Chapter 227 – Encountering Acquaintances!

Almighty Sword Domain

After he slapped Hu Zongyuan flying, Daoist Zui gazed at Yu Heng and said, “I’ve met that kid, and failing to retain him as a disciple is the Sword Sect’s loss. You and all those disappointing fellows of the Sword Sect are at fault. However, I’m not a member of the Sword Sect now, so I don’t want to interfere in this matter as well. When you return, tell Su Muzhe that if he doesn’t want the Sword Sect to be destroyed at his hands, then choose a decent person to manage the Sword Sect before he goes into closed door cultivation.”

When he spoke up to here, Daoist Zui suddenly looked at Su Qingshi and said, “This little girl isn’t bad, she’s the one!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he paid no further attention to Yu Heng. Daoist Zui swept the others in the surroundings with his gaze before he said, “The rules are the rules, and I don’t want to break them. However, all of you can dream of breaking the rules as well!” As soon as he finished speaking, a strand of sword light suddenly flashed, and then Hu Zongyuan’s right arm carried a strand of fresh blood while it was instantly thrown into the air in the distance.

“The reason I spared your lowly life was because I want everyone to know that even though the Sword Sect has fallen into decline, not just anyone can bully and humiliate it!” As he gazed at Hu Zongyuan who had a ghastly pale countenance, Daoist Zui spoke in a cold voice, and then his figure flashed and vanished on the spot….

When he saw Daoist Zui vanish, Yu Heng smiled bitterly. He’d never imagined that his first meeting with his Martial Uncle Zui in the last 100 years would actually be like this. When he thought of what his Martial Uncle Zui had said just now, Yu Heng sighed lightly and said in his heart, Was I really too soft? But with the current state of the Sword Sect, it truly shouldn’t make enemies with anyone!

Yu Heng shook his head and stopped thinking about all of this. Because from now onward and until the Sect Master emerged from his closed door cultivation, the Sword Sect would start to be managed by Su Qingshi.

Even though Daoist Zui wasn’t a member of the Sword Sect, his word was like the law in the Sword Sect and no one would disobey it. Even the Sect Master wouldn’t. Since he’d said that Su Qingshi was to be the Sword Commanding Elder, then even those old seniors of the sect wouldn’t have any objections!

At this moment, Su Qingshi just gazed at the direction of Ascension Mountain Range in silence….

In the forest, Yang Ye was instantly excited after Daoist Zui left. Why? Because the corpse of a Spirit Rank Darkbeast was lying in front of him. The corpse of a Spirit Rank expert! Every single part of it was a treasure! Of course, Yang Ye had only taken a liking to two things. The first was its Inner Core. However, Yang Ye didn’t even get to gaze at it for long before the little fellow had directly taken the Inner Core in its arms….

As he gazed at the little fellow who announced its ownership of the Inner Core, Yang Ye rolled his eyes because the little fellow was even more anxious than him. The Inner Cores of Darkbeasts could improve the little fellow’s strength, so the Spirit Rank Inner Core was naturally for the little fellow.

Besides the Inner Core, Yang Ye had taken a liking to one more thing, and it was the Spirit Rank Darkbeast’s skin. Because if it was utilized to make leather armor, then it would at least be at the Earth Rank!

Right when Yang Ye was about to skip Man Shi’s corpse, a group of people suddenly appeared in Yang Ye’s field of vision. Based on their dressing, they ought to be the disciples of clans and independent cultivators. There were around 15 of them, and at this moment, they were walking towards Yang Ye. This caused Yang Ye to frown, but in next to no time, he directly disregarded them, and then he withdrew Violet Spirit and started to skin the corpse.

The violet mink on his shoulder blinked, and then it disregarded those people and continued playing with the Inner Core in its little claws….

In next to no time, they arrived 30m away from Yang Ye, and they finally stopped after moving another 15m forward. Their gazes descended onto Man Shi’s corpse that lay on the ground, and a wisp of greed arose in their eyes when they laid eyes on the corpse. On the other hand, when they saw the Inner Core that the little fellow was playing with, the greed in their eyes had been replaced by burning desire!

“Brother Yang!” Right at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded out from within the group, and it caused Yang Ye to immediately stop skinning the corpse and look towards the group.

Yang Ye was rather surprised when he saw the three people that stood at the back of the group because he knew them. They were none other than Huang Qing, Qing Hai, and the intelligent Hai Xue that he’d met once some time ago.

The three of them walked forward slowly. Huang Qing who was in the lead of their group of three said, “I felt you were slightly familiar just now, but I never expected that it would really be Brother Yang. What a coincidence!”

The surprise in Yang Ye’s eyes grew even deeper when he heard this, and then he asked. “All of you didn’t gather at Cloudfall Gorge?” Because Yang Ye noticed that these people seemed to not recognize him….

