Chapter 192 – Annihilation

Almighty Sword Domain

The man with long eyebrows had just taken a few steps when a man by his side suddenly said, “Big Brother Yong Xing, he’s a disciple of the Sword Sect, and we’ve completely offended him now, so he definitely holds a grudge in his heart. Our group is huge now, so he would definitely not dare to make a move against us. But if he were to converge with the other disciples of the Sword Sect later, then would he spare us? Moreover, he’s a disciple of the Sword Sect, so he surely possesses the Inner Cores of King Rank Darkbeasts and might even possess the sword techniques and cultivation techniques of the Sword Sect. Now that he’s all along, it’s exactly the….” When he spoke up to here, a wisp of ruthless killing intent flashed in the man’s eyes.

The man with long eyebrows called Yong Xing stopped when he heard this. He didn’t contemplate for long before a wisp of killing intent flashed in his eyes, and then he turned to look at that man who spoke and nodded lightly. After that, he shouted explosively. “Attack!”

As soon as he spoke, he swiftly turned around, and his figure flashed as he took the lead to charge at Yang Ye.

Actually, he’d had this thought earlier, and he’d just suppressed it. After all, he couldn’t afford to offend the Sword Sect. But when he heard that what the man had said, he’d decided to take a risk. As it was said, money comes from risk and danger! Moreover, he’d already utterly offended Yang Ye, so it was best to annihilate Yang Ye!

His companions clearly possessed a very good tacit understanding amongst each other. At the moment Yong Xing had said the word, all of them were merely slightly stunned before they returned to their senses, and then they withdrew their weapons and charged towards Yang Ye.

In this world, there were very few times that one had to be concerned about morals, principles, right, and wrong. If one had the strength, then wrong would be right, and if one didn’t possess strength, then one would be wrong even if one was right!

So, in the southern territory, it was extremely common to kill others in order to seize their treasures.

Yang Ye was stunned when the blue robed man shot a provocative gaze at him. So there really are idiots like this in the world.

Right when he was about to attack, he’d never imagined that this group of people would actually be the first to make a move against him….

Yang Ye shook his head as he gazed at the figures that charged towards him, and he said to himself, I was too merciful. Why did I even waste my breath on them? Wouldn’t it have been better to just kill them?

With a wave of his right hand, three enormous figures flashed into appearance. It was Grey, Silver, and the tiger that the little fellow had subdued earlier, Tigga.

Presently, if the little fellow was included, then there were eight King Rank Darkbeasts on Yang Ye’s side. With these Darkbeasts by his side, Yang Ye was even confident in his ability to fight a Spirit Realm expert!

As soon as these Darkbeasts appeared, the expressions of the entire group which was led by Yong Xing had turned pale, and their eyes were filled with shock and horror….

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath. Right when he was about to wave his hand and order the Darkbeasts to crush these fellows, the violet mink was a step ahead of him. With a wave of its little claw, a strand of violet light suddenly appeared before an expert in Yong Xing’s group, and it directly blasted that expert into a pile of mush….

When they saw the violet mink attack, all the other Darkbeasts seemed as if they’d been shot with stimulants, and they raised their heads and roared before charging madly towards Yong Xing’s group….

“Brother from the Sword Sect, it’s a misunderstanding. It’s just a misunderstanding!” Right at this moment, Yong Xing suddenly stopped moving and cried out involuntarily. “It’s a misunderstanding. I’m willing to hand those three members of the Li Clan over to you. I’m willing….”

“I don’t need your consent now….” Yang Ye shook his head, and then his figure flashed and joined the army of Darkbeasts….

At this moment, Yang Ye understood a principle. There were very few moments in this world where one could consider morality and principles because one’s opponents wouldn’t care about this in the face of benefits and wealth.

In this world where the strong were respected, it was better to be a little more ruthless!

When he noticed that negotiations had failed, Yong Xing immediately roared loudly. “Split up and flee!” As soon as he finished speaking, he was the first to shoot explosively towards the distance….

At this moment, there was no need for him to tell them anything because if they didn’t flee when facing seven King Rank Darkbeasts, then should they wait for death instead?

At this moment, all of them including Yong Xing didn’t think about why three Darkbeasts would suddenly appear here or why this disciple of the Sword Sect could command Darkbeasts. When their lives were threatened, would anyone have the time to think about all of this? Instead of thinking about this, wouldn’t it be better to run faster?

