Chapter 240 – The Ghost Sect’s Li Xianjun

Almighty Sword Domain

Beiming Youyu nodded and said, “Because of certain reasons, I disguised myself before entering the Grand Myriad Mountains. I’m grateful to Brother Yang for repeatedly showing mercy to me on Ascension Mountain Range. Youyu will remember this kindness!”

So she disguised herself. Yang Ye nodded slightly, and he was slightly shocked in his heart. He was shocked that even he was unable to notice anything unusual from her disguise technique. Presently, he had numerous enemies, so he would be able to avoid a great deal of trouble if he could learn this technique.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye said, “Miss Beiming, can this technique of yours be passed down to someone outside your clan? Of course, I’ll pay a sufficient price!”

“Brother Yang wants to learn this disguise technique?” Beiming Youyu was slightly astounded.

Yang Ye nodded.

Right when Beiming Youyu was about to say something else, someone suddenly shouted loudly from the crowd. “Are the two of you going to fight or not? If you aren’t, then get down quickly. Stop flirting with each other and wasting everyone’s time!”

“Exactly. This is an arena, not a place to flirt. Can the two of you hurry up?”

“Hmph! According to rumor, this Yang Ye is a ruthless and decisive fellow. But he’s actually acting irresolutely in front of the Beiming Clan’s Beiming Youyu. Could it be that he has taken a liking to her?”

“Based on how they are chatting happily with each other, I think it’s very likely. However, it’s bound to be impossible for there to be any relationship between them. After all, Yuan Tong and Li Xianjun will definitely not let Yang Ye go. In other words, whether he’ll even be able to survive the competition is a problem!”

“Hmph! He deserves death. He almost caused all of us to be unable to return from Ascension Mountain Range. If it wasn’t for him, the Darkbeasts of the Darkbeast Empire wouldn’t have converged together, and if they didn’t converge together, then we would have been able to obtain even more Inner Cores. But now, only 3,000 plus were able to obtain sufficient Inner Cores, and this number is much lower when compared to the years of the past!”

“Exactly! If it wasn’t for him, then I might have been able to obtain even more Inner Cores. In that way, I would have the opportunity to enter the Origin School or Imperial Academy!”

The crowd beneath the arena discussed animatedly, and many had even started to curse at Yang Ye.

On the arena, the judge shook his head, and then he glanced at Beiming Youyu and Yang Ye before he said, “Start the battle!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to the judge. He walked over to the edge of the arena, glanced at the crowd below, and then laughed with ridicule and said, “I know that many of you feel resentful towards me, and some even wish for nothing more than to kill me. Now, I’ll give all of you a chance. Those that are disgruntled, why don’t you get on up here?”

When they heard this, the crowd beneath the arena instantly fell silent. But in next to no time, they started making noise again.

“Yang Ye, what’re you being arrogant about? You’re very strong, but so what? There’s a huge amount of people here that are stronger than you. If you have the ability, then act arrogantly to them!”

“If you didn’t possess that mysterious Darkbeast, you would have died a long time ago on Ascension Mountain Range. A human that relies on a Darkbeast is truly the shame of all humans!”

“Exactly. Someone wasn’t even able to resist a single strike from Yuan Tong on that day. Yet you have the nerve to act arrogantly here!?”

The crowd beneath the arena spoke successively, but none of them dared to ascend the arena and fight Yang Ye.

On the arena, Yang Ye shook his head, and then he turned to look at Beiming Youyu before he said, “Miss Beiming, launch the first attack!”

Beiming Youyu glanced at Yang Ye before she gazed at the judge, and she said, “I admit defeat!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned to look at Yang Ye and said, “If Brother Yang is really interested in that disguise technique, then you can make a trip to my Beiming Clan once the Ascension Rankings comes to an end!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t stay here any longer, and she turned around and left the arena!

The judge was stunned. He hadn’t imagined that the representative of one of the four great clans, the Beiming Clan, would actually directly admit defeat. Even though Yang Ye’s strength was formidable according to the rumors, it couldn’t be strong to the point of making Beiming Youyu directly admit defeat!

At the moment Beiming Youyu admitted defeat, it wasn’t just the judge who was puzzled, the crowd beneath the arena was the same. Obviously, they hadn’t imagined that Beiming Youyu from the Beiming Clan would actually admit defeat just like that!

