Chapter 274 – Assassination!

Almighty Sword Domain

Three days later.

Yang Ye’s eyes were slightly closed, and the profound energy within his body circulated as he rode on Grey’s back.

Just like this, six hours had passed. At a certain moment in time, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes, and at the instant that this happened, an enormous rock over 30m ahead had suddenly and mysteriously exploded into pieces, causing rubble to fly towards the surroundings!

As he thought back to how the rock had exploded into pieces, the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth curled up slightly to reveal a slight smile. Since the beginning, he’d seemed to have forgotten what Elder Mu had once told him — the Sword Control Technique stressed upon speed! Yet he’d unconsciously started to pursue usage of it that was magnificent and elegant!

For example, during the battle with Yuan Tong on the arena, even though the scene of him commanding a myriad of swords was extremely magnificent and the imposing aura they revealed was extraordinarily terrifying, the destructive might they possessed was very weak! Moreover, it exhausted a great deal of profound energy!

The combination of the Hidden Sword and Sword Control Technique was still extremely terrifying. If he was able to cultivate the Sword Control Technique to the point it conformed to Elder Mu’s requirements of traveling 300m in an instant, then it would be extremely likely for him to be able to instantly annihilate Yuan Tong if he was able to take Yuan Tong by surprise!

Besides the Sword Control Technique, he’d bitterly cultivated the Clone Illusion Technique he’d obtained from Yuan Ye and the Dragonbreaker technique. Both of them were extremely useful to him right now. Especially the Dragonbreaker. Because its might was truly extremely formidable. After all, he’d overcome Lin Xiuran’s Infinite Flash Sword with the Dragonbreaker technique that was at the 1st level!

The Dragonbreaker technique had three levels. With the physical body he possessed in the past, Yang Ye was unable to cultivate the 2nd level. However, now that his physical body had been tempered by the Nether Ghostflames, he’d attained the qualifications to cultivate the 2nd level of the Dragonbreaker technique!

Yang Ye didn’t dare be careless at all during his trip to the Ancient Battlefield. After all, it was where all the monstrous geniuses of Profounder Continent would be gathering, and he would never think that he was already the number one expert amongst the younger generation of Profounder Continent!

It was good to be confident, but if one was conceited, then one would be courting death! Yang Ye wasn’t a conceited person!

Right at this moment, Yang Ye seemed to have noticed something, and his pupils suddenly constricted. Right when he was about to act, a dagger that flickered with a ghastly cold glow had struck his neck. At the same time, a pitch black figure that seemed like a shadow had actually suddenly appeared on Grey’s back and right in front of Yang Ye!


The dagger struck Yang Ye’s neck, but his head didn’t leave his body. Conversely, the dagger shook slightly, and the black figure was stunned. Obviously, the figure hadn’t imagined that this would be the outcome! Right when the figure was about to launch another attack, Yang Ye had directly smashed his fist towards the black figure’s face!

The black figure didn’t dare allow Yang Ye’s fist to hit, and the black figure utilized the dagger to block the attack!


The black figure was instantly blasted flying by the enormous force that Yang Ye’s fist carried!

Yang Ye stopped and gazed at the black figure that was 10m away. Earlier, he felt a wave of fear after suffering the black figure’s attack as well. Because this person’s movement technique was truly too terrifying. If his physical body hadn’t been strengthened again with Elder Mu’s help, then the strike from before would have taken his head!

“I never expected that your physical body would already be terrifying to such an extent!” The black figure was the first to speak and had a clear and melodious voice. It was the voice of a woman.

“It’s you!” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice when he heard the black figure speak. This figure was none other than the mysterious female assassin who’d pursued him through the Grand Myriad Mountains some time ago!

She didn’t answer him. She remained silent for a short while before she suddenly said, “You’re in an extremely dangerous situation!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he frowned and said, “What do you mean?”

“The Grand Qin Empire, Origin School, Flower Palace, Ghost Sect, and Sword Sect have contacted the League of Doom in secret, and they have a sole objective, to kill you!” The female assassin spoke in a low voice.

“The Grand Qin Empire? The Sword Sect?” Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “They want to kill me? Why should I believe you? Moreover, it seems like you intended to kill me just now, right?”

If it was the Flower Palace, the Origin School, and the Ghost Sect, then Yang Ye would believe it. He would even slightly believe that the Sword Sect wanted to kill him because the Sword Sect’s Daoist Zui and Yu Heng were truly not good people. However, he didn’t really believe that the Grand Qin Empire wanted to kill him. After all, the Founding Emperor had just paid an extremely huge price to protect him, so why would the Founding Emperor try to kill him right after that? Unless the Founding Ancestor had gone mad!

The assassin said, “You must understand that the experts at the Spirit Realm and above are prohibited from entering the Ancient Battlefield. Even though Spirit Realm experts do exist there, certain reasons make them unable to make a move against the geniuses of the various territories. In other words, the Ancient Battlefield belongs to King Realm experts! Yet you Yang Ye are the Quasi Sword Emperor and possess the Enlightened Sword Heart! Once you advance into the King Realm, then based on the relationship you possess with the six great powers, it would undoubtedly be a calamity for their disciples! So, they had to eliminate you, and now is the best time! Of course, they wouldn’t allow you to continue growing even without this reason! You ought to understand the saying — those that aren’t under my command should be eliminated!”

