Chapter 170 – Fame

Almighty Sword Domain

“A disciple of the Sword Sect slaughtered King Realm experts with a cultivation at the First Heaven Realm….”

“A disciple of the Sword Sect went head-on against a Spirit Realm expert with a cultivation at the First Heaven Realm….”

“A disciple of the Sword Sect….”


Yang Ye made a name for himself through the battle at the entrance to the city. At this moment, Yang Ye’s name was spreading through the Imperial Capital like a disease, and all the young geniuses participating in the Ascension Rankings started to inquire about Yang Ye.

He’d killed a King Realm expert while at the First Heaven Realm, and he’d even done it at a place like the Imperial Capital. This caused countless people to feel extremely curious about Yang Ye’s identity and strength. As for going against a Spirit Realm expert, besides those people that were at the city entrance at that time, most people didn’t believe it. After all, it was too unbelievable!

Even though Yang Ye’s reputation had surpassed all the members of the Origin School except Yuan Tong, the Origin School, the two palaces, and the Grand Qin Empire didn’t list him amongst the list of dangerous participants in the Ascension Rankings.

One could really be considered a genius in the southern territory by killing at King Realm expert while at the First Heaven Realm, but when it came to six great powers and especially the colossi like the Origin School and the two palaces, one was merely a genius but wasn’t worthy of being paid attention to. After all, there were plenty of geniuses in their sects that could surmount their realms of cultivation to do battle!

The Origin School and the two palaces didn’t take him seriously, but the Ghost Sect and Brightmoon Sect had no choice but to do so. Especially the Ghost Sect. The appearance of another genius within the Sword Sect that could kill a King Realm expert was undoubtedly not a piece of good news for them!

In an underground room at the south of the capital, Kugu tossed the scroll in his hand onto the stone table, and then he glanced at Xiu Luo and the man by Xiu Luo’s side. He said, “Yang Ye, from South Peace City. He joined the sword sect at the age of 16, yet for some unknown reason, he was unable to absorb profound energy and was reduced to a Labor Disciple by an Outer Court Elder. However, two years later, no one knows what fortuitous encounter he obtained but he’d suddenly become a Profounder. Moreover, he’d ascended to the 22nd level of the Sword Sect’s Sword Servant Pagoda. The 22nd level! In the last few hundred years, only Daoist Zui has been able to ascend to the 22nd level! Xiu Luo, Xianjun, what do both of you think?”

A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of Xiu Luo’s mouth, and he said, “So what if he has ascended to the 22nd level? Besides that demonic woman, Murong Yao, the other members of the Sword Sect are nothing, including Yang Ye. He killed a King Realm expert while at the First heaven Realm? Which genius that ascended to the top 50 of the Ascension Rankings isn’t able to accomplish that?”

Kugu looked at the young man called Xianjun who was at Xiu Luo’s side.

When he saw Kugu look at him, the young man’s eyelids twitched slightly before he said, “He’s not simple at all!”

Kugu nodded slightly when he heard this. However, Xiu Luo frowned while a wisp of displeasure flashed in his eyes as he said, “Senior Brother, I didn’t notice anything special about him!”

Xianjun glanced at Xiu Luo before he said, “Don’t think that you can look down upon other geniuses just because you’ve comprehended Slaughter Intent. It’s best to keep a low profile when you don’t possess absolute strength, or you might not even know how you died!”

Xiu Luo was just about to refute Xianjun when Kugu said, “What Xianjun said is correct. Xiu Luo, Yang Ye isn’t simple indeed. It’s not because of his ability to kill a King Realm expert, and it’s because of his accomplishments in the Sword Servant Pagoda! Do you know what resides in the 21st level of the Sword Servant Pagoda in the Sword Sect? It’s a King Rank Darkbeast that had attained such a cultivation without relying on any external assistance. Were you able to resist such a Darkbeast half a year ago?”

Xiu Luo’s eyelids twitched. Even though he hadn’t comprehended Slaughter Intent half a year ago, his strength was extremely formidable as well. But if he had to go against a King Rank Darkbeast, then he would still be slightly overestimating his strength….

“Even though he seemed to be very ordinary now!” Meanwhile, Xianjun said, “But my intuition tells me that he isn’t simple. However, he’s just not simple. He isn’t my opponent, and I’ll just kill him if I encounter him during the competition.” Xianjun spoke in a casual and carefree manner.

Kugu shook his head and said, “If he’s just a disciple of the Sword Sect, then it’s fine to go ahead and kill him. But he has a Heaven Talisman Master standing behind him. If our Ghost Sect kills him, then we would definitely offend Lin Shan, and offending Lin Shan is truly unwise. If it isn’t necessary, then let him live if you encounter him during the competition or rope him into our Ghost Sect instead!”

Xianjun frowned, but he still nodded and said, “Fine, I’ll spare his life.”

