Yan in the stomach.


A muffled groan resounded while Xiu Yan’s body was blasted flying.

In midair, Xiu Yan opened his eyes wide, and they were filled with rage, resentment, and terror….

The gazes that the spectators in the surroundings shot at Xiu Yan had turned to pity. This was instant karma. Xiu Yan had crippled the Dantians of others earlier, and it was his turn now….

A strand of a cold glow flashed in Commander Huang’s eyes. Yang Ye’s actions of crippling Xiu Yan before his very eyes was equivalent to disrespect to him. However, when he thought of Yang Ye’s identity, Commander Huang could only suppress the rage in his heart. Not only that, he even had to forcefully squeeze out a wisp of a brilliant smile.

After he crippled Xiu Yan, Yang Ye turned around to look at Commander Huang and said, “Where’s that middle aged man who spoke disrespectfully to my friend just now? Don’t tell me you don’t know where he is!”

Yang Ye naturally wouldn’t let the matter go like that. It was he who’d killed Xiu Yuan at that time, so Man’zi and Xiao Hei could be said to have suffered because of him. So, how could he not avenge them?

The smile on Commander Huang’s face froze because the young man before him refused to let the matter rest.

Since it’s like this, then there’s no reason for me to continue acting humble. He took a deep breath, and his expression immediately recovered its calm as he said indifferently, “Brother Yang, even though you’re a Talisman Master, you don’t have any authority to kill in the streets of the Imperial Capital. As for your friends, it’s the business of my Grand Qin Empire, and it isn’t under the jurisdiction of your Talisman Master’s Association!”

“What if I insist?” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed. Since Commander Huang intended to shed all pretenses, Yang Ye felt that it couldn’t be any better. Because in any case, he didn’t intend to let Commander Huang go.

Commander Huang laughed coldly. He didn’t answer Yang Ye, and he turned around to look at the guards behind him and shouted. “Take Xiu Yan back. Besides that, take those two mercenaries and that woman as well.”

So long as the woman and those two men were dealt with, then there would be no evidence in Yang Ye’s hands. At that time, what could Yang Ye do even if Yang Ye was a Talisman Master?

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Right at this moment, Qing Hong pulled on Yang Ye’s arm and said, “That’s enough.”

Even though Qing Hong wished for nothing more than to kill these Imperial Guards that stood before her, she knew that it was utterly impossible. It was still impossible even if Yang Ye was a Talisman Master. Because the slightest mistake might cause Yang Ye to be dragged down as well.

So, she’d accepted her fate. Even though she was unwilling, what could she do? Her strength was weak, and her status was low, so she could only be humiliated and bullied at the mercy of others.

“Enough?” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he shook his head and smiled while he said, “Do you know the consequences of going with him? Moreover, how can I just let this matter go? In the end, all of you were implicated because of me, so I can’t let this matter go!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye smiled as he turned around and unsheathed his sword. Three strands of golden sword qi shot towards the three guards that were walking towards Qing Hong.

Everyone in the surroundings gasped upon seeing Yang Ye attack again. He really doesn’t respect the Grand Qin Empire at all, and he’s publicly provoking the Empire in the Imperial Capital!

Commander Huang laughed coldly when he saw Yang Ye attack again. This was exactly the outcome he hoped for. Now, he could even kill Yang Ye on the spot because the laws of the Empire tolerated no provocation!

The three guards were caught off guard, and their chests were pierced by the three strands of golden sword qi, causing them to perish on the spot.

“How audacious!” Commander Huang shouted furiously when he saw his subordinates had actually been killed by a single strike of Yang Ye’s sword, and then he flipped his wrist, causing the silver spear in his hand to transform into a ray of silver light that shot at Yang Ye.

The silver spear was extremely swift, and all everyone in the surroundings was utterly unable to catch sight of it. They were only able to see a strand of cold light and hear a sharp whistle as it tore through the air. The attack of a King Realm expert was just that terrifying!

A cold smile appeared on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and then he suddenly executed a descending slash.


The spear was instantly blasted flying, and its speed wasn’t inferior to its speed from before!

Commander Huang’s eyelids twitched. The strength of this disciple from the Sword Sect isn’t simple at all.

Right when he was about to attack again, his pupils suddenly constricted because the disciple from the Sword Sect had actually arrived before him. At the same time, an extreme feeling of danger instantly swept out from the depths of Commander Huang’s heart.

Commander Huang was astounded in his heart. He didn’t have the time to think nor did he dare be careless, and he spun his spear and held it before himself.


A strand of enormous force came from the silver spear. Commander Huang’s right hand became numb, and his legs were dragged on the ground as he retreated explosively.

Yang Ye frowned when he was unable to attain success with a single strike. My current Reactive Strike is slightly insufficient to deal with some King Realm experts.

Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about it. His figure flashed as he charged towards Commander Huang again. Since they’d entered into battle, then he definitely had to strike a killing blow. Moreover, it just happened to provide him the opportunity to experience the strength of King Realm experts. After all, all those monstrous geniuses participating in the Ascension Rankers were existences that could go against King Realm experts!

As for the consequences, he hadn’t given it any thought. With the formidable backing of the Talisman Master’s Association, would he have to fear a mere commander from the Imperial Guard? Of course, all of this was because he was in the right. So long as he was in the right, then he wasn’t afraid even if this matter was escalated to being handled by the Emperor himself.

One could disregard right or wrong and ignore the laws at any other place, but not in the Imperial Capital!

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