Chapter 196 – Shapeshifted Darkbeast!

Almighty Sword Domain

The violet robed young man’s pupils constricted when he saw this. That’s actual spatial teleportation!

The young man didn’t have any time to think because Yang Ye had arrived behind him, and his expression turned savage when he sensed Yang Ye’s arrival. He said furiously, “You’re courting death!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the young man turned around and directly swung his fist at Yang Ye!

This time, his punch was much, much stronger than the punches he’d struck before this. Because everywhere it passed, the air was completely swept away, and an extremely obvious void appeared before him.

Yang Ye’s expression changed when he sensed the might within the young man’s punch, and a wisp of a ferocious expression flashed in his eyes. The profound energy within his body surged madly into Violet Spirit, and with the boost of his golden profound energy, dazzling golden light flickered on Violet Spirit. After that, Yang Ye shouted loudly as he stabbed his sword forcefully at the young man’s fist!


The sword and fist collided violently, and a wave of force erupted from the point of collision. Both of them were blasted back by the force, and the violet robed young man had merely taken a few steps back when a few strands of violet light had suddenly appeared in front of him….

The corners of the young man’s mouth twitched when he saw this scene. This fight was truly too aggrieving for him. Even though the violet light was unable to inflict any lethal harm on him, it was troublesome and difficult to deal with. Moreover, its might was extremely formidable. Even if his physical body was formidable, it would probably be painful to be hit by a few!

Of course, the main point was that it was troublesome. Moreover, he was simply helpless against that mysterious little fellow because not only could the little fellow execute such mysterious strands of violet light, it had the mysterious ability to teleport and the mysterious invisible pressure it could emanate. Not to mention that there was another human in the battle, he wouldn’t even be willing to fight the mysterious violet colored little fellow in a one on one battle.

Why? Because he could only receive a beating in the battle….

After he blasted the violet light into pieces with a punch, the young man hurriedly said, “Stop!”

The violet mink didn’t care about this and was about to wave its little claw, yet it was stopped by Yang Ye.

The violet mink glared fiercely at the young man, and then its figure flashed before it arrived in front of the Lightning Eagle and Flameroar Lion that were lying flat on the ground. The little fellow completely disregarded whether these two Darkbeasts were willing, and it waved its claw, causing a strand of violet light to envelop these two colossi and transport them into Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian!

Yang Ye was at a loss for whether to laugh or cry when he saw this scene. On the other hand, the violet robed young man’s expression changed violently. How did those two King Rank Darkbeasts vanish?

He glanced at the violet mink before he looked at Yang Ye and said, “It’s very mysterious. I’ve never seen such a Darkbeast clan in the Darkbeast Empire. But it possesses a Bloodline Pressure, and this pressure is even more formidable than the Bloodline Pressure of the Skyhowl Demon Wolf Clan that possess the bloodline of a Divine Beast. Human, tell me exactly what its origins are!”

“According to rumor, only Spirit Rank Darkbeasts can take human form. You’re not at the Spirit Rank yet have taken human form. Why is that?” Yang Ye replied with a question.

The young man’s face sank, and he said in a low voice, “Human, I’m asking the questions here!”

Yang Ye grunted coldly. With a flip of his wrist, he stuck Violet Spirit in the ground and said, “Don’t use such a questioning tone with me. I know you’re not afraid of us, but it’s the same for us as well. If you can’t straighten out your mentality. Then we can have another fight!”

“You?” The young man said with disdain, “If you didn’t have that little fellow on your shoulder, would you even have the qualifications to challenge me? Human, you think too highly of yourself! I’ll tell you one last time, tell me what I want to know, and I’ll spare your life out of consideration for it. Otherwise…. Hmph!”

With a flick of his wrist, Yang Ye put Violet Spirit away, and then he patted the violet mink and said, “Be obedient and watch. Don’t help. Watch how I deal with him!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure flashed, and he shot explosively at the young man!

Yang Ye wasn’t infuriated at all by the young man’s contempt and disregard. Because he knew that Darkbeasts only respected strength. If one didn’t have strength, then it was practically impossible to make Darkbeasts respect a person! Of course, he hadn’t taken the initiative to attack because he wanted the young man to respect him. He wanted to see exactly how far the gap in terms of physical strength and defense between him and a true monstrous genius of the Darkbeast Empire was!