Kugu nodded and said, “What do you think about the Origin School’s Yuan Tong?”

Xianjun’s eyes narrowed as he said, “I just happen to intend to meet this super genius that’s said to be invincible in the First Heaven Realm….”


The Flower Residence. It was a property owned by the Flower Palace within the Imperial Capital, and its disciples usually resided here.

At this moment, within a luxurious hall in the Flower Residence, Cai Feng put down a scroll that a disciple of the Flower Palace sent over earlier and said, “I never expected that Yang Ye would actually be able to kill a King Realm expert while at the First Heaven Realm. It looks like he can’t be allowed to continue growing, otherwise, he would definitely cause quite a bit of trouble for my Flower Palace. Even though my Flower Palace isn’t afraid of him, it’s better if we can reduce the trouble we face. Little Yue, kill him or cripple him if you encounter him during the Ascension Rankings, alright?”

Wenren Yue nodded slightly. However, at the instant she lowered her head, her beautiful brows knit together slightly while a wisp of curiosity flashed in her eyes….


After he parted from Lin Shan, Yang Ye led Qing Hong, Man’zi, and Xiao Hei to the Immortal Indulgence Restaurant. He’d offended the Second Prince just now and coupled with the fact that both Man’zi and Xiao Hei were ordinary people now, he truly couldn’t rest at ease if he asked Qing Hong to take two ordinary people and leave the capital.

As soon as he entered the Immortal Indulgence Pavilion, an attendant hurriedly moved over to greet him, and the attendant squeezed a smile onto his face and said, “Guest, I’m sorry but we’re already full. It’s best if you go look somewhere else!” Obviously, the attendant had taken Yang Ye to be a Profounder that had come here looking for a room.

Yang Ye withdrew the command token that Qin Xiyue gave him that day and passed it to the attendant. The attendant's face changed when he saw the command token, and then he hurriedly bowed respectfully to Yang Ye and said, “Please follow me!”

Right at this moment, a robust man obstructed the attendant’s path. He stretched out his hand to grab the attendant’s clothes and said furiously, “Didn’t you say that you’re full just now? What? You were afraid I wouldn’t be able to pay the fucking cost for the room?” As he spoke, he withdrew a stack of gold coins and slapped it forcefully onto the table.


A muffled bang resounded, and the robust man that was much taller than the attendant was blasted out of the Immortal Indulgence Pavilion.

The expressions of everyone in the surroundings changed. Yang Ye was slightly shocked in his heart because this attendant was actually a King Realm expert!

The attendant stretched out his hand to tide his clothes that had been wrinkled by the robust man, and then he turned around and bowed to Yang Ye before he said, “Please follow me!”

Yang Ye suppressed the shock in his heart, nodded, and led Qing Hong’s group of three as he followed the attendant.

The attendant brought Yang Ye to a room on the second floor, and then he turned around to look at Qing Hong as he said, “Please come with me. Those two friends of yours need to be treated right away or their lives will be in danger!

Qing Hong looked at Yang Ye when she heard this. Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then he nodded and said, “Go with him!”

This was Qin Xiyue’s territory, so he felt that it should be fine.

Qing Hong stopped hesitating when she saw Yang Ye nod, and she led Xiao Hei and Man’zi along as she followed the attendant.

After they left, Yang Ye pushed open the door before him and walked in.

As soon as he walked in, a wave of fragrance assaulted his face, and then his figure was embraced by a delicate body.

Who else could this delicate body belong to but Qin Xiyue?

Qin Xiyue hugged him forcefully before she raised her head, and then she pecked him on the lips with her little scarlet red lips, and then she smiled as she said, “As expected of my little lover. You carried out such a world shocking deed right after you arrived at the Imperial Capital. You probably don’t know yet, but your name has spread throughout the Imperial Capital!”

Yang Ye’s nether regions burned from being hugged and kissed by her, and it showed signs of rising. Yang Ye hurriedly pushed her away and said, “Can you not act normally?”

Qin Xiyue blinked, and then she seemed to have thought of something and glanced towards Yang Ye’s lower body. After that, she covered her mouth and chuckled. “Little Brother, you reacted from just a short hug from Big Sister. Looks like Big Sister is still very attractive to you!”

Yang Ye blushed. He was just about to speak when a strand of white light flashed, and then Yin Xuan’er appeared. She glanced at Yang Ye with a gaze that bluntly revealed disdain, and then she looked at Qin Xiyue and said, “So what if you are attractive to him? It’s just your body that’s attractive because he has someone in his heart already. Moreover, regardless of whether it’s in terms of appearance or figure, she surpasses you in both. You would never have a chance!”

Qin Xiyue restrained the smile on her face and said, “At least my body can still attract him. It’s better than someone who can’t even do that. No, I ought to see that he wouldn’t spare a glance at you even if you strip before him!”

As soon as they saw each other, both of them were instantly in confrontation!

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