Chapter 242 – Sword Intent Vs Slaughter Intent!

Almighty Sword Domain

After he injured Li Xianjun with a flick of his fingers, Yang Ye followed up with another attack. His figure flashed, and he left an afterimage behind as he shot explosively towards Li Xianjun.

Right at this moment, Li Xianjun suddenly raised his head and gazed at Yang Ye with a savage expression. After that, he shouted furiously while he swiftly executed a horizontal slash with the black sickle in his hand, causing an arc of blood red light to shoot out explosively from the top of the sickle.

Yang Ye’s expressions changed slightly, and he raised his sword horizontally to defend against this attack.


Violet Spirit trembled violently while Yang Ye’s feet scraped the ground as he retreated explosively by over 20 steps.

Li Xianjun held the black sickle in his hand as he walked slowly towards Yang Ye. Strands of black energy were ceaselessly floating up into appearance on the sickle’s blade. Moreover, the threads of blood on the sickle had even strangely started to move about quickly. On the other hand, a strand of black energy had mysteriously arisen around Li Xianjun.

At this moment, Li Xianjun seemed as if he’d come from the depths of hell!

On the wall of the Imperial Palace, Ku Gu heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed this scene, and then he said softly, “He’s finally going to fight seriously!”

Yang Ye’s expression turned solemn as he gazed at Li Xianjun. Because a strand of invisible baleful energy was assaulting him, and the baleful energy caused his entire body to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Yang Ye took a deep breath and stopped holding back, and Sword Intent surged out from within him. The baleful energy instantly vanished when his Sword Intent appeared.

At the same time, all the profounders in the surroundings who had a sword by their sides felt the swords in their hands tremble violently, and it seemed as if they were about to struggle free from their sheaths and shoot into the sky!

When they witnessed this scene, an uproar erupted below the arena.

“It’s Sword Intent! It’s actually Sword Intent! Yang Ye had comprehended the Sword Intent of legend!”

“I never expected that he’d have actually comprehended the Sword Intent of legend. No wonder he was so arrogant. So, it turns out that he has comprehended Sword Intent! Sword Intent!”

“Besides that legendary Daoist Zui, no one in the Sword Sect has comprehended Sword Intent, right? This Yang Ye really concealed his strength well!”

“Yeah, Li Xianjun is in danger now. Even though his strength is extremely formidable, how could he be a match for Yang Ye who has comprehended Sword Intent? Looks like only the Flower Palace’s Wenren Yue, the Snow Palace’s Leng Xinran, and the Imperial Academy’s Qin Youran can defeat Yang Ye!”

At a certain spot below the arena, Leng Xinran glanced at Wenren Yue and said, “You knew he’d comprehended Sword Intent?”

Wenren Yue nodded lightly, and then she muttered in a low voice. “That isn’t the end of it at all!”

Leng Xinran’s expression changed slightly when she heard this.

On the wall of the Imperial Palace, the expressions of both Kugu and Cai Feng changed slightly. At the same time, a wisp of cold light flashed in their eyes. Especially Cai Feng from the Flower Palace, the ghastly killing intent in her eyes wasn’t concealed at all.

To a certain extent, a young genius who’d comprehended Sword Intent could threaten the Ghost Sect and Flower Palace in the future!

When Yang Ye executed his Sword Intent, Qin Youran who resided near Arena No.1 had opened his eyes. He shot a glance at Yang Ye before he closed his eyes once more. Because merely 1st level Sword Intent was insufficient for him to take Yang Ye seriously!

On the arena, Li Xianjun’s expression turned savage when he sensed the suppression and restraint of an invisible force. He said, “Do you think only you’ve comprehended an Intent?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Xianjun took a step forward, and then an invisible force surged out from him like tidewater and instantly nullified Yang Ye’s Sword Intent!

At the same time, the profounders that were close to the arena couldn’t help but take a few steps back. Because the Slaughter Intent Li Xianjun emanated was too terrifying, and it caused them to almost lose control of their minds at that moment!

“It’s Slaughter Intent!” Someone beneath the arena exclaimed with surprise.

“It really is Slaughter Intent. I never expected that there were actually two people in the Ghost Sect who have comprehended Slaughter Intent. Unfortunately, Xiu Luo perished on Ascension Mountain Range, otherwise, the Ghost Sect would definitely rise to prominence!”

“Haha! Now there’s a show to watch! Slaughter Intent against Sword Intent. Just thinking about it excites me!”

“Yes, it’s a rare show. Is Slaughter Intent or Sword Intent more formidable in the end?”

After Li Xianjun revealed his Slaughter Intent, the crowd below the arena seethed once more with excitement. Sword Intent against Slaughter Intent, this was undoubtedly the most anticipated and exciting match during the second round.

