Chapter 177 – Feng Yang

Almighty Sword Domain

Right when Yang Ye was about to speak, the furious old man suddenly frowned, and then he said, “Kid, you’re in trouble!”

Yang Ye was stunned. He didn’t know what the old man meant.

Right at this moment, a terrifying aura suddenly swept out from within the Talisman Master’s Association, and then a figure shot out from within the building. In the time for a single breath, that figure had arrived here.

The figure was an old man that wore a black colored Talisman Master’s robe, and there was a hideous scar at the corner of the old man’s eye. When the old man noticed the miserable state that the young man on the ground was in, his face instantly became savage, and he looked at the old man by his side and said furiously, “Ning Xiu, what exactly happened!?”

Ning Xiu pointed at Yang Ye and spoke while taking slight pleasure in Yang Ye’s misfortune. “What else? Feng Yang, your grandson has become too used to acting arrogantly, and this time, he bit off more than he could chew. Oh, it was him. You’re not mistaken, it was he who caused your grandson to be in his current state!”

Yang Ye’s face darkened when he heard this. Is this old geezer called Ning Xiu really a friend of my master’s and not an enemy?

Yang Ye didn’t have the time to give it too much thought because the old geezer called Feng Yang had looked towards him. Moreover, the geezer’s eyes emanated ghastly killing intent that wasn’t concealed at all.

The profound energy within Yang Ye’s body surged while the Hidden Sword appeared in his hand.

Even if this geezer called Feng Yang hadn’t attained the Exalt Realm, he was at least at the peak of the Spirit Realm. So, Yang Ye didn’t dare be careless at all. Now, he merely hoped he would be able to hold on for a while longer until Lin Shan arrived.

Feng Yang didn’t waste his breath, and he directly used his right hand to make a grabbing motion at Yang Ye from afar. An enormous palm formed from energy appeared before the old man, and with a light shake of his right hand, it carried a terrifying aura as it smashed down forcefully at Yang Ye like a mountain shaped in the image of a palm.

Ning Xiu’s expression changed when he saw this attack. He hadn’t expected that Feng Yang would actually execute a high-grade Profound Rank technique! The might of a high-grade Profound Rank technique executed by a peak Spirit Realm expert wasn’t inferior to the might of an Earth Rank technique executed by a King Realm expert! According to his original intentions, he wanted to see exactly how formidable this disciple of Lin Shan’s was, but he’d never imagined that Feng Yang would actually launch a lethal attack!

Right when he was about to lend Yang Ye a hand, he suddenly exclaimed. “Eh!”

After that, he calmed the profound energy within his body while he gazed at Yang Ye with shock and curiosity because this fellow at the First Heaven Realm actually intended to go against a Spirit Realm expert!

Yang Ye’s pupils had constricted when Feng Yang executed the combat technique, and the profound energy within his body surged madly before a light golden sword light effused out from his entire body.

Suddenly, Yang Ye stomped the ground with his right foot, and his figure shot out explosively. When he got close to the enormous energy palm, he swiftly drew his sword and slashed!

A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of Feng Yang’s mouth when he saw Yang Ye actually trying go head-on against the technique he executed. This fellow before me is merely an ant at the First Heaven Realm, yet he actually dares to take the initiative to attack? He really overestimates his strength!

Under Feng Yang’s disdainful gaze, Yang Ye collided with the energy palm that was a few times larger than himself!

A strand of golden light flashed….


An enormous bang rumbled, and then the energy palm rumbled as it exploded into pieces….

Both the woman and Ning Xiu were dumbstruck. A combat technique executed by a Spirit Realm expert was destroyed by this young man just like that?

“How could this be possible….” Feng Yang muttered softly, and his voice was filled with shock and disbelief….

Yang Ye experienced the benefits of the Enlightened Sword Heart once more. When Feng Yang executed that technique, he’d instinctively noticed the flaw in this technique. Every single technique had a flaw or weak point, and he who possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart was able to locate these flaws and weak points right away.

Elder Mu had said the Enlightened Sword Heart was even more terrifying than Sword Intent, and Yang Ye didn’t really believe this. But now….

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then a vicious expression flashed on his face as he gazed at Feng Yang. With a command in his heart, Violet Spirit swished through the air and transformed into a wisp of violet light that shot explosively at Feng Yang. At the same time, Yang Ye stomped the ground with his right foot. He relied on the counterforce from this and the boost from both the Gale Shoes and Strider Talisman to transform into a shadow that followed closely behind Violet Spirit, and he shot explosively towards Feng Yang!

Yang Ye had never liked to be in a passive position. Even if he was facing a Spirit Realm expert, so what about it? He who strikes first gains the advantage, and he who strikes late fails. Even if he didn’t attack, Feng Yang would still attack him, so why shouldn’t he attack first?

