Chapter 215 – Fight!

Almighty Sword Domain

Xiao Lang didn’t continue underestimating Yang Ye now. His figure shook slightly as he returned to his true form. His front limbs curved slightly before he suddenly stomped with them, and then his enormous figure shot like a cannonball towards Yang Ye.

Besides a few Darkbeasts, most Darkbeasts attacked in such a straightforward manner. Even though it was slightly simple, it was needless to say that it was extremely effective towards humans. Of course, there were also some Darkbeasts that innately possessed combat techniques!

Yang Ye’s expression turned slightly solemn when he saw Xiao Lang charge towards him. No matter what, this fellow’s strength was extremely strong, and if he hadn’t improved his strength today, then he would probably have to utilize all his trump cards in order to deal with this fellow. Yet now, there was no need for that. He’d just improved his strength, and Xiao Lang just happened to be the perfect target for him to practice on!

Yang Ye loosened his grip, allowing the Hidden Sword to float in midair. At the same time, a golden glow flickered into appearance on his fists. When Xiao Lang arrived around 1m away from him, Yang Ye’s legs curved before he suddenly stomped on the ground, and his figure shot out like a bullet. His profound energy surged into the Gale Shoes while he was in midair, and he stepped through the air as he smashed his right fist directly towards Xiao Lang’s head!

At the same time, Violet Spirit that resided in the sky had transformed into a strand of violet light that shot explosively towards Xiao Lang. Of course, the Hidden Sword wasn’t sitting by idly at the side, and it shot over towards Xiao Lang like an invisible bolt of lightning.

The difference between Yang Ye’s figure and Xiao Lang’s figure was undoubtedly huge, but the difference in their strengths wasn’t huge!


Yang Ye and Xiao Lang collided forcefully. As soon as they came into contact, they split apart swiftly in the next moment. Right at that instant, two bloody marks appeared on Xiao Lang’s body, and it was caused by Violet Spirit and the Hidden Sword!

As soon as they’d split apart, both of them collided once more.

On the battlefield, Violet Spirit ceaselessly flickered around Xiao Lang. Every single time it flickered; it would cause another bloody mark to appear on Xiao Lang’s body….

After 15 minutes had passed, the man and wolf on the battlefield had split apart, and they didn’t continue charging at each other! At this moment, Xiao Lang’s body was densely covered in bloody marks, and it was an extremely terrifying sight!

Yang Ye gazed at Xiao Lang who was covered in injuries and said, “Xiao Lang, should we continue? I can break through your defenses, so you have no advantage in this battle!”

Xiao Lang’s figure shook as he returned to his human form. He gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Human, needless to say, you’re extremely strong indeed. But it’s utterly impossible to make me become your subordinate. You forced me to do this!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Lang’s figure shook once more, and he instantly returned to his true form!


After he returned to his true form, Xiao Lang raised his head and howled. His figure suddenly swelled up and grew larger and larger while the scales on his body grew thicker and more numerous. Moreover, the bloody marks on his body had actually healed at a visible speed! It wasn’t just that, Yang Ye noticed to his shock that it seemed like something was about to break out from both sides of Xiao Lang’s back!

In next to no time and under Yang Ye’s astounded gaze, a pair of pitch black and enormous wings appeared on Xiao Lang’s back!

It wasn’t just that, Xiao Lang’s figure had grown by at least a third!

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he saw this. What’s this fellow doing?Aowu!

Xiao Lang raised his head and howled. After that, he opened his bloody mouth and suddenly spat at Yang Ye. After that, a moon white blade of light that was around 20m long, 10m wide, and formed from energy shot violently towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted, and he smashed his right fist that carried a golden glow towards the blade of light!


An explosion resounded while the blade of light dispersed. On the other hand, Yang Ye was blasted back by over 10 steps, and there was even a bloody mark on his right fist.

As he gazed at it, Yang Ye’s expression turned solemn for the first time. With a gesture of his right hand, Violet Spirit flew back into his grasp. Even though he didn’t know what exactly had happened to this huge fellow before him, he knew that this fellow had become stronger, and this fellow was very much stronger!

Xiao Lang’s fist sized eyes instantly revealed a ferocious glow when he was unable to heavily injure Yang Ye with a single strike. His black wings flapped, and his enormous figure instantly transformed into a black ray that shot explosively towards Yang Ye. Moreover, his speed was swift that it caused Yang Ye’s pupils to constrict. Because Yang Ye was actually unable to evade such a speed!

Yang Ye had no choice but to draw his sword and slash without the slightest hesitation!


Yang Ye felt his arm become extremely numb, and then an enormous force came from Violet Spirit. It caused his legs to be dragged on the ground as he moved backward explosively. After being pushed almost 30m back, Yang Ye let out a loud shout, and then his right leg stomped forcefully onto the ground and stopped his figure that was moving backward.

