Chapter 198 – The Violet Mink Displaying Its Might!

Almighty Sword Domain

The violet robed young man shot a glance at the violet mink before he turned around and started walking towards the south. However, he’d merely taken a few steps before he suddenly stopped and said, “I have a feeling that a huge battle will occur between you humans and us Darkbeasts. Because someone that can command all the other geniuses has appeared on both sides. I only hope that we won’t be enemies at that time!” As soon as he finished speaking, the young man didn’t stay here any longer and vanished into the distance.

Yang Ye held the little fellow in his arms as he smiled. He knew that the young man wasn’t speaking to him but the violet mink. Indeed, if the little fellow stood on the human’s side, then besides a few King Rank Darkbeasts, how could the other King Rank Darkbeasts put up a fight while suffering the pressure it emanated? They could just submit….

After the young man left, Yang Ye let the Lightning Eagle and Flameroar Lion out, and as he gazed at these two colossi, his eyes glowed while a smile covered his face.

Presently, he possessed nine King Rank Darkbeasts. Nine! What sort of notion was that!? Of course, it was still a little too few in his opinion. Why? Because his enemy was the Flower Palace! Not to mention nine King Rank Darkbeasts, even 90 would be useless.

When he thought up to here, the smile on Yang Ye’s face gradually vanished, and he said in a low voice, “I’m still too weak in the end!” With his current strength, he was utterly unable to go against the Flower Palace. Even though he was confident in his ability to shake the Flower Palace in the future, but would his mother be able to wait until then?

The answer was no!

Simply speaking, he had to seize the 1st in the Ascension Ranking. Because only by doing so would he be able to obtain the Ascension Token, and only then would he be able to buy himself even more time!

Yang Ye took a deep breath while a cold glow flashed through his eyes, and he revealed a firm expression as he said in a low voice. “The 1st in the Ascension Rankings. I’ll kill whomever who obstructs my path!”


Right at this moment, Violet Spirit suddenly emanated a sword howl, and then a strand of violet light suddenly surged out explosively from within it and enveloped Yang Ye.

This sudden and unexpected event caused the expression of the violet mink who resided on Yang Ye’s shoulder to change. It blinked before its figure flashed, and it directly flashed out of the envelopment of that violet light. On the other hand, Yang Ye didn’t even hesitate to utilize his Sword Intent, causing it to surge out and blast towards that layer of violet light. However, the violet light merely trembled yet didn’t shatter!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted because he’d utilized the 2nd level of his Sword Intent just now!

Yang Ye closed his eyes slightly and discarded all the distracting thoughts in his mind. Right when he was about to utilize his Enlightened Sword Heart, the Violet Spirit sword in his hand had suddenly struggled free from his grasp, and it transformed into a strand of violet light that shot into the sky and circled above him.

Suddenly, Yang Ye entered a strange state!

The violet mink that was about to wave its little claw had suddenly stopped when it witnessed this scene, and then a strand of a strange glow flashed in its violet pupils.

Yang Ye’s clothes gradually started to flutter without the wind while an invisible force seemed to be raging around him. Because with him as the center, the rocks in an area of over 10m were being ceaselessly shattered into pieces, and in less than the time for a single breath, the pieces had been transformed into a pile of powder!

On the other hand, the Violet Spirit sword that circled above him seemed to be cheering, and strands of violet light were ceaselessly flickering into appearance on it!

The little mink was already over 30m away. Because at this moment, the area around Yang Ye seemed like a ‘cutting field’ and anything within the area would be cut into powder!

Time gradually passed by. In the blink of an eye, Yang Ye had been standing here from the morning until noon. An invisible force enveloped the area around him at all times, whereas, the area he stood was in a complete mess and numerous deep grooves covered the ground.

Violet Spirit was still circling above him while the violet mink stared fixedly at him from afar, and only flashes of a strange glow appeared occasionally in its eyes!

Just like this, Yang Ye stood there until night, then stood from night until the day.

Three days later. If Yang Ye woke up now, he would notice that Violet Spirit was already a little bit different now. At this moment, it was slightly larger than before while the intensity of its color had increased. The greatest change was in its quality because Violet Spirit was a high-grade Earth Rank sword now….

On the morning of the fourth day, Yang Ye was in trouble because human profounders had arrived here.

It was a total of four people that had arrived. Three men and a woman. All of them wore moon white robes while a tiny ‘’ character was inscribed on their left shoulders. This was the symbol of the Brightmoon Sect!

When it noticed these four people, the little claws of the violet mink instantly flickered with a faint violet glow. However, it didn’t take the initiative to attack and just gazed at the four of them.