Beiming Youyu would naturally not tell them how terrifying Yang Ye was. She wasn’t aware of Yang Ye’s true strength as well. However, she knew a single thing, and that was Nangong Yan and the others had perished at Yang Ye’s hand on Ascension Mountain Range….

After a short moment, the judge recovered from his shock, and then he glanced at Yang Ye and said, “The Sword Sect’s Yang Ye is victorious!”

Yang Ye turned around and walked off the arena when he heard this. He was stunned as well when she directly admitted defeat. However, he came to an understanding after a brief moment of thought. He realized that it might be because of the strength he revealed on Ascension Mountain Range. However, Beiming Youyu didn’t know that it was the little fellow and the group of Darkbeasts who had killed Nangong Yang and the others….

After he descended the arena, Murong Yao appeared by Yang Ye’s side and asked. “You know the Beiming Clan’s Beiming Youyu?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I came into contact with her on Ascension Mountain Range. She’s a very intelligent woman!”

“Of course she is!” Murong Yao glanced at Yang Ye and said, “She’s said to be a wise woman. In the Imperial Capital, the intelligence possessed by her and the Talisman Master’s Association’s Bai Qing instills fear in countless people.”

Yang Ye shook his head when he heard the words ‘Bai Qing’. He truly disliked this woman, nor did he want to have any contact with her. On the other hand, Beiming Youyu was better because even though she was intelligent, her disposition was much better than Bai Qing.

There was nothing unexpected about the next few battles, and there were no dark horses. After all, it was still the period where the weak were eliminated. However, these battles were still interesting. Especially some strange and unusual moves and techniques, and it truly entertained the crowds beneath the arenas!

In next to no time, the Flower Palace’s Wenren Yue and the Snow Palace’s Leng Xinran had ascended their respective arenas, and as expected, they directly defeated their opponents with a single move.

This allowed the others to witness how formidable the disciples from the six great powers were, and it strengthened the desires of countless people to enter these sects.

“The Ghost Sect’s Li Xianjun against the Sword Sect’s Yang Ye!” Right at this moment, a resounding shout sounded out from Arena No.9, and it caused the crowd to fall silent. In the next moment, countless people exploded with clamorous noise.

The Sword Sect and the Ghost Sect were two opposing sects, and it wasn’t a secret at all in the southern territory. In the Ascension Rankings of the past, it was either the disciples of the Ghost Sect or Sword Sect that were completely annihilated. Now that both these disciples were in the same group and were about to fight each other, they knew that it would definitely be an extremely intense battle. Because the disciples of both these sects wouldn’t show mercy to the other!

Simply speaking, so long as the disciples of these two sects met, then one side was bound to die.

At this moment, the spectators had stopped watching the battles on the other arenas, and practically everyone had converged their gazes towards Arena No.9. Even the Flower Palace’s Wenren Yue and the Snow Palace’s Leng Xinran were paying attention to this battle.

Under the gazes of everyone, Yang Ye and Li Xianjun leaped up onto the arena, but they didn’t attack each other right away.

“I never expected that we would encounter each other so quickly!” Li Xianjun gazed at Yang Ye while he spoke with a smile on his face.

With a twist of his wrist, Violet Spirit appeared in Yang Ye’s hand, and then he said, “I never expected that we would encounter each other so quickly as well. But this is good as well. Come, let me see who exactly will be able to survive this battle and who will fall on this arena!”

Yang Ye felt no hatred towards Li Xianjun, but because of Su Qingshi, he was determined to kill Li Xianjun. Of course, Li Xianjun was determined to kill him as well. Since it was like that, then only one of them was bound to leave this arena alive!

With a twist of his wrist, the black sickle appeared in Li Xianjun’s hand, and then he waved it about casually before he smiled and said, “There’s no enmity between the two of us. Unfortunately, our sects have caused us to become irreconcilable enemies. Your strength isn’t bad, and I admire your disposition, but I have no choice but to kill you. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for me to give my sect an explanation. So, you must die today!”

Yang Ye shrugged, and then he gazed at the judge and said, “Can we begin?”

“Begin!” The judge immediately announced.

As soon as the judge finished speaking, Yang Ye and Li Xianjun instantly vanished on the spot, and then the sound of metal colliding resounded from the arena.

At this moment, the crowd seethed with excitement. A battle between disciples of the sects was a battle they’d been looking forward to. This time, it wasn’t one-sided as it had been in the past. This time, they could watch to their heart’s content.

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