Splitting up and fleeing was a good method, and if the little fellow wasn’t here, then some of them would really be able to escape. After all, Yang Ye’s weakest point was his speed. But with the little fellow here….

The violet mink’s eyes spun about as it stood on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and it waved its little claws at the person who was fleeing the fastest, causing a strand of violet light to suddenly blast onto that person….

It was a complete slaughter with eight Darkbeasts by Yang Ye’s side, and in less than 15 minutes of time, that group of over 10 people had been annihilated while only the three members of the Li Clan remained!

After slicing off Yong Xing’s head with a sweep of his sword, Yang Ye turned to look at the members of the Li Clan who were encircled by the Darkbeasts.

They gazed at Yang Ye with undisguised shock and terror. Those are King Rank Darkbeasts! King Rank Darkbeast! Yet this disciple of the Sword Sect is actually able to command them….

What’s happening to the world….

“You….” The blue robed man gazed at Yang Ye and spoke with disbelief. “How could you be able to command Darkbeasts. Who… who exactly are you?”

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath and merely nodded to the Darkbeasts. They understood him and immediately pounded over….

In Yang Ye’s opinion, talking with one’s opponent in battle was an extremely idiotic action. Most times, it was exactly because one talked too much nonsense that all sorts of unexpected events were given the opportunity to occur!

In next to no time, only a pool of blood remained where they stood….

Yang Ye took all the spatial rings on the battlefield, and then the corners of his mouth curled up slightly when he checked their contents. It wasn’t bad because he’d obtained eight King Rank Inner Cores this time. Besides that, there were a few thousand energy stones. As for everything else, he didn’t spare them a second glance….

Right at this moment, the violet mink suddenly patted Yang Ye on the head, and then it pointed at the four King Rank Darkbeasts before it started waving its little claws around.

After a short while, Yang Ye smiled bitterly and said, “Little Fellow, we can’t allow so many huge fellows to live in there. Even though the four of them aren’t bad, they are slightly inferior when compared to Grey, Silver, and Tigga. Let’s allow them to leave and not take them with us, alright?”


Yang Ye had just finished speaking when the four Shadowhunter Darkbeasts were instantly infuriated, and they raised their heads and howled in unison. After that, they stared furiously at Yang Ye as if they would charge over and tear Yang Ye into pieces in the next moment!

When they saw the actions of these four Darkbeasts, Grey and Silver shook their heads simultaneously while they revealed expressions of pity in their eyes.

Sure enough, they’d just finished howling when an invisible pressure instantly pressed down upon them, and it caused them to immediately fall flat on the ground while shivering.

The violet mink’s figure flashed and arrived in the air above them, and then it put all its strength into knocking the heads of these four Shadowhunter Leopards. After knocking them for a while, it flashed back to Yang Ye’s side, and then it revealed a pitiable expression.

Yang Ye was at a loss for whether to laugh or cry when he saw this. Because how could he not understand the little fellow’s thoughts? He glanced at the four Shadowhunter Leopards that lay flat on the ground, and then he said in a low voice, “Looks like I have to find a way to improve my strength as soon as possible!”

When he advanced into the First Heaven Realm, the vortex within his body had undergone a tremendous change. So, if he advanced into the King Realm, then what sort of changes would the tiny vortex undergo? Would his profound energy change in color again?

I truly anticipate that day!

Yang Ye shook his head and then raised his head to discern the time. At this moment, the sky was gradually dimming down. Nighttime is when the Darkbeasts reign supreme. But fortunately, I have these seven King Rank Darkbeasts and the little fellow. Especially the little fellow, with it here by my side, there would probably be no Darkbeast on Ascension Mountain Range that would dare to offend me on its own accord.

Yang Ye glanced towards the south, hesitated for a moment, and then chose not to continue traveling in the end. Even though he’d promised Su Qingshi that he would take care of the Sword Sect’s disciples if it was within his ability, he hadn’t promised to be their babysitter. Since they’d come to participate in the Ascension Rankings, then life and death were up to fate.

Of course, it was mainly because he didn’t have a good impression of those disciples from the Sword Sect. Murong Yao would be fine because she had the ability to protect herself, so there was no need for him to worry about her. As for the others….

With a wave of his right hand, he put the seven Darkbeasts back into the vortex, and then his figure flashed and arrived before an enormous tree. He leaped up and ascended onto the thick and dense branches and leaves of the tree, and he utilized the leaves and trunk of the tree to conceal himself before he withdrew a few energy stones and started to absorb the energy within them.

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