Yang Ye didn’t hold back nor did he dare hold back. His golden profound energy surged madly within his body, and faint golden light arose on his arms.

The young man grunted coldly with disdain when he noticed Yang Ye’s actions. This human’s sword techniques aren’t bad. If he used a sword, then perhaps he would be a little troublesome to deal with. However, he has abandoned his sword for his fists. Isn’t he courting death?

When he arrived in front of the violet robed young man, Yang Ye didn’t make any fancy movements, and just like the young man had done before, he smashed his fist over!

It was simple and direct!

The young man’s response was similarly very direct and simple, and he smashed his fist over as well!

Just like that, two fists collided!


A muffled bang resounded as the ground where they stood was instantly shattered into pieces. After that, Yang Ye moved backward by 10 steps while the young man merely took three steps back! However, the young man’s gaze towards Yang Ye wasn’t filled with contempt as it had just moments before, and there was only shock and curiosity there now.

Yang Ye shook his head when he saw that he’d retreated by 10 steps. My physical strength is still much inferior to these true monstrous geniuses of the Darkbeast Empire. Looks like if I have the time after this, I must go see Elder Mu to improve my physical strength and defense!The violet robed young man gazed at Yang Ye as he said, “Human, I underestimated you just now. I never expected your physical strength is already on par with some King Rank Darkbeasts of my Darkbeast Empire. How did you accomplish it?”

“Is it important?” Yang Ye spoke indifferently, and then his figure shot forward explosively once more. This fellow was a superb sparring partner, and he would probably not have another chance if he let this opportunity slip by. So, he naturally didn’t intend to stop after just a little test!

“Even though your physical body is comparable to King Rank Darkbeasts of my Darkbeast Empire, it’s still too weak in my opinion!” When he finished speaking these words, the young man took a step forward while his legs curved slightly. After a short moment of silence, he suddenly stomped the ground, and his figure leaped up to arrive above Yang Ye before he raised his right leg and smashed it down forcefully at Yang Ye!

Yang Ye’s golden profound energy surged into his fists, and then he let out a loud shout as he swiftly blasted his fists upwards. With the boost from his golden profound energy, Yang Ye’s fists were like golden fists that were extremely dazzling. Of course, its might was extremely terrifying as well, and everywhere his fists passed, the sound of air exploding resounded!


Their attacks collided, and it caused the ground to quake violently. In the next moment, Yang Ye’s feet were directly pressed into the ground, and with Yang Ye as the center, numerous thick and large rifts swiftly swept towards the surroundings.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s expression was extremely solemn. Because when the young man’s leg had pressed down on his fists, he felt like it wasn’t the strength of a single person at all, and it felt like the weight of a mountain. If he didn’t possess the boost from the golden profound energy, then merely his physical strength and defense would be utterly insufficient to endure a single kick from this violet robed young man!

Right when he was about to exert force once more, Yang Ye suddenly shouted explosively and shot out explosively from the ground while pushing the violet robed young man up!

The young man grunted coldly and exerted strength once more, causing Yang Ye who was moving upwards to be instantly pressed down once more!


Along with an enormous bang, Yang Ye’s entire body was smashed into the ground once more!

The young man was about to follow up with another attack. However, he seemed to have thought of something and glanced at the violet mink. His eyelids twitched when he saw the violet mink was gazing at him with a hostile gaze. He hesitated for a moment and didn’t follow up with another attack in the end. He just grunted coldly before he flashed to the side because he was truly unwilling to offend this mysterious little fellow!


Yang Ye emerged from the ground. At this moment, he was in an extremely embarrassing state. His hair and entire body were covered in dirt. But fortunately, there were no injuries on his body!

“I only used 60% of my strength just now!” The young man gazed at Yang Ye and spoke indifferently. “Moreover, I still haven’t taken my original form!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I have to admit that if it’s in terms of physical strength and defense, then you’re much stronger than me. However, let’s have a real battle now!” As soon as he finished speaking, Violet Spirit appeared in his palm with a twist of his wrist. At the same time, a strand of Sword Intent surged out and enveloped the young man.

When he sensed Yang Ye’s Sword Intent, his expression changed, and he said, “Sword Intent, it’s actually Sword Intent. Human, it looks like I’ve really underestimated you just now. But if you intend to defeat me with Sword Intent, then allow me to tell you that you’re too naïve!”

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