A wisp of surprise flashed in Feng Yang’s eyes when he saw Violet Spirit attack on its own. What a marvelous technique of sword control.

But in next to no time, this surprise of his had transformed into rage. Because this ant had actually dared to attack him. A First Heaven Realm expert attacking a Spirit Realm expert like me? What a joke! Is he trying to humiliate me?

Under the influence of his fury, Feng Yang didn’t hold back. With a flick of his finger, a strand of profound energy shot out explosively and struck Violet Spirit, causing it to be instantly blasted flying. However, in the next moment, Violet Spirit transformed into a strand of violet light and shot explosively towards Feng Yang once more….

This time, it wasn’t just Feng Yang who was shocked, even the woman and Ning Xiu were shocked. When did such a peerlessly profound sword technique appear in the Sword Sect? This… this is simply inconceivable!

Right at this moment, Yang Ye had arrived in front of Feng Yang, and he didn’t hesitate to draw the Hidden Sword from its sheathe, and a strand of light flashed as he slashed it forcefully at Feng Yang’s head.

Feng Yang grunted coldly. With a swing of his right hand, a strand of powerful wing struck Yang Ye’s body. Yang Ye seemed as if he’d suffered a powerful blow, and his figure was blasted flying.

In midair, Yang Ye stomped with his legs to steady himself, and then with a command in his heart, Violet Spirit that was originally shooting towards Feng Yang had suddenly changed its direction and instantly arrived at the neck of the young man who laid on the ground!

“Old bastard, just you try making another move against me! I’ll separate your grandson’s head from his body!” Yang Ye suppressed the roiling energy in his body as he gazed at Feng Yang and spoke in a cold voice.

That strike from before allowed Yang Ye to realize that he wasn’t a match for Feng Yang at all. If he utilized a few high-rank Technique Talismans and the Pearl of Baleful Blood, then perhaps he would have a tiny chance of killing the old man. But the problem was that he didn’t possess any high-rank Technique Talismans now. As for the Pearl of Baleful Blood, it would probably be utterly unable to deal with this old man.

Because this old man’s strength was probably even slightly superior to Su Qingshi!

“You’re threatening me?” Feng Yang slowly clenched his right hand into a fist, and the profound energy within his body roiled without end.

“I am!” Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “Old man, just take another step forward if you don’t believe me, and you can see whether I dare to chop off your grandson’s head!”

Feng Yang’s eyes narrowed slightly. A Profounder at the First Heaven Realm dares to threaten me?

Right when he was about to take a step forward, Ning Xiu said, “Feng Yang, if you don’t want anything to happen to your grandson, then it’s best you do as he says. If he killed your grandson, then your grandson would have absolutely died in vain, but if you kill him, then I guarantee you’ll never know peace for your entire lifetime!”

“What do you mean!?” Feng Yang gazed at Ning Xiu as he spoke in a deep voice.

“What else?” Ning Xiu rolled his eyes and said, “Do you know who this kid’s master is? It’s that madman, Lin Shan. If you kill Lin Shan’s disciple, then with his temper, I guarantee all your loved once will be exterminated.”

Feng Yang’s eyelids twitched when he heard this, and then he said, “He’s that old geezer, Lin Shan’s, disciple?”

Feng Yang nodded and said, “Even though I have no proof, it should be true. If he wasn’t Lin Shan’s disciple, then would this kid dare to act so arrogantly? Moreover, you mustn’t think that he wouldn’t dare kill your grandson because if I didn’t stop him earlier, then he would have even killed his senior sister. So, for the sake of your grandson’s life, it’s best that you don’t make a move against him!”

After a short while, Feng Yang took a deep breath, and then he spoke with a savage expression. “So what if he’s Lin Shan’s disciple? He can kill my grandson because he’s Lin Shan’s disciple? Old man Ning, don’t you think that I’m afraid of Lin Shan. If worse comes to worse, we’ll can just fight to the death!”

Ning Xiu shook his head and said, “Old man Feng, I’m not saying that you’re afraid of Lin Shan. I’m saying that if you dare to attack, then that kid would absolutely dare to kill your grandson. Besides that, this kid possesses such terrifying strength at such an age, so he’s absolutely a disciple the Sword Sect dispatched to participate in the Ascension Rankings, and he might even be Daoist Zui’s disciple. Just think about it, both of us have never seen or heard of that sword technique from before. If it wasn’t Daoist Zui, then could anyone else in this world possess such a profound sword technique? If you kill him and it enrages Daoist Zui, then even if you are a Heaven Talisman Master, the entire Talisman Master’s Association would still be unable to protect you and your Feng Clan!”

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