The four of them gazed at Yang Ye, and after a short while, the only woman in the ground said to the man that led the group, “Senior Brother Qing Min, I recognize him. He’s that genius from the Sword Sect called Yang Ye!”

The brows of the man called Qing Min raised up as he said, “That Yang Ye who killed a King Realm expert?”

The woman nodded lightly and said, “According to rumor, he fought a Spirit Realm expert. But I don’t know if it’s true!”

“He fought a Spirit Realm expert?” Qing Min was slightly visibly moved, but he quickly shook his head and said, “Killing a King Realm expert ought to be true because all the disciples of the six great powers possess the ability to surmount a realm and kill their opponents. However, the rumor about him fighting a Spirit Realm expert doesn’t sound reliable. Because even I’m not confident in my ability to fight a Spirit Realm expert!

The woman shook her head and said, “Let’s not pay any further attention to him. Senior Brother, let’s swiftly carry on with our journey. The Origin Sect’s Yuan Tong has already issued the summon for a day, and it would probably be bad if we were late!”

Qing Min didn’t speak and just gazed at Violet Spirit that circled above Yang Ye. After a short while, a wisp of greed flashed in his eyes before he said in a low voice. “He seems to be advancing right now?”

The woman’s expression changed when she heard this, and then she said, “Senior Brother, we absolutely must not! The Sword Sect has a good relationship with our Brightmoon Sect. If we take advantage of him at this moment, then it will definitely cause us to become enemies with the Sword Sect. Even though our Brightmoon Sect isn’t afraid of the Sword Sect, there’s truly no need for that!”

One of the other men at the side said, “Junior Sister Qing Lian is right. Our Brightmoon Sect has joined forces with the Sword Sect to face our enemies on multiple occasions. We really shouldn’t take advantage of him when he’s advancing. We should converge with Senior Brother Qing Ming as soon as possible instead, and then gather with all the other human profounders at Cloudfall Gorge.

Qing Min said in a low voice. “Do all of you see that sword? No one is controlling it, yet it’s able to circle in the air by itself. This represents that it possesses a Sword Spirit. Moreover, it looks to me like its quality isn’t below the low-grade of the Earth Rank and might even be a mid-grade Earth Rank sword. Moreover, with his strength, he has definitely killed a huge amount of King Rank Darkbeasts…. I don’t want to give up such an opportunity!”

When they heard Qing Min, the other three behind him gazed up at the sword that circled above Yang Ye. Besides Qing Lian, the eye of the other two men revealed the glow of greed!

Qing Lian sighed, and then she said, “The number of disciples from the Sword Sect that have participated in the Ascension Rankings far exceeds our Brightmoon Sect. If we make a move against him today, then we’ll definitely offend those disciples from the Sword Sect. At that time….”

Right at this moment, Qing Min suddenly interrupted Qing Lian and said, “If the other disciples of the Sword Sect are present here, then we would naturally not make a move against him. However, even you’ve noticed that he’s all alone now. Moreover, he’s even in the midst of a breakthrough. If the four of us strike now, then we’ll definitely be able to kill him with a single strike!”

Qing Lian wanted to speak further but one of the men by her side suddenly said, “Senior Brother Qing Min is right. This is an opportunity, and we can’t let it slip by. That’s an Earth Rank sword. Even our Brightmoon Sect doesn’t have many Earth Rank treasures!”

Qing Min nodded when he heard this, and then he paid no further attention to Qing Lian and said, “Let’s make a move together and strive to kill him with a single blow. Remember that he can’t be allowed to escape!

As he spoke, he led the charge and flashed towards Yang Ye, and at the same moment that he moved, the other two men behind him hurriedly utilized their movement techniques to follow him.

Qing Lian hesitated for a moment yet didn’t attack in the end! It wasn’t that she was being kindhearted, and it was actually because it wasn’t necessary. Even though she didn’t want to make a move against this disciple of the Sword Sect, it was even more impossible for her to make a move against the disciples from her own sect for the sake of a disciple from the Sword Sect!

Right at the instant that those three disciples from the Brightmoon Sect moved, three strands of violet light suddenly appeared in front of them and obstructed their paths!

These strands of violet light that appeared abruptly caused their expressions to change violently. Qing Min’s reaction was extremely quick. At the instant the violet light appeared, he’d hurriedly utilized his movement technique to move over 10m to the left and evaded the violet light!

However, the other two disciples by his side weren’t so fortunate. The violet light blasted onto them, and they perished on the spot!

Qing Lian and Qing Min’s expressions changed violently, and then, for the very first time, they’d gazed at the little fellow that they’d directly disregarded earlier!

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