Chapter 244 – Death!

Almighty Sword Domain

Along with a cold grunt from Li Xianjun, the figure of the python that was formed from black energy had swept through the air, and then it emanated a terrifying pressure as it dived down towards Yang Ye. At the same time, Li Xianjun’s figure flashed and shot explosively towards Yang Ye!

On the other hand, Yang Ye’s eyes were still closed at this moment. His Sword Intent had formed an invisible wall in front of him, and it kept the pressure and countless strands of black energy 3m away from him. However, when the black python arrived in front of Yang Ye, the Sword Intent Yang Ye emanated was instantly blasted into dispersion, and then he was directly enveloped by the black python.

At this moment, Li Xianjun had arrived in front of Yang Ye, and with a twist of his wrist, the black scythe in his hand slashed towards Yang Ye.

When they saw Yang Ye being enveloped by the black python, Wenren Yue, Murong Yao, and Leng Xinran instantly shook their heads and sighed. At this moment, it was too late even if Yang Ye executed an Earth Rank technique. Because Li Xianjun’s Earth Rank technique had taken form, and it had arrived in front of Yang Ye. So, how could Yang Ye have time to execute an Earth Rank technique now?

After all, the execution of Earth Rank techniques wasn’t like those strands of sword qi he executed earlier, and it couldn’t be executed just like that!

On the wall of the Imperial Palace, Su Qingshi’s expression changed slightly. Right when she was about to act, Yu Heng stopped her and shook his head towards her. The rules of the Ascension Rankings couldn’t be broken. Even the Origin School couldn’t break the rules, and the one that did would be unable to participate in the next Ascension Rankings!

At this moment, the Sword Sect was utterly unable to bear the consequences of being unable to participate in the next Ascension Rankings!

Right at this moment, Cai Feng from the Flower Palace suddenly laughed coldly and said, “I originally wanted to see what sort of world shocking sword technique this disciple of the Sword Sect would execute, but I never expected that….”


Right at this moment, a resounding howl of the sword resounded, and it caused Cai Feng’s ridiculing voice to stop abruptly, and it caused the smile that had just formed on Kugu’s face to stiffen.

At this moment, countless people raised their eyes and looked towards the arena that was still enveloped by black energy.

Three strands of golden sword lights shot into the sky from within the black energy, and then the black python condensed from the black energy had dispersed into the surroundings to reveal the scene on the arena.

When they saw this scene, the countless people in the surroundings including those great figures on the Imperial Palace’s wall were instantly stunned.

At this moment, Yang Ye and Li Xianjun were only a few steps away and both of them were facing each other. Of course, the main point was that Yang Ye’s sword was stabbed right into Li Xianjun’s chest!

Li Xianjun hadn’t perished completely. His eyes were opened wide as he gazed at Yang Ye, and his eyes were filled with shock as he said, “Enlightened….” Li Xianjun didn’t finish what he said because Yang Ye flicked his sword and instantly split Li Xianjun into two!

After he finished Li Xianjun off with a flick of his sword, Yang Ye gestured with his right hand, and then Li Xianjun’s spatial ring and the black sickle on the ground flew into his palm. When he came into contact with the black sickle, a strand of baleful energy instantly assaulted him. Yang Ye frowned, and then his Sword Intent surged out and suppressed the baleful energy.

“It’s at least at the mid-grade of the Earth Rank. Nice!” Yang Ye smiled as he gazed at the black sickle, and then he placed it in his spatial ring before he turned around and walked off the arena.

As they watched Yang Ye walked down the arena, countless people in the surroundings had still not recovered from their shock. At this moment, there was still only a single thought in their minds, and it was a feeling of wonder towards how Yang Ye had killed Li Xianjun!

It wasn’t just those profounders below the arena who were puzzled, even those great figures on the wall were puzzled. Amongst all the people here, they had the best understanding of the might possessed by an Earth Rank technique, and it was exactly because of this that they were even more puzzled. Because not only was Yang Ye completely unharmed before that Earth Rank technique, he’d even killed Li Xianjun!

How did Yang Ye kill Li Xianjun? Besides Yang Ye, no one else in the surroundings knew the answer.

What was destroying all techniques with a single strike of the sword? It meant that a single strike of the sword could destroy the myriad of techniques in the world. Yes, Yang Ye hadn’t held back earlier and utilized the simplest, most direct, and most effective method to deal with Li Xianjun, and that was to determine the flaw in Li Xianjun’s technique and strike a killing blow!

Li Xianjun’s act of utilized a combat technique before Yang Ye who’d comprehended the Enlightened Sword Heart was undoubtedly akin to courting death. At the moment Li Xianjun had just executed the technique, Yang Ye had seen through its flaws already, and coupled with the fact that Li Xianjun had even approached him, Li Xianjun was really courting death!

Of course, the Enlightened Sword Heart wasn’t invincible. If Li Xianjun had executed the Earth Rank technique flawlessly, then it would be impossible for Yang Ye to destroy it so easily. Simply speaking, the strength of the Enlightened Sword Heart mainly depended on the level one’s opponent had cultivated a certain technique!

Even though very few people were capable of cultivating a technique to perfection, it didn’t represent that there were none!

When he glanced towards the surroundings and noticed they were all puzzled, Yang Ye nodded slightly. Earlier, the reason he hadn’t revealed his Enlightened Sword Heart right at the beginning was that he hoped that he could keep it as a trump card of his. So, he’d been constantly waiting for an opportunity. Finally, Li Xianjun had executed a technique that concealed the arena from the vision of everyone else in the outside world!

If Li Xianjun knew that Yang Ye had attained the Enlightened Sword Heart, then he wouldn’t utilize a technique against Yang Ye no matter what. The reason the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect had reigned supreme throughout the world all those years ago was the Enlightened Sword Heart. At that time, countless experts didn’t dare execute any techniques with terrifying offensive abilities in front of him!