Yang Ye fell silent because the woman really made sense. With the relationship he had with the Origin School, Flower Palace, Ghost Sect, and the Sword Sect, those extraordinary powers would definitely not allow Yang Ye to grow. Even though the Founding Ancestor had included him under the protection of the Grand Qin Empire, while they couldn’t do anything openly, wouldn’t they still try to take his life in secret?

After a moment of deep thought, Yang Ye looked at her and said, “Why did you tell this to me? There isn’t any relationship between us, right?”

The woman fell silent for a short while before she said, “Some hope for your death while others hope that you live. I’m from the side that doesn’t wish for you to die.”

When she spoke up to here, she paused for a moment before she continued. “Allow me to give you one last warning, don’t think that you’re the strongest in the younger generation of the southern territory just because you defeated Yuan Tong and obtained the 1st position on the Ascension Rankings. Not to mention the entire Profounder Continent, just the southern territory has numerous geniuses that keep really low profiles. It wasn’t a lack of strength that made them not participate in the Ascension Rankings, and it was because their objective was the Hidden Dragon Pagoda instead!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I’ve never thought that I’m the strongest in the younger generation of the southern territory. In my opinion, the strongest in the younger generation of the southern territory or the stronger in the younger generation of Profounder Continent are both quite meaningless. Because we’re all weaklings before true experts like experts at the Exalt Realm and Monarch Realm!”

“That’s for the best!” said the assassin.

Yang Ye suddenly asked. “Who doesn’t want me to die?”

“I’m unable to tell you that!” said the assassin.

Yang Ye remained silent for a moment before he nodded and said, “Since you’re from the side that doesn’t want me dead, then why did you launch a surprise attack against me just now?”

She said indifferently, “If you weren’t even able to withstand an assassination attempt from me, then there’s no need for you to head to the Ancient Battlefield, and you should just look for a place to hide and stay alive!”

“What you mean is that the League of Doom has sent assassins that are even stronger than you?” Yang Ye frowned as he spoke.

She nodded and said, “They’ve dispatched blood assassins at the King Realm. Moreover, they’ve dispatched more than one. Three blood assassins targeting a single profounder at the First Heaven Realm, this is something that has never occurred in the history of the blood assassins!”

Yang Ye couldn’t help but laugh bitterly when he heard this. The League of Doom really thinks highly of me!

If it was a head-on battle, then Yang Ye who possessed the Darkbeast army would truly not be afraid of those blood assassins while he was in the Grand Myriad Mountains! However, the problem was they wouldn’t fight him head-on! He was truly not confident in his ability to deal with these assassins while the little fellow wasn’t by his side!

Just like the previous attack from this female assassin. If her strength was just a little stronger, then even if he was able to avoid death, he would have probably been injured!

“Good luck!” She spoke indifferently and intended to leave.

“Wait!” Yang Ye stopped her!

She turned around to gaze at him before she said, “What?”

“You’re heading to the Ancient Battlefield?” asked Yang Ye.

She nodded and said, “The League of Doom will naturally be participating in such a grand event. Moreover, how could the League of Doom give up on the opportunity to fight for Karmic Luck in the Hidden Dragon Pagoda?”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “No matter what, thank you for notifying me!”

Even though this woman had tried to assassinate him on many occasions, her actions this time were undoubtedly comparable to saving his life this time. After all, if he hadn’t taken any precautions when so many King Realm assassins came to assassinate him and coupled with the fact that the little fellow hadn’t woken up from its cultivation, then Yang Ye would probably be in grave danger!

So, it wasn’t going too far to say that it was equivalent to saving his life!

The woman was stunned. Obviously, she hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would thank her. After all, she’d almost killed him on many occasions!

After a moment of deep thought, she said, “You don’t have to thank me. It was someone else who wanted to notify you about this. If I’m not wrong, then they’ve already arrived at the Grand Myriad Mountains! Good luck!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t stay here any longer, and her figure shook before she vanished mysteriously on the spot!

After the woman left, Yang Ye took a deep breath before he grinned. He could avoid those assassins because all he had to do was summon the Lightning Eagle. After all, it was impossible for them to try and assassinate him while he was in the air! However, he refused to do that because only life and death battle would allow his strength and combat instinct to obtain an obvious improvement!

Yang Ye was aware of his flaws, and it was that his combat instinct was too weak. Just like during the attack he suffered just now. If it was Yuan Tong who was the target of that woman’s attack just now, then Yuan Tong would have definitely been able to rely on his combat instinct to avoid the attack! However, he was unable to do so and could only rely on his formidable physical body to resist it by force….

Even though he still hadn’t arrived at the Ancient Battlefield, based on the information he’d obtained from Elder Mu and the Founding Emperor, the youths who gathered there would definitely be extremely monstrous geniuses. So, he couldn’t be careless at all! Moreover, he still had to look for the Ninth Hell Cold Gale…. Thus, there was no time to be lost on his path towards improving his strength!

Yang Ye let out a light breath of air before he placed Grey into the tiny vortex. After that, he dashed swiftly towards the depths of the Grand Myriad Mountains because he didn’t want Grey to become a target of those assassins!

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