Wenren Yue and Leng Xinran exchanged glances, and both of them saw the surprise in the eyes of the other. Obviously, they hadn’t imagined that Li Xianjun had comprehended Slaughter Intent. In other words, there were two members from the Ghost Sect who had comprehended Slaughter intent. Moreover, if Xiu Luo hadn’t perished, then the younger generation of the Ghost Sect would firmly suppress the Sword Sect’s younger generation in the future!

Of course, if Yang Ye lose the battle, then the Sword Sect would be firmly suppressed by the Ghost Sect for a very long period of time in the future. Conversely, if Li Xianjun lost, then the Ghost Sect would be suppressed by the Sword Sect in the future. So, saying that this battle between Yang Ye and Li Xianjun was related to the future of the Ghost Sect and Sword Sect wasn’t overdoing it at all!

At this moment, the Ghost Sect’s Kugu Sword and both Yu Heng and Su Qingshi from the Sword Sect had solemn expressions. Because no matter which sect it was, this battle was of utmost importance to them! Both the sects couldn’t afford to lose now! Especially the Ghost Sect because a loss would definitely equal to death, and once Li Xianjun died, then it meant that no one from the Ghost Sect could ascend into the top 30 of the Ascension Rankings!

Without anyone to ascend into the top 30, the Ghost Sect would be in an extremely terrible situation for the next few years!

On the arena, Yang Ye gazed at Li Xianjun with a calm expression. When Li Xianjun revealed his Slaughter Intent just now, Yang Ye was merely briefly surprised before he came to a realization. Since the beginning, Li Xianjun’s status had always been above Xiu Luo, so he’d guessed a very long time ago that it was very likely that Li Xianjun had comprehended Slaughter Intent! Sure enough, his guess was right!

Li Xianjun walked slowly towards Yang Ye, and he said as he walked, “Since the beginning, I felt that I hadn’t underestimated you. But I was wrong, I’d been underestimating you since the beginning. So, I paid a price just now. But not, I won’t underestimate you anymore!”


As soon as he finished speaking, Li Xianjun’s figure vanished on the spot, and then he suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye. After that, the sickle carried a sharp whistle as it hooked towards Yang Ye’s chest. It was so swift that numerous profounders in the surroundings were unable to discern exactly how Li Xianjun had attacked!

Right at this moment, Yang Ye did something that shocked and puzzled countless people!

Yang Ye didn’t dodge nor did he block. With a twist of his wrist, the Violet Spirit sword in his hand stabbed straight towards Li Xianjun’s chest!

He intends to trade lives with Li Xianjun?

When they witnessed this scene, countless people were puzzled. Even Kugu, Qing Yun’zi, and the others who stood on the imperial palace’s walls couldn’t help but frown because they couldn’t figure out why Yang Ye acted in this way.

Only Su Qingshi understood why Yang Ye had acted in this way. Because only she knew that Yang Ye’s physical body was comparable to a King Rank Darkbeast. Even though it was like that, a wisp of worry had still arisen in her eyes!

Li Xianjun instantly frowned when he saw Yang Ye act in this way. Could it be that he really intends to trade lives with me? But why would he do that? Or does he have some sort of unknown trump card? At this moment, countless thoughts flashed in Li Xianjun’s mind.

Even though he was extremely puzzled, he was unable to withdraw his move because they were truly too close.

Under the puzzled gazes of countless people, Yang Ye’s sword and Li Xianjun’s sickles came into contact with each other’s chests.

When Li Xianjun’s black sickle had just come into contact with Yang Ye’s body, his expression instantly changed violently, and then he immediately shouted furiously. “Bloodshadow Steps!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Xianjun’s figure vanished mysteriously on the spot and appeared 30m away.

At this moment, a strand of blood flowed from the corners of Li Xianjun’s mouth. Moreover, a hole pierced from a sword had appeared on Li Xianjun’s chest, and fresh blood was slowly and incessantly flowing out from it.

On the other hand, just a little bit of the clothes before Yang Ye’s chest had been damaged, and if one looked through the damaged clothes, one could notice that there was merely a blood red mark on his skin.

Numerous profounders in the surroundings were bewildered and extremely puzzled when they witnessed this scene!

“His physical body has strengthened again!” Wenren Yue spoke in a low voice as she gazed at Yang Ye who stood on the arena.

Yes, besides a few people in the surroundings, numerous people had been unable to clearly witness the scene from before. That was a scene where Li Xianjun’s black sickle was unable to move forward any further upon coming into contact with Yang Ye’s body, whereas, Yang Ye’s sword had directly pierced through Li Xianjun’s skin and was stabbing towards his heart!

If Li Xianjun’s reaction hadn’t been sufficiently quick, and if he hadn’t hurriedly executed the mid-grade Earth Rank movement technique of the Ghost Sect, the Bloodshadow Steps, then Li Xianjun would have probably become a corpse by now!

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