Of course, if others knew that Yang Ye had attained the Enlightened Sword Heart, then it would be impossible for Yang Ye to be alone now. However, there was an even higher chance that Yang Ye would have ceased to exist. Because he truly had too many enemies. Especially the Flower Palace. If the Flower Palace found out that he’d attained the Enlightened Sword Heart, then an Exalt Realm expert or even numerous Exalt Realm experts would probably assassinate him as soon as the Ascension Rankings came to an end….

The Flower Palace was an extraordinary power of the southern territory, and its resources and reserves were merely inferior to the Origin School and Grand Qin Empire. However, no matter how bold they were, they wouldn’t dare to let Yang Ye’s growth continue. The Enlightened Sword Heart, especially when it was possessed by a genius in the Sword Dao that had grown to maturity, then it would truly be too terrifying.

Once Yang Ye’s attainment of the Enlightened Sword heart was exposed, then those powers that were hostile to him like the Origin School, Flower Palace, and Ghost Sect would definitely not allow him to continue living. So, since the very beginning, Yang Ye hadn’t dared to easily expose his attainment of the Enlightened Sword Heart!

Simply speaking, the truly terrifying aspect of Yang Ye actually wasn’t his Sword Control Technique, the Sword Intent he’d comprehended, or the sword chest he possessed. The truly terrifying aspect was his Enlightened Sword Heart.

Those that attained the Enlightened Sword Heart could destroy all techniques with a single strike of the sword. This wasn’t just a baseless saying!

“Impossible…. Impossible….” As he gazed at Li Xianjun’s corpse that had been split apart by Yang Ye, Kugu seemed to have lost his soul and muttered in a low voice.

It wasn’t just Kugu, all the others on the wall and the countless participating profounders below the arena were puzzled. They were puzzled about why Yang Ye was able to survive an Earth Rank technique and split Li Xianjun into two with a single flick of his sword.

It was an Earth Rank technique! Moreover, it was an Earth Rank technique executed by Li Xianjun who’d comprehended Slaughter Intent. Countless people in the surroundings were puzzled and shocked.

Of course, not a single one of them had thought that Yang Ye had attained the Enlightened Sword Heart. No one in the southern territory had comprehended it since the founding ancestor of the Sword Sect! So, not a single one of them had thought about it. At this moment, they were thinking about whether Yang Ye had executed some sort of mysterious and formidable sword technique!

Amidst the shocked and puzzled gazes from the surroundings, Yang Ye walked down the arena, and then he glanced at the judge who was still in shock. The judge immediately recovered from his shock, and then he gulped down a mouthful of saliva before he announced. “The Sword Sect’s Yang Ye is victorious!”

When they heard the judge, countless people returned to their senses, and then they gazed at Yang Ye while they discussed animatedly.

“How could this be possible? How could this be possible? How did he kill the Ghost Sect’s Li Xianjun? Moreover, he’s completely unharmed. Could it be a Heaven Rank combat technique of legend?”

“It might be. Did all of you notice how calm he was since the beginning? As one of the six great powers, the Sword Sect definitely possesses a Heaven Rank technique. So, the Sword Sect definitely gave it to Yang Ye, and it allowed Yang Ye to split Li Xianjun into two while facing Li Xianjun’s Earth Rank technique!”

“So, Yang Ye has cultivated a Heaven Rank technique….”

“A Heaven Rank technique?” On the wall of the Imperial Palace, Yuan Tong immediately shook his head and laughed upon hearing this. He said, “Ignorant fellows. Not to mention whether the Sword Sect even possesses a Heaven Rank technique, even if it did, could Yang Ye be able to cultivate it? The difficulty of cultivating a Heaven Rank technique is more than 10 times that of an Earth Rank technique!”

Qing Yun’zi who stood by Yuan Tong’s side nodded and said, “It was absolutely not a Heaven Rank technique. Once a Heaven Rank technique is executed, it would immediately take control of all the energy in the surroundings. However, besides the fluctuations of energy caused by the Monstrous Baleful Energy technique that Li Xianjun executed, there were no other unusual energy fluctuations in the surroundings. So, he absolutely hadn’t executed other mysterious sword techniques!”

Yuan Tong smiled indifferently and said, “No matter what his trump card is, it’s nothing to worry about! No one can stop me from attaining the title of Martial God!”

Qing Yun’zi nodded lightly. He was very clearly aware of Yuan Tong’s strength, and he didn’t feel like Yuan Tong was boasting. Because there really weren’t many in the younger generation who could be a match for Yuan Tong, and if it was based on the strength Yang Ye had revealed at this moment, then Yang Ye still didn’t possess the qualifications to be a match for Yuan Tong!

Right at this moment, Kugu suddenly leaped down from the wall and descended onto the area. After that, he gazed at the judge who just announced the outcome of the battle and said, “There’s something fishy about this battle. I suspect that Yang Ye utilized an external source of strength.”

The judge frowned when he heard this, and then he gazed at Yang Ye. Truthfully speaking, he felt that there was something odd about this battle as well. However, he didn’t have any proof that Yang Ye had utilized an external source of strength. Since he had no proof, then he couldn’t do anything to Yang Ye or declare the battle from before as void. These were the rules of the Ascension Rankings!

“Everyone knows that a mysterious King Rank Darkbeast is in your possessed. I suspect that mysterious King Rank Darkbeast assisted you just now. Otherwise, with the strength you possess, how could you have resisted the might of that Earth Rank technique and annihilated my Ghost Sect’s Li Xianjun?” Kugu spoke in a deep voice. He’d intentionally enhanced his voice with his profound energy, allowing everyone in the square to hear him clearly.

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