Huang Qing shook his head and said, “All of us didn’t. Right, let me introduce someone to you!”

As he spoke, Huang Qing turned around to look at a handsome young man at the side and said, “Brother Yang, this is Brother Nangong Yan. He’s the Young Master of the Nangong Clan that’s one of the four great clans in the Imperial Capital. Brother Nangong is just like Brother Yang, he’s an extraordinarily monstrous genius as well, and he has already attained the ninth level of the First Heaven Realm at such a young age! After we parted ways with you on that day, we encountered him and formed a group with him to hunt King Rank Darkbeasts on Ascension Mountain Range. So, we didn’t head to Cloudfall Gorge!”

Yang Ye nodded when he heard Huang Qing, and then he gazed at the handsome young man called Nangong Yan and nodded lightly as a form of greeting.

The young man called Nangong Yan glanced at the Inner Core grasped between the claws of the violet mink that stood on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and then he looked at Yang Ye and said, “Brother Yang is a disciple of the Sword Sect?” Obviously, he’d noticed Violet Spirit that Yang Ye held in his hand.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “No. Right, allow me to give all of you some advice. The Darkbeasts on Ascension Mountain Rage have gathered together. So, it’s best that all of you stop searching for Darkbeasts to hunt and return to the Imperial Capital!”

“All the Darkbeasts have gathered together?” Huang Qing interrupted and said, “No wonder we weren’t able to find a single King Rank Darkbeast after searching for so long!”

Yang Ye didn’t have any ill feelings towards the three of them, so he immediately said, “Head back to the Imperial Capital. I presume all of you’ve obtained sufficient Inner Cores, so there’s no need to continue risking your lives here!”

Huang Qing was just about to speak when a bald young man by Nangong Yan’s side suddenly arrived in front of Yang Ye, and then he glanced at the Inner Core in the little fellow’s claws and glanced at Man Shi’s corpse that was on the ground before he said with a smile on his face. “Brother Yang, the Inner Core in the hands of your pet is so huge and the spirit energy within it is so thick. It’s probably the Inner Core of a Spirit Rank Darkbeast, right?”

Before Yang Ye could answer, Nangong Yan suddenly smiled and said, “Brother Yang, next month is my father’s birthday, and I’ve been constantly unable to find a suitable present for him. Now that I’ve seen this Inner Core, I think it’s the wills of the heavens. May I know if Brother Yang is willing to part with such a treasure? Of course, I’ll give Brother Yang a low-grade Profound Rank combat technique in exchange!”

Yang Ye chuckled when he heard this. A low-grade Profound Rank combat technique for a Spirit Rank Inner Core? How thick is this fellow’s skin to speak such words?

After all, even though low-grade Profound Rank combat techniques could be considered to be precious, they could be purchased in the southern territory with a few hundred thousand gold coins! On the other hand, it might not be possible to purchase a Spirit Rank Inner Core even if one spent a few million gold coins!

But this fellow actually wanted to give something worth a few hundred gold coins in exchange for something worth a few million gold coins.

Does he think I’m an idiot?

Out of consideration for Qing Hai and the others, Yang Ye didn’t speak offensively, and he just shook his head and said, “I’m sorry but I need the Inner Core!”

When it heard Yang Ye, the violet mink that was about to flare up suddenly stretched out its little claw and rubbed Yang Ye’s ear. Obviously, it was very satisfied with Yang Ye’s refusal! After all, the Inner Core belonged to it!

When he heard Yang Ye’s refusal, Nangong Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly while a cold glow flashed within the depths of them.

The bald young man noticed Nangong Yan’s emotions, and he immediately understood Nangong Yan’s intentions. So, he laughed coldly and said, “Brother Yang, that isn’t appropriate right? With your strength, it’s definitely impossible for you to kill a Spirit Rank Darkbeast. So, this Spirit Rank Darkbeast was definitely killed by some other expert and left behind here. As it’s said, all those that make the discovery should have a share. It isn’t good for Brother Yang to take it all for yourself. All of us brothers won’t agree to that!”

“Exactly! Exactly! Everyone should have a share! The entire corpse of a Spirit Rank Darkbeast is a treasure! On what basis is he taking it all for himself? On what basis?”

“Huang Qing, this brother of yours is really terrible. How did you get to know such a selfish person?”

“Hmph! If it wasn’t out of consideration that he knows Huang Qing, we would have attacked a long time ago and directly seize this Spirit Rank Darkbeast’s corpse! How could he even resist us?”

Huang Qing, Qing Hai, and Hai Xue were instantly in a difficult position when they heard all of this. They were naturally tempted by the Inner Core and corpse of the Spirit Rank Darkbeast, but because Yang Ye had saved their lives that day, so they were only tempted it. However, it was very obvious that these companions by their side weren’t just tempted by it….

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