Chapter 234 – Idiot!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye turned around, and he was slightly stunned when he saw the person who called out to him. He said, “Young Miss Xiao?”

It was none other than Xiao Yu’er who’d taken the test to become a Talisman Master with him at that time, and a young man stood by Xiao Yu’er’s side.

Both of them walked over to Yang Ye, and then she sized him up before she said with shock, “Brother Yang, I never expected that it would really be you. I thought I was mistaken just now. You’ve actually participated in the Ascension Rankings and even returned alive. But you’re only at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm! Could it be that you’ve advanced?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I just stepped foot into the First Heaven Realm a little while ago!”

Xiu Yu’er gasped when she heard this, and her eyes were filled with shock. After all, how long had it been since she saw Yang Ye last? But Yang Ye had actually advanced into the First Heaven Realm within this little bit of time! Such natural talent….

Xiao Yu’er was just about to say something. Meanwhile, the young man by Xiao Yu’er’s side suddenly said, “You just advanced into the First Heaven Realm?”

Yang Ye looked at the young man when he heard this, and he was slightly stunned when he noticed the extremely obvious hostility in the young man’s eyes. But in next to no time, he came to an understanding, and he realized that this hostility was mostly because of Xiao Yu’er!

The young man glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Needless to say, you’re quite courageous to dare to participate in the Ascension Rankings after just advancing into the First Heaven Realm. Your luck isn’t bad as well because you were actually able to return from the Grand Myriad Mountains. You wouldn’t have been unable to kill even a single King Rank Darkbeast, right?”

“Yang Yong!” Xiao Yu’er spoke with a displeased tone. “What’re you trying to do?”

The young man smiled and said, “Yu’er, I don’t have any other intentions. I’m just praising him!”

Xiao Yu’er frowned and said, “Yang Yong, if you continue acting in this way, then I can only ask you to leave!”

When he heard this, the expression of the young man called Yang Yong suddenly turned extremely unsightly, and he pointed his right hand at Yang Ye and said furiously, “You’re actually driving me away for him? Yu’er, tell me the truth. Exactly what sort of relationship do the two of you have? Is he your lover?”

Xiao Yu’er’s expression changed slightly, and she said furiously, “Yang Yong, what’re you talking about?”

“What am I talking about?” Yang Yong glanced at Yang Ye, and then he glanced at Xiao Yu’er before he said furiously, “It looks to me like there’s definitely something between the two of you. Yu’er, you can’t do this to me. You know my feelings towards you. How could you have feelings for another man besides me? How could you do such a thing to me?”

Yang Ye was stunned when he heard this. What sort of idiot is this fellow?

Yang Ye shook his head. He didn’t want to get mixed in the affairs between Xiao Yu’er and this young man because the Xiao Yu’er clearly knew him and might have some sort of relationship with him. So, Yang Ye said, “Miss Yu’er, I have other affairs to attend to, so I’m leaving first!”

Xiao Yu’er was about to say something when the young man by her side suddenly shouted furiously at Yang Ye and said, “Stop right there!”

Yang Ye didn’t stop. He continued walking forward because he truly didn’t want to pay any attention to such an idiot. Presently, he only wanted to return to the Imperial Palace’s entrance to complete the assignment and see Little Yao at the Talisman Master’s Association!

Yang Yong was instantly exasperated when he saw Yang Ye disregard him, and his figure flashed as he clenched his right hand tightly into a fist and smashed it towards Yang Ye’s back.

Yang Ye frowned when he sensed the strong wind coming from behind him. He stopped, turn around, and then smashed his fist at Yang Yong’s fist!


A clear and melodious sound of bones breaking resounded. Yang Yong’s face turned pale while he let out a miserable shrill cry, and then he was directly blasted flying by over 40m before finally smashing to the ground.

When they saw Yang Yong being blasted flying, the gazes of everyone in the surroundings shot over simultaneously, and some instantly gasped when they saw Yang Yong who was lying on the ground!

“Isn’t that Profligate Yang from one of the four great clans of the Imperial Capital, the Yang Clan? How could this disciple of the Sword Sect dare to treat him in that way? Isn’t he afraid of the Yang Clan’s revenge?”

“Revenge? Don’t be an idiot. Would the Sword Sect fear the Yang Clan? It should be the Yang Clan who fears the Sword Sect, alright?”

“Right. Alas, is there something wrong with him in the head? He actually offended a disciple of the Sword Sect. He can’t do anything about this beating he received….”

