Chapter 194 – Advancement!

Almighty Sword Domain


The three blasts of energy were instantly dispersed.

Yang Ye descended onto the ground and then gazed at the three of them who revealed vigilant expressions. The profound energy within both Huang Qing and Qing Hai’s bodies surged as if they would attack in the next moment. However, when they recalled that casual slash of the sword Yang Ye had executed just now, their expressions turned extremely solemn, and they didn’t dare attack rashly. That strike was truly too sharp.

“You’re Yang Ye from the Sword Sect!” Right at this moment, Hai Xue spoke with slight surprise.

Huang Qing and Qing Hai’s expressions changed when they heard this. They’d naturally heard of Yang Ye’s name. That was the name of a top-rate genius that had annihilated a King Realm expert and fought a Spirit Realm expert while at the First Heaven Realm!

Yang Ye was slightly surprised, and he looked at her and said, “You recognize me?”

Hai Xue nodded and said, “I saw you fight that King Realm expert at the city entrance!”

So that’s the reason. Yang Ye nodded lightly, and then he said, “I heard you speak about those four Darkbeast clans that are on par with the six great powers. Do you have detailed information about them?”

Hai Xue pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “I don’t have any detailed information. Even you’re aware that Darkbeasts prohibit humans from stepping foot into the core areas of their territory. However, there’s one thing I can confirm. The four great Darkbeast clans are extremely terrifying, and they’re terrifying even if they haven’t become King Rank Darkbeasts.” When she spoke up to here, she paused for a moment, and then she looked at Yang Ye and said, “Of course, they are only terrifying to us!”

Yang Ye smiled and stopped asking about this. He looked at the two others that still had slightly vigilant expressions and said, “I have no ill intent towards all of you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he paid no further attention to them, and he leaped up onto the tree and continued absorbing the energy stones.

The three of them glanced at each other and hesitated for a moment, yet they still chose to leave this place and search for another place to hide.

There was no justice and morality in the Grand Myriad Mountains. Yang Ye possessed a formidable strength. Even though he had no ill intent towards them now, no one could guarantee that it would always remain the same. In any case, for safety’s sake, they didn’t want to stay together with a person that was much strong than they were.

Yang Ye didn’t show any reaction towards their choice, and he just continued concentrating on absorbing the spirit energy within the energy stones.

Time gradually flowed by, and it was soon late in the night. The furious roars of Darkbeasts could be occasionally heard amidst the deathly silent mountain range, and every single time these furious roars resounded, it represented that human profounders had been discovered by the Darkbeasts. Besides those monstrous geniuses from the six great powers and the Imperial Academy, very few others could survive being noticed by Darkbeasts at night!

However, all of this was unrelated to Yang Ye. At this moment, he was doing his best to absorb the energy stones, and stone after stone was absorbed and transformed into a pile of powder….

The first glimmer of dawn had just descended when Yang Ye woke up. At the instant he opened his eyes, a wisp of pleasant surprise flashed within the depths of his eyes because he noticed that he’d advanced into the third rank of the First Heaven Realm!

Up until now, he’d been constantly working hard on making improvements in his combat techniques and physical body, whereas, he very rarely cultivated seriously to improve his cultivation. So, up until last night, he was still merely at the second rank of the First Heaven Realm. But he’d never imagined that he would advance by a rank after absorbing energy stones overnight. This was undoubtedly joyous news for Yang Ye.

After all, every single bit of strength made a difference to his ability to protect himself while he resided within Ascension Mountain Range!

As if he’d thought of something, Yang Ye closed his eyes slightly and hurriedly scanned the world in the vortex within his body. Just as he’d expected, the space in the vortex had expanded once more when he advanced into the third rank of the First Heaven Realm. The smile on Yang Ye’s face grew wider when he noticed this change.

Even though he didn’t know what the origins of the tiny vortex was, there was no doubt in his mind that it was an extremely formidable thing. Moreover, while he still didn’t know its true effects, he didn’t doubt for a second that the current effects it possessed were already extremely heaven defying!

Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about this, and then he turned his head to look at the violet mink that was still fast asleep. He laughed soundlessly, embraced the little fellow in his arms, and then flashed towards the south.

However, he hadn’t gone far when he stopped once more because three people were jointly attacking a King Rank Darkbeast at the side of a nearby mountain. These three people were none other than those three people that he’d gotten into slight conflict with.