Yang Ye took a deep breath while the profound energy within his body surged violently. Strands of profound energy surged like tidewater into the Violet Spirit sword that he held in his left hand. As his profound energy surged ceaselessly into it, Violet Spirit erupted with dazzling violet and gold light once more. Moreover, a sword howl even resounded throughout the surroundings. At the same time, his 2nd level Sword Intent surged out and enveloped Xiao Lang.

When he sensed the suppression and restraint of Yang Ye’s Sword Intent, Xiao Lang raised his head and let out a long howl. A terrifying imposing aura surged out from within his body and resisted Yang Ye’s Sword Intent. At the same time, the pitch black wings on his back flapped violently, and they caused strands of powerful winds to sweep out. The ground around Xiao Lang instantly exploded into pieces!

Yang Ye raised his head slightly to look at Xiao Lang. “Xiao Lang, let’s decide the outcome this time!”

Xiao Lang let out a long howl before his enormous figure leaped up and directly transformed into a black ray of light that shot explosively towards Yang Ye. Because his speed seemed to be too swift, Xiao Lang’s enormous figure had become blurry at this moment, and numerous afterimages had even appeared where he stood before this!

It wasn’t just that, every single inch of ground he passed seemed as if it had experienced an earthquake. Piece after pierce exploded, and numerous deem ravines appeared there.

A wisp of worry appeared once more in the eyes of the violet mink who was watching the battle, and faint violet light flickered into appearance on its little claws.

Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged, and he just tightened his grip of Violet Spirit. When he sensed Xiao Lang’s terrifying aura, a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes, and then he drew his sword and slashed. “Break!”

A sword light shot into the sky. With the boost from his golden profound energy and the 2nd level of Sword Intent, even air was instantly torn apart into pieces wherever Violet Spirit passed, and numerous sounds of air exploding resounded incessantly by Yang Ye’s ears.

Beneath the violet mink’s worried gaze, Yang Ye’s Violet Spirit sword finally collided with Xiao lang.

As soon as they collided, there was a brief moment of silence, and then….


An enormous bang that shook the world resounded, and then a strand of violet winds appeared around them. The area where Yang Ye and Xiao Long stood at instantly collapsed, and they directly fell into the ground!

Undoubtedly, Yang Ye’s Violet Spirit had broken through Xiao Lang’s defenses. However, it hadn’t given Xiao Lang a lethal injury. Because the injuries from a sword were slightly insignificant when compared to Xiao Lang’s enormous body. The reason Yang Ye was utilizing the sword was that he had to crush Xiao Lang’s imposing aura, because only by doing that would he have the opportunity to beat Xiao Lang down!

Obviously, the Reactive Strike that was boosted by Sword Intent had clearly shattered Xiao Lang’s imposing aura into pieces!

At the instant he broke through Xiao Lang’s defenses, Yang Ye had cast Violet Spirit aside before leaping up onto Xiao Lang’s back. After that, his fists descended onto Xiao Lang’s back like raindrops. At the same time, Violet Spirit and the Hidden Sword were slashing and stabbing Xiao Lang’s body incessantly….

Xiao Lang would naturally not just stand there and wait for death to arrive. He carried Yang Ye along with him as he smashed his back towards the ground. The ground was unable to smash Yang Ye to death, so he brought Yang Ye to a mountain wall and smashed his body against it. In next to no time, the surroundings were in a mess, and deep holes filled the surroundings….

At a certain moment in time, Xiao Lang suddenly stopped because Violet Spirit and the Hidden Sword were at his neck. Yang Ye stood on Xiao Lang’s back and said coldly, “Xiao Lang, if you still don’t admit defeat, then I’ll make your head leave your body. You can try and see if your neck or my sword is stronger!”

Yang Ye had cheated in the end because the violet mink had told him where Xiao Lang’s weak point was. Yes, Xiao Lang’s weak point was his neck because the scales there were much thinner when compared to other parts of its body. If Yang Ye’s sword was boosted by his Sword Intent, then it wouldn’t be difficult at all to chop off Xiao Lang's head!

A sorrowful expression arose in Xiao Lang’s eyes. Yes, he had lost, and he had lost to a human. The defense and speed he took pride in were utterly useless before this human. Because this human on his back could easily break through his defenses while the human’s physical defense wasn’t much inferior to him. This… this is a combination of the strong points of both humans and Darkbeasts!

If all the humans are like this human on my back, then the Darkbeast Empire would probably be annihilated….

Even though it was like that, it was utterly impossible for an elite of the Skyhowl Demon Wolf Clan who possessed the dignified bloodline of a divine beast to follow by the side of a human, he would rather die than do that!


Xiao Lang raised his head and let out a sorrowful howl, and then moved his neck towards Yang Ye’s sword….

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