After he blasted Yang Yong flying with a single punch, Yang Ye didn’t stop and walked slowly towards Yang Yong instead! When a mad dog barked at him, he wouldn’t make a fuss about it if his mood was good. But if a mad dog came to bite him, then he didn’t mind transforming this mad dog into a dead dog.

“Brother Yang, show mercy!” Right at this moment, Xiao Yu’er ran over and stood before Yang Ye while she made an earnest request.

“Young Miss Xiao, it was he who made the first move!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

“Brother Yang, I’m truly sorry. Please give Yu’er some face and spare him, alright?” Xiao Yu’er asked earnestly and said, “My Xiao Clan is indebted to his Yang Clan, so I’m truly unable to watch as he dies in front of me!”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while, and he recalled how she’d helped him in the past. So, he immediately nodded, and then he turned around and walked towards the entrance of the city.

As she watched Yang Ye turn around and leave, Xiao Yu’er smiled bitterly. Obviously, they would probably not be friends anymore when they met again. However, she had no other choice. If she watched Yang Yong die in front of her, and it was even because of her, then the Xiao Clan would definitely suffer a catastrophic blow. The Xiao Clan was utterly unable to go against the Yang Clan right now!

Right at this instant, Yang Ye had just turned around, Yang Yong who’d smashed to the ground had suddenly stood up. Yang Yong’s face was covered in a savage expression when he stood up, and a mid-rank Technique Talisman had suddenly appeared in his left hand. He didn’t waste his breath before tossing it at Yang Ye, and it instantly shot violently towards Yang Ye from behind.

The Technique Talisman expanded explosively in midair, and it transformed into a few dozen icicles that emanated sharp whistles as they shot through the air towards Yang Ye.

“Bastard! Die! HAHAHA!!” As he gazed at the icicles that shot violently towards Yang Ye from behind, Yang Yong roared uncontrollably with laughter.

Yang Ye sighed lightly, and then he turned around and slashed with his sword. A strand of sword qi shot out explosively, and it instantly blasted the icicles into pieces. Moreover, it didn’t lose momentum at all and shot towards Yang Yong who had an astounded expression on his face.

However, right at this moment, a fireball suddenly appeared in front of Yang Yong and blocked Yang Ye’s sword qi.

Yang Ye turned around to look at Xiao Yu’er when he saw this. Because the fireball had been formed from a Technique Talisman that Xiao Yu’er had tossed out just now!

“Brother Yang….” Xiao Yu’er wanted to say something. However, Yang Ye interrupted her and said, “Young Miss Xiao, I really cherish the friendship between us, but as you’ve seen, I’ve given you face and intended to let him off. However, the problem is that he doesn’t want to let me off. So, for the sake of avoiding trouble in the future, I’ve decided to deal with him!”

“Hahaha!!” Right at this moment, roaring laughter suddenly sounded out from within the city. In the next moment, a middle aged man walked out from the entrance! The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye with a face covered in disdain as he said, “You want to kill a member of my Yang Clan in the Imperial Capital? What high-sounding sentiments!”

When he saw the middle aged man, Yang Yong immediately revealed an overjoyed expression, and he ran over to the middle aged man and pointed at Yang Ye before he said, “Third Uncle, if you were a step later, then you wouldn’t be able to see your nephew again! Yu’er and I were having fun by ourselves, but this disciple of the Sword Sect took a liking to Yu’er and wanted to tease her. I attacked out of anger yet was almost killed by him. Third Uncle, you must seek justice for me!”

Yang Ye couldn’t help but shake his head when he heard Yang Yong. There’s actually such a shameless person in the world. As the people of the ancient times said, when a forest grows large, all sorts of animals would appear!

The middle aged man gazed at Yang Yong while a wisp of a doting expression flashed in his eyes, and then he looked at Yang Ye and said coldly, “What an overbearing disciple of the Sword Sect!”

“Uncle Yang….” Right at this moment, Xiao Yu’er was about to say something, but she was interrupted by the middle aged man who said, “Little Xiao, you’ll be engaged with Yong’er in a few days. At that time, you’ll be the daughter-in-law of my Yang Clan. So, please keep your identity in mind!”

Xiao Yu’er still intended to say something. Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly shot explosively towards Yang Yong because he’d always preferred to use actions than words.

When he saw Yang Ye actually attacked directly, a wisp of killing intent flashed in the middle aged man’s eyes, and he said furiously, “What an arrogant kid! How dare you act presumptuously in front of I, Yang Jian! I’ll teach you a lesson on behalf of the seniors from your Sword Sect!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the middle aged man’s figure flashed and arrived in front of Yang Yong. After that, the profound energy within his body surged into his right arm, and then he smashed it forcefully at Yang Ye!

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