Yang Ye knew the Darkbeast that they were fighting because he’d seen such a Darkbeast in the past. It was part of the Flameroar Lion Clan, and the only difference was that this one was at the King Rank!

The three of them had pretty good strengths. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to jointly defeat a King Rank Darkbeast. However, to Yang Ye’s surprise, it wasn’t the three of them who were jointly laying siege onto the King Rank Darkbeast, and it was the Flameroar Lion instead that was suppressing the three of them.

Yang Ye’s interests were aroused when he noticed this. He was interested in all formidable King Rank Darkbeasts because this represented that he might obtain an extraordinary subordinate!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye didn’t choose to make a move but hid instead, and he observed the battle between them.


Huang Qing slapped his palm against the Flameroar Lion’s head. However, it wasn’t harmed at all. On the contrary, Huang Qing was blasted flying instead.

Hai Xue and Qing Hai’s expressions changed when they witnessed this scene. Because the strength and physical defense of this King Rank Darkbeast was too terrifying!

Astonishment arose in the eyes of Huang Qing. They were clearly aware of the defensive strength of King Rank Darkbeasts, and it was precisely because of this that he was astonished. He hadn’t held back when he struck that palm just now, and an ordinary King Rank Darkbeast would have been injured by it, but this Flameroar Lion seemed as if it didn’t even feel that attack!

At this moment, he was regretful. It wasn’t just Huang Qing who was regretful, Hai Xue and Qing Hai were the same. They regretted choosing this lone Flameroar Lion as their prey.

They’d woken up and set out in search of other independent cultivators when dawn arrived. However, when they arrived here, they noticed this King Rank Darkbeast that was by itself, and this caused them to be pleasantly surprised. After that, they displayed extreme tacit understanding and attacked this Flameroar Lion.

However, unexpected to them, this Flameroar Lion’s strength was so formidable, and it was formidable to the point their joint forces couldn’t harm it at all. No, they weren’t a match for it even when they’d joined forces. If they hadn’t formed some tacit understanding between themselves, then they would probably be within its belly by now.

After it blasted Huang Qing back, the Flameroar Lion didn’t cease attacking. It raised its head and roared before its figure leaped towards Huang Qing who’d been blasted flying. Moreover, the ground where its legs once stood had directly collapsed beneath the force it exerted….

When they saw it pounce at Huang Qing, both Qing Hai and Hai Xue didn’t hesitate at all to stand before Huang Qing and launch all sorts of combat techniques at the Flameroar Lion.

Presently, they were a group and had to help each other. Because if Huang Qing perished, then the two of them would be utterly unable to resist this formidable Flameroar Lion.

After he fell to the ground, Huang Qing didn’t choose to run, and he chose to help Qing Hai and Hai Xue. He similarly understood the principle that if he was pursued by a King Rank Darkbeast in the Grand Myriad Mountains, then it would mostly end in his death. Since it was like that, it was better to join forces with them and fight desperately. Because in this way, they might have a chance of survival!

As he watched the intense battle, Yang Ye nodded lightly. Needless to say, the Flameroar Lion’s strength was not bad at all. Because if it was Grey or Silver in the place of that Flameroar Lion, they would have probably perished at the hands of these three fellows. However, not only was this Flameroar Lion completely unharmed, it was suppressing the three of them instead.

According to Yang Ye’s estimations, its strength was probably not inferior to that Earth Bear King which was halfway into the Spirit Realm, and even if there was a gap in their strengths, it wouldn’t be a big one.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye shook the violet mink that was still sleeping on his shoulder, and it unwillingly opened its eyes. As soon as it woke up, the first thing the little fellow did was pull Yang Ye’s ears with all its might.

Yang Ye hurriedly apologized, and then he pointed to the Flameroar Lion in the distance….

When it laid eyes on the Flameroar Lion, the violet mink’s eyes that were still slightly drowsy had instantly lit up, and then it hastily nodded before a violet glow flashed on its body as it intended to go get another subordinate….

Yang Ye hurriedly grabbed the little fellow in his arms because he didn’t want the violet mink to make an appearance in front of all of them!

After he calmed the violet mink down, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and appeared on the battlefield.

Yang Ye’s sudden appearance, caused the Flameroar Lion and Huang Qing’s group of three to be stunned, and then they immediately